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It opens in the forbidden city and the young Princess Lucy Liu is being told that she has to marry a young prince that she doesn't love. Jackie Chan is part of the imperial guard and he overhears Lucy and her English tutor's plan to run off to America to get out of her marriage. Lucy doesn't realize it yet but the tutor is actually kidnapping her and has left behind a ransom note, demanding 100,000 pieces of gold. When he delivers the princess to her captor, he demands more money and the captor kills him.

The emperor sends three imperial guards and an older man who is a translator and Jackie Chan, to bring her back. The next scene is in Nevada with Jackie Chan and company aboard a train with their ransom money.

Roy and his gang of outlaws rob the train. The newest member of Roy's gang shoots and kills the translator. Jackie goes after them by himself but gets separated. He decides to go to Carson City as the ransom note instructed. Along the way, he finds Roy, buried up to his neck. His gang has turned against him. Roy tells him how to get to Carson City and in return, Jackie gives him a pair of chopsticks to dig himself out. Along the way, he saves an Indian boy and the tribe honors him by marrying him to the chief's daughter.

He comes upon a small town, goes into the saloon, and finds Roy there. Roy had lied to him about the directions to Carson City. A barroom brawl breaks out and they're both put in jail. Jackie's new wife breaks them out and they finally get to Carson City.

The princess now knows she's been kidnapped and is being held in a Chinese labor railroad camp by a former member of the imperial guard.

Jackie and Roy are now wanted criminals and a vicious sheriff is after them.

After a narrow escape from the sheriff in Carson City, Jackie heads to the Chinese labor camp by himself. He finds the princess but she doesn't want to go back to China. She wants to help her people in the United States. The labor camp leader catches Jackie. He is just about to kill him when Roy shows up and saves him.

Finally, the imperial guard's with the ransom meet with the labor camp leader to exchange the gold for the princess. They meet in a mission and the exchange is going smoothly until two monks turn out to be Jackie and Roy. The evil sheriff also shows up and another huge fight breaks out.

Roy is an outlaw who can't shoot worth a damn. The sheriff can't miss, but finally, Roy is down to one bullet. He leaps out from behind a pillar and the sheriff comes out with guns blazing. Roy fires his one bullet and it goes right through the sheriff's badge and kills him. Jackie and the princess are fighting the labor camp leader and defeat him by wrapping a bellcord around his neck and dropping the bell, hanging him.

You would think that's the end but…

When Jackie and Roy start to leave the building, Roy's old gang is outside waiting for him. They want the gold.
In a scene reminiscent of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, they rush out the door of the mission. Jackie's wife has brought the entire Indian tribe out and they capture the gang.

The princess stays in America to help her people and to be with Jackie. Jackie's wife has fallen in love with Roy.

In the final scene, Jackie and Roy are both marshal's looking at a train going past. They see a gang of outlaws about to capture the train and they ride out to the rescue.

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Jackie Chan
Rescues the Princess from the railroad labor camp.
Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson (Roy)
Lucy Liu
She hasn't realized yet that she is being kidnapped
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