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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Jeremy.

We start by seeing the inside of Emily's apartment. Some pills, a remote control sailboat, a melting stick of butter, and scratches on the front door with some blood stain.

Elsewhere in a Tribeca loft, Jonathan Banks gives his son Ezra some vitamins while his wife Dierdre is making breakfast. His phone rings and he answers. Something is wrong with a patient of his. He leaves.

Banks gets into a taxi and calls a woman named Erica Siebert. He asks her to come into the city. He gets to a police station to find Emily.


Emily is at a prison visiting her husband Martin. He's about to be released, and he is preparing to reintegrate.

Emily sees a woman she saw in the waiting room who is sobbing. She is upset about someone she knows not getting parole. The woman then takes out some Xanax pills and offers them to Emily.

Sometime later, in Banks's office, he is giving a nervous patient a prescription for a drug called Buspar that is for social phobia. He tells the patient he may feel a bit dizzy, but he'd be more comfortable in social settings. Banks then talks to one of his partners, Jean Charnley, about meeting with a rep from Pfizer for a meal.

At the correctional facility, Emily waits for Martin with his mother Martha. He sees them and hugs them.

Emily and Martin try to have sex that night. He mentions meeting a guy in prison who was in for "tax stuff" and can help get Martin and Emily back on their feet financially.

The next day, Emily is headed for work. She seems uneasy, especially when one car honks at her. An attendant named Ramon helps her out. She drives out and then accelerates directly into a brick wall. Ramon and other bystanders rush over and immediately call for help.

In the hospital, Dr. Banks is looking at an x-ray of a gangbanger who swallowed a battery after claiming a voice told him he'd be supersonic. Banks describes another patient who complained about a lack of energy and swallowed a battery which ended up killing him. He gives the gangbanger a D battery. He steps into the hall where a nurse gives him a file for an MVA with minor head trauma.

Banks meets Emily in a hospital room. She says she might have a concussion. He starts to ask her a few questions such as how her head was before the accident. She tells Banks she was treated for depression a few years ago, presumably after Martin was sent to prison. With him back, she thought it would go away. Banks suggests that Emily stay in the hospital for a while but she doesn't want to. In fact, she seems really terrified at the idea of staying there, suggesting to visit him instead. He meets with Martin and Martha and tells them to call him if Emily hurts herself. He gives them a prescription for SSRI, which, in Banks's words, makes it harder for the brain to tell you that you're sad. Emily and Martin later go and pick up the meds.

Banks goes to lunch with Charnley where they meet Aaron Ellis and Tracey Sutton. Tracey talks about her company starting trial for an anti-anxiety drug called Serenex and she's looking for doctors to consult. Ellis is doing something for AstraZeneca and Charnley is teaching next semester. Banks isn't busy, though.

At his loft, Banks has wine with his wife. He tells her about how much money he'll be getting just for going to a few meetings and recruiting patients for the drug. They almost get into sex until Ezra comes in, complaining about a bad dream.

At Emily's job, she starts stumbling after getting up from her desk. A co-worker finds her sobbing in a bathroom stall while a prescription bottle labeled Paxil is by the sink.

Emily meets with Banks in his office. He asks her how she met Martin, which she says happened when she worked at a bar to pay for school and he would order complicated drinks. He taught her how to make a drink and then they started dating and eventually got married. Banks asks about her depression, which Emily says has gotten worse. He says people benefit from talking about their depression, but Emily says she's still sad after talking about it. He also suggests taking medication. When asked if she saw anyone else about her depression, she mentions meeting Dr. Siebert. Banks asks if he can call her, and Emily hands him back the pills he prescribed to her.

Banks meets with Siebert in a restaurant where a conference is held for mood-stabilizing drug. She says Emily lost everything after Martin was sent to prison - her house and health insurance included. Siebert says it's good that she's seeing a man this time since Emily claimed she never felt seen by her father and felt abandoned when Martin was locked up. Before Banks leaves, Siebert asks him if he can find out about any work for her in the city, and he gives her a card.

Emily's at a park watching a little boy playing with a sailboat. Martha meets up with her and mentions the car accident. She asks Emily if anybody else in her family had been depressed, but she says no. Martha mentions feeling post partum depression after Martin was born, but that it went away with time.

Emily meets with Dr. Banks again. He asks her if she ever got angry at Martin. Emily says no. He did what he did to take care of her even though it was wrong and everybody else was doing it, and Martin just got caught. When asked about her father, she starts recalling a time when she wanted to go to the beach and he took her to a baseball game instead. She starts crying and also complains about how the medication makes her sick.

Banks and his wife take their kid to the swimming pool in the loft. A single dad comes up to Banks and asks for another prescription on Ritalin for his son since he left it at the boy's mother's home and doesn't want to return.

Emily and Martin are preparing to go to a benefit on a cruise. They meet with old friends Carl Millbank and his wife Kayla. Emily goes off to the bar to get a drink but Kayla finds her tearing up. She asks her to get Martin. She asks why everyone is happy but her.

The next morning, Emily walks around the subway station and sees an ad for an anti-depressant drug called Ablixa. She walks near a platform and stands just over the edge but she is pulled back by a transit cop before the train zooms past.

Banks and Dierdre are at a cafe checking out a pill that she takes to calm her nerves. Banks then gets a call from Emily, who happens to be standing outside the window. She asks if he can meet with her after her near-incident, saying she thinks she ruined things for Martin the night before and she breaks down again. She starts saying she was on a boat in Chicago and that she was being stared at. When Banks asks, she starts to remember a time when she was a child and had to pee on a boat with her father in the pouring rain and had to take her clothes off so they wouldn't get wet. She cries again. She then mentions a man named Hellman, the guy from prison who said he'd help Martin with the "tax stuff". She also says she can't take Zoloft anymore.

In his office that night, Banks finds Siebert there. She asks about Emily and mentions she put one of her patients on Ablixa. She also mentions that Emily miscarried after Martin went to jail.

Emily goes to the pharmacy to get Ablixa. That night, she and Martin have passionate sex. She goes into the kitchen and starts setting the table for three people. Martin tries talking to her but she seems to be unconsciously doing this.

The two of them meet Banks in his office. She doesn't remember what happened the night before. She says she felt good without Banks's prescribed meds and she doesn't want to start over.

Emily's late for work after reading a lot of books after taking Ablixa again. At the same time, Banks is meeting with a new patient for his study on new drugs. He also calls Emily and reminds her of an appointment. He goes home and finds Dierdre sobbing because she lost her job.

Martin comes home and finds an RC sailboat waiting for him. He's happy with the gift. He finds Emily in the kitchen chopping onions unconsciously again. When he tries to snap her out of it, she stabs him with the knife. He collapses and she walks out of the kitchen.

Police and paramedics arrive on the scene, taking Martin's body away. Emily has no memory of what happened, believing Martin was being followed and then murdered. She's taken to the station, and at the same time, Banks is informed of the incident. He is asked about Emily by two detectives, Goldberg and Holtzman. Since some form of medication is believed to be at work here, Banks is also at risk of going to jail.

Emily is locked up at Rikers Island. Banks talks to her and she says she never wants to take pills again. She still can't remember all of what happened other than a few memory flashes. He meets with Siebert again and talks about Ablixa, and apparently Emily's memory loss is one of the side effects.

Martha visits Emily in prison. Emily says the pills are responsible for Martin's murder. Elsewhere, Banks meets Emily's defense attorney, Andrea Hughes. She mentions other cases where people have been murdered and the killers had apparently been unconsciously committing the acts.

Emily and Martha, among others, attend Martin's funeral. Martha then goes on a morning talk show and reads a note that Emily wrote for her where she says she's gone down a dark path and taken her loved ones with her. Banks is also watching the interview from his home and sees Sanjay Gupta talking about warnings on drugs after teens were reported to have committed suicide after taking antidepressants.

Banks and his family leave their home to see paparazzi swarming the place trying to talk to him. They ask questions about Emily and he tells Dierdre to take Ezra out of there.

Banks and Hughes go visit Emily in jail. Emily appears awful and says she doesn't care what happens to her at this point. He later meets with Dr. Childs of the medical review board. He is interviewed about Emily and her behavior after meeting her.

Emily is put on trial. Hughes asks Ramon the security man about the incident in the parking garage. She also talks to Beahan, the cop who pulled Emily away from the train. Both of them said Emily looked really sad. Banks is on the stand and implies Emily's actions were the result of sleepwalking.

Emily is declared not guilty for reasons of insanity, but she still has to stay for observation. She asks if they can talk to Dr. Siebert and notes that Banks was the one who kept her on Ablixa, which unsettles him. He later meets with his partners (Ellis and Charnley). Ellis thinks Banks is taking no responsibility for the drug.

At night, he sees a magazine ad for Ablixa and notices a contrast between the color scheme on the ad and his Ablixa pen, and they don't match. He starts doing some research and sees an article written by none other than Dr. Siebert. He meets with her in Greenwich and confronts her about the article. She implies that she knew Emily had more than one episode but covers herself by saying she read it on the news.

Emily is in a therapy group with other women. She talks about researching depression symptoms and learns of how long until it goes away. She says she has hope. She also says she wouldn't harm herself because she thinks of Martin.

Banks meets with Emily's boss and she mentions a saying about a "poisonous fog bank rolling on in my mind", which is something similar Emily said when she and Martin met with Banks. It's from a memoir called "Darkness Visible." He even sees an ad on TV about a crash test dummy hitting a wall and the airbags explode. The receptionist says it's been showing for a couple years. At home, Banks appears to have become obsessed with Ablixa and the like, which affects his family. He forgot to pick his son up from school and Dierdre is concerned.

He meets with Emily again. She says she's feeling better. She says the "fog" is lifting. He later meets with a drug rep who tells him they're taking him off the payroll. He continues his research, looking up information on Martin's arrest. At home, Dierdre has just about had it with all the Emily talk.

Another Emily meeting. Banks says they're going to do another drug test, which Emily isn't happy about. He says it'll help him get the answers he needs from her. She is stuck with a syringe and Banks asks her some basic questions. When asked if she wanted to kill Martin, she says she wanted to sail away with him and Madeline, her unborn child. She eventually passes out.

Banks goes to the district attorney's office and meets with Goldberg. He shows Goldberg a tape of the test with Emily. He reveals he gave Emily salt water. He determines that Emily has been lying. Goldberg orders Banks to destroy the tape before he ruins his and Emily's lives further.

Siebert meets with Emily. The conversation gets heated and then Siebert begins to imply that a sexual tryst occurred between the two of them, describing Emily's body and such. Banks, after running into Siebert again, comes by later and tells Emily he's gonna put her on another drug, which he says Siebert agreed on. Emily calls Siebert and angrily asks her what is going on. She says Siebert wanted them (her and Emily) to be together and says she owes her.

Banks is told by Dr. Childs that he's been accused of taking other meds and he's going to be submitted for formal review. When he gets home, Dierdre throws a wine glass at him. She says she's going away with Ezra. She has an envelope and scatters a bunch of photos showing Banks and Emily at a hotel apparently engaging in some sort of sexual activity. He says Siebert took those to scare him but she leaves.

He meets with Siebert in a deli and shows her the photos. She says there would be coverage on this, making it look like a story about a shrink sleeping with his patient and convincing her to kill her husband. She tells him to just get Emily out of the hospital.

Another Emily meeting. Banks says they're doing another test. He plays over a message Siebert left him. He's making Emily uncomfortable. Banks also says he has Emily scheduled for shock treatment the next day. She becomes angry and asks to call Dr. Siebert but the nurse says she's restricted from using the phone. An orderly sedates her.

Banks and Siebert meet as Emily wakes up and sees them. He says something about having some money wired over to him. Emily screams from behind the bars. Later, he meets with Emily and tells her she'll be staying there. She says she'll tell him the truth if she doesn't have to take anymore pills.

FLASHBACK - Greenwich mansion, 5 years ago. It's Emily's 25th birthday. There's a big party for her and Martin gets her a white 1994 Ferrari 550 Maranello. She goes to take a picture in it when police start entering the place, taking her out of the car and arresting Martin. Sometime later, she went on to meet with Dr. Siebert. They engage in a secret sexual relationship. She blamed Martin for ruining her lifestyle, and Siebert helped her back together. The first night he came back, Emily went into her bathroom after failing to have sex with him and says she did want to kill him, but waited until people saw she wanted things to work out between them.

Sometime later, there is another trial. Banks says that Emily is no longer suffering from depression and that with the proper treatment, she can get better. She is free.

Emily goes to visit Dr. Siebert. She lets her patient go and they appear to be getting back into a sexual encounter. Emily asks her about the money Siebert paid Banks to get her out. She says it's stashed in two separate accounts for her and Emily. Before they get into it, Siebert notices Emily is holding a transmitter. She runs out and is arrested by Goldberg and other officers.

Emily meets Banks in his new office. He gives her ANOTHER prescription for drugs. She refuses and Banks calls 911 since she is violating the orders of her release. She runs out of the office and is confronted by Martha, who slaps her hard across the face. Police grab her and take her away.

She's committed again. An Ablixa commercial plays mockingly on TV. A nurse gives her pills and she swallows them hard.

Banks meets with Martha on a park bench. She hands him an envelope, saying she can't keep it. He knows Martin lost her money as well. He says he can only give her time to heal. He leaves because he says he has a patient. He rips the envelope and throws it away. He meets with Dierdre and Ezra and they walk together as a family, uncertain of how their relationship is now, but certainly different than how they were after this ordeal.

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