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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by patsman15, who says... "Out of a 10, I'd give it a 9.5. The Rock was impressive."

The movie begins in a cold, mountainous setting. A watchman is looking over the lands when he is shot with an arrow. The hidden assassin is unseen. Then we see the inside of the place in the background where an Akkadian is being tortured by a bunch of scruffy-looking men. Before he is killed, Mathayus (The Rock) breaks through the door and kills everybody.

The tortured Akkadian is his brother.

Then the intro is shown, where we are introduced to Memnon, a violent warlord, who with a sorcerer by his side who can see the future, knows the outcome of all his battles. But one man rivals his power, Mathayus.

Many men are shown encamped in the desert at night. The leader of the clan speaks of killing the sorcerer. Then his son (Peter Facinelli) speaks for silence. One giant of a man rises for an opinion, Balthasar (Michael Clarke Duncan). The hooded men then arrive. They unveil themselves. They are Mathayus, and his two Akkadian brothers. They are paid to get rid of the sorcerer.

The Akkadians find a hidden encampent where Memnon is hiding. A thief (Grant Heslov) is hung over a fire being tortured. Mathayus, on camel, arrives and takes out the Thief's torturer. He then lands in a tent where he finds the sorcerer. He sees one of his brothers murdered. He finds that it is no sorcerer, but a sorceress, Cassandra (Kelly Hu). He resists in killing her, but instead kills the bad guys. Memnon arrives with Mathayus' other brother, who he kills. Then the clan leader's son from the beginning arrives with his fathers head and joins Memnon. But before Memnon kills Mathayus, Cassandra warns him about the great dangers that would follow Mathayus' death. Mathayus is knocked out.

He awakes buried to his head in sand next to the Thief.

Giant fire ant hills are near them. One of Memnon's men throws a torch down an ant hole, causing them to come out. The Thief escapes out of his hole, and in exchange for not killing him, he saves Mathayus. Mathayus leaves on Camel to Gomorrah, where Memnon's palace is. He arrives, only to have is money stolen. He follows the kid, who in return helps him into Memnon's palace.

Mathayus, who is almost spotted by Memnon's men, hides in Memnon's inventor's (Bernard Hill) room. The inventor aids Mathayus in Memnon's defeat. Mathayus escapes out of the inventor's room and spies from a nearby watch tower, where Memnon is training. But then, the little boy is found with Mathayus' gift, a jewel, and is accused of thievery. Having to decide, Mathayus is forced to either kill Memnon or save the boy. He saves the boy and attempts to kill Memnon but fails. He goes back into the inventor's room and is launched from a catapult into a harem nearby.

In the harem, fooled by the girls' looks, Mathayus is unknowingly stripped of his weapons.

When the guards arrive, is forced to fight with his bare hands. He defeats them. He takes a nearby gong and shields himself with it. It puts a hole in a wall in which he jumps through. He lands in a bathroom with a naked Cassandra showering. Mathayus takes Cassandra and pulls her through the drain. They surface at a well in town. The Thief gets away with Mathayus' camel thinking Mathayus is dead. Mathayus arrives with Cassandra.

Memnon, upset about Cassandra's disappearance, sends a group of highly-trained guards after Mathayus while dipping an arrowhead into scorpion poison, in which he gives to the lead guard. They stop Mathayus in the desert, but are thrown off guard when a sand storm comes. With a face shield on, Mathayus defeats many of the guards. He drives the remaining few into a cave where he kills them all, except for the leader, who he kills outside and sends his necklace to Memnon via bird. But before he dies, the leader stabs mathayus in the leg with the arrow. Appearing to be healthful, Mathayus collapses, but is saved by Cassandra.

While wandering in the desert, they stumble upon the inventor from Memnon's palace, who has finished making is bomb powder, but they are kidnapped by some tribesmen. They are taken to a camp, where Mathayus sees the boy from the beginning and finds Balthasar, who he said he'd kill in the beginning. Balthasar fights Mathayus, but is soon overpowered. Mathayus promises he'll stand up for the army.

While a party is going on, Cassandra gets a drink when she is stopped by a boy. She touches him and sees the boy dead and the town destroyed. She awakens to tell Mathayus. He feels positive about defeating memnon, but she reads his future. It shows Mathayus being kicked off a wall, falling to the ground, and getting shot by a guard with an arrow (IMPORTANT LATER). They make out with each other.

Cassandra leaves only for the safety of the town. Mathayus awakens to find her gone. Him, along with Balthasar, Thief, and the inventor, plus many others, travel to Gomorrah. They fool the guards into letting them in. They kill everybody. While this is going on, Cassandra and Memnon are talking. It seems that if Cassandra loses her virginity, she also loses her power, in Mathayus' case. She says she has the power but he does not believe her. He takes 6 vases, 4 of which he puts venomous snakes in. he spins them around. the first she checks has no snake, but the second she checks does. She tries to kill Memnon with it, but then Mathayus arrives in time to save her from being killed.

The thief and the inventor are making the bomb powder underground, The warrior women are fighting in front of the palace, and Balthasar is fighting at Memnon's door. When Mathayus thinks that he is doomed from hearing knocks at Memnon's door, he is relieved to find Balthasar on the other side. The room goes up in flames and Mathayus fights memnon outside. More soldiers arrive. Mathayus fights memnon, but is overcome. He is thrown off the wall, landing on the floor. Cassandra remembers this from her mind, and sees the arrowman arrive. She tries to save Mathayus but he is shot.

Balthasar overcomes the guards, but then the clan leader's son arrives (Peter Facinelli). For his murder, Balthasar kills him, terribly at that. The guards overcome the women. The thief lights the bomb powder too soon. Luckily, Mathayus awakens, finds his bow, and shoots Memnon, knocking him off the palace. Memnon's guards stop and look in amazement. They lower their weapons and cheer for Mathayus. He is declared king.

In the end, he marries Cassandra, and bids farewell to Balthasar, wishing him back whenever he wants to. He is dubbed ' The Scorpion King' by Balthasar. Cassandra kisses him and warns him of his future destiny. But Mathayus feels positive, and feels that he can change his destiny.

The End!


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