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The movie starts off with a worm on a hook floating in the ocean, scared to death. Two shark brothers come swimming along. Lenny (Jack Black) and Frankie (Michael Imperioli); both sons of the Italian mob boss, Don (Robert De Niro) Lenny swims over to the worm and sets it free. Frankie laughs at Lenny because Lenny is the more sensitive shark with feelings. He doesn't believe in eating fish. Frankie on the other hand will do anything to impress his father.

We cut to a big fish city, which looks exactly like Time Square in New York City. We meet a news reporter named Katie Current (Katie Couric) saying that the shark that was in the area before, is now gone. We next meet a very hip fish named Oscar (Will Smith) who dreams of being famous and rich. He is on his way to work. He works at a place called The Whale Wash, which cleans whales. He goes to punch in and meets up with his friend Angie (Renee Zellweger) She has Oscar's name written all over her notebook.

We cut to Don, Lenny and Frankie at their house, which is an underwater boat that looks like the Titanic. Don says that he is getting old and he needs one of his sons to take over the family business. We go back to Oscar, scrubbing some nasty green stuff off the whales. Here we meet Oscar's boss, Sykes (Martin Scorsese) He says that tomorrow there is a big event of horse fish racing at the race track tomorrow. Sykes gives Oscar 5,000 shells, and tells Oscar to deliver it to him at the race tomorrow. Oscar accepts the offer.

That night at dinner, Don, Lenny and Frankie grab a table together and talk. Don says that he wants Lenny to be stronger and not such a sensitive girl. Don grabs a shrimp and tells Lenny to eat it. The shrimp begs Lenny not to eat him. Lenny doesn't and he lets the shrimp swim freely.

Later on, we see Oscar and Angie talking on the balcony of her apartment. Oscar says that he has dreams of hitting it big and being very rich. Angie pulls out a pink pearl that her grandma gave her before she died. Angie says that the pearl used to be really small but suddenly got really big and beautiful. Oscar looks over the balcony and sees the skyline of the rich city, where he wants to move into.

The next day at the races, Oscar shows up. Instead of delivering the money to Sykes, he decides to bet it on a horse by the name of Luckyday. Luckyday is suppose to be the fastest and best horse ever.

Once Oscar bets all the money, he meets a very beautiful and rich fish named Lola (Angelina Jolie) Lola says that she is into rich fish only and will do anything to be with them. Oscar goes to sit down on the bleachers next to Sykes. Oscar says that he doesn't have the money for Sykes. So Sykes freaks out, but then Oscar backs up his last statement by saying that he bet it on the fastest horsefish out there. Sykes cools down. The race starts, and Luckyday is having some trouble, but then catches up quickly. Just before the finish line, Luckyday trips and looses the race. Now everyone is mad at Oscar, especially Sykes and his two henchmen that look like Jamaican jellyfish. So the two jellyfish tie Oscar up in the middle of nowhere. This pretty much leaves Oscar for sharkfood.

Lenny and Frankie show up. Frankie tells Lenny to be strong and eat Oscar. Lenny declines at first, but then decides to go for it. Lenny swims up to Oscar and pretends to eat him. Oscar is stunned by this. Lenny says that he would never eat a real fish. Lenny turns around and faces Frankie and pretends to chew with his mouth closed. Frankie doesn't fall for this, so Frankie swims up to Oscar and goes to eat him. Oscar breaks free and Frankie chases him. Just before Frankie eating Oscar, a big heavy anchor falls down on Frankie, crushing him to death.

Lenny freaks out, cries and then swims away. The two Jamaican jellyfish show up and they ask who killed the shark. Oscar decides to take the credit and he calls himself the Sharkslayer. Little does he know this little white lie will turn into a great big problem. We cut to main street in Oscar's city where Katie Current is interviewing him. Oscar brags to everyone saying that he killed a shark all on his own.

Cut to Don and Lenny at a funeral burying Frankie. The screen fades out with very sad music playing. That night we see Oscar at his penthouse apartment on the 30th floor. He is throwing a party. Lola shows up and the two fish start to flirt. A fish comes in the room, screaming it's head off saying that a shark is in the area. So everyone tells Oscar to go take care of it.

Oscar swims outside and looks for the shark. He notices that this shark that everyone is screaming about is Lenny, still upset. Oscar goes over to comfort Lenny. Lenny says that since Frankie is dead, Lenny has no choice but to take over the family business, but he really doesn't want to. Lenny says that he can't go back to his father's house so he needs a place to stay. Oscar and Lenny take a swim to an old garage that Oscar owns. Oscar sets Lenny up with a bed and a pillow. Oscar and Lenny start to talk and become friends. Angie shows up with a magazine and on the back of it is a poster for a movie called 'The Hook'. Its the same exact poster as The Ring. Thought that was funny, I just had to include this.

Angie says that Oscar has changed as a person. He is becoming all rich and famous and he is ignoring her. She says that he should just tell the truth and stop lying about slaying the shark. Oscar has an idea. His idea is that tomorrow, in front of the public he will pretend to slay Lenny. That idea helps out everyone. It gets Lenny out of taking over his father's business and it helps Oscar become even more famous. Angie walks away in disgust.

So the next day we see Oscar and Lenny in public. Lenny goes to charge at Oscar and Oscar pretends to beats him up pretty badly. The public doesn't seem to notice that it is fake. Finally, Oscar finishes Lenny off and Lenny falls hundreds of feet down into the deep blue sea.

We go back to Oscar's garage where Lenny is staying. Lenny disguises himself as a blue dolphin. Oscar and Lenny play around and are real buddies at this point. Oscar goes back to his penthouse apartment and of course a party is going on there. Lola shows up and starts to flirt with Oscar. Oscar says that he doesn't want to be with Lola because Lola doesn't like Oscar for who he really is. Only because Oscar is rich and famous. Oscar says that he wants to be with Angie instead. Lola beats him up and then leaves.

Oscar goes to the whale wash and looks for Angie. She isn't there. The phone rings at the office desk and its Don, saying that he has Angie captured. He also says that he knows that Oscar killed his two sons. Don then hangs up. So Oscar swims over to Don's house with Lenny (looking as a dolphin, everyone thinks the real Lenny is dead) Don invites the two to sit down. One of Don's assistants brings out a silver platter with Angie on it, all tied up. Don is furious at this point. Just before Don attacks Oscar, Lenny steps in and takes off his disguise. Lenny explains that he doesn't want to own the family business because he is a very sensative shark and he doesn't want to harm anyone.

Don starts to understand, but he is still mad at the fact that Oscar killed Frankie. So Don chases Oscar all the way to the car wash. Lenny and everyone else follows. Oscar manages to trap Don in one of the whale washing machines. However, Lenny gets caught in it too. The whole fish community shows up, along with Katie Current. Oscar explains to everyone that he didn't really slay Frankie. An anchor came down and crushed him to death. Oscar only took the credit for killing Frankie to be big and famous since where they are from, all fish hate sharks and to kill a shark is a big big deal.

Lenny then says to his dad that he really wish they would have a good father-son relationship. Don says that Lenny doesn't have to take over the family business if he doesn't want to. Don and Lenny hug. Angie shows up and Oscar apologizes to Angie for ignoring her. He then says that he wants to be with her, and the two fish kiss.

The closing scene is everyone dancing to a Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliot song. We actually see two fish that look exactly like them. The credits start to roll, but five minutes after, Lola shows up in Oscar's penthouse apartment saying that she misses Oscar and wants him back. We then see a very ugly and fat lobster show up saying he will do anything to be with Lola.

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