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The scene opens in Hong Kong with an explosion at the US Embassy. Zhang Ziyi dressed as a postal worker delivers the bomb and watches it blast.

Next, we see the dynamic duo, Chan and Tucker listening to the beach boys and enjoying what is supposed to be Tucker's vacation. But, Chan gets a call about the explosion and they are on a new case.

Chan steers them to a nightclub. Tucker doesn't really know what is going on. At the club Chan is looking for Ricky Tan (a wealthy and corrupt man). Tucker gets on stage and sings Michael Jackson. But, Chan is battling bad guys up this tall wall of bamboo sticks. Tucker realizes and goes to help his partner. Turns out, the club was where all the gangs hang out. They both battle all the bad guys except when they come face to face with the
deadly Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon). She gets away, leaving Chan and Tucker dangling from a large bamboo stick over the busy street.

Next, Chan and Tucker go to a massage parlor where Ricky Tan hangs out. Tucker approaches Ricky Tan, but Ricky Tan leaves and lets his 11 guys finish off Chan and Tucker, who end up beating all of them. But, more come and they throw Chan and Tucker out into the busy streets of Hong Kong NAKED.

The two make it back to the police station, only to find that the CIA (Americans) doesn't want Chan involved. Chan and Tucker dress in the locker room. Tucker leaves without Chan knowing and pursues the massage parlor for a massage. Zhang Ziyi shows up at the police station with a bomb. She blows up the locker room. Chan thinks Tucker is dead.

Chan sets out after Ricky Tan who is on a yacht. Tucker, also sees Ricky Tan's men on the street and follows him to the yacht. Tucker meets a rich man and his beautiful girlfriend (both Americans) who he suspects are in on something with Ricky Tan. Chan fights with bad guys on the other side of the yacht, Zhang Ziyi shows up, and shoots Ricky Tan dead in the water. She wants to be the leader. Chan sees Tucker on the yacht and is happy that he is alive. They both get in trouble for the mess and Chan must drive Tucker to the airport to go home.

At the airport, Chan explains to Tucker that he must take this case because it was Ricky Tan that double-crossed his father. Ricky Tan and Chan's father were cops. They both fly to L.A. to follow the gang and the rich white couple.

As, they spy on the rich man's girlfriend, Zhang Ziyi shows up again with a package. Chan and Tucker think it's a bomb and go to get the package. Turns out the woman is a secret uncover CIA agent and the package was not a bomb, but money. The gang is in on Counterfeit money and plates that are used to make it.

Tucker knows of a place where he can find info. When they get outside they are kidnapped by Zhang Ziyi and her gang, then tied up in a truck that is heading to Vegas.

Chan and Tucker escape, but now they are in Vegas. They get some cool clothes and head out to the casino to find the counterfeit plates. Tucker plans to distract security by acting crazy at a craps game.

Chan attempts to get into the back room. Now, he is scraping again, because the camera spotted him. Zhang Ziyi shows up and puts a mini bomb in Chan's mouth. She also has the detonator to make it explode. Tucker finally meets up with Chan whose mouth is taped shut. The detonator is kicked all over the floor, as Zhang Ziyi struggles to get it. People are dueling all over the casino in total chaos. Tucker gets the bomb out of Chan's mouth before it explodes.

Zhang Ziyi shoots the CIA agent in the arm. Tucker fights Zhang Ziyi and a flying spear stabs her. Chan goes back up to the money room, there he finds Ricky Tan, who was never dead, it was a set up. Chan throws Ricky Tan out the window. But, Zhang Ziyi shows up barely alive with a bomb wrapped around her, leaving no choice for Tucker and Chan, but to jump out the window too. The Hotel blows up and Tucker and Chan slide to the ground on a wire. They saved the day.

Last scene, the CIA girl (she was only wounded) gives Chan a kiss and says thanks for all his help. Tucker says goodbye to Chan but not before showing him all the money he won while playing craps. He tells Chan to take a real vacation with him and Chan agrees. Together they dance and head off for New York.

Watch for the funny outtakes at the end of the film as well.

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