NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Marcus.

The film begins with a horror movie playing on TV about a killer in the woods. After a while, the picture starts to distort and begins to broadcast a signal. Ben (Justin Welborn) wakes up naked in his bed and goes to his TV, since it turned itself on and is broadcasting the signal. Mya (Anessa Ramsey) tells Ben to turn off the TV and come back to bed. She asks him what time is it, and he says that it’s after midnight. She says that she should call her husband, but when she tries to use her phone the same distorted signal comes through. She tries to use Ben’s phone, but it too is broadcasting the signal. Since the phones aren’t working, Mya decides to put on her underwear and get dressed to go back home. Ben says that she could stay and leave her husband. He tells her that tomorrow (which is New Years Eve) they could go to terminal 13, get on a train, leave town, and get their own place together. She says that she can’t, and decides to go back home. Ben made a mix CD for her, which makes her happy, and she immediately puts it in her portable CD player. Mya leaves Ben’s apartment and Ben gets dressed when the TV comes on again and he becomes mesmerized by the signal.

Transmission 1: The Crazy Love:
Mya listens to Ben’s CD while she walks to her car. When she gets there, she finds someone sitting nearby. He asks her for help, and eventually convinces her to come over to him. His chest is very bloody, and he says that he’s been attacked by a man in the parking lot. She says that he needs a hospital, and then she spots the man’s attacker. His clothes are covered in blood, and he slowly starts to walk towards her. Mya gets into her car and drives off, leaving the two men behind. She tries to use her phone again, but the signal still comes through. She drives to her apartment complex, where there are people banging on various doors. There’s a lot of shouting, and she comes across a couple arguing about something. The angry woman sees Mya, and starts to follow her. Mya goes to the end of the hall, where her apartment is, and is startled by her neighbor. Mya asks her what’s going on, but she doesn’t know. The neighbor points out that Mya has blood on her shirt before she goes back inside her apartment. Mya enters her apartment, where her husband Lewis is with Rod (Michael Ngaujah) and Jerry (Matthew Stanton). The friends are complaining about the TV, since it’s broadcasting the signal and they can’t watch a baseball game. Lewis asks Mya where she’s been, saying that he’s been trying to call her. She says that the phones are down, and she was out drinking with her friends. They go into their bedroom, and Lewis starts to ask her specific details about her night, clearly not believing her. He says that she reeks of perfume, and she should take a shower.

Mya gets some clothes and walks out of the bedroom when she notices that Lewis is mesmerized by the signal on the TV. Jerry is swinging around a baseball bat while Mya passes him to get to the bathroom. Lewis gets pissed at Jerry, since he almost hit her. Lewis grabs the bat and tells Jerry to sit down. He won’t, saying that since he can’t watch the game he’s going to at least swing the bat around. Lewis says that he should respect him, since he’s at his home and is drinking his beer. Tension escalates, but Lewis tells Mya to take a shower. She closes the bathroom door and then opens it slightly to see Lewis still arguing with Jerry. She closes the door and puts the shower on when she hears a loud thud. She opens the door again and sees Lewis beat Jerry to death with the bat. Rod grabs Lewis from behind and tries to retrain him. Mya leaves the apartment and steps/slips on a corpse outside. She sees a man walking down the hallway. The man uses hedge clippers to cut a woman’s throat open. The man then turns his attention to Mya. She bangs on her neighbor’s door to let her in. The neighbor lets her in, but leaves the door open. Mya tells urges her to close the door, but the neighbor instead tries to calm her down. The man appears in the doorway and stabs the neighbor through the back. He’s about to attack Mya when he gets distracted by screaming down the hall. Mya uses this opportunity to close the door and lock him out. Stuck in the neighbor’s apartment, Mya walks by a TV that plays the signal and sits underneath a table for the rest of the night.

The next morning, Mya opens the door and sneaks back into her apartment. She puts on some shoes and grabs her CD player. She’s about to leave when she sees that Lewis has been duct taped to a chair. Lewis tells her to release him, but she blasts Ben’s CD and leaves him. As she walks down the hall, she sees that blood is smeared on the walls and several dead bodies are on the floor. As she walks by a utility door, she is grabbed from behind and pulled inside. Moments later, Ben walks by and goes to her apartment. He calls out for Mya, and then notices Lewis tied up. When Mya comes to, she sees that she was grabbed by Rod, and he has duct taped her. He frantically talks, and asks her if she has the crazy. She says no, but he doesn’t know whether to believe her or not. He asks her where she went last night, and she says that she hid in the neighbor’s apartment. Rod believes her and releases her. He says that he managed to get the bat from Lewis and tied him up in the chair. He didn’t know what to do, so he hid in the utility closet and made himself a weapon (a pole with several knives attached at one end). Rod said that one out of two people just started to kill each other, and that they’re fully aware of what they’re doing but they're doing it anyways. He killed a couple of people who were crazy, and he slowly found a bunch of healthy people throughout the course of the night. One by one, he tied up all the healthy people and hid them throughout the complex. By morning, they were all murdered except for Lewis. Rod went out to the roof and saw people killing each other in the streets. It was total anarchy. While he was watching, someone hit him in the back of the head with a hammer. Rod beat his attacker with his weapon, and then realized that the attacker wasn’t crazy. He thought that Rod was, and so he hit him. Rod finished him off to ease his pain and then hid in the closet until he saw Mya passing by. He doesn’t know what to do. Mya tells him that they shouldn’t stay there, and they could drive off in her car. All they have to do is not draw attention to themselves and don’t stop for anybody.

Rod and Mya walk outside the complex and get to her car when someone calls out Rod’s name. It’s a police officer who knows him. Mya tells him to just get in the car, but Rod asks the cop if she has the crazy. Turns out that she does, and she shoots him in the stomach with a pistol. Mya gets into the car and starts it up. Rod charges at the cop while she shoots him, but he manages to beat her to death. Mya is about to leave when he yells out for her to stop. She waits for him, and they drive off together as Ben staggers outside and sees them leave. Rod gets upset that she was going to leave him behind, and he tries to tape up his bullet wounds. He turns on the radio and hears the signal. He gets increasingly aggressive about her almost leaving him behind, and he starts to attack her. Mya crashes the car into a wall, and she later wakes up dazed. It looks like Rod is dead from the crash, since his head was smashed on the dashboard. She grabs her CD player and is about to leave when Rod wakes up and tells her not to leave him. He says that he doesn’t have the crazy, but she puts on her headphones and walks away. Clark (Scott Poythress) sees her and tells her that it’s not safe for her to be outside. He offers to let her stay in his apartment nearby, but she says that she’s going to terminal 13 to meet someone and leave the city. He asks her about Rod, but Mya blasts Ben’s CD and walks off.

Transmission 2: The Jealousy Killer:
Anna (Cheri Christian) sits at a table inside her apartment with blood splattered across her. She talks to her husband, Ken (Christopher Thomas), whose corpse is seated across from her. She’s clearly losing it, since she was planning a New Years Eve party when this all happened and she can’t let go of the notion of the party going on. The doorbell rings and its Clark, who’s her landlord. She lets him in, and he walks over to Ken, asking to borrow some supplies. He notices that he’s dead, and then Anna tells him what happened. Anna was blowing up balloons for her party while she was talking to Ken. She heard screaming outside, and saw Clark dragging Rod away from the car accident. Ken saw the signal on the TV, and calmly walked over to her. He put his hands around her throat and started to choke her. To defend herself, she stabbed him in the neck with the air pump and killed him when she plunged air into his wound. She asks Clark if he’s angry at her for killing Ken, since they were friends. He says no, since they weren’t that close and she did what she had to do. Clark then tells her that he also killed someone. When he dragged Rod into his home, Rod started to act crazy and tried to attack him with his weapon. Clark decapitated Rod by using a nearby shovel. The doorbell rings, and they freak out. They move Ken’s body into the bedroom and Anna sees who’s at the door. It’s Lewis, who says that he was called there for a rodent problem (he’s an exterminator). She lets him in, and he sees Mya. He hugs her and talks with her, not knowing that he’s hallucinating and that Mya is not really there. Anna freaks out, since Lewis is calling her Mya and hugging her. Clark walks in and is sprayed in the face with pesticide. Lewis apologizes, and he says that he can find something in the bathroom to wash it off when he sees Ken’s corpse. Lewis doesn’t have a problem with it, saying that they can’t trust anyone. He brings them out to his van and opens the back, where a bloodied Ben is tied up.

When Lewis was tied up in his apartment, he fell on the floor and tried to grab a knife on the floor. Ben came in looking for Mya, and asked him where she went. Lewis told him to release him, and so he did. Lewis realized that Ben was the one sleeping with his wife, and then they both heard gunshots outside (from the cop shooting Rod). While Ben was preoccupied, Lewis attacked him with the baseball bat. Clark says that today is the most fucked up day in mankind, and that they should go back inside as a deranged man chases two people with a chainsaw. Inside the apartment, Lewis and Clark awkwardly sit on the couch and drink cocktails. Anna brings over pretzels, and they silently eat them together when the doorbell rings. All three spring up, fully alerted, and Clark goes over to answer the door. It’s Laura (Lindsey Garrett), a friend of Anna’s, whose family tried to kill her and she came to the apartment because she remembered that’s where Anna lived. Clark lets her inside, and she’s about to embrace Anna when Lewis smashes her face with his tank of pesticide and brutally beats her while she’s on the floor. Covered in blood, Lewis says that he just saved Anna, since Laura was going to attack her with a knife. Clark points out that what he thought was a knife was really a key chain, and Anna starts to cry. Clark brings Anna into her bedroom to calm her down, but she cries more since that’s where Ken’s body is. Clark puts his corpse out of sight and has Anna lay down on the bed to calm down.

Clark goes back to the living room and finds Lewis closely watching the signal on the TV. Clark shuts it off and asks him why he was watching it. Lewis says that Laura turned it on, and Clark sees that she’s not dead yet. He freaks out, grabs Lewis’ tank, and beats Laura to death with it. Then they hear the doorbell ring again. Lewis says that they can’t trust anyone outside, and so once Clark lets them in Lewis will kill them with the shovel. Clark is not comfortable with the idea of flat-out killing whoever comes by, and goes to see who it is. He recognizes through the peephole that it’s his friend Jim (Chad McKnight). Clark says that they don’t have to kill him, but Lewis disagrees. They eventually decide that maybe Jim will just go away when they don’t answer the door, but he doesn’t leave. They finally agree that if Jim is deranged, Clark will kill him. They drag Laura’s corpse to the bedroom before they let Jim enter. Jim is completely oblivious to the signal or all of the mayhem that has been caused by it. He also doesn’t seem the slightest bit curious as to why Clark and Lewis are covered in blood. Jim came by because of the party, and realizes that he must be early since no one’s there. Clark introduces Lewis and Jim to each other, and they decide not to clue Jim in to all the killing (even though there’s blood everywhere). Jim brought liquor for the party, and hopes that there will be some hot friends who show up, because he’s not digging the sausage fest he sees.

Lewis, Clark, and Jim awkwardly sit on the couch next to each other and drink. Anna sees Ken stand up and offers his hand to her. They dance together in the bedroom and Clark starts to notice that she’s dancing by herself. He goes to the bedroom and wonders what is going on. Delirious, she thinks Clark is Ken and starts to dance with him. Then she starts to kiss him, and even though he initially tries to fend her off, he decides to go with it. Jim starts to ramble on to Lewis about his last New Year’s Eve; he didn’t have anyone to kiss when the New Year came, and so he made out with a dog. At first he thought it was funny, but then he realized that he started the year off by making out with a dog. Lewis becomes agitated, and then hallucinates. He sees Jim as Ben, and Ben tells him that Mya is sleeping with him. Ben tells Lewis that he’s going to get to her first, and they are going to leave him forever because he’s psycho. Lewis says that he’s not crazy like the others, and Ben says that he is, but he’s much worse off because he doesn’t understand what’s happening to him. Eventually, Lewis thinks that Ben has Mya and is hiding her somewhere. He asks Jim where his wife is. Jim is baffled, since he just started talking out of nowhere. Lewis tells Jim that he doesn’t want to hurt him, but he needs to find Mya. Jim doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and so Lewis breaks a bottle over Jim’s neck and stomps him to death with his foot.

Lewis goes to the bedroom and sees Clark and Anna dancing. However, he hallucinates again and sees Anna as Mya. He sees Mya telling him that she’s going to leave him. Lewis loses it and tells Clark to stop dancing with his wife. Anna says that she’s not his wife, and she’s dancing with Ken. Clark is confused, since everyone thinks that everyone is someone else. He tries to tell Anna that Ken is dead, but Lewis gets pissed and drags him off into the living room. Anna crawls underneath the bed and hears as Clark screams in pain. Lewis comes back and takes Ken and Laura into the living room as well. He then shoves Anna into the living room, where we see that Lewis has nailed Clark’s arms to a chair and all the dead bodies have been seated on the couch. Lewis says that if Anna is not Mya, then she knows where she is. He can smell her perfume, which is why he came there after he saw her crashed car. He asks Anna where Mya is, but she doesn’t know. Lewis continually sprays Anna in the face with his pesticide, which causes her face to burn up. She doesn’t know what he’s talking about and screams in pain. She then sees Lewis as her husband. He kisses Anna before he sprays the pesticide down her throat, killing her. Lewis asks Clark where Mya is, and he says that he doesn’t know. Lewis forces Clark to watch the signal on the TV, and Clark too becomes mesmerized by it. Lewis says that at first he didn’t understand the signal, but now he understands that it’s telling him what to do to be happy. Clark succumbs to the signal, and tells Lewis that Mya went to terminal 13 to meet someone and leave town. Suddenly, Ben appears and smashes Lewis’ head with the tank.

Transmission 3: Escape from Terminus:
We see Ben wake up in the back of Lewis’ van, very bloody and dazed from his wounds. He stumbles out of the van and looks at himself through the window. He then remembers what happened. When Ben released Lewis, they heard gunshots outside. Ben went to the window to see what was going on and saw Mya getting into her car. Lewis then grabbed the bat and attacked him with it. Ben tried to get away, but Lewis kept on beating him with the bat all over the hallway. By the time Ben made it outside, he saw Mya driving away. Ben stumbled across the street while Lewis angrily followed him. Lewis viciously beat him with the bat some more and then forced him to stand up. Ben looked into the window of Lewis’ van and then had his head smashed with the bat. Beaten and bloodied, Ben sees Mya’s wrecked car nearby. He also sees a blood trail leading from the car and into the nearby apartment complex. He found where Lewis was and hit him in the head with the tank. Ben then savagely bashes Lewis’ head in with the tank, splattering blood everywhere. When Ben comes to, he sees that what just happened wasn’t real. He only hit Lewis once, and he didn’t kill him. Ben introduces himself to Clark, who’s still nailed to the chair. He asks Clark where the girl from the car accident went, but Clark says that he doesn’t know. Ben tells him to think back and take his time in remembering where she went. Ben takes out the nails from his arms but then Lewis gets back up. Clark runs away and Ben chases after him, since he’s desperate to find Mya. Lewis chases after the both of them with his tank all over the complex.

Clark locks himself in a room, leaving Ben outside. Lewis finds Ben and is about to kill him when Ben urges Clark to open the door. He opens the door in time and they lock Lewis out. Lewis yells for Clark to help him and says that he’s going to break the door down. Ben urges Clark to tell him what happened to Mya, and he says that he doesn’t know, but Rod might. Ben doesn’t know what’s going on, and Clark maintains that if they electrocute Rod’s severed head he would be able to tell them where Mya went. Clark puts Rod’s head in a vice, drills some holes into it, and electrocutes it. Clark sees Rod come awake and asks him what he wants. Clark asks him where Mya went, and Rod says that he won’t tell him unless they give him a cigarette. Clark gets a cigarette from Ben, lights it up, and gives it to Rod. He tells Clark to remember that Mya went to the train station, and Clark tells Ben this. Ben alerts Clark that he just talked to a dead severed head. Ben knows that Clark has the crazy, and so he tells him to tune out the noise and come back to reality. Clark starts to act normal again, and Lewis says that he found a sledgehammer and is going to use it to break the door down. Clark and Ben arm themselves, and Lewis starts to break through the door. Lewis grabs Ben and tries to kill him, but Clark nails his arm to the door. Lewis screams in pain, and then forcibly rips his arm free of the nails. Since Lewis ran in retreat, Clark and Ben take this opportunity to escape.

They drive off in Clark’s truck, and Clark starts to babble on about the signal. Ben tells him to focus and watch the road. The previous night, after Mya left, Ben became deranged from the signal on the TV. He watched it all night long, but then he realized that the signal was a lie. It was telling him what to do and distorted his perception. Ben concentrated and was able to rise above the signal and not kill anyone. During this time, Clark puts aluminum foil on the top of his head in an attempt to stay sane. He wants to know how this all started, but Ben doesn’t know. All he knows is that they have to keep on moving and get to the train station. The truck runs out of gas, and so they are forced to run the rest of the way. They get to the station and go down the escalator, where they pass a bloodied person going the other way. They come across some people attacking each other, but they make their way past them. Ben hears the music from his CD, and knows that Mya is nearby. He finds her standing with her back to him, listening to her CD player. He turns her around and finds that her face is extremely mutilated. Mya’s corpse falls to the ground, and Ben gets upset. He gets angry at Clark for bringing him there, and he starts to choke him as Clark laughs. Clark brings Ben back to reality, and tells him that he didn’t see Mya because there’s no one there. Ben calms down, and they continue to search the station for Mya.

Ben and Clark hear struggling noises coming from terminal 13. They rush over and find Mya tied to a chair, watching the signal on various TVs in front of her. Several other people are also tied up and are watching the signal. Ben tries to snap Mya out of her daze, but all her attention is on the TVs. Ben tells Clark to get some water, and so he goes off on his own. Clark finds a water machine, but the plug is out. He bends down and plugs it back in when Lewis appears behind him and strangles him. Lewis hands Ben a bottle of water and then Ben sees that he’s strangling Clark . Ben tells him to put Clark down, and so he throws him down on the floor. Lewis knees Ben in the face and drags him over to where Mya is. Lewis starts to strangle him as Ben tries to tell him that the signal is controlling him. Lewis doesn’t listen to him, but suddenly stops when he looks at Mya. She is silently watching the signal, but Lewis sees her talking back to him. He tells her to shut up and talks about how he knows he’s not the best husband, but he at least tried to be the person she wanted him to be. Ben falls to the floor and gets up, only to become engrossed in the signal on the TVs in front of him. Ben snaps himself out of it, and then he tricks Lewis into thinking that Mya is his wife. He says that Lewis has the wrong girl and then he mimics Lewis’ behavior, confronting Lewis on having an affair with his wife. Ben says that he is Lewis, and Lewis starts to believe him. Lewis tearfully looks into the signal, screams, and punches through one of the TVs, killing himself via electrocution.

Ben releases Mya and she snaps out of the daze. They wake up Clark and the three of them leave together. We see them on a train, leaving the city. Mya cleans up Ben’s wounds and they part ways with Clark, who goes off by himself through a cemetary. Ben and Mya find their own place, and they start to make love to each other. Then we see that their escape was another hallucination. Mya is still tied down to the chair, watching the signal. Ben puts Mya’s headphones on, and the film ends with Mya crying when she hears Ben’s CD, leaving their fates unclear.