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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by horrorfreak89 who says... "Scooby-doo 2 was actully freakin awsome. It was a lot better than the first"

The movie starts out at the grand opening of the Mystery gangs new museum. Fred (Freddie Prinze Jr.) Daphne (Sarah Michelle Gellar) Velma (Linda Cardellini) Shaggy (Matthew Lillard) and Scooby arrive in their mystery machine. They come out of the van and an annoying reporter jumps in and starts asking all these questions. The reporter's name is Heather (Alicia Silverstone).

Daphne tells her to go away and she already can tell that she doesn't like Heather. They walk in the museum and Daphne and Fred talk to the press about all the monster costumes that they collected and put on display. Velma looks across the room and has a love at first site moment. The guy is Patrick (Seth Green). They start to talk about all smart things that doesn't make one bit of sense to the audience what so ever. Shaggy walks over to one of the monster costumes which is a dinosaur. The dinosaurs eyes blinked and it busts out of its cage which causes a panic and everyone leaves but the gang try to stop the monster.

They try and tie it up but it escapes and flies out the window along with the rest of the costumes because they have been resurrected. We see a metal demon monster and he threatens mystery inc. and flies away. The gang goes back to their headquarters and try to think of who could be behind this all. Fred comes up with two victims one is Jacobo and the other is old man Wickles (Peter Boyle). Wickles was jacobos cell mate. Shaggy and Scooby blame themselves because the dinosaur got away. Shaggy and Scooby think that they can try and solve the mystery by themselves to prove to the gang that their worth staying in the gang. Fred says that tomorrow they should go to wickles' house to find clues.

They finally arrive and they get to the door. Fred pulls the rope to the doorbell but the platform below them opens and the gang fall underground in a metal caged in ball. The ball rolls down a track and finally comes to a stop. Since the lock on the ball isn't your average lock it is some finger scanner. Daphne tries to open it with her make up products and what do you know, it opens somehow. The gang wonders into the main part of the house and they split up. Shaggy and Scooby go upstairs and they find there first clue. It is a piece of paper that says Faux ghost club. The black night which is one of the costumes pops out and chases shaggy and Scooby. The two run past Daphne, Fred and Velma and Velma says that she found a book full of formulas that resurrect monsters. The black night chases them out of the mansion.

Later that night back at the headquarters, Velma tries to figure out how to reverse the resurrection. Patrick shows up and Velma flips out. she thinks that she isn't pretty enough to go out on a date with him. Daphne has and idea to try and get Velma sexy looking. After that, Velma comes down the stairs in a red leather suit that turns Patrick on. The gang leave with Patrick to go solve the mystery but shaggy and Scooby stay behind and go to that ghost bar.

Shaggy and Scooby show up in costumes. The ghost bar is full of all the bad guys that the gang had put in jail. We see a bunch of posters on the walls of the mystery gang and how much the bad guys want them dead. Shaggy sees Wickles and talks to him. Wickles says that if he every sees the mystery gang he will rip their eyes out. This scares shaggy and Scooby and they jump and their costumes fall off. This obviously reveals who they really are. Shaggy and Scooby run out of the bar. They hide and see wickles leave the bar. They follow wickles and wickles goes to a mining building. Shaggy and Scooby sneak inside and a monster who is a skeleton with one big eye pops out and chases them. They hide.

The other part of the gang shows up and sees Wickles inside talking about making an amusement park. The gang walks in the realize that wickles is innocent since he's talking about the amusement park. They leave and wonder around the mining building. They come across a big room full of machines that are holding the monster costumes. They realize that its a machine that resurrects the monsters. Shaggy accidently pulls a switch and 3 big monsters come out. Velma takes the control panel which works the machine with her and the gang gets chased out of the mining building. They notice that Patrick is gone and that they will find him later. They get in the van and turn on the TV. Heather is on and shes talking about how monsters have been destroying the city and how a big pirate ship flew over the city streets. We cut to a clip that shows this and we see the metal demon guy on top of the pirate ship. He is saying that mystery inc. better drop dead. We cut to heather and she says that mystery inc. better turn themselves in or the whole city will hate them. We cut to another clip on the TV that shows the towns people in front of mystery inc. headquarters protesting.

The gang realizes that they cant go back to the headquarters so they go to their old high school club house which is located in the deep woods. They go inside and talk about all the high school memories and we cut to a clip that shows them as high school students playing in front of the school. Velma finds a way to reverse the resurrection process and how to destroy the monsters using the control panel. Shaggy and Scooby wonder out side and see a big monster come out of the lake. Velma, Daphne and Fred come to see what's going on and the gang gets in their van and leaves. The monster chases after them as there driving down the city streets. The monster takes out his harpoon gun and shoots the van and tries to reel it in. Fred backs up the van and runs over the monster.

They drive past their museum and see a bunch of police officers and the press standing outside. Daphne gets out and sees heather. Heather tries to get an interview with Daphne but she refuses. Heather is now ticked off and says how Daphne shouldn't belong to mystery inc. because Velma is the smart one and Fred is the leader and Daphne is just there to look pretty. The metal demon monster pops up again standing on top of the museum. He says that he's almost finished resurrecting the monster costumes and he flies off. Heather says "Thanks alot I just missed my big story". She takes off. Daphne gets back to the van.

The gang drives back to the mining building to undo the resurrecting process. Once they get inside they come across this big blob monster. He shoots liquid out that ties up the gang all except for Scooby. Scooby is now cornered. He finds a fire extinguisher and uses it on the monster which freezes him up. Shaggy breaks free and gives Scooby the control panel. Scooby puts the control panel in its place and destroys all the monsters....yay. The gang captures the metal demon guy.

We cut to the gang walking out with the demon guy tied up. The press and towns people come to see who the real bad guy is. Daphne takes the mask off the demon and it is heather. But Fred notices that there's still another mask on. He rips heathers face off which was a mask and reveals that the real bad guy is Jacobo Jacobo says the reason why he wanted to resurrect the monsters and take over the city is because he wanted to get back at Wickles since they grew up together and never got along. (pretty stupid way to get revenge). The crowd cheers and Patrick shows up and kisses Velma. Fred and Daphne kiss. The gang thanks shaggy and Scooby and says that they are proud to have them in the gang.

The gang goes to party at a club and we see Ruben Studdard from American Idol singing on stage and the credits role


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