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Nine Yards


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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by : NTChuck who says... "The movie was actually much raunchier and funny than I expected...

The movie begins as we see a party going on at the KOK (Kappa Omnicron Kappa) house. This frat house is "the" frat on campus -- beer guzzling, women oogling, party all night guys who love hot girls and hate the "DOG" sorority. The DOG (Delta Omnicron Gamma) sorority is the "ugly" girls frat on campus, which is conveniently across the street from the KOK house. The two have a war going on, and the KOK house appears to be winning. One common thing they do is "dog catch" at the KOK house where they pick an ugly girl and net her up to throw her out.

The three main characters are Dave, Doofer, and Adam. Dave is the leader of the group, he is a rich kid (drives a Bimmer) and is accounting for all of the Frat's cash in his safe. His roomies are Adam (Lex Luthor from Smallville) who sleeps around a lot and runs things at the frat. The third is Doofer, a lifer at the Frat that appears to have been in school forever...

Dave, Doofer, and Adam get accused of stealing the cash Dave was taking care of for the "KOK-tail" cruise they throw every year. The cruise is for KOK alums and the better the cruise, the more likely the KOK grads will get sweet high paying jobs. There are some really funny flashbacks at this point.

After getting kicked out for stealing the money, they realize it must have been the KOK president -- Spence -- a weird nerdy guy with a huge hairdo and a funny voice, since he had the only other key. Doofer remembers that Adam has a hidden camera he uses to tape all his sexual escapades, and if Spence took the money, he should be on the hidden tape, since the camera turns on via motion detection.

They decide to dress up like girls to get in and get the tape to clear their names.

Once they get in, Adam can't get the tape because his horny "little frat brother" has taken over his room and keeps trying to score with him. Eventually the three get "dog catched" and thrown out as ugly chicks. The frat dumps them at the door of the DOG house since they assume the girls are from that sorority.

Leah (head of the DOG sorority -- who is actually a very hot blond girl) comes out and offers them room and board if they pledge. Since they have no place to go, they join the DOG house and fit right in. The DOG house is filled with freaks -- a loud talker, a giant girl, a French girl with a mustache and beard--so they fit right in. Dave becomes Daisy, Adam becomes Adena, and Doofer becomes Roberta.

Over the next couple days they keep trying to get the tape back and begin living as girls. They find out how badly guys treat the ugly girls on campus and realize how hard it is to be a girl in general. This part (middle) of the movie is probably the best, and it's much funnier overall than the trailer makes it out to be.

Dave is in a women's studies class with Leah and keeps trying to put moves on her, but she shuts him down because he is a "frat guy".

At the same time, she is becoming best friends with Daisy and becoming attracted to her. They take showers together, sleep together, do everything. One night when they are hanging out, Dave/Daisy is supposed to help Adam/Adena get the tape back when he tries to give a "roofie" to his "little frat brother". He gives him the roofie, but unknowingly, the frat brother puts one in his drink as well. Adam beats the living hell out of the frat brother while waiting for the roofie to kick in and just as it does and he gets the tape, he passes out and drops in a box of porn tapes set to go on the cruise.

Adam and Dave have a big fight because Dave wasn't there to help him out (using huge dildos as swords -- this scene is hilarious) but stop when they realize they can get on the cruise if they win the powder puff football game. The sorority that wins goes on the cruise, but every year the "Tri-Pi" sorority (all hot blonds) wins. They figure with three guys on the team, they are a sure bet to win.

The game doesn't go as expected when the Tri Pi's begin to wail on the DOG girls and eventually take out all the guys. On the last play, the DOG's score and win the game though -- securing their place on the cruise.

Later, when the DOG's show up to the dock (all dressed up) they see the ship sailing away with the Tri-Pi's on board laughing at them. They somehow steal a boat and get on board. Dave/Daisy not only wants the tape back to prove himself, but his dad's buddy (his dad and the buddy are both KOK alums on the cruise) is waiting to meet him and give him a sweet high paying job, where he can hire Adam and Doofer. Dave changes out of his dress, meets the guy, and gets the job.

Back in his dress he tells Leah that he his leaving (at least Daisy is). She is very upset because she has become so attracted to Daisy and wants to have a physical relationship. Later she sees Daisy and Adena hugging (because Dave got the job) and figures that Daisy lied about moving back home. Dave's dad's buddy grabs her ass and she gets pissed, so he decides it's time to "dog catch" and Leah off the boat. Right before they toss her over the side, Dave/Daisy takes off his wig and stops them. Adam/Adena and Doofer do as well. They apologize and tell everyone about how Spence took the money. Doofer pulls out the tape, they pop it in a conveniently located VCR and sure enough, Spence is busted.

It's now back at school and Dave tries to apologize to Leah but she won't have it. Doofer is with the French girl (he got her to shave, and she is pretty hot) and Adam is getting sworn in as the new president of the KOK house. They have a party and now the two (KOK and DOG) are friends, with lots of the brothers and sisters hooking up. Leah comes around at the party and she and Dave get together. Happy ending.

The movie ends as we see the bitchy Tri-Pi's floating out in the ocean in a raft they were put on when the DOG's kicked them off the KOK cruise.


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