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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Lloyd Banks calls it... "A funny, yet stereotypical Black man's Airplane!"

The movie starts with Nashawn Wade (Kevin Hart) talking about his love for planes. Now it cuts to Nashawn running to catch his flight with his dog, Dre. The guy at the gate who has huge glasses thinks his miniature dog is a Rottweiler (important in a few minutes). He gives Dre up to a careless worker who tosses the dog away.

Once on the plane, Nashawn is listening to rap, appalling the people next to him. When serving the food, Nashawn wants chicken but they are out, so he takes some liquidy beef stroganoff. This gives him the classic case of MudButt, forcing him to visit the lavatory. While inside, the plane takes on turbulence, shaking so much that Nashawn gets stuck in.
Thus, the flight attendant notifies the control person, who flips the switch that opens the luggage chute, which contains Dre. The luggage starts flying into the propeller, and so does Dre.
A devastated Nashawn takes it to court and wins $100 million in damages. Once outside, bombarded by the media, he announces he will start his own airline.
Fast forward to a few months later, we see a decked out Nashawn coming through LAX.
Cut to Tom Arnold's family, the Honkys, whose original flight is cancelled and are sent to Terminal X. Tom Arnold find his 17 almost 18 year old daughter flirting. She gets pissed and names all types of sexual positions she'll be doing soon enough. As a joke, Tom and his son played by Punk'd's Ryan Pinkston tell the shocked crowd they've been Punk'd.
It turns out Terminal X holds the Soul Plane. In the terminal is a ballcourt, 99 cent store, rims shop, Roscoes Chicken And Waffles, and Foot Lockers.
The ladies that work the metal detectors accidentally mistake their boss, Nashawn for someone else and are screwed.
Skip some unimportant stuff like Tom Arnold's son getting his thug on and some other crap.
Muggs (Method Man), Nashawn's cousin, hired a captain that really has no experience, Captain Mack (Snoop Dogg).
Tom's family is sent to Lower Class, after they see the sick First Class, they figure it's not bad. Wrong. Lower Class is lined with Colt .45 ads and loud music.
Before the plane takes off, Nashawn notices his ex played by K.D. Aubert has got on. She wants nothing to do with him.
For the first time we see the plane, done well with rims, hydraulics, and a paint job that would make even Bishop Don Juan jealous. The safety video is great, a spoof on Destiny' s Child's "Survivor" Once in the air, we meet a lot of new people. Capt. Mack's partner is an African named Gaeman (played by stand up act Godfrey), Tom's girlfriend meets a new man with a "penis like a firehose", a couple who are eager to get Mile High Club memberships, and noticing differences between the two classes. Also, we learn that Mack is afraid of heights until he discovers the wonders of AutoPilot. Proper enough, Mack gets high.

Upstairs is a club of sorts. We see Tom's son filming a Lil' Jon music video and a dance floor.

But after Mack eats some African mushrooms, he is high as a mother and is dazed, then dies. The couple notice him when they try to do it in the cockpit.

Along the way, there are some flashbacks to when Nashawn broke up with K.D. He really overheard K.D.'s argument with her dad about not going to college. She doesn't know yet.

When Tom goes to confront his daughter, he fails, but they become friends after they talk it out.

After we learn the captain is dead, which just about everyone knows because of the teleprompter being left on. Nashawn goes to look for Gaeman who's been living it up, but quickly comes back to finally fly. Unfortunately, he trips and falls killing himself. Nashawn tells K.D. to meet him in the cockpit.

While on the way there, Nashawn is grabbed by Muggs who is trying to escape. Nashawn says no, he can't do it.

While in the cockpit, tons of help comes. Tom, the security guard, Muggs, and a Spanish flight attendant. Tom knows the only way to land safely is to disengage AutoPilot but doesn't know how. Thinking they're gonna die, Nashawn tells the truth about what happened that night to K.D., so she forgives him. Then the flight attendant says she had sex with a guy in the cockpit and remembers disengaging AutoPilot doing so. So she gets in various positions that lead to the disengage and rough, but safe landing. In the middle of Central Park!

After the film ends, Nashawn offers an outro.
He and K.D. got back together.
The security guard and Tom hooked up.
Tom's son became a big music video director, but no one heard from him since he did the Michael Jackson video.
Capt.Mack wasn't really dead, but wakes up to find all his clothes stolen.


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