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The Dark is Rising

NOTE: This really nice spoiler was sent in by Richard H.

Will Stanton is leaving school for the winter holidays. He meets up with his younger sister Gwen, and 3 older brothers including twins. On the bus, he sees a pretty girl but is too shy to talk to her. She drops her red scarf exiting the bus, and he picks it up.

The bus goes to a typical English village, where we see 2 older men repairing a church wall. They are very interested in the family of 4 boys and the girl getting off the bus. An English limo with a driver named Merriman (Ian McShane) stops the kids and gives them an invitation to come to the Manor for a party. When the kids get home, they find their older brother Max home from college. Max tells Will that Will has to move out of his room, because Max is going to be around for a couple of weeks. Will has to move his things to the attic, because the house is very crowded. Max makes a point of telling Will that he hasn't forgot Will's birthday the next day. At dinner, Dad and Mom tell us the family has moved from the United States to England because Dad got a good job. The 2 family dogs keep growling at Will.

The next day Max gives Will a card wishing him a happy 13th birthday, but Will is actually turning 14. His other brothers either give him nothing, or a dirty sock. His sister gives him a fancy watch with digital face and a beeping timer. She tells him to make a wish, so he wishes for lots of snow. Later, there is a package from another older brother in the military stationed in Hawaii. He speaks via Laptop to the whole family who mostly received Hawaiian shirts. Older brother tells Will, however, that his present is special because when he saw it, he knew that it had to be for Will. It turns out to be a leather belt with strange curlicue designs. That night, it begins to snow, which wakes Will up in the attic, but he doesn't realize it's only snowing on his room and nowhere else on the house or in the village.

The next day, Will is waiting for a bus, when he sees crow after crow coming to roost in a tree near him. Just as their croaking becomes unbearably loud, the bus comes and he goes to a fancy department store with lots of Christmas decorations. He buys his sister a necklace from a vendor (5 pounds) who wraps it in a box with a curlicue design. When he stares at the box, the designs seem to spin.

Two security men come up to Will and tell him that he needs to go with them for questioning. They take him to the basement in a stark interrogation room. There, they accuse him of stealing something and demand he hand over "the sign". He doesn't know what they want, but the lights are flickering, their eyes become dark and beastlike, their hands seem to become claws, and one of them tries to jump over the table and grab Will. Will puts his hand to push him away, and the man flies up and hits the opposite wall. Will then runs out of the room and down the long hallway. The other man runs after him, and bursts into numerous crows flying after Will. Will just makes the hallway door before the crows and finds himself back in the gaily-decorated mall. Will goes home and tries to talk to his dad, but gets brushed aside.

That night, the family goes to Manor house for a party. There are a lot of curlicue designs all over the manor estate. The pretty girl from the bus is there, but before Will gets the courage to go speak to her, his older brother James goes to talk to her first. Will is upset so he goes outside. While outside, he sees a rider on a white horse who begins to chase him. Two rottweilers also join the chase. Will falls down a long hill, and the rider and dogs catch up with him on a paved road. The Rider in black (Chris Eccleston of HEROES and DR. WHO) demands will give him "the signs". Will tells him he doesn't have it so the black rider begins to threaten him. Suddenly, Merriman, the Lady of the Manor (I forget her name), Dexter and George (the 2 men from the church earlier in the movie) all show up and tell the BlackRider to leave. The black rider throws a red bag "a gift" to Will and leaves with the dogs. He tells them they only have 5 days until he comes into his power.

The 4 adults take Will on a walk, which turns the winter night into a spring sunshine. They arrive at an old church with huge wooden doors. They tell Will that they are known as the Elders and they work for the Light. This church is where their power is greatest, and the Dark cannot enter. No one can enter unless invited in. They tell Will that he is a seeker. 1,000 years ago, the Light and the Dark had a huge battle, and the Light barely won. They tell him one man on their side then made six signs that would help them battle the dark in the future. Will is the seeker, someone who can travel through time and space, and he has the ability to find/gather these six signs. The signs were crafted from a variety of elements like wind, water, and earth. Will is skeptical at first, but they tell him he is the seventh son of a seventh son and must be the seeker. He informs them they have the wrong person, because Will is the youngest of SIX brothers. Will then sees curlicue designs all over the inside of the church. Will pulls out the box with the curlicue design, gets out his sister's necklace, and smashes the pendant. Inside is a glowing ball made of stone, which is the first sign. He suddenly finds himself outside on the paved road in the middle of the night.

When he gets home, the twins give him grief and try to wrestle him to the ground. He sends them flying across the room with a push of his hands. That night, he falls in his room and injures his ankle. One of the boxes in the attic next to him is labeled WILL AND TOM. Next morning, his mother calls a doctor to the house to see Will. Will recognizes that the doctor is actually the Black Rider. When his mother leaves the room, the Black Rider again threatens Will. After he leaves, Will asks his mother about Tom. She tells him tearfully that when Will was 2 weeks old, she and Will were downstairs, and left his Father to watch Tom. When his father was distracted, Tom was mysteriously taken and they never saw him again. They searched for him for a long time, but now never speak of him. Will then finds out Tom was the older twin, which does make will the seventh son of the family.

The next scene is at church on Sunday. Will's brother James and the pretty girl sit in the back. Will sits with his parents in front. The Black Rider/doctor comes in with a tiny elderly woman whom he introduces as his mother, to Will's mom. Merriman and the Lady of the Manor sit in the pew behind the doctor. Will is distracted by a glowing curlicue on the stained glass wall up front. Suddenly, Will, Merriman, the Lady, George and Dexter (the ELDERS) are alone in the church. Merriman figures out they have been transported back to the 1300s and one of the signs is in the church and calling to Will. The search is interrupted by the appearance of the Doctor's mom who brings snakes with her. As the battle begins, Will falls down a chute into a dark basement crypt. One large golden snake follows Will. The Elders are trapped and being strangled by snakes so they tell Will to hurry. He is able to bring light by causing fire to illuminate the crypt. He now has supernatural strength to lift the stone cover of the coffin, exposing the remains of a dead man. He sees the sign in the open mouth just as the golden snake strikes for him. Will is saved by the dead man whose hand grabs the snake and flings it across the room. As he holds the glowing sign in his hand, they are all transported back to church service as if they never left. After church, the Lady takes Will's parents outside and shows them a stone memorial of a Stanton who might be one of their ancestors. Will's mom and dad are startled to see the name THOMAS STANTON with no dates. Merriman tells Will that Thomas Stanton, who was the dead man in the crypt, was also the craftsman who made all six signs. The last sign is housed in the soul of someone who voluntarily gives his life for the light. Also, it will be known to Will all along, hence it can't be "discovered".

The Black Rider meets with a cloaked figure on the bridge and tells it the time is short. The cloaked figure has to get the signs from Will as agreed, then the Black Rider will carry out his promise. It is then night, and James has brought the pretty girl home to meet the family. She is introduced as Maggie and Gwen can see that Will is staring at her and looking upset. Maggie sits by Will and pours some salt into her hand. When she blows on the salt, it rises up in the air and makes a glowing curlicue design. When Will asks Maggie if she is an Elder, she gets upset and says, "Do I look old?" She then tells Will to trust her. He is obviously infatuated with her and can't stop looking at her. Outside, the Doctor is sitting as it begins to snow and Max comes out. The Doctor tells Max he has an offer for him.

Will shows off his ability to make a knife on the table dance for Maggie's benefit. He tells Maggie that they have a connection, but is interrupted by James telling Maggie it's time to go. When she tells James his brother is sweet and they leave, Will becomes angry and goes to the Manor to talk to Merriman. Merriman tells Will to forget the girl because he has to find the rest of the signs. Frustrated, Will goes outside and starts yelling, then causes fire to come up and engulf the trees and a windmill in explosions. Gwen comes along and asks Will if he's all right. Suddenly Will and Gwen are caught up in time, and find themselves in the middle of a fight between village men and Vikings. Gwen saves a small kitten; Will sees a glowing sign in the middle of a wooden shield being used by a villager. But a large Viking has killed the villager and taken the shield. The Viking then takes the shield and a woman to the longboat on the river. Gwen and Will follow, but Will is caught by the Viking trying to steal the shield. The Viking becomes distracted by Will's watch beeping, but just before the Viking uses his sword on Will, Merriman kills the Viking, Will grabs the sign, and they are back in the present. Gwen is still holding the kitten and Will tells her not to tell anyone what happened.

The Doctor begins to use his power to cause a severe blizzard. The town has shut down. Max and Will go to the grocery store, but there is no food. Will turns to leave, but Max stops him and tells him to give up the signs in a strange voice. Will tries to run away, but Max starts to fight him then suddenly they are caught up in time together. They are still in the village square, it's daylight, and the people are gathered around the village bell where someone is painting the date 1630. Max is still fighting Will, so Will runs into the tavern. There is a cockfight starting and Will sees a feather on the ground glowing. Before he can pick it up, Max runs in, they fight until Will knocks Max out onto his back. Then they are in the pub, but in the present. Will sees the cock from the fight, stuffed in a glass display box that reads THE CHAMPION 1630. He opens the box, and pulls the fourth sign out of the stuffed bird's body attached to a feather. Max wakes up with no recollection of what happened and the two brothers go home.

The Doctor goes to the tavern, but he is too late. When Dexter and George wander in for a drink, the Doctor unleashes his power onto them. At home, Father decides they can't stay as they just ate the last of their food and used the last of the gas. They bundle up and move to the Manor House with some other villagers, including Maggie. As they bed down in the large fireplace room, the Doctor unleashes his power of cold and snow. Will wakes up to find all of them covered in ice, with large pointed icicles all over the ceiling. Will then wakes everyone up to get out of the way of the falling icicles. While every one screams, a cloaked figure runs out to the Rider. The Rider tells the figure to get those signs from Will and "you will never age." The figure turns and we see that it is Maggie. As Maggie runs back to the house, the Rider causes water to rise out of the lake and start rushing towards the manor.

Inside, water begins flooding the house, and everyone tries to seek higher ground. Maggie tells Will to go with her, and once alone, she tells him to give her the signs for safekeeping. She reminds him that they have a connection, and he needs to trust her. Will is about to give over his belt with the signs strapped to them, when he is distracted by a glowing curlicue on a windowpane high above. Maggie now becomes angry, screaming and Will knows she is one of the Dark. He throws something up at the window and breaks it. The curlicue falls into the rising water, and Will dives in. Once he gets his hand on it, the water stops rising. The Doctor says she has failed him for the last time, and we see Maggie turn into a mummy-like creature.

The Elders and Will make their way to the church with the Wooden doors.  Will is desperate and says he doesn't know where the last sign is, but Merriman says he has faith in Will finding it. Voices at the door plead with Will to open as his mother is hurt, his sister is afraid, his father begs him to save them. Merriman tells him not to open the door, but Will opens it anyway. The Black Rider immediately enters on his horse and thanks Will for opening the door in his mother's voice.

As each Elder battles the Black Rider, the Elder is thrown into a black vortex. Finally, only Will is left and the Rider offers to let him go if Will gives up the signs. He also shows Will a small glass globe with his missing twin Thomas inside. The Black rider had taken the wrong twin 14 years ago. Will adamantly refuses, so the globe is tossed into a well and sinks. Will is thrown up into the black vortex. There, Will decides that he will give his life for the light, and that decision makes HIM the sixth sign. With that realization, Will exerts his power, escapes from the vortex, and faces the Black Rider. He then traps the Black Rider in a glass globe of his own, and tosses it down a well.

The Elders then reappear, including Dexter and George. Merriman tells Will he has done well, and Will asks if he can go home. The Lady then says someone else also wants to go home and she brings Will's longhaired twin out into the open. The two boys then leave the church and run home. Mother looks out a window and sees them. She says Tom! Tom! Tom and Will open the house door, and their 4 older brothers and younger sister hug and greet them.

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