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The movie starts with Kenya (Sanaa Lathan), a very pretty African American waking up from a dream in which she was getting married. She gets out of bed, walks through her new house, and looks out her window at her very ugly backyard. She goes on a morning run where she sees reminders that she is alone. Once at work, a friend of hers has a wedding question. Kenya rolls her eyes and then tells her friend to do what makes her happy, it's her wedding after all. Her friend brings up her lack of a boyfriend and then starts telling her about her newly single friend, Brian, who is a landscape architect. Kenya makes it clear that she is not interested in being set up.

Kenya works for a large firm, and she sits down with a new client, who assumes that she is not the one in charge. After clarifying that she is the senior manager for his account, they get to work.

After work, Kenya meets her three friends at a bar to celebrate Valentine's Day. It is established that they are all successful (accountant, judge, pediatrician, etc.) and that they are all looking for the ideal black man. Kenya has a very specific list: no dogs, college education, no outdoors, etc. You then see Kenya walking to Starbucks for her blind date. Once inside Starbucks, Brian (Simon Baker) approaches her, and she is thrown by the fact that he is white. After a few minutes, she excuses herself, making it very clear that she prefers black men. She then goes to an engagement party for the same friend who set her up, and is admiring the landscaping. Her friend's mother then introduces her to the man responsible: Brian. While basically telling her he knows she's not willing to try anything new, he hands her his card and tells her to call if she changes her mind.

Brian shows up at Kenya's house with his dog. After making it clear that she does not "do dogs" (he doesn't either, they're just good friends), he send the dog back to the truck. He looks at her yard, and has some suggestions and then takes her to a project nearby to give her some ideas. On the way, he stops at a community garden to drop off some flowers and Kenya, who is walking around, has a panic attack when she thinks a spider attacks her. He drops her off, and he tells her he'll put together a proposal and she can let him know. She thanks him, stating she is not sure, as she is still getting her head around the mortgage.

Kenya is given a male assistant to help her with the account of the client mentioned previously. She is then told that she is up for partner, based on her performance with this client. While speaking to her boss, someone shows up with a delivery, and it is the book, Charlotte's Web, with Kenya's name in place of Charlotte's. When asked whom it's from, Kenya says, "from my new landscaper."

The next scene shows Brian working in the backyard with his team. Kenya brings him a cappuccino, since she was making one for herself anyway. Brian's dog runs at her causing her to spill some, and Brian watches as she cleans it up, apologizing for his dog. They talk for a few moments, and then she closes the patio door and watches Brian work for a while, concentrating on his strong arms and face. Her brother shows up and introduces his sister to his "girl of the week", as we meet quite a few of them throughout the film. He is dropping off some money for their mother's birthday present, and showing his new girlfriend his car. Kenya introduces Brian to her brother, and her brother barely shakes his hand. She scolds him for being rude, and he dismisses it, stating, "he's the help".

Kenya meets her parents at her brother (w/ a new girlfriend) at a performance theater, and it is clear that her mother is a traditional mother who wants her daughter to marry the right man, but her father understands Kenya a little better. The performance is very sensual, and when Kenya goes home, Brian is still there, and she asks if he would like takeout. They eat dinner and he makes it very clear that he is attracted to her, but she continues to tell him that she prefers black men.

Back at work, Kenya and her assistant are trying to tell her client that even though he wants his company to go public (forgive me for the inaccuracies), the numbers are not adding up. Her boss comes into the office, and her client makes it clear that he wants to meet with him later. Her boss visits her later, stating that she is doing a good job and not to let the client bother her.

While Kenya is working at home, Brian comes in and says he let everyone go home early for the holiday, and that he was heading out too, and that she had to come with him. She ends up hiking with him, and while they are walking it starts to rain, and they find refuge under a tree. He kisses her, and she kisses him back and then pulls away. When they return home, she tells him not to expect this to go any further, because it won't. She then goes inside and he follows, kissing her again. They end up having sex and spending the night together. The next morning, they're talking about random topics, and Brian asks her about her hair, and whether or not she ever considered getting rid of the weave. She takes offense and kicks him out, telling him not to come back. She then talks to her girlfriends about it, admitting that the sex was great, but it would not work out. They are just happy she had sex and tell her that she does not have to marry him, but to just have some fun. She goes to a hairdresser and has her remove the weave. When she gets back home, Brian is there, packing up his stuff. She asks him to stay, and the following scenes show them doing different things together, like painting her house, playing with the dog, etc. and she throughout all of it you see she is happy, but also uncomfortable with the fact that she is dating a white man. Kenya also throws a party in her backyard, and Brian tries to make nice with her friends, but it isn’t easy. Kenya’s brother then introduces her to a mentor of his (Blair Underwood). He flirts with her and tells her he’s looking for some help with house hunting and she doesn’t say no. Her brother then ushers him away before Brian comes back. Meanwhile, her mother brings up a cotillion (THE event of the year), and when Brian asks about it, she shows him pictures of her own cotillion. When he says he’ll skip the community garden party for her, she tells him she is not going this year.

After a bad day at the office, Brian and Kenya are shopping and she starts telling him about the "black tax". He wonders if maybe she is being a little too sensitive, telling her that she is in a very powerful position in a very big company, and could she ma! ybe lay off, for once. He had a bad day too, and just wants to go home. She gets angry, asking how are they supposed to have a relationship when she can’t talk to him. He apologizes, but explains that all he wants is to spend a quiet night at home without all the conflict. They both basically say that he can’t be what she wants, and they break up (kind of). Next, you see Kenya with Mark, looking at an apartment. He then takes her to dinner and they talk about work. He brings up the black tax, and she appreciates that he knows what it’s like. He asks her if she is seeing anyone, and she says not anymore. He tells her he would like to see her again, and she agrees.

One day, while working, Brian shows up at her door. She tells him it’s been 2 weeks and he could have called. He apologizes, saying he felt like an idiot and that he should have listened to her. He tells her he’ll do whatever she wants and that he loves her. Kenya says it’s too late, she’s already seeing someone else. He starts to leave, and she tells him it was not planned. He tells her it’s okay, they were only having fun, right?

Kenya and Mark go to her friend’s wedding, where she sees Brian with his old girlfriend. This sends her into a panic mode and she has an asthma attack. Her friends rally around her, but also remind her that Mark is quite the perfect catch for her. The next Sunday, Kenya and Mark go to her parent’s house for dinner. It is very clear that her mother loves Mark. He then tells everyone that even though he didn’t need her help looking for an apartment, he needed a way to see her again. This irritates Kenya, and she gets even more agitated when he mentions that they might have something more to celebrate in 6 months. When they return to his house, she gets upset and tells him that she cannot see him anymore. She tells him that it’s not him, it’s her… she’s looking for more. She then goes to see one of her friends who tells her that it’s okay to like Brian. Her friend’s boyfriend also reassures her, telling her that while at first he didn’t want to like Brian, he now knows he’s a good guy.

Her entire family attends the cotillion, where Kenya ridicules the whole affair, and when her mother tells her that she is responsible for her own unhappiness, she flees to the bathroom. Her father follows her in, and tells her that contrary to popular belief, her mother is the risk taker in the family. He family did not want her to marry him, since he was penniless, and they cut her off when she did. He tells Kenya he sees a lot of her mother in her. He then tells her to go to Brian, because he is the one who makes her happy. She runs out and her brother throws her the keys to his new car. When she arrives at the community garden party, she is told that Brian already left. Dejected, she walks through the garden. After a few minutes, she sees Brian coming back to help clean up. She runs to him and tells him that she loves him. He tells her that he never stopped loving her, but he cannot be her fallback guy. She reassures him that’s not the case, and that he was always the one. They embrace, and she tells him they have to hurry. When he asks why, she asks him if one of the Mexican singers at the party would give up his suit.

Next, you see them entering the cotillion, with Kenya in her formal gown and Brian in the Mexican singer’s burnt orange, sequined suit. She leads him to the center of the dance floor for their first dance.

The last scene is of their beautiful outdoor wedding, in their backyard.

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