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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Harrison Barnes...

The movie beings with Mort Rainey(Johnny Depp) sitting in his car talking to himself.  He starts to drive but then stops, talks to himself some more, and then goes in reverse.  We see he is at a hotel.  He stops the car and goes into the hotel's lobby.  No one is in there so he grabs a room key and runs out.  He gets in his car a drives to the room and unlocks the door.  He opens the door and there is a man and woman in bed together.  He goes up to them and screams and then it goes black.
We see the lake as the opening credits occur and then we see his cabin.  Then we see Mort sleeping on his couch but is awaken by a loud knocking on his door that continues for a while.  He finally gets up and goes to answer it and there is a man (who we later find out is John Shooter [John Turranto]).  "You stole my story." he says.  Mort is kind of shocked and tells him he doesn't know him and then Shooter says that he knows him and that he stole his story.  Then Mort tells him if he wants to talk to his agent he can but Shooter tells him that it is between them.  Shooter tries to hand Mort a manuscript of his story that he says Mort plagarised.  Mort doesn't take it and says there is nothing to discuss and closes the door.  He waits a while and then hears a thump and then Shooter leaving.  He opens the door and there is the manuscript under a rock.  He picks it up and throws it away.
He then goes up stairs and is trying to write.  He looks downstairs and see his maid and tells his dog if he doesn't bite her that he will kill her.  He then goes downstairs to get a drink and there on the table is Shooter's story.  The maid tells him that she thought he accidently threw it away so she took it out.  She goes upstairs and Mort starts to read the story.  After a couple of sentences he jumps up out of shock and knocks his drink over.  The maid comes and cleans it while Mort takes Shooter's story upstairs.  Upstairs he grabs a book that his story "Secret Window" was published in and compares the stories.  They are exactly the same!  He reads one part that his ex-wife Amy, (Maria Bello, the lady from the beginging.) inspired.  (FLASHBACK, we see Amy and she is moving a dresser when she finds a small window.  she says "it is a secret window, oh and look it looks over into a secret garden!"
He then gets a call from Amy, she says that she was just checking in because he was up there all alone and something could happen and no one would know.  They talk a bit until it gets on the topic of Ted (Timothy Hutton, the man from the begining).  Amy asks Mort to sign the divorce papers and Mort says he has to go.  They hang up.  Mort then goes for a walk and sees Shooter waiting for him.  He goes to talk to him.  Then Tom Greenleaf passes by and waves to them.  They wave and then Mort asks when Shooter wrote his story he says 7 years ago in 1997.  Mort then says he wrote his in late '94 and it was published in 1995 in a magazine so he couldn't have copied his story.  Shooter asks if he can see the magazine and Mort says he doesn't have it with him.  Then Shooter says then he'll go to Amy's to get it so Mort says he'll get it and once he does Shooter better leave.  Shooter says he has 3 days.
Mort goes to sleep.  He dreams about a door slamming and then someone walking in the door with the hat like Shooter but you can't see a face.  Mort wakes up and goes into the kitchen he hears a paper rustling in the wind.  He looks out the window and a sees a paper nailed to the wall.  He goes onto the porch but his porch light doesn't come on.  He grabs a flashlight and sees that it is busted.  He goes to the paper and it says "You have 3 days...I'm not playing...No Police!"  and below the paper on a board is a lumpy blanket.  He pulls off the blanket and his dog is there dead with a screwdriver in it.  Mort screams and blacken out.
We then see Mort in town.  He goes to the police station and tries to give the chief information about Shooter but they say there don't have enough evidence.  So Mort goes to his friend who is a detective, Ken (Charles Dutton) and asks him for help.
He says that he'll come by tonight to check out the place and make sure Shooter isn't there.  Mort goes to Amy's to get the magazine.  He gets there and sees Amy and Ted going out and sees them kissing.  He gets jealous and leaves.  Mort goes back to his cabin and sees Ken's car.  He also sees Ken slouched over in his car.  Mort goes and knocks on the window and he moves and Mort jumps.  They go inside and Ken looks around making sure its safe.  Ken leaves and Mort hears something upstairs.  He grabs a fire-poker and goes to investigate.  Goes into his room and looks in his closet but hears a sound in his bathroom.  He sees something in the mirror of the bathroom and says if they don't come out in 5 seconds that he is coming in swinging.  He counts to 2 and runs in. 
He smashes the mirror but no one is there.  He then hears something in the shower so he smashes the shower but it is just a rat.  So he gets a rag and takes the rat outside.  He bends down and Shooter comes up.  He tells Mort that he should have the story because he saw him there and that he thought Amy was "purty".  Mort stands up and finds a shovel behind him.  He grabs it but doesn't do anything.  Then Mort takes the shovel and swings it at him.  Shooter blocks it and takes it.  It puts it under Mort's chin and holds him off the ground.  Mort can't breathe but  Shooter tells him if he doesn't get the story he will burn his life like a fire in a cane field and that he'll nail Amy to the board next time.  He drops Mort and Mort catches his breath while Shooter leaves. 
The next morning, Mort gets a call from Amy.  She is crying and says that their house burnt down.  He goes there and the police man asks them if they have any enemies.  Mort tells them about Shooter.  Then Amy, Mort, and Ted go to a insurance lawayer who has a list of items that survived the fire for Amy and Mort to go through.  Mort gets ticked that Ted is looking at a list of his items and makes Ted leave.  We then see Mort and Amy in an elevator and then the lobby of the insurance company.  Ted comes in and asks Mort if they can talk.  Ted tells him to sign the papers and to get out of their lives.  Mort asks Ted where he grew up and Ted says a place called Shooter Falls. 
Mort goes home and calls Ken.  They talk and Ken thinks someone sent Shooter after Mort for revenge.  Mort thinks it is Ted trying to scare him but Shooter has gone out of control.  Ken tells him that his agent will mail him the magazine and that it will be there in a couple of days.  They hang up and plan on meeting at a diner in the morning.  The next morning Mort goes to the diner but Ken isn't there.  So he goes home and the phone rings.  It is Shooter.  He tells him to go to the part in the woods where they talked earlier.  He goes and sees an old Jeep.  He walks around and sees Tom Greenleaf with a screwdriver in his temple and Ken with blood all over his throat and an axe in the front seat.  Mort throw ups from this and then faints.  He wakes up and there is Shooter.  Mort's leg is asleep so he can't run anywhere.  Mort says he is turning him into the police for killing but Shooter tells him if he does he'll leave and Mort will be the one with the blame becaue his prints are all over the screwdriver and axe.  So Shooter leaves and Mort goes into the Jeep and pulls out the screwdriver.  He then drives it over a cliff and into the lake. 
Mort goes into town and gets his package.  He then goes home and opens his package and turns to his story and those pages are cut out.  He goes in side and gets a call from Amy.  She is crying.  She is upset that he won't sign the divorce papers and can't live like that anymore.  Mort hangs up and Amy decides to go up there to make him sign it.  Ted wants to go but Amy won't let him.  Then we see Mort.  He picks up Shooter's hat (that he found on his porch) and puts it on.  He starts talking like a dairy farmer.    He then turns around and puts the hat down.  He looks at the mirror and sees the back of his head.  He then turns around and there is another Mort.  They talk and then Mort walks into the kitchen and there is another Mort.  This happens a couple of times and then everyone disappears.  Then Mort looks into his mirror and sees Shooter.  Shooter tells him that he isn't real except in Mort's mind.  He is a character he made up.  (FLASHBACK: We see Amy and Mort.  Mort finds a hat like Shooter's and puts it on and pretends he is a dairy farmer from Mississippi.) 
Then Amy pulls up.  She gets out of her car and sees paper on the ground.  She picks it up and reads "SECRET WINDOW" off of it.  She goes inside and it is a mess.  She hears a noise upstairs and everywhere on the walls the name "Shooter" is written.  Then a door opens and Mort is there with the words "Shot Her" on it.  Amy is freaked out and talks to him while trying to get to the stairs.  He grabs her hair and then grabs scissors and cuts her hair. Amy runs out to her car and can't get it cranked. 

She finally does and starts backing out when Mort breaks the window and pulls her out.  Her car hits a tree while Mort drags her inside.  There she kicks him and tries to run but he stabs her in the leg with the screwdriver.  She limps outside and falls down the steps and her head hits a rock.  She moans.  He grabs the shovel when Ted pulls up.  Mort hides and Ted comes out the side door.  Mort hits him in the face with the shovel.  It is then implied that he cuts off his head with the shovel.  Then he walks to Amy.  We then see the cabin while birds chirp loudly.  He killed them both.:(
We then see Mort enter the diner/grocery store to buy salt, napkins and butter to eat all his corn; everyone is acting weird. He has clean, combed hair, nice clothes, he is very happy, he has braces, and he asks the young girl from the post office to come over to his cabin, which freaks her out.

He is then home when a policeman pulls up.  He sees a lot of corn and goes upstairs.  Mort is typing a story and eating corn.  He tells Mort not to come into town anymore because it makes people uncomfortable cause everyone knows what he did but can't do anything until they find the bodies.  He starts to leave when Mort says.  "You know what this needs? An ending.  Thats the most important part. The ending and this one is perfect." 

A voice over comes reading the end of the story. While the voice over is going on, the camera decends out of the secret window, into a garden of corn, and then just as you think you are going to see the bodies buried in the ground beneath all the corn, a sudden crunch happens and you see Mort crunch really hard on a piece of corn, implying that - he is eating his wife and Ted?
Blacken out


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