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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by SatchmoJuJu who says... "A scooby Doo movie where Velma is hotter than Daphne? Something is wrong with that. Come for the movie, stay to Oggle Velma."

The film opens in an old abandoned toy factory, with Daphne held hostage by another spooky ghost. Fred and Velma are putting a plan together, and Scooby and Shaggy are hiding. as usual on the old Scooby cartoon, the plan doesn't work, but the ghost still gets caught, after Shaggy and Scooby go for a fun ride on a skateboard sitting handily nearby.

After the ghost is captured, Fred takes all the credit, and Velma quits, then so do Daphne and Fred. Shaggy and Scooby stay together, saying 'Friends don't quit'.

We cut to a few years later, we see the Mystery Machine with smoke coming out the top, and Shaggy says 'Now that's what I call nicely toasted'. We go inside, and Shaggy and Scoob are toasting eggplant on a small grill. Someone knocks on the van, and invites them to solve a mystery on an island amusement park called 'Spooky Island'. Shaggy and Scooby say no, very firmly, despite the promise of 10,000 dollars. But then they're promised All-you-can-eat free food, and they're in.

At the airport, we find that the entire gang has been invited, and none of em are too happy about it, except for Shaggy. On the plane Shag meets a cute girl named Mary-Jane ('That's, like, My favorite name!')

When the gang arrives at spooky island, the owner, played by Rowan Atkinson, explains the mystery.

The rowdy, crazy college kids act like emotionless zombies when they leave the island, and he thinks someone is hypnotizing them while they're at the park. Each member of the gang wants to solve the mystery on their own, except again for Shaggy, who wants to eat.

Velma goes to some kind of ritual where she meets a creepy guy who claims the island was built on some kind of ancient burial ground, and ancient creatures live there. Daphne finds a strange voodoo man who tells her not to go to the spooky castle on the hill, so of course she does. She brings Scooby and Shaggy with her. They get inside, and both Freddy and Velma are already there. Inside is a strange haunted house ride that was turned off for repairs. A strange man turns it on, and Fred and Velma almost get killed by giant swinging axes, but Fred holds up a book, and gets knocked through a window, turning the machine off. He and Velma go inside and find a video about how kids should act. It seems to be a brainwashing facility. Meanwhile, Daphne finds a strange pyramid, and grabs it.

The gang heads back to the hotel, very pleased with their finds. While there, Velma reminisces about the good old days, How she loved Scooby and Shaggy, how cute Daphne was, and how handsome Fred was, but there was always one bad apple. Scrappy Doo. He was an out-of-control egomaniac, and he peed on Daphne, so he got kicked out.

Around that time the hotel is invaded by giant monsters, Daphne thinks one of them is wearing a mask, but it won't pull off. Daphne, Shaggy, Mary-Jane and Scooby get away, and sleep on the beach waiting for the coast guard to show up. In the morning, things are a little weird.

The hotel is fine, none of the holes it had last night, and all the kids are back on the beach, but they're all talkin ebonics like the kids in the brainwashing video. Shaggy and Scooby go off to find Fred, Mary Jane goes off to find her friends, and Daphne goes off to find some clues.

Fred and the rest of the kids turn out to be posessed zombies, and try to capture Shaggy. They exhale green gas that turns other people into zombies, and Daphne is caught.

Shaggy and Scooby find some 4-wheel rovers, and get away from the zombies. They stop at one point and Grab Mary-Jane who said her friends tried to kill her.

As they ride, Mary Jane gets hit by a low branch, and Scooby sees her face, She is another zombie. When they stop, Scooby tries to tell Shaggy about her, but Shag doesn't believe him.

Scooby falls down a trap door, and Shag follows him, again saying how friends dont quit.

Scooby is nowhere to be found, but Shaggy DOES find a cauldron full of souls, the 'protoplasm' of a person, their personality. He hears Velma call him, and pulls hers out. She zooms off to find her body. When she gets there, her protoplasm pushes the monster out of her. When it gets hit by the sunlight, it explodes. Shaggy also finds Fred and Daphne's protoplasm and grabs the pyramid.

All 4 meet up in the woods, but there's a slight problem. Fred couldn't get to his body, so he went to Daphne's. He also got a peek of her naked. Daphne is in Fred's body. Some weird thing in the pyramid makes everyone's protoplasm move around until everyone is in the right body.

The gang goes to see the voodoo man who says that the weird creatures need a pure soul to take over the world, or some such. And everyone realizes that's why they want Scooby. It turns out that Atkinson, the guy who invited them there was the one behind the whole thing, and he convinces Scooby to be a sacrifice.

The gang puts together a big plan, which of course goes wrong, and soon the gang is underground in the sacrifice area. Daphne is out of sight, and Fred and Velma are pretending to be zombies. Shaggy accidentally knocks out one of the leaders of the sacrifice and dresses as him. He convinces Scooby to run away, but too late, and his protoplasm is sucked out. Some souls are sucked into Atkinson, but Shaggy is able to stop it, with Scooby's soul flying around the room. It is revealed that Atkinson was a robot, and inside was...

Scrappy Doo!

He's mad that the gang threw him out and he'd been looking for revenge ever since, and now with the soul he's taken, he turns into a huge monster dog.

Daphne fights a mexican wrestler in a funny kung-Fu scene, while Shaggy and Scooby run from Scrappy. Mary Jane catches them and tries to kill Shag. Scrappy catches Scooby and starts to gloat over his victory. Just before he kills Scooby, Shaggy uses a giant claw, which was being used to hold Scooby's protoplasm, to grab the pryamid off of Scrappy's chest, causing him to return to normal, and Scooby just bitch slap's him. Daphne opens a grate at the top of the cage, and the gang knocks over the cauldron of protoplasm, and everyone is returned to their bodies, and the open grate lets sun in to kill all the monsters. When the police arrive, Fred lets Velma field the questions, and the gang's friendship prevails. They're back in business.

The film ends with Shaggy and Scooby eating Hot peppers, with steamy results. (not innuendo...just steam)


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