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There's a whole lot of killing going on here...

First of all, the rumors of Neve Campbell being killed off in the opening scenes are only rumors. She not only survives, but stabs the killer in the end. Of course he's not dead, you've got to shoot him in the head as Dewey (David Arquette) finally does.

Actually, Liev Schreiber, (Cotton) is the one who gets killed at the beginning

It turns out that the brother that Sidney (Neve) never knew existed, is the real killer. He is now the director of STAB 3, the movie based on the original killings. He's upset that their mother ignored him and raised only Neve Campbell. It seems that their mother was once a rising actress and spent one too many nights on the "casting couch". Her brother was the result of one of those nights and the mother sent him away.

The only main characters that survive this film are Neve, Courtney Cox, David Arquette and the detective. Everyone else gets killed rather quickly. Poor Jenny McCarthy, she gets stabbed about 15 minutes into the movie. She hides from the killer in a room filled with SCREAM costumes and masks. Gee, I wonder if one of them will have the killer in it....duh.

Thankfully, Parker Posey lasts for quite a while as she truly steals the show with her performance. She plays the Courtney Cox character in the STAB 3 film.

The film ends with Neve finally feeling comfortable in her home, even with the door unlocked. Dewey slips an engagement ring into a book for Courtney Cox to sign. It seems that everyone will live happily ever after.

The real Killer... Actually Sidney's brother, the director of STAB 3, along with the real star of the show . . . Parker Posey

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