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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by Sassy Toon who calls it a... "Fantastic feel good movie for friends."

Tibby (Amber Tamblyn), Lena (Alexis Bledel), Carmen (America Ferrera) and Bridget (Blake Lively) are best friends. They've been best friends since their mothers all met at a prenatal aerobics class, and the commonality they share is that their birthdays are so close together.

They've shared many memories and have gone through everything together, including Carmen's father leaving the family, Tibby's parents deciding to have more children after she was already a teenager and Bridget's mother passing away.

The girls are best friends but they are different from each other. Bridget is a tall blonde and plays soccer, Carmen is a curvy Latino with a big personality, Lena is a demure artist and Tibby is a blue hightlighted hair punk who is making a documentary.

This is the first summer that all the girls are going away, save Tibby, to different places. They are walking around and shopping when they go into a store to look for items to take on their trip. Carmen picks up a pair of jeans and gets Lena to try them on, since she is going to Greece. She protests she doesn't even wear jeans. They look fantastic on her, and the girls tease her - but she takes them off and gives them to the rest of the girls to try on - each time, fitting the different bodied girls perfectly. They buy them and break into the studio where their mother's met and decide that the jeans have magic in them. They make rules about the jeans, and decide that each of them will have them for a week during the summer - to connect them while they are away.

(not the right order, but it's easier to tell the story by girl)

Lena goes to Greece to visit her grandparents. Wearing the jeans, she sits on the dock sketching, when she sees a guy in a boat. She leans too far, wretching to see him that she falls off the dock. Her jeans get caught on a wire, and the guy dives to save her. She finds out his name is Costas and he is there for the summer taking a break from College to work for his grandfather, who owns a fishery. She abruptly leaves and sends the jeans to Tibby, saying that jeans have not brought her luck, as she almost drowned in them. Lena's grandmother discovers the shirt that Costas lent her and asks who the boy is. When she reveals the name, the grandmother says that she must promise to never see him because of a feud between the grandparents. She returns the shirt and tells him that they can never see each other again. She learns that his parents died when he was 12. He says, that the feud is between two old people, and has nothing to do with them. Later, she sees Costas at the fish market while she is sketching. He calls her an artist, and she says he doesn't know her. She says he is at least trying to, and he leaves in a huff. She looks out at the ocean and cries saying that although Bridget and Costas have lost so much in their lives, they are still capable of love, and she who has lost nothing cannot open her heart. She strips down to her underwear and dives into the ocean. Costas joins her, and they begin seeing each other and fall in love. He tells her he loves her. On their last night a night out - her grandparents discover her with Costas and drag her home. She recieves the jeans again, which give her the confidence to confront her grandfather. She says that he took a risk with the grandmother when he fell in love, and she just wants a chance to do the same. He allows her to go and she races to meet Costas as he is about to sail away, she kisses him and tells him she loves him.

Tibby is working at a department store for the summer to save money for more video equipemnt. As she is boringly stocking shelves, she hears a crash. She discovers a little girl has fainted and calls for help. The next day, the little girl brings the jeans, as they were sent wrongly to her home. She looks at Tibby's video equipement and asks if she can be her assistant. She tells her no, but the girl (Bailey) shows up the next day at the department store with the equipment so she can continue to interview people for her documentary. Bailey continues to assit Tibby and finds subjects for her to interview - while injecting her own questions and comments into the interview. One day she doesn't show up and Tibby goes to her house looking for her. A neighbor informs her that she is at the hospital, even though they've stopped treatment. Bailey has Lukemia. Bailey shows up to the deparment store a few days later, and she knows that Tibby now knows. She asks Tibby if she is being allowed to continue to assit because Tibby pities her. Tibby said that she's not sure, but probably. Bailey thinks it's okay and they continue to document people - while spending time with each other. When Bailey goes back to the hospital, Tibby can't visit her. When she gets the jeans again, she takes them to Bailey and tells her to put them on. Bailey tells her that the jeans have already work their magic - they brought her to Tibby. Bailey passes away.

Carmen is visiting her father in Charleston Carolina. She finds out that her father is getting married to Lydia (Nancy Travis) who has two children, Paul and Krista. Her father doesn't have any time for her as he is busy planning the wedding with Lydia. She receives the jeans and feels that they will save the trip for her. After an embarassing scene where Lydia has her try on a pink dress that is too tight, she screams that she is not a skinny blonde like Krista and that maybe they just want to forget about the Latino daughter - and runs out. She takes a cab back to the house late in the evening thinking that her father is worried and looking for her. It turns out that they are having a perfect family dinner with his new family, and in a rage, she throws a rock, breaking the window - and retrieves her things and goes home. Tibby gives her the courage to call her father and tell him everything that she feels - including how upset she is that he's cast her away, and taken on a new family - and is more interested in being a father to his new children, than he is to her.

Bridget is a star soccer player at soccer camp in Mexico. She eyes a coach (Eric) who is in College and makes it her goal to be with him. She blatanly flirts and shows off for him to see. She sneaks out and shows up at a club that he is at, and tries to dance with him. He tells her that he can't be with her - as it is strictly against the rules. When she receives the jeans, she finds knows that they will bring him to her - as he is something that she wants. He follows her to the beach, and they have sex. Afterwards, she feels empty. She thought that having sex would make her feel fulfilled, and now she misses her mother, as she does not know who to talk to about her feelings. When she arrives home, Tibby and Carmen come over for a sleep over, and they talk about her feelings about her mother. They tell her that they are there for her - and that she is strong. She wants to feel alive because she feels dead inside. Her dog races away with the jeans and they bring her to Eric who has taken a side trip to find her. He is admitting his guilt over the situation, but she comes to term with it, understanding why she did it - to fill a void. They part ways and she is content.

The girls decide to take Carmen to her father's wedding. She is not confident, as her father hasn't even called her after she talked to him. They get her to put on the jeans to feel more confident. At the wedding, her father stops the vows because he said a part of his family is missing from the ceremony. He brings her up to the alter and the wedding continues.

They realize the jeans aren't magic, but it gave them each the confidence they needed in order to overcome their own fears.

- Sassy

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