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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by ewhizkid who says... "thanks to Shiraz Mehra for getting us the tickets, and to Rookie, Ed, Ashok and her for watching it with me. I’ll miss you all."

The movie starts off with drawings of key scenes of the first film, along with the credits. The last frame of the intro is of Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst), and this morphs into a poster of MJ. Then we hear Parker, and Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) on his scooter sees the Pizza shop owner and stops just in front of him.

The Pizza shop owner is cross for Peter being late again. He gives him one last chance: deliver 7 pizzas to this one address in 8 minutes so that the time won’t go over the 29 minute policy, which means that the pizzas don’t have to be paid for.

Peter scoots off, narrowly missing the cars to the side, and at one point bouncing off them. At red lights, seeing that he has little time left, just starts running with the pizzas in his hand. He runs into an alley and then merges as Spiderman carrying the pizzas. A guy sees Peter go into the alley, and the Spiderman come out, with the Pizzas and says ‘Spiderman stole his pizzas’.

Spiderman then swings about, and at one point land the pizza on a roof, saving two kids from a bus hit, telling them to be more careful. A guy steps out of the roof, sees the pizza and takes a slice. Spiderman grabs the pizza boxes with his web, and then a second later, grabs the slice from the man.

He lands on the roof of the building, and then somehow walks out the closet. He has trouble getting all the brooms in, which takes him time. When he gives the pizzas to the receptionist, she looks at the clock and then says that she’s not paying for the pizzas.

Peter goes to the Pizza shop, and he’s fired from there.

Then we see in the Editor’s room in the Bugle. The editor (J. Jonah Jameson, played by J.K. Simmons) is looking at some artistic black and white pictures by Peter.

He says he doesn’t pay him for art. He pays him for front page news. So needing the money, Peter gives him a shot of Spiderman. The black guy in the suit (which I assume to be some sort of second editor) takes the photo, and the editor says the title should be something like the Menace of Spiderman. The black guy complains, but submits. Peter gets 300 dollars for the picture.

He goes the secretary, but she tells him that it doesn’t cover the advance she gave him a week ago.

Peter then runs to school, where all the students are just leaving. He runs into the teacher Dr. Connors, where the teacher complains that his grades are dropping steadily, and he needs to pick up himself. Peter still has to do his science report, and says that he’s researching Dr. Otto Octavius. Dr. Connor, the teacher, says that Octavius is a personal friend, so Peter better research hard.

At night he goes to Aunt May’s house. There is MJ and Harry Osborne (James Franco) too, for his surprise birthday party. MJ and Aunt May (Rosemary Harris) go off to the kitchen, and Harry talks about the fact that Peter is still taking pictures of his friend Spiderman. Peter tells him not to start with it. Harry asks him that if he knew the identity of Spiderman, would he tell Harry. Peter cannot answer him.

Harry is still friends with him, so when Peter mentions that he is doing a report of Octavius (Alfred Molina), Harry sys that he is one of the scientists working in OsCorp, so he’ll be glad to do introductions.

A while later, Peter awakens Aunt May. She thinks for a moment that it is Uncle Ben. Then she reminisces about him, and then gives 20dollars to Peter, who cannot accept it because he saw the overdue mortgage payments letter. She gets angry with him, then apologizes, saying she remembers Uncle Ben, and how in a months time, it would be 2 years since he passed away. She says she doesn’t know what she would do he she ever saw the face of the man responsible for his death. Peter gets uncomfortable, eventually leaving.

He takes out the garbage, and MJ is waiting for him just there. He just about tells her that he loves her, when she puts her hand on his cheek, but then switches to telling her something else. Then MJ mentions that she has a boyfriend. Peter says that’s good for companionship. MJ says there could be more than companionship. MJ tells him to watch the play she is in. And knowingly, she tells him not to disappoint her.

At his apartment, the landlord, playing poker with his friends and his daughter messing up with the cooking at the sight of Peter, complains about the overdue rent payment. He takes the last 20 from Peter, which was supposed to last him the week.

The next day, Harry has Peter in OsCorp to meet Octavius. Peter says that he won’t take much time, and Octavius says that he is busy, but a cough from Harry prompts him to say that since OsCorp is paying the bills, he would be delighted to have a talk.

Octavius is working on a fission reaction that will basically mimic the sun in producing a self sustain source of infinite energy. The conversation moves to the dinner table, where Peter asks about a chance of miscalculation. He says this is his life’s work, and nothing can possibly go wrong.

At this point, his wife asks Peter about his life. She asks about any girlfriends. He says that he doesn’t know. Octavius tries to encourage him to telling more. His wife tells him that its personal. Then Octavius tells him that he was very lucky in love to have met and married his wife. His wife says that he knew that from the moment he met Octavius that it was going to be hard, so they had to work at it. Octavius was always explaining to her about Einstein\s Theory of Relativity and she kept talking about T. S. Elliot.. Octavius concludes the scene by saying that the best way to woo a woman is through poetry.

The scene switches to the laundry place where Peter has a half dozen poetry books, reading through them. The washing machine is done, so he opens it. First he takes out hs Spiderman suit, checking around, then the putting it in the bag. Then he takes out his white shirt. It’s stained here and there with bits of red and bits of blue. The same discoloration happens to the rest of his clothes.

So in his apartment, he opens up his closet, and the two remaining clothes: the Spiderman costume and a suit. We see him finishing putting on the suit.

Driving on the scooter, he approaches the theater, but is interrupted by a criminal driven car which crashes from behind his scooter. He jumps up in the air and lands behind. Two boys ask him how he just did that. He says exercise, practice and green vegetables. One of the boys says his mother was always trying to tell him that, but he didn’t listen.

Spiderman appears, and then makes short work of the thieves, hanging them in his web for the police.

He takes the car that the thieves used to drive to the theatre. Outside, he parks it just in front of the theatre. The policeman complains that if he doesn’t move it, he’ll tow away the car. With a ‘whatever’, Peter walks into the theatre. But by the time he is done with capturing the two shotgun-wielding criminals, he finds that he cannot get in to the theater. Rules are he cannot go in while the show has already started.

Clearly disappointed he waits across the street. Inside, Mary Jane is saying the line “Yes, they should be forgiven”, while looking into the empty seat that Peter was supposed to sit in. When the show finishes, Peter watches MJ walk out. About to approach her, he sees another man go up to her and kiss her. He disappears just as MJ looks at where he was.

The next day, at the university, he calls MJ. He starts talking to her answering machine as MJ walks into her apartment. She listens along. He begins to apologize, telling her that he was fully intending to go to the show, but on the way he was waylaid, and then he complains about the usher (the one who wouldn’t let him in). The phone cuts him off, asking for 50 cents more for 5 more minutes. He can’t afford it. He tells the disconnected phone, pretending there to be MJ, that he is Spiderman.

A while later, he is in a show of the technology that Octavius created, at OsCorp. Some men complement Harry that this is anything beyond what his father cold have ever conceived. Octavius first introduces his tools: the 4 arms, that are both heat and magnet resistant, with built in artificial intelligence. This attaches directly into his spine, thus allowing him to manipulate the fission reaction in ways that would be impossible of any human hand to enter. One of the reporters questions Octavius about the artificial intelligence, enquiring about the possibility of taking over him. Octavius shows the inhibitor bit at the top of the spine link, saying that it stops the AI from accessing his higher brain functions, this taking order directly from is brain, and only doing what he tells them.

Thus the process starts, with a small marble sized ball of a certain high reactive element. Octavius says it is so rare that only 25 pounds of it exists in the world. Harry says that he is happy to pay the bills. Then he instructs his Japanese assistant to start the reaction. 8 or so beams target the floating ball of the reactive element, causing it to start swelling in size and fieriness. The assistant then reads out a high energy output, and everything looks good.

Then little circular solar flares begin to appear, and using the robotic arms, Octavius pushes them back into the mini-sun. Rapidly, these little lops escalate to increasingly larger loops, and while Harry shouts to turn it off, Octavius is confident and says that this is normal, he is keeping it under control.

Then the magnetic effect begins to happen. Little pieces of magnet start flying to the ‘sun’. Then bigger magnetic things start flying in, eventually ripping the metal plates from the walls. The crowd runs off. So does Peter. Harry shouts to Octavius to stop immediately, since he is boss. Just as a high metal structure is about to hit Harry from behind, Spiderman swoops in, saving him. Harry says it still doesn’t make him even.

Then Spiderman goes closer to the machine, and tells Octavius to shut it down. While trying to, Spiderman gets shoved off by Octavius. As this goes on, the metal structure holding the glass wall breaks off, and the glass flies off and kills Octavius’ wife. Then, one of the curved flares ruptures out completely, passing through Octavius. We see him electrocuted and sizzling. Spiderman then breaks off the power cables and goes off.

Down on the street, Harry complains about the huge loss. His associate tells him the reporters will be here soon, so they’d better leave. One of the men say that he could have blown up the whole district. The paramedics take the dead wife of Octavius, and him.

At the hospital , the doctor says that the pins have broken directly into the spine, and so first they will chainsaw off the metal arms, and then try and remove the whoel metal structure, and if necessary move into more advanced surgery.

As he is about to cut, something moves. A pause. One of the metal arms isn’t there. Ignoring that, the doctor starts to cut, when suddenly all the arms start moving on their own. Octavius is still lying on the bed. The arms fling around the nurses, and when the doctor tires to chainsaw off one of the arms, the other arms move in for the kill.

Then Octavius wakes up, and is basically carried off by the Arms. He goes on the street, where a taxi nearly hits him, with his arms swinging the taxi, protecting him. Eventually, he heads for an old titled building on the river. In there, Octavius contemplates what he did. He could have blown everything up. And he killed his wife, because of the monsters he created. The arms look at him menacingly. They cannot hurt him because without him they cannot exist.

Then Octavius says there are voices in his head. The inhibitor chip is broken. The AI is influencing his thoughts. Octavius then says that he will rebuild a larger sort of what he build at OsCorp. But he’ll need money. The thoughts tell him that he can steal. But that is a crime. The thoughts influence him again: The only crime would be to stop what he started. So he’ll rob the bank.

At the Bugle office, the editor describes what happened: a crazy scientist with 4 robotic limbs attached directly to his spine. He asks for a nickname from his assistance he assistant says Dr. Octopus first, then Dr. Strange, but then the editor interrupts and says ‘How about, Dr. Octopus. Funny, a man called Otto Octavius, now has 8 limbs.’

Next day, at the bank, Peter and Aunt May are trying to get a loan for their mortgage problems. The man there eventually says that he cannot give a loan. Aunt May says that at least they get a toaster. He says that’s only for people who register for at least 300 dollars.

Behind them, Octavius rips apart the thick metal door for the bank sage, flinging it towards Peter and Aunt May. Peter spider-senses it, pushing away Aunt May from him,, and pushing him back too.

He runs off, and Aunt May shouts for him not to leave her. Spiderman then appears, dodging the bags of gold coins that Doc Ock is flinging at him. Spiderman’s powers starts to fail a bit, but he manages to fling Doc Ok outside, crashing him into a taxi. Spiderman goes out, narrowly missing the first door flung towards him, but getting hit by the second.

Police arrive at the scene, but Doc Ock reaches at the crowd, and of all coincidences, picks up Aunt May. The police put down their guns. Doc Ock starts climbing up a building with Aunt May. Spiderman gets up, and then gets above Doc Ock on the building. He tells Doc Ock to gently give him the lady, but Doc Ock drops her and says Butter Fingers.

Spiderman leaps downwards, webs her, and then webs her upwards, catapulting them both upwards.

Spiderman starts physically fighting with Doc Ock, while Aunt may just latches onto a statue with her umbrella. She is grabbing on for dear life.

Doc Ock flings Spiderman to the building on the other side. Doc Ock then moves in front of Aunt May, so that Spiderman will have to come.

Aunt May starts losing her grip, but when she is at the bottom of the umbrella, she stands neatly on a ledge, behind Octavius. She can see that he has a knife ready to kill on on of his robotic arms.

Spiderman catapults from the other building, launching into Doc Ock. At the same time as Doc Ock tries to stab him, Aunt May hits his head with an umbrella. Doc Ock pushes her off; he’s too hurt.

Spiderman does a very slick swoop and catch of Aunt May, landing her, and he says ‘We did it. She asks him: we? Nevermind, and he webs off.

On his way back, his spiderweb refuses to work. Having nothing to hold on to, he falls on some pipes. He tries webbing, but his glands on his wrists refuse to spit out any.

He walks over to the ledge, and cautiously peers over the edge. Going down the conventional Spiderman way looks daunting for Spiderman.

So goes down in the elevator. A man with a dog walks in. The man complements him on the nice costume. Thanks. The man says that it looks uncomfortable. Spiderman says it does get itchy, and rides up the crotch a bit.

In another alley, Spiderman tries his web again. It doesn’t work. Then he tries to walk on the wall. At first he seems to be able to, but he slowly slips and falls.

He gets ready, and goes to the high-society social gathering because the old society photographer quit. There, he tries to grab the last hors d'oeuvres on the plates, but misses each time. He sees Harry there, drowning his sorrows in booze. Peter says not to start with Spiderman, but Harry says that with nothing else going for him, its Spiderman 24 hours a day until he finds him. The editor calls Peter, then gets him to take photographs of his wife with various socialites (“and the Mayor, and his Girlfriend…. His wife”).

Then the MC calls for the people’s attention, as the successful astronaut and captain, the son of the editor of Bugle, John Jameson (Daniel Gillies), who has Mary Jane in his arms. Peter is frozen, and the editor beckons him to start taking photos.

A while later, John announces the Mary Jane has just agreed to marry him. Peter can’t move. The editor shouts for photos.

Frustrated and still hurt, he goes to see his doctor. The doctor finds nothing physically wrong with him. The doctor asks for anything wrong in his dreams. Peter says there is one dream, where he dreams that he is Spiderman. Actually, this is a friend’s dream. But the problem in his dream is that he keeps slipping off the walls.

The doctor says that maybe this friend wasn’t meant to be Spiderman. He says you always have a choice.

The scene switches to Peter’s apartment, where he considers what the doctor said. He dreams about Uncle Ben and himself, talking about choices and responsibility. With great power comes great responsibility. Uncle Ben asks him to hold his hand. Peter will not.

Peter dumps his Spiderman costume in the trash.

The next day, in the Bugle’s office, a trashman walks into the office, and shows them the cosume. The editor says that with his constant vigilance in the press, Spiderman has finally stepped down. ‘The Power of the Press’, he exclaims. The trashman gets paid, after the editor initially laughs at his payment demands.

The newspapers are printing immediately that Spiderman is gone.

Peter Parker is outside in the sunshine, clearly enjoying his new lack of responsibility. He buys a hotdog. He looks onto the road, where policemen are chasing criminals, sirens blazing. Peter simply takes a bite of his hotdog.

He goes to his aunt’s house, where they are sitting for some tea. She reminisces about Uncle Ben. She believes it was her fault that Ben died, because Peter wanted to take the train, and Ben wanted to drive him, and Aunt May didn’t just let Peter take the train.

Guilty, Peter confesses the truth. He didn’t go to the library. He went someplace where he thought he could make some money to buy a car to impress Mary Jane. He went to collect the money, but the man wouldn’t pay him. Then the man got robbed, and Peter did nothing to stop the thief because he wanted revenge. Then the thief wanted to steal Uncle Ben’s car, but Ben refused, so the thief shot him. Uncle Ben died that day because he was the only one that day who did the right thing.

Aunt May looks at him in disbelief, and then goes up and shuts the door.

Peter then heads towards the theatre, where along the way he spots a man being beat up by two others. No longer Spiderman, he decides not to help.

Inside the theatre, Mary Jane spots Peter and smiles. Then she stumbles on her lines, “Are you glad?” she gets prompted, and she responds heartily “Yes, I am glad”.

Outside the theatre, Peter and Mary Jane walk out together. Peter asks if they can pick up where they left off. MJ says they can’t pick up where they left off because they never started. He starts to recite poetry, but she says that she is getting married. She then leaves him.

At home with her fiancé, John Jameson, she is putting together the wedding invitations. John asks her if she won’t change her mind about her best friend Peter Parker. MJ says he just a big jerk. Then with him lying on the sofa, she asks him to put back his head. Then she kisses him from behind, mimicking how she kissed Spiderman in the rain upside down (from the first movie). John says that when he was up on the moon he looked down to her.

Peter is now at Aunt May’s house, where she seems to be moving out. Aunt May explains that she was given a few weeks extension for the mortgage payments, but she decided to move out to a smaller apartment. A neighboring boy, Henry Jackson is helping her out with the packing.

Henry asks Peter that he is the one that takes pictures of Spiderman, and then asks where he is. Peter says he quit. Then Henry asks that he’ll be back right? Peter says he doesn’t know. Aunt May explains that Henry idolizes Spiderman. Why?

For the qualities that he has: self sacrifice of his dreams to help others, etc. With a suspicious look of knowing, she tells him that people like Henry need heroes like Spiderman. She says that if he really wants something, he can get it.

Meanwhile, Doc Ock is in his broken house on the river building his machine again. He has just about completed the main supporting structures. Now he just needs the reactive element. He goes to Harry’s penthouse, where Harry is straining over clippings of Spiderman. The butler says that his father only strained over work. Harry shoos off the butler.

The ground shakes and trembles and Harry goes out to inspect the cause. It is Doc Ock, who pushes off Harry (and deftly catches and drinks his glass of wine). He says he needs the element. Harry says that he’ll blow up the city. Doc Ock hangs him over the edge, and Harry submits, and says he’ll make a deal. Spiderman, alive for as much of the element he can get. Doc Ock asks where he can find him. Harry tells him Peter Parker takes his photos. As Doc Ock disappears over the building, Harry tries to shout to not hurt Parker.

The next morning, Peter meets up with MJ in a café. MJ begins to talk about her love for him, but Peter interrupts and says that he doesn’t really love her. He thought he did, but it was just his mind playing tricks on him too. The MJ asks him to give her one kiss, so that she’ll know if he loves her or not. Just as he is about to, (as seen in the trailer) a taxi is flung through the window hurling towards Peter and MJ.

Peter’s spidersense is working again, so he throws himself and MJ beneath the taxi, narrowly missing it in slow motion.

It is Doc Ock, making his entrance through the hole that he just created with the taxi. “Peter Parker, and girlfriend?” he says, with a menacing grin. One of his arms takes off his glasses. Another arm grabs Peter, and then he asks for Spiderman to be at a certain building at 3:00. Otherwise, he’ll peel the flesh off MJ’s skin. Then he flings Peter to the wall, and rubble collapses on him. Doc Ock goes off with MJ in his arm.

Peter bursts out of the rubble, all strong again. He walks out onto the street, and he finds that his vision is blurry. He takes off his glass, and then he can see perfectly again. Spiderman is back in him.

In the Bugle’s office, the editor is saddened by the fact that his son’s fiancée was kidnapped, and the only man, who could have saved her, Spiderman (whose costume is hung up in the wall behind him), was ousted because of him. He turns to the Spiderman costume that he hung up behind him, and finds a spiderweb of where it was, and a note from the friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Immediately he raves about Spiderman the thief, a menace to the city, a criminal. The rest of the guy’s just smile.

Doc Ock then throws a car towards a crowd, and the crowd, anticipating the car tries to cover themselves, frozen to the ground. Then, the car freezes in midair. They look closer, and see spider webs holding it in mid air. Spiderman’s back.

Spiderman meets Doc Ock at the top of a skyscraper. They fight ferociously, with Spiderman constantly defending against the arms, and dodging punches. Soon, they both fall off the building, and land on a train. They fight more, dodging obstacles like the bridge (where Spiderman does the matrix back bend). Doc Ock fligs Spiderman around a few times, but Spiderman seems to get him down too.

Then Doc Ock disappears under the train. Spiderman tries to follow, but Doc Ock shoves him into the train. He gets back up, and then fights more. Then Doc Ock tries to throw off people. Spiderman catches them, nestling them in webs.

Fed up, Doc Ock turns up the speed of the train to maximum, and breaks off the handle, and jumps off; “I believe you have a train to catch”.

Spiderman takes off his mask, since it’s blackened on the eyes.

First, Spiderman tries to stop the train with his feet, but to no avail. Then he tries to web to two buildings on either side. It’s no use, since the buildings break away. So he tries it again, with many webs, to as many buildings to the sides as he can get. Slowly, the speeding train begins decelerating. It hits the train stopper at the end of the line, and just barely lurches over. Spiderman, exhausted, faints, but is caught by the passengers in the train, who move him to the middle of the carriage. The people there comment on him being so young, ‘just a kid’. Then he comes to, and then two kids approach him and give him his mask. The people there say they won’t tell anyone. They swear.

Just as he puts on his mask, with uncanny timing, Doc Ock comes from behind, ripping up the carriage entrance. The people crowd in front of Spiderman, saying that if they want to get to Spiderman, they need to get past him first.

Not caring, Doc Ock just pushes them to the side, and then goes to Spiderman. Weakened, he offers little resistance. Doc Ock goes to Harry’s house, where he lays Spiderman on the bed, held together with barbed wire.

Doc Ock asks for the element, and Harry opens the safe and gives it to him. He disappears silently.

Harry then turns to Spiderman, and takes out the knife. Harry says he wishes he could cause all the pain that he caused.(“First, let’s see who’s behind the mask.”)

Then he takes it off, and stumbles back in shock: It’s his friend, Peter Parker. Peter gets up, breaks free from the barbed wire. He asks Harry where Doc Ock is. Harry is in shock, unable to speak. Then Peter says that this is more than you and me; Doc Ock could blow up half of New York. He tells Harry that Doc Ock has Mary Jane, and he needs to know now where he has her.

Mary Jane is but a few meters from the machine, in thick metal chains. Spiderman crawls behind. We see Doc Ock grinning in acknowledgement, without turning back. Just as Spiderman tries to release Mary Jane, one of Doc Ocks arms shoots out.

Spiderman and Doc Ock fight it out. Meanwhile, the mini-sun is growing again, and is becoming highly magnetic. Taxis in the city start to move closer to it. The building starts breaking away. MJ, tied up in iron chains, gets pulled closer.

Doc Ock and Spiderman are in the water, and Doc Ock begins to weaken. Spiderman jumps up and webs Mary Jane just as the last link breaks, and drops her aside, telling her to run.

Doc Ock is lying in the river – the water is ruining the arms. Spiderman takes off his mask, and asks him how to shut down the Sun. Doc Ock says it is self sustaining now….unless. Then he says that it must be drowned in the river. One of the arms grabs Spiderman, but Doc Ock wins out the arms and then releases him. He says that he will do it.

So Doc Ock moves closer to the machine, and then under it, and rips apart the support structure.

Peter then turns around to see Mary Jane right behind him. He says now you know why. Then the metal wall behind her begins to fall towards MJ, and Peter rushes behind her and hold it up. In a strained conversation he says, ‘I’ and MJ finishes off by saying ‘Love me’, even though you said you didn’t. He says yes, and this wall is heavy.

Gathering his might, he throws the wall above them. Their brief conversation is again interrupted by a cage-like thing rolling towards them. Peter leaps up and webs to a nearby crane.

With his last words, “I will not die a monster”, Doc Ock pulls down the mini sun with him to the river, where it slowly shrinks down.

On the crane, Peter has a web with Mary Jane on one corner. He slowly crawls to her.

They begin to talk, Peter saying that they can never be together because Spiderman will always have enemies. Then he lowers her with a thread to a boat underneath. John Jameson, her fiancé, rushes to her, and hugs her. She sheds tears at the sight of Spiderman staring back at her.

Back at Harry’s penthouse, he still can’t get over the fact that Spiderman, the man who killed his father, is his best friend. Then he starts hearing voices (similar to how his father heard voices in the first movie). Then he sees in father in a mirror. His father says that he is weak, and has always been weak – he should have killed Spiderman. Harry says that he is best friend, but his father says ‘And I am your Father.’ In anger, he throws the knife that he intended to kill Spiderman with towards the mirror.

The mirror breaks, and reveals a hidden compartment. He walks in: it is dark, very dusty, with cob webs here and there. He finds a green mask. Shocked, he walks back, hitting stacks of the grenades the Green Goblin used. He turns, and sees the green ‘performance enhancement’ gases. He picks one up and turns, and sees the Goblin glider.

The scene cuts to a church, where MJ is getting finishing touches on her wedding dress. The song of Here Comes the Bride begins to play, as the crowd gets up in anticipation. The song goes on for a bit longer than usual, and people turn towards the door. Then a bridesmaid walks through with a piece of paper in her hand. She delivers it to John, who starts to cry as he reads it.

Then we see Mary Jane running, in her white wedding dress through a park, eventually getting to Peter’s apartment. There Peter turns around, and says that she really does love him too, and ‘cannot survive without you’. They just kiss, when police sirens are heard in the background. He turns around slowly, and she says ‘Go get ‘em, Tiger’

Spiderman jumps out, and then swings between buildings, screaming in happiness.

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