NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Murdoc Jax who says... "First of all I'd like to say that Shutter is a remake of a film from Thailand. I have seen both versions and although I favor the original, the American remake is closely adapted. I also want to say that Asian horror films tend to have a lot of story to them, so the spoiler is kind of long."

The movie opens with Benjamin Shaw (Joshua Jackson) and Jane Shaw (Rachael Taylor) as newlyweds, who are celebrating their honeymoon. On the way to their cabin, it is late in the evening and Jane has gotten lost on one of the back roads. She wakes Ben up to help read the map and while they are both focusing on the map, Jane looks up to the road and ends up smacking into/ running over an Asian woman. As she tries to regain control of their car, they spin around several times only to eventually lose control, fall down a slight embankment and crash into a tree.

Ben has been knocked unconscious and Jane looks into her rear view mirror to see the Asian woman pulling herself up from off the road, then Jane falls unconscious. When the two wake up, Jane immediately runs to the road searching for the woman they hit, but finding nothing. The police are called, the woods are searched, but there is no one to be found. Ben convinces his wife that someone must have helped her and they should continue to their cabin.

Next you see the couple at the cabin, being a happy couple and taking pictures together. It's morning and as Ben continues to take pictures, he is rubbing his neck. Jane, also a little scraped up, is still worried about the woman that they hit. Ben reminds her that no one was found and that she was probably somewhere in the world right now eating ice cream.

They have now left the cabin and made their way to the city, which is Tokyo, Japan. Ben is a professional photographer and has a very large job offer that he could not pass up, so the couple has cut their honeymoon short. Once at the company that Ben is working for, you find that he has worked there previously and had spent at least 2 years in Tokyo. Not only does he know people there, he is also fluent in the language and you get the impression, he might have been a bit of a ladies man. His longtime friend shows Ben and Jane the photo studio Ben will be working in and also the loft/ apartment where they will be staying.

Ben and Jane seem happy that their new life is speeding forward. They are happy with their apartment and while hanging out, look at the pictures from the cabin. They notice that a lot of the pictures have white streaks through them, but do not really give it much thought. Ben assumes his camera might be dirty and they leave it at that. He also continues to rub his neck and Jane mentions that he should get it looked at.

As Ben throws himself into his work, Jane is left to wander around Tokyo and be a typical tourist. You she her taking pictures and absorbing the city. When she returns to the studio, Ben's assistant asks to see her pictures and upon looking at the screen of the digital camera, Jane again sees white streaks. The assistant informs her that it is a spirit picture and that her ex-boyfriend, runs a magazine devoted to the whole spirit picture craze. The assist offers to take Jane there to learn more.

When Jane gets to the magazine office she finds at lot of people editing photos, implying that a lot of the pictures in the magazine are fake. When she confronts the ex-boyfriend about the issue, the ex-boyfriend comments on how real photos are sometimes hard to come by. He then shows her a photo of himself as a boy, with a vague image of his mother, AFTER she had passed away. He also shows her a room full of authentic photos and explains the best photos are usually Polaroids, because there is nothing to edit, or manipulate. Just point, press the button and out comes your picture. The ex-boyfriend also tells Jane that images captured on film, are always somehow related to the people in the photo itself. He goes on to tell her about a man in Tokyo who can find out details of the spirits, by being able to somewhat channel the energy.

You then see Ben go to the doctor to have his neck looked at. As he's being weighed, the nurse becomes confused and asks him to step off the scale. She tests the scale and re-weighs him. Next you see multiple x-rays of Ben's a neck and the doctor telling him there is no physical damage. He gives him medicine for the neck pain, assuming maybe it's a muscle issue.

Later you see Jane taking the subway and a little boy seems to be staring at something next to her. She is confused by what he's looking at and then turns to see the Asian girl, she had hit earlier, in the reflection of the window. This freaks her out and she runs home to Ben. He refuses to believe her, even though he had his own freaky encounter with a photo he was developing and also with seeing images through his camera lens, that were not really there. He is mostly angry because the photos from his shoot are ruined by the white streaks that continue to show up. Ben assumes that his camera was damaged in the car accident and he will be lucky if he doesn't get fired. He says some hurtful things to Jane and they end up in a fight that continues through the next day.

The next afternoon Ben is in his dark room working and Jane comes into the room humming and caresses his neck and ear. He doesn't look up at her, but closes his eyes and apologizes to her for fighting. The phone rings and he leaves her in the dark room to answer it, only to find Jane on the other end of the phone, apologizing for the fight that they had been having. Ben drops the phone runs to the dark room, finds the Asian girl standing there and starts to scream. Jane runs home to find Ben in an unfinished apartment, freaked out and Jane knows that he saw the figure.

She convinces Ben to see Mr. Murase, who is the man that can channel the energy of photos. After looking at the photos, the man holds one between his hands, closes his eyes and becomes very upset by what he sees. He starts yelling at Ben in Japanese and Ben rushes them out, saying that the man was full of crap and could not help them. Jane who does not speak Japanese, can only take Ben's word, but believes that she missed something important. It's now clear to her that they must have killed that girl on the road and now her spirit is restless.

As Ben continues to work, Jane decides to do more research. She looks at Ben's ruined photo shoot photos and discovers that the white streaks always seem to be in the same place, in regards to the building where Ben's company is located. She borrows a Polaroid camera, figures out what floor to go to and decides to hunt out the ghost. The floor in question is the same floor that Ben and his longtime friends used to work on. Jane starts taking photos but doesn't come up with anything. Then she makes her way into a boardroom where she takes a Polaroid and sees the Asian girl.

Jane is fearful and tries to run, but there is some commotion and then a picture falls off the wall and shatters. When she looks at it, she sees that it is a photo of Ben's two friends, Bruno and Adam, along with some other members of that old department. This includes a girl named Megumi, who is in fact, the Asian girl who is haunting Ben and Jane. When Jane turns the photograph over, she sees that it was taken by Ben and realizes that he has known the girl all along.

When Jane confronts Ben on this new information, he tells her a story. When he first lived in Tokyo, he worked with Megumi and dated her for a while. She was kind of shy and a little weird, but it was all so new and different. They spent time together, in parks and on dates. He was romantic and would carry her piggyback, or snuggle up with her in bed. She became attached to him and even bought him a really nice camera as a gift. But her father was a traditional man and didn't approve of Megumi's choices. He was also very ill and died shortly after. It was then, when Megumi became truly possessive and needy. Ben realized that it was all too much for him to handle and that he was not in love with her, so he broke things off. She would not let up though and continued to basically stalk him, so his friends decided to help him out and talk to her. After that, Ben never saw her again. Jane thinks that it's all very sad, but Ben swears that she was just a little crazy and that she must have been following them, when they hit her.

In the middle of the night, Ben calls one of his friends, Bruno, and asks about Megumi. Bruno mentions that he had, in fact, seen her just the other day in the street. She had pointed to him and he had just turned and walked the other way. At that point, Jane wakes up and asks who Ben talking to and he says it's nothing important, then tells Bruno he'll call him in the morning.

Later that morning Bruno calls to tell Ben, their other friend, Adam had been hurt and they should all meet at the hospital. After sitting at the hospital for a while though, Ben and Jane are still by themselves. Ben calls Bruno to see what’s going on and to say that Adam had died, but doesn't get any response. Ben and Jane decide to go to Bruno's apartment and find that Bruno has taken a razor blade and shredded all of his photographs. They look around the apartment and Bruno wanders out from behind a door, in his underwear, in a daze and makes a mad dash for the balcony, ultimately jumping off and committing suicide.

At this point Ben just wants to leave Tokyo. As he's packing, Jane looks at some of the wedding photos that their friend had sent in the mail and sees that Megumi's spirit has ruined their wedding photos as well. She understands that leaving Tokyo won't fix their problem and is convinced that Megumi is haunting all of them. Ben insists that Megumi is alive, because Bruno said he saw her, so they decide to drive out to her old house. At the house, they discover that she is, in fact, dead and that she had committed suicide by apparently drinking bottles of cyanide.

You then see Ben and Jane in a hotel and they are talking about how the police had come. Megumi was going to be cremated the next day, everything was almost over and her restless spirit could be set free. As they are sleeping though, Ben continues to be haunted by Megumi and Megumi is becoming more aggressive. Ben wakes up, also waking Jane and says that he just had a bad dream, but after he comes out of the bathroom, he sees Megumi again. This time Megumi has made him physically start coughing up blood and flies, which wakes Jane.

Jane gets up and starts screaming at Megumi and becomes entangled in a sheet. She then gets her face pressed against the window, which is cracking from the pressure. Megumi continues to bang Jane's head against the glass, while Jane screams about Ben never loving Megumi. That Megumi was obsessive and crazy and she should just leave them alone. Suddenly everything stops and Jane is able to run over to Ben who starts to breathe again. You then see Ben and Jane hold hands at Megumi's cremation and once complete, they go back to New York.

Once in New York, Ben and Jane have settled back into their newlywed phase and Jane is lovingly preparing dinner. As she is setting things up, she is looking through more wedding photos and notices MORE images of Megumi. Instead of streaks of light though, these seem to be more of a ghostly figure. Jane flips through the pictures quickly to see the spirit move through the apartment and into a closet, apparently looking for something. Jane checks out the closet and finds an old suitcase with Tokyo airport stickers and rummages through it. In the suitcase she finds a camera with a digital card still inside. She loads the card into the computer and becomes horrified by what she sees.

When Ben comes home, Jane shows him what's on the computer and he becomes upset, telling her to stop looking. She asks what the hell really happened. Ben goes on to tell her that Megumi was so crazy and he was young. He didn't know what to do, so him and his friends made her think she was getting back together with Ben, drugged her with a sleeping pill and decided to take pictures, so that Ben could have leverage against her. But things went too far and both Bruno and Adam ended up raping Megumi. Although Ben did not participate, he did not know what to do, so he did nothing to stop it. Jane becomes enraged, telling Ben he's a horrible human being and that Megumi was just trying to warn her about how bad Ben really was. She leaves Ben in the apartment telling him that they are over.

Ben is pissed off and grabs a Polaroid camera and starts taking pictures of the apartment. He is screaming out to Megumi saying he knows she is there, and is she happy now?! That he is alone again and she has him all to herself?! After taking several pictures, they all come up empty and he throws the camera to the floor, which takes a picture of him. He pulls the photo and once developed, sees that the spirit of Megumi is sitting on his shoulders. A flashback to him always rubbing his neck and then a flashback to the nurse weighing him, which shows the scale saying he weighs about 300 pounds. Ben freaks out; flailing at his shoulders and then, in a desperate moment, uses his camera equipment to electrocute himself.

The final scene in the movie is of Ben, hunched over on a bed, locked in a hospital room. A nurse comes in and brings him a tray of food, along with an injection. As she leaves the room and the door closes, we can see in the reflection that Megumi is draped/ lying against Ben's back.