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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Caroline who says... "This movie was a little long but very cute and funny."

The movie starts by showing several scenes of young attractive women walking down the street as Harry (Jack Nicholson) does a voice-over saying that he is an expert on young women - he's been dating them for 40 years.

Next we see Harry and his 30 year old girlfriend Marin (Amanda Peet) driving to the Hamptons. They are going to her mother's beach house to spend the weekend together.

When they get there, they want to have sex so Marin starts undressing and Harry takes his pants off. She's feeling nervous so they agree to go for a swim in the ocean first. He tells her to go put her swimsuit on and he'll go put the champagne in the fridge to chill.

As he's putting the champagne in the fridge, the door opens and Marin's mom Erica (Diane Keaton) and Aunt Zowe (Frances McDormand) walk in the door. They see men's feet underneath the open refrigerator door. Zowe pulls a knife and Erica calls the cops but he explains he's dating her daughter and Erica is clearly shocked by how old he is.

After some awkwardness they all agree to stay for the weekend. So they have dinner which is somewhat tense while Zowe and Erica take jabs at Harry. Harry is a notorious bachelor and was featured in a magazine article. He mentions he was once engaged to Diane Sawyer and insults Erica by saying, Women your age like that... The sister then makes a speech about how there is such a double standard; a man who stays a bachelor is admired while a woman who stays single is a spinster.

Harry and Marin go upstairs and Zowe and Erica hear romantic music. Suddenly Erica hears Marin cry out "Mom, Mom!" They rush upstairs to see Harry lying on the floor sweaty and eyes rolling up in his head. Erica gives him CPR and they call 911.

In the hospital the Doctor (Keaneu Reeves) asks Harry what medications he is taking and if he took Viagra. Harry sees the 3 women listening and says "No, no Viagra' and the Dr says "Good because I just started you on a nitro drip and Viagra could be a fatal combination". Harry then violently rips the IV out of his arm.

Later the Doctor introduces himself as Julian to Erica and discovers that she is a famous playwright whom he admires. He is clearly taken with her. Then he explains Harry will be fine but he gave him some drugs that will make him loopy for a while. Julian is called away and then suddenly we see Harry waltzing into the hallway in his hospital gown with his bare butt showing. The women restrain him and call a nurse.

The next day as Harry is leaving the hospital he gets dizzy again and Julian tells him he needs to stay nearby for a few days. So Erica reluctantly agrees to let him stay at her house.

The next day Julian comes over to examine Harry and Harry asks when can he have sex again. Julian says the rule of thumb is when you can climb a flight of stairs, you can have sex. Soon we see Harry trying to climb some stairs out by the beach, but he can't make it.

Later, Erica is working on her play in her bedroom and smells cigar smoke. (She doesn't allow smoking in the house). So she goes into Harry's room to make him extinguish the cigar and they start talking. During their discussion they both discover that neither person can get more than 4 hours of sleep a night. And Harry mentions that although he likes to have sex with women, he always sleeps alone. (Important later).

The next day Harry asks Erica is she would like to walk on the beach. She agrees and as they walk along the beach they are talking and having a good time.

Soon, she needs to get back to the house to get ready for her date and Harry says he will stay out for a while. He sees the flight of stairs on the beach and we see him look up the stairs again, pondering.

That evening Julian comes to pick up Erica for their dinner date and she looks terrific in a black dress. During dinner she asks him why he would want to date someone 20 years older and he replies that he finds her remarkably sexy.

When she gets back from her date, there is no sign of Harry so she goes to her room to work on her play. As she's working she receives an instant message. It's Harry asking her to meet him in the kitchen for a midnight snack.

They meet and decide to make pancakes. It's clear there is chemistry between them. But then Marin unexpectedly shows up and Erica feels embarrassed so she excuses herself. The next day Marin says she knows there is chemistry between those two so she decides to break up with Harry since she met someone else anyway. But he actually breaks up with her but does it so smoothly, she doesn't even realize it until later.

Julian calls Erica and asks her out to dinner for Friday at eight, she says yes and they agree to meet at the restaurant.

The next day Erica is working on her play, and listening to French music when there is a storm and the power goes out. She lights candles, which Harry thinks is romantic and they start kissing.

They start making out in earnest and she begs him to cut her turtleneck top off of her. He does and they are about to have sex when she announces she needs to check his blood pressure. She does, and they are overjoyed to see that it's fine so they have sex. We see them later as they are exhausted and very happy. Erica is emotional saying she hasn't had sex in so long she thought she was "closed for business" and starts crying. Harry becomes emotional and starts crying too. He tells her she is "a woman to love".

He leaves to go to sleep in his room (because he always sleeps alone), but comes back and says he wants to try sleeping with her. The next day the power comes back on, turning on all the lights and the stereo which blasting French music. They try to look at a watch but in a funny scene they are both so nearsighted and need their reading glasses that they can hardly see the watch and they are astonished to see that for the first time ever they each sleep a full 8 hours. Erica proposes that if they still know each other in 6 months they should go Paris together in February to celebrate their birthdays. She mentions a particular café that she really likes and says they should have dinner there. Harry hesitates because he doesn't like to make commitments.

Harry goes back to the doctor and Julian says he is well enough to return to the city. As Harry leaves Erica's house they are hugging and he says "I love Ya" and she says "I love you too". And they are both surprised at the notion of being in love. Plus we are not sure if Harry really meant it.

Later Marin calls Erica and is extremely upset because she found out her Dad is going to marry a 33 year old. She asks Erica to come to NY and comfort her. When she arrives Marin asks Erica if she will come to dinner with them to meet the new wife. Erica reluctantly agrees. At the restaurant, Erica spots Harry dining with an attractive young woman. She tries to leave but he sees her and chases her down the street. They have an emotional confrontation where Erica confesses her love to Harry and says she is heartbroken. She gets in a cab and leaves. Harry starts feeling chest pain and goes to the hospital but the doctor says it was just stress. Meanwhile, we see Julian waiting in the restaurant back in the Hamptons, being stood up by Erica.

Erica returns to the beach house and continues working on her play crying loudly the whole time. We see snippets of the play and can tell it's about her and Harry.

A few weeks later Harry is walking by the theater and notices pictures Erica's new play that feature a man that looks just like him and he can tell the play is about him. The play is entitled "A woman to love"

Harry goes into the theater, finds Erica and asks if the play is about him. She says "No, it's about me". Then a lineup of "Dancing Henry's" come out and they all look like Harry and are wearing hospital gowns. (The character in the play is named Henry). As he and Erica are arguing, the set changes behind them to become Paris. After he leaves the theater he starts experiencing chest pain again goes to the hospital. The doctor tells him he had an anxiety attack and he needs to decompress.

One day Zoe is at a farmers market. She sees Julian there and invites him over for dinner. Erica apologizes for standing him up and they start kissing.

6 months later..

Harry goes to Marin's apartment and apologizes if he did anything to hurt her. She is now married and pregnant. He asks about Erica's play and wants to know how it ends; she tells him that the character in the play dies. He asks where he can find Erica, Marin tells him she's in Paris for her birthday.

He immediately goes to Paris and goes to the café Erica mentioned 6 months ago. He finds her there and they begin talking. He tells her he came to Paris just for her. Suddenly Julian shows up and things become awkward. Julian asks Harry what he is doing in Paris, and Harry says he just happened to be in town. Then Julian presents Erica with a box that looks like it holds an engagement ring. The moment is very awkward and she says she will open it later. They ask Harry to stay for dinner which he does. As dinner progresses Julian starts to get suspicious because he can tell there are feelings between Erica and Harry. After dinner they leave the restaurant and Julian and Erica drive off in a cab.

Harry walks to a nearby bridge feeling sad and despondent all alone. Then he hears a cab pull up. Out comes Erica. He asks where Julian is and she says he is back at the hotel. Julian realized that Harry and Erica were in love and let her go. Harry and Erica profess their love for each other and hug and kiss.


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