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Richard Gere


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NOTE: This brief spoiler was sent in by Fragglebum who says... "While this is a nice movie with some great actors I think I enjoyed the original Japanese film (Shall We Dansu? - 1996) more.  One thing I did like however is that they didn't try to push Lopez & Gere down your throat, Lopez is a supporting character"

The film starts by showing us a overworked and bored accountant John Clark (Gere), he is tired of his routine life and you can tell he wishes for something more.  One day he happens to see a dancer Paulina (Lopez) through a window while travelling home on the train and he is in awe of her beauty and skill.  He wants to get to know her better so decides to sign up for her dance class - turns out she is not just a dancer but a dance instructor too (who knew!).  Embarrassing and funny hijinks ensue when we see Gere at his first few lessons.  We get to know a few of the regulars in the class too (Stanley Tucci is brilliant).  After a few lessons it becomes apparent that Gere is no longer in the class just to get to know Lopez, he is starting to love the way dancing and the music makes him feel.

We also get introduced to Gere's wife Beverly (Sarandon) and we can see that they are a bit distanced from each other and she has no idea that her husband is so unhappy.  He doesn't tell her that he's doing dance classes and this creates a bit more tension in their relationship - she doesn't really know what's going on and cos she can smell perfume on his shirts and he's out a lot she hires a Private Investigator to find out if he's having an affair.

After a while Gere becomes the star pupil and is so good that he actually signs up for the Chicago (hee!) Crystal Ball Dance Competition.  To cut a long story short, he dances in the competition does really well but doesn't win.  In the meantime, his wife finds out about the dancing and is really hurt that he didn't tell her - he claims that he was too ashamed!  The end of the movie is all about him and her rekindling their relationship and romance (quite sweet scenes).

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