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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Jacob.

We start our story off with a familiar face: A pair of blue jeans. Except this time the jeans are adorned with skull-n-cross bones, hearts, kisses, a ships anchor, and many other notations.

A very familiar voice begins talking about how that two summers ago the pants brought together a group of friends and how even during the hardest times, it kept them linked and together. The voice is of Carmen (America Ferrara).

She takes us on a journey of what has happened since the first movie left off. We see a soccer field where we are re-introduced to Bridget (Blake Lively). The pants then transport us to a graveyard and we see Tibby (Amber Tamblyn) with her now boyfriend Brian (Leonardo Nam). We pan down to a headstone and we see the word “Bailey”. Bailey has passed away now from her bought with Leukemia. We pan up to Tibby crying and we disappear into the sky and we come back down to a Greek seaside at a Funeral. Lena’s (Alexis Bledel) grandfather BapI, has passed away.

We see Lena attending this funeral and then we see her look and see Kostas (Michael Rady). Lena focuses her attention back on the funeral and holds her cousin tighter. We move to people talking around the funeral and Lena walking. She walks to the side of a cliff where Kostas is standing. Kostas tells her that he is sorry for Lena’s loss. Lena starts talking about how she only broke up with him because she didn’t want to deal with the long-distance relationship. A girl walks over and cuts her off. Kostas introduces her as, his wife. Lena looks obviously shaken. We are then transported into seeing Carmen walking through the grounds of Yale University through the fall and snow, and seeing pictures of her mother remarried.

Carmen, continuing her voiceover, talks about how the pants have kept them so close and that now with their first year of college upon them, and the girls each taking different directions for the summer, that Carmen needs the pants to keep them together this summer.

We see Carmen backstage at a play. The play ends and the girl walks off stage and we suddenly notice Carmen is a backstage hand worker. She helps the girl out of her corset and the girl starts talking about how she’s attending an acting camp in Vermont and she could help get Carmen in if she wanted to, because they’re always looking for backstage help. Carmen replies no.

We see the four girls come together walking down the street talking about how its been forever since they’ve all been together. Bridget tells Carmen to hold something as she jumps on top of a dumpster. Tibby says she hates when Bridget does this, and Bridget then jumps off the dumpster and grabs onto a fire escape ladder pulling it down. The girls all begin their climb up. We then move to the inside of a building where the girls are starting yet another meeting of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Carmen says she forgets the order of things, so Tibby begins chanting off what Carmen does to start the ceremony. Carmen lights all the candles, dumps out all the junk food around the girls, and starts the bad 80’s music. Bridget puts the pants in the middle of the circle of candles. As the music begins, Carmen asks what they all want to do together for the summer. This is when the girls start to get squirmy. Carmen asks what.

Each girl explains what they are doing this summer. Lena is talking a model drawing class back at school in Rhode Island, Tibby is staying at her dorm at NYU to work on her romantic comedy screenplay and Bridget is going to an archeological dig ---- in Turkey. Bridget asks what Carmen is doing, and instead of saying nothing, Carmen says she is going to Vermont to the acting workshop camp that Julia told her about.

With that we arrive at a big red building, and we see Carmen and Julia (Rachel Nichols) walking in, where they meet a familiar face to Julia, the director and her family friend Peter (Kyle MacLachlan). They talk about the acting seminar and how it’s going to be fantastic this year. Carmen just smiles and walks into the auditorium. We see a huge group of people sitting. Peter takes the stage and talks about how they are holding auditions for their summer Production of William Shakespeare’s A Winter Tale and how they are holding auditions where some select acting interns will get small roles and one person will get a main, principal role. Carmen seems annoyed the entire time.

We then see Bridget walking into her garage to pull bags down and a big box full of letters come falling under the bag. Bridget kneels down to clean them up when she notices all the letters are unopened, and addressed to her. Bridget picks them all up and storms out of the garage. We then cut to her throwing the letters on a desk in front of her father (Ernie Lively). She yells at him, and asks him why she wrote all those years, and he hid them from her. He tells her he did what he thought was best for her. Bridget tells him that thinking her grandmother doesn’t ever want to see her again was never the right choice. He says he had to take care of her best interests. She tells him that she’s been taking care of herself for a very long time, and she’s never asked for his help.

We then see Lena sitting behind an easel. She’s getting everything ready for her first model drawing class, she seems a bit nervous. The guy next to her notices and makes a swipe at her, saying she must be a virgin. She says, “Excuse me?” And he says he meant to model drawing. She says yes, and he introduces himself as Leo (Jesse Williams). He tells her to just relax and have fun with it. She says she’ll try. The teacher then tells the class to get ready. Leo then walks and starts taking his clothes off, stripping nude. Lena realizes he must be the model. As the class progresses, Lena is obviously nervous and telling her to look at the model and just feel the contours of his body. Lena blushes and the teacher calls for end of class. Lena packs up quick and leaves.

We see Lena walking and talking on her cell phone telling Tibby about the class and how nervous she is. Tibby is on the other line about how she has to stay in NY this summer and finish her screenplay for a romantic comedy because her first one, the couple ended up broken up in the end. Tibby cuts Lena off as she says she has found her “nirvana”, in the form of a video rental store.

We cut to Bridget on a bus driving through the desert of Turkey. The bus stops and Bridget and about seven other people get off and walk over a hill to where we see the big archeological dig. We cut to Bridget working in a section where she finds a skeletal jaw with some teeth still in tact. She yells for someone to come over. This is where we meet Professor Nasri (Shohreh Aghdashloo). She tells Bridget good job on finding the jaw and Bridget makes a joke about brushing teeth being important, as the skeletal jaws teeth are grossly brown, obviously from age. We cut to later that night where they have set up a fire and they are all dancing and we see Bridget shaking her butt to some music.

We cut back to Tibby in her dorm room. She gets a knock on her door and its Brian. He walks in and they sit down on the bed and begin kissing. He takes her wig off and says he likes her hair just the way it is. He then tells her he loves her. She asks if she’s supposed to swoon over him saying the ‘L’ word. They go back to kissing and it gets intense, she shakes her head in the ‘yes’ motion. They begin taking their clothes off and we cut to Tibby lying in bed. They have obviously just had sex. Tibby begins talking and we cut to the bathroom door half closed. There is silence and Tibby asks if Brian is okay. He walks out in nothing more than a towel and he says there might be a slight problem. Tibby looks freaked and he says the condom broke. Tibby stares off into space as Brian tries to cuddle up next to her.

We then cut back to Lena. It’s late at night and she walks into the art studio from early and walks around. She sees a painting and admires its beauty. Leo comes from nowhere and asks what she’s doing there. She says she came in to work on her sketch a little beauty. He tells her she doesn’t have to like the painting if she doesn’t want to. She asks if he did it and he replies yes. She tells him its beautiful. He replies, so are you, and then he asks her out for dinner. She agrees.

We cut to Carmen at night eating some food in a park, when a boy walks up to her and starts making conversation. He introduces himself as Ian (Tom Wisdom). They begin talking about why Carmen is there and she says she’s there for backstage work and he tells her she should try out. She replies no, and says she has to go.

We now cut to Bridget who’s playing some soccer with her fellow diggers. The balls go out of range so she runs to get it. She picks it up when she sees a don’t enter sign. Of course, Bridget steps past the line and suddenly the ground collapses under her. She falls down and lands flat, face first inside an ancient room. We see a giant pot near her side and the others come to the opening and ask if she’s okay. We cut to Bridget bandaged up inside a tent with Nasri. Nasri explains that they set rules down for reasons and they must be fallen. Bridget understands, but still asks what the room was used for. Nasri explains that it must have been a woman’s room, because in ancient times men and women normally were not to be in the same room together for prolonged periods. Bridget finds it interesting, and then asks if they knew anything about Cleo, the skeleton Bridget had started digging up earlier in the film. Nasri explains they believe she was 30 when she died, and it most likely happened during childbirth. This physically disturbs Bridget. Nasri asks what’s wrong, and Bridget explains that her mother died around the same age. Nasri wipes a tear from Bridget’s eye and tells her that she too lost family to wars, and that its not about what holds you back, its about how it makes you stronger.

Tibby is rushing into work. She’s obviously stressed out about the whole pregnancy thing and starts work. Customers start using the term “late” and “period”, and Tibby clearly is freaking out. She tells the customer she’ll wave the late fee. Her boss walks over to her and tells her to take the rest of the day off.

Lena is now making dinner with Leo. They’re talking about art class and whatnot, and about painting. They share a cute moment where they feed each other food.

Carmen stands backstage watching Julia audition with Ian, and they end their scene. Peter calls for auditions to be over but Ian interrupts and asks if he has time for one more. Peter says okay, and Ian runs and grabs Carmen. Carmen tries to get him away but by the time she successfully gets let go, she’s on stage. Ian hands her a book to read from, and he tells her he hates her. She reads from the book and they end their audition. Carmen runs off stage.

We cut back to Tibby who is now sitting in her dorm room. She listens to her voice messages and they’re all from Brian. She deletes them all quickly and then there’s one last message from Carmen who tells Tibby to call her as it has been like a month. Tibby deletes that one too and gets up. She grabs a FedEx package and pulls out the pants. She starts doing jumping jacks, push-ups, and even sits in a meditation pose and begs the pants for a miracle.

We cut to Carmen who is with Julia in the hall looking to see if Julia made the play. She has a small role as Dorcas. A guy walks up to Carmen and says congrats. Julia says thanks, but the guy says he was saying it to Carmen. Carmen and Julia do a double take and check the board and see Carmen has been cast as Perdita. Carmen looks freaked, but Julia tells her everything will be all right and she’ll help her run lines.

We cut to Lena who is back in art class drawing Leo. Leo shifts his gaze towards Lena and he smiles back. We cut to the end of class and Lena is waiting outside for Leo. They kiss and share embrace. They make plans for dinner again and Lena leaves. She’s walking through the courtyard of school and someone calls her name. She turns around and it’s Kostas. He walks up to her and she looks uncomfortable. He hugs her; she hugs back, its very awkward. He tells her how he has missed her and how that he is no longer married. He explains that at the funeral his wife saw in his eyes that there was no love for her there, and she came clean and that she never was pregnant. They had the marriage annulled and he wanted to see her and be back. She asks him if she’s supposed to feel happy that he’s back, and she says she’s not. She said that she made a clean break and she has no feelings left for him. She says goodbye and walks away, tears begin to fall down her face and she runs faster.

We cut to Carmen who is on the phone calling her mother. She tells her how she made a play and her mom says great and yells something about a box to her husband because they are moving. Carmen hangs up looking visibly upset and talks to Julia. They start running some lines.

We cut to Tibby who is walking down the street and sees a lot of women with their children. Some are brats, some are sweet hearts. It freaks her out and she keeps walking. She eventually walks to a park area and Brian is sitting. Brian starts talking to her about how he’s sorry and how he wants to be there for her but she’s being distant. Tibby is silent for a moment then begins telling him how she needs distance from him and that it’s too much right now. He asks if she’s breaking up with him. She doesn’t want to say it like that. He tells her to call when she knows what she wants and he walks away.

We cut to Bridget who is working on a bone when she looks up and sees a little girl and her husband. Nasri comes outside and hugs both of them, its clear its her daughter and husband. Bridget is taken back. We cut to Bridget in her tent and she lays out the letters from her grandmother. She opens one and begins to read it; Greta (Blythe Danner) provides the voice over. Bridget begins to cry very hard as the letters are read aloud. We see Nasri and she has a letter left from Bridget. We see Bridget on a bus, and then another bus, as Nasri reads the letter aloud about how Bridget needs to go find herself, and she is sorry to leave Nasri like this.

We cut to Lena on the phone with Tibby. Tibby is upset and Lena says she’s about to get in the car to come see her. Lena asks if Tibby needs anything, Tibby quietly responds, a pregnancy test. Lena’s face turns from mellow to shocked. She walks faster to her car.

We cut to Carmen who is at her first rehearsal. She’s reading lines with Ian, and Peter tells her she’s doing a good job. They break for lunch. We then cut to Carmen and Ian at lunch when Julia walks up on them. Julia tries to make small talk, but Ian cuts her off and tells her they have a rehearsal to get back to. Julia looks mad as Carmen and Ian order lunch.

We cut to Tibby who gets a knock on her door, its Lena. She holds up a pharmacy bag and Tibby responds that she won’t need it ---- her period just came before Lena did. They talk about what happened and how Tibby feels sort of shaken about the break-up but she’s a big girl and she’ll get over it.

We then cut to Bridget walking into a driveway with a big bag, past the car. A woman looks up from the car and cuts Bridget off before she can speak and says she knows her own granddaughter. They have a small meaningless chat, and then she invites Bridget into the house.

We cut to Tibby having lunch with Lena’s sister Effie (Lucy Hale). Tibby asks her what this is about. Effie comes clean and asks if she has permission to date Brian. Tibby looks shocked. We cut to Tibby on the phone with Lena and says she couldn’t say No, because she didn’t want to feel selfish. Lena says she’ll see her next week at her parent’s anniversary party.

We cut to Carmen who’s at another table reading for her play. A lady says they only need Carmen and that the other can leave including Julia. Julia looks angry and leaves. Carmen returns home and Julia says she has a date with Ian. Carmen looks upset as Julia leaves.

We cut to Lena who is now on a rooftop with Leo. They kiss and they have a talk about if Leo thinks there is really only one person for everyone. He asks why Lena asks, and she responds she just wonders. He says no, and Lena looks mad. He apologizes because it’s not what she wanted to hear, she says its okay and they continue to eat.

We cut to Bridget sitting outside on a porch. Greta walks out and hands her a plate of coffee cake and asks her why it has been so long. Bridget explains to her that she didn’t know Greta was writing all those years, as her father hid them from her for so long. Greta gets up and goes to get some drinks. Bridget looks at a little birdhouse and gets up to look at it. She turns it to all sides and sees the name “Bee” on it. Greta comes out and says that Bridget made that the last time she was here. Bridget asks when she was here and Greta says it was when she was about six or seven.

We cut to Carmen coming home from a rehearsal and she walks in and sees a familiar face: Tibby. Carmen asks what she’s doing there and Tibby says she hasn’t seen her in a while. Julia enters the room and Carmen introducers Tibby, in a very cold manner. Julia says “oh the video store girl?” Tibby says in a very angry manner “the video store girl!?” She storms out angry.

We cut to Bridget again who is now sitting on a couch with Greta looking at old pictures of her mom and how she used to be happy and whatnot. They reminisce over the photos.

We cut again to Tibby who is now at home at her parent’s rehearsal dinner. Tibby is setting out the food. She turns around and sees Effie and Brian walk into the party. Brian walks over to Tibby and tries to make small talk. Tibby tries to ignore him, and finally tells him Effie is waiting for him. He walks away.

We cut to Carmen who is preparing for her final dress rehearsal. She gets a call on her cell phone from her mom --- she’s going into labor. Carmen freaks out and calls Tibby. At first, Tibby ignores the call and puts her phone back into her pocket. Carmen calls Tibby again and Tibby picks it up. Carmen frantically tells Tibby to please go to the hospital and make sure her mom gets through birth fine. Tibby, without even blinking, say’ she’ll be there in five minutes.

We cut to Tibby in the emergency room with Carmen’s mom. Tibby’s trying everything to calm her down, including a hilarious moment with ice chips where Carmen’s mom throws them back at Tibby’s face. The doctors come in and say its time for birth. Carmen’s mom freaks out but Tibby says they’re going to do this together. Interspliced between this entire scene, is Carmen on stage at dress rehearsal visibly suffering, as she messes up lines and everything. Carmen’s mom gives birth to a beautiful baby boy. We cut to Carmen who is getting ready to leave for the night, when she overhears Julia & Peter talking about how Carmen is failing right now and that she is going to mess up the big play. We move back to Tibby who is now watching Carmen’s mom and her new son lay peacefully in bed together. Tibby has a smile on her face.

We now see Bridget sleeping. Thunder crashes, and we see a woman leaving with suitcases. Bridget screams  “MOM! PLEASE DON’T GO”. Greta comes running into the room and Bridget has a sudden realization that she remembers everything. She asks Greta why her mom left her. Greta says that her mom was sick and that the only reason she held on so long was because she loved Bridget. Bridget and Greta cry together.

Carmen is now backstage when she opens a package, it’s a DVD. She puts it into a DVD player and watches it. It’s her mom holding her new baby brother David. She says that she is so proud of Carmen and to do an awesome job in the play and wow them with the real Carmen. The camera turns and Tibby is a big, bawling mess and tells Carmen that she loves her and to do an amazing job. Carmen smiles and wipes a tear away. A backstage assistant comes in and tells Carmen its time to go, the plays about to start. Carmen stands on the side of the stage and sees Ian on the other side. They smile at each other and walk out and begin their scene. The audience erupts in overt applause.

Tibby is sitting on the front porch of a house, and the door opens. Brian walks out and sits down next to her. Tibby apologizes for freaking out and how she misses him. She begins to cry and he wipes them away from her face. He then asks her if she wants to get breakfast, she responds yes, and they walk away together.

Lena is sitting in the kitchen of her house with her mom when we hear a loud scream and some crying. Lena runs up the stairs and sees Effie on her bed crying. Effie starts ranting about how Brian went back to Tibby and how she doesn’t understand how she just do that to her, after that way Tibby treated Brian. Lena tells her, compassionately, that she doesn’t know everything. Effie throws a big fit about how Lena is siding with Tibby instead of her own sister and how she’s always done that. Lena tries to say no she doesn’t, but Effie cuts her off and says she can’t wait to be in Greece

Bridget comes running through the door home to see her father sleeping on the couch. She smiles and walks and brushes his leg and says “Dad”. He wakes up and asks how her trip was. She replies, well they were both good. He asks what she means. She explains that she left Turkey early and went to Alabama to visit Greta and she understands everything now. Her father asks her what she thinks exactly she understands now. She tells her father that she understand mom was sick, and he tried to shield her from the past, and that now in this moment, they need to take care of each other. Her father agrees and they smile.

Lena is sitting in her kitchen again when the phone rings. Her mother answers and hands the phone to her. On the other end, is Effie very frantic. Effie says she did something bad. Lena asks what. Effie said she stole the pants and she got them wet in the harbor so she hung them out to dry and now they’re missing. Lena freaks out and asks her why she did it. She explains she is extremely sorry and was just mad at her about the Brian situation.

Bridget, Carmen, Lena and Tibby all gather in the same building from the beginning and talk about what they’re going to do about the pants. Bridget says this would have never happened if the rotation wouldn’t have been messed up, that Tibby was supposed to send the pants to her and not Lena. Tibby responds that she didn’t get the message that Bridget was suddenly in fricking Alabama. Bridget does a quick swipe at Tibby’s pregnancy care and Carmen flips out. Carmen asks how she didn’t know. Lena says she emailed everyone and Carmen says don’t blame it on her crappy server. Tibby tells Carmen it’s why she came to visit her and that she wanted to tell her. Carmen suddenly gets a look of disdain over her face. Lena tells everyone that she’ll just go to Greece and look for the pants.

Carmen is sitting on her porch when her mom walks out with the phone and says its Effie. Effie tells Carmen that she really lost the pants and doesn’t know what she’s going to do. Effie tells Carmen she left Greece and is about to be on her way home and that she doesn’t know what to do.

Lena is sitting at a table outside her grandparent’s home drawing. We see Bridget, Carmen and Tibby all getting off a boat and walking down a pier in Greece. They are now being whisked up the Greek townside by donkey. They turn the corner to where Lena is. Lena looks up and hears someone fall of a donkey. Suddenly the door opens and Bridget yells “Opa!” Lena jumps up and sees Bridget, Carmen and Tibby all walking through the door. Lena asks what they’re doing there and they all said they came to look for the pants. Lena smiles and they all sit down. Lena continues to draw a flier up for the pants and asks her grandma how to say, “Lost pants in Greek”. Her grandma funnily responds that Greek girls do not lose their pants.

We are now at a copy store and they’re making hundreds of copies of the flier. They leave and start posting the fliers up everywhere. They eventually regroup in the fish market and ask one of the sellers where they can find Kostas Dounas. One guy says that he’d be at the restaurant. They grab Lena and tell her that “someone at the restaurant may know where the pants are”, an obvious cover-up. They turn the corner and are in front of the restaurant. The three girls (Bridget, Carmen & Tibby) all see Kostas and grab Lena and tell her that Kostas is right behind her. He sees Lena and she sees him.

Lena walks over to Kostas and they talk. He tells her that he really hopes she’ll be happy one day. He tells her about how he got into the London School of Economics. She tells him she’s very proud of him. He tells her it was nice seeing her and that there will be a sailors moon tonight, maybe it will guide her to what she’s really looking for. Lena says goodbye and walks back to the girls and tells them its done.

The girls are all sleeping now, except for Lena. She looks at the moon and smiles. She gets out of bed and leaves the room. We see Lena walking down towards the pier and she stops in front of Kostas’s boat. She gets on the boat and begins kissing Kostas. He said he almost thought she wouldn’t show. They talk about the past and how she only broke up with him because she couldn’t bear being far away from him. They kiss and embrace, and he tells her, one day they’ll be together forever. She smiles and kisses him one last time.

We see Lena sneaking back into the room, and it’s sunny out now. The girls are still sleeping. She gets in her bed, looks at the girls and smiles.

We then see the girls walking around the ocean area of Greece, when they see a guy suddenly jump off a cliff. Bridget runs over and the girls try to stop her, but she jumps in too. Bridget yells for the girls to jump in to. Lena and Tibby jump in together, and Carmen is last. We cut to the girls sitting on a big rock watching the sunset and Carmen starts the final voice, about how the pants being lost, eventually brought the girls closer together, and that that summer, the pants did something extraordinary, it brought them home, together and reminded them who they were, not separate, but together.

We watch the sunset and we fade to black.

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