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Geez, where do I begin with this one...

Chris Klein plays Gilly, a dog catcher in a small town in Indiana. Heather Graham is Jo, a newly arrived hairdresser who is living with her parents, Valdine and Walter (Sally Field and Richard Jenkins).

Word gets out at the dog pound that a hot new hairdresser is in town and Gilly heads down to check her out. There's a long line waiting for Heather, even though she gives horrible haircuts. Doesn't matter though, she's so darn cute.

Gilly finally gets his turn and the conversation turns to her lost cat. Gilly tells her they just got in a cat just like hers at the pound and she gets so excited and accidentally cuts off part of his ear.

To make it up to him she invites him to dinner. They do a lot of dating over the next 6 months and we learn that she left Oregon because of old boyfriend problems and that Gilly has been searching for a long time for his real parents. Heather also sees the soft side of Gilly as he tells that whenever they put a dog to sleep, he climbs up to the roof, says a touching prayer and fires a shot in the air. They become so close that they even get engaged.

One night while in Gilly's bed, Heather comments on his naked poster of Suzanne Summers. Gilly proudly claims that he used to masturbate 5 times a day while looking at the poster. (I only mention this because it comes into play later).

She say's they can break that record and begin to make love. Suddenly the phone rings and the recorder picks up Gilly's private detective that claims he found Gilly's birth mother. It's... Valdine (Heather's mother)

They both can't believe it and Heather moves back to Oregon and Gilly moves in with Valdine and Walter. Gilly is ridiculed by the whole town for sleeping with his sister and is even fired from his job.

Heather calls home to tell her folks that she's getting married to her old boyfriend. Valdine is thrilled since he is the richest guy in town. There is a knock on the door and it's some other guy with proof that HE is Valdine's long lost son. He's got all the documentation so Gilly's detective was wrong. They kick Gilly out claiming he was scamming them for a free place to live.

He heads to Oregon to stop the wedding and to let Heather know they aren't brother and sister.

Valdine lets Heather's fiancé know what's up and he hires his flunkies to stop Gilly from seeing Heather. They put up signs warning the town of the sex pervert that may be in town and to call the police if you see him. Valdine lets Heather know that Gilly is crazy and he keeps talking about an imaginary friend (Heather's real brother).

Along the way Gilly meets Orlando Jones who plays DIG, a legless pilot. He and Dig team up to help Gilly get the word out to Heather.

One of the things they try is to fly a banner over a wedding rehearsal party that reads "JO I'M NOT YOUR BROTHER, MARRY ME." Unfortunately, the "NOT" falls off before it even makes it in the air and the entire wedding party sees the banner that now reads, "JO, I'M YOUR BROTHER, MARRY ME"

Finally, after a few other mishaps, the real brother shows up and sees Gilly's truck driving towards the wedding. He decides to ram it not knowing that it is actually being driven by one of the fiancé's henchmen. The car crashes burning up the driver. The local sheriff scoops up the ashes into his thermos and presents them to Heather after her wedding. She breaks down and her father tells her the truth about Gilly. She throws her wedding ring at her new husband and heads back to Indiana.

Dig flies Gilly back to Indiana.

When he gets home he has his job back as dog catcher. One day, while standing outside the pound, he sees Heather on the roof with a gun. He's sure that she's going to kill herself and runs to the ladder to stop her.

Actually, she's saying Gilly's old prayer, dumps what she still thinks are his ashes, over the edge and fires a one gun salute. Gilly appears, covered with the ashes and the two embrace.

They get married and as they are walking out of the church, the detective shows up and tells Gilly that this time he has all the documentation and is 110% sure that he has found his real mother. A limo pulls up and out steps Suzanne Summers.

Gilly can't believe that Suzanne Summers is his mother. Heather asks.... "Wait a minute, didn't you used to....."

The film ends with a shocked look on Gilly's face.


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Heather Graham as Jo
Finally realizes that Gilly is NOT her brother and they get married.
Chris Klein as Gilly
He marries Heather and later finds out that his real mom is Suzanne Summers.
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