NOTE: Another great spoiler sent in by Marcus.

The film opens with a gunshot, and we see Joey Gazelle (Paul Walker) walk out of a building. In his arms are Oleg Yugorsky (Cameron Bright) and a silver snub-nosed .38 pistol. Oleg has blood on his shirt, and Joey puts him in his car and speeds off. Joey is frantic (his face is bloody), and keeps reassuring Oleg that they are going to make it. They speed through a red light and continue driving while Oleg takes his asthma inhaler. Oleg yells out that they are going to crash when he sees a person on a bicycle in front of them. We hear the car screech, and we go back to 18 hours earlier…

We see a group of men in a hotel room. Three men are black, two of which are counting money while the other one walks around with his machine gun. Three other men are white – Tommy Perello (Johnny Messner), Sal Franzone (Michael Cudlitz), and Joey. Tommy is busy making sure the drugs he has in front of him are good (this is obviously a drug deal). Everything is going smooth until three masked men bursts into the room with shotguns. They order everyone on the ground, to which everyone complies except Tommy. The leader of the masked men hits him in the stomach with his shotgun, then whacks him in the back to get him on the floor. Very carefully, he orders everyone to slowly get out their weapons and slide them across the floor (under the bed). Everyone obeys, then the masked men start to collect the money and the drugs. One of the black men pulls out a razor and cuts a masked man’s Achilles tendon. The masked man screams in pain, and then the leader of the masked men shoots the black man in the chest. Another black man pulls out a hidden blade that was on his back and lunges at the leader, who blasts him with his shotgun (the black man’s body flies across the room). That leaves one black man left, who promptly gets blasted in the head by a shotgun. Tommy says that he doesn’t care about them, but if they spill Perello blood, they are going to be in a world of pain. The leader orders his man to shoot him, but Tommy pulls out a hidden gun he had (it was attached to his leg; it’s the snub-nosed pistol) and shoots the man in the groin. A shootout occurs, which has Tommy, Sal, and Joey taking cover. Joey shoots a masked man to death and the leader runs away. Tommy walks over to the man he shot in the balls, steps on it, then blows his brains out. The masked man’s hand turns over, and in it is a cop’s badge. The man Joey killed is also a cop, which makes Tommy extremely pissed. They gather the goods and quickly leave.

In the car, Tommy gives the gun he used to kill the cop to Joey (along with Sal’s gun). He orders Joey to get rid of it by dumping it in the lake. At the Gazelle house, Joey’s son Nicky (Alex Neuberger) is playing hockey with Oleg (who’s his best friend) in the basement. They wrestle around, trying to get the puck, and Nicky accidentally pushes Oleg hard against a wall. Oleg lifts up his shirt and we see that his back is very bruised. Nicky fells bad about doing that to him, but Oleg knows that he’s not the reason for his bruises and uses his inhaler. Joey arrives home with the two guns wrapped in newspaper. He sees his father watching TV, and walks into the laundry room where his wife Teresa (Vera Farmiga) is doing the laundry. He gets horny seeing her bent over and pretty much has sex with her on top of the laundry machine, but they stop because Teresa insists that they don’t do in right now (Oleg and Nicky are in the house). Joey goes downstairs when Nicky hears him. The two kids hide while they see Joey stash the guns carefully in plastic bags in a hidden space. Joey goes back upstairs and gets a bit upset with Teresa that the kids are playing hockey in the basement again (he saw their gear).

Teresa tells Joey to get Nicky since it’s time to eat. Nicky and Oleg come up, and Nicky asks if Oleg can stay for dinner (Joey says no). Oleg doesn’t mind too much and goes to leave. Joey tells Nicky to get his grandpa to the dinner table (Joey’s father is disabled). After he does, Joey surprises Nicky with tickets to a hockey game later that week. Nicky is happy, but asks if Oleg can come too (Joey says maybe next time). Oleg goes back to his home, which is directly next to the Gazelle’s. His father, Anzor (Karl Roden) is watching a John Wayne movie on TV. From the tattoo on his back of the Duke, along with various posters around the house, it’s clear that Anzor is a big John Wayne fan. His wife brings him some pizza, but he doesn’t like the crust. Oleg comes in and Anzor talks to him about his childhood. When he was younger, he didn’t have any entertainment like people do nowadays. After he did a “job” for his father, he was rewarded with a super 8 film player and three movies, one of which was a John Wayne movie. The movie was only 10 minutes, but he loved it and watched it a thousand times. However, when he came to America he saw the rest of the movie and saw that John Wayne got shot at the end (which made him pissed). Oleg doesn’t like John Wayne, and he calls him a fag. Anzor almost hits him, but Oleg runs upstairs.

Joey and his family sit down and eat dinner. Teresa is concerned because a teacher of Nicky’s said that he should be tested for ADD. Nicky swears, and is corrected by his mother and father. Joey says that there’s no way Nicky’s going to be medicated and is against the test. Back next door, Oleg’s mother Mila (Ivana Milicevic) brings Anzor some food again. He smacks her across the face and shoves her head into the food. He’s been smoking meth, and so is a bit worked up. We see a shadow come downstairs and enter the living room where Mila and Anzor are. Teresa hears a gunshot, but Joey ignores it and makes Nicky pass the bread. A bullet is shot into their window, and Joey gets everyone on the floor. Everyone is okay, but Joey is furious at his Russian neighbor. He grabs a gun and heads next door. Mila opens the door, and Joey searches the house for Anzor (he thinks Anzor was the shooter). He finds his neighbor in the kitchen, shot in the shoulder. Anzor tells him that it was Oleg who shot him. Joey asks him where he got the gun, and Anzor describes perfectly Tommy’s gun that Joey was supposed to get rid of.

Joey runs back home and looks in the basement to find that Tommy’s gun is in fact missing. He can’t believe it. Teresa called the cops about the shooting, and Joey tells her about the gun. If the cops get it and find Oleg, they will force him to tell where he got it, which would make Joey dead. Teresa assures him that he can get to ! the gun before the cops can. The ambulance arrives and takes Anzor away. Joey goes back next door and tells Mila to go with the ambulance. He acts like he’s concerned, and waits for the paramedics to leave, saying that Anzor told him to stay until Oleg came home. While no one’s looking, he digs out a bullet from the wall and it falls on the floor. Two cops come in and ask him about the incident. Joey tells him that Anzor was talking in Russian when he came in and didn’t tell him who shot him. Joey steps on the bullet to hide it. The cops tell him to go outside, where they’ll take a statement from him. They then proceed to look at the bullet hole. Joey eats some nicotine gum and quickly chews on it. He then drops it on the floor, steps on the gum, and steps on the bullet so that it’ll stick. He goes back home, nearly having a heart attack. He also digs out the bullet that came through his window.

Joey tells Nicky to make a list of all the places him and Oleg hang out. He’s going to go out and look for him. Joey leaves and takes Nicky with him. He tells Teresa to stay next door, and to call him if Oleg shows up. The first stop Joey makes is at the hospital, where he puts on a doctor’s uniform and looks for Anzor. He finally finds the room where they operated on him, and he sees the bullet lying on a table. He tries to get it, but a nurse asks him what he’s doing. He says that the cops outside want to examine the bullet right away, but the nurse takes it and says that she’ll give it to them. Joey dumps the doctor disguise and bumps into Detective Rydell (Chazz Palminteri) in the hallway. They both look at each other, as if they know each other. Joey walks away while the nurse gives Rydell the bullet (since Joey told her the police wanted to examine it right away).

Joey then drives to a park, where Nicky and Oleg sometimes hang out in an abandoned building. We see that Oleg is already there, and he’s pretty scared. A crack addict surprises him, and Oleg pulls out the snub-nosed pistol. The druggie looks at it and says “nice gun”. Back at the hospital, Rydell talks with Anzor about the shooting. Rydell notes that Anzor’s family members are associated with the Russian mafia. He asks who shot him, and Anzor tells him that it was a black person. Rydell leaves, and bumps into Ivan Yugorsky (John Noble), Anzor’s uncle who’s also a mafia leader. Ivan and his men walk in the room and talk with Anzor. Meanwhile, the druggie is leading Oleg somewhere. It turns out he’s leading him to get some drugs from the bathroom at the abandoned building. Joey and Nicky begin to search the park for Oleg. The druggie has the pistol, and he holds a drug dealer hostage while he makes Oleg search for the drugs hidden in the toilets. Another drug dealer asks Oleg what he’s doing, and he sees the druggie holding his man hostage. Dealer #2 holds a gun to Oleg’s head and orders the druggie to release his man. Joey hears a lot of gunfire, and runs to the bathroom. He sees the dealers are dead, and orders the druggie to put his hands on his head (he thinks Joey’s the police). He then asks him about the gun, but Oleg has already run off with it again.

Oleg runs in front of a liquor store, where he sees a pimp named Lester (David Warshofsky) beat up one of his hookers. He smashes her head against his car’s headlight, and beats her up for not making enough money that week. He holds a knife out to her face and is ready to use it when Oleg draws the pistol on him. Lester doesn’t think he has it in him to shoot him, but Oleg does. However, the gun is out of bullets and so Lester takes it away. He then holds the knife to Oleg’s face and tells him that he’s going to permanently carve a smile into his face. The hooker knocks Lester out, and Oleg takes the gun back. The prostitute sees that Oleg is wheezing (he doesn’t have his asthma with him), and walks off with him. Somewhere along this Mila (Oleg’s mom) has returned to her house and talks with Teresa about how she belongs to Anzor. Mila was a prostitute, and was promised safe passage to America where she would get rich (she was a mail-order bride of some sort). However, once she arrived and was found to be pregnant Anzor’s mob relatives wanted her to abort the baby. Anzor stood up to his family, and married her to save the baby. Since Mila married him, the mob relatives wouldn’t hurt her kid (but Anzor does abuse him frequently).

As Joey and Nicky continue to look for Oleg, we see the prostitute and Oleg in a pharmacy. The pharmacist won’t give Oleg medication, since they won’t tell him who his doctor is or his name. Even after the hooker offers sex and money, he still won’t budge. She pulls out the pistol and orders him to give Oleg medication (he does). Joey goes to a strip club, and makes Nicky stay in the car. Tommy and Sal pull! up and enter with Joey. The three meet up with Rydell, who makes it clear that he was the masked leader during the opening shootout. He also makes it clear that unless they give him two million dollars, he’s going to take over the investigation and nail all three of them for the his dead partners. The three won’t budge, since Rydell has nothing on them. However, Rydell tells them about the snub-nosed pistol, and how it was used to shoot Anzor. He tries to make Tommy and Sal turn on Joey, and Tommy finds it interesting that Joey didn’t get rid of the gun (the whole time Joey denies it). Rydell gives them instructions to a locker that he wants the money delivered to, and promises to finds the pistol before they do (“I got the toughest mob in the world – I’m the law”). They all leave.

Joey drives Nicky to a diner and says that he’ll get him some food (since his dinner was interrupted). Inside, we see that Joey really is having a meeting with Tommy, Sal, and Frankie Perello (Arthur J. Nascarella). Frankie is Tommy’s father, and the boss of all of them. They discuss the dirty cop situation (i.e. Rydell) and Frankie promises that they’ll take care of it. Joey orders a burger for Nicky and sends someone out to give it to him. Frankie asks Joey if the snub-nosed pistol really was used in Anzor’s shooting, and Joey denies it. Since Anzor is related to Ivan Yugorsky, and Ivan and Frankie are doing business together, Frankie doesn’t want the shooting to look related to them. Frankie orders them to find Oleg. A man goes outside and gives Nicky his burger. Nicky however noti! ces the prostitute and Oleg walk into the diner to eat. Nicky goes inside to try to get Oleg’s attention, but is noticed by Tommy (who brings it to the attention of the others). Nicky tells Joey that he’s going to the bathroom, and Oleg sees him (he also tells the hooker that he’s going to use the restroom). In a stall, Oleg gives Nicky the gun, who hides it in a toilet lid. Joey comes in and tells Nicky to hurry up. Oleg remains unseen and Nicky promises that everything will be okay. Nicky and Joey leave.

Oleg and the prostitute see some cops walk into the diner, and so they decide to leave. Joey asks Nicky for any other places where Oleg could be, and Nicky tells him not to worry about it. Joey stops the car and Nicky tells him that Oleg was back at the diner, and gave him the gun. They drive back to the diner, and appear on their best behavior in front of the cops. We see that the bathroom has been cleaned (there are two yellow signs that say the floor is wet). One of the cops is using the toilet that has the gun in it. Joey and Nicky hide in a stall until he leaves. When they lift the toilet lid, they find it missing. Joey gets pissed, and accuses Nicky of making it up or misplacing it. Joey pieces it together – the janitor took it. He and Nicky sneak into the kitchen. Nicky stands guard outside while Joey searches the manager’s office for who the janitor was. He finds out the name and address after being nearly caught by a cop. They leave again.

The prostitute wants to ditch Oleg and tells him to go home, but he lifts up his shirt and reveals his horribly bruised back. She then has a change of heart and lets him stick around some more, but the cops show up and arrest the hooker, along with Oleg. Teresa calls Joey and tells him that Oleg has been caught by the cops, and wants Nicky to come back home. Joey drives Nicky back at home and gets an earful from Teresa for putting Nicky through this. Before Joey can pull out of the drive way, Tommy and Sal pull up and ask him where he’s going. He says he’s going to get groceries, and they ask him if there’s anything he wants to tell them. He says no, and so they leave. Joey drives off for the janitor’s home. Rydell interrogates Oleg, and asks him where he got the gun. Oleg tells him that he found it at school, but Rydell knows he’s covering up for Joey and gets frustrated that he won’t tell the truth. Rydell leaves and talks with Anzor in the hallway (his arm is in a sling). Rydell tells Anzor to get Oleg to tell the truth about where the gun came from, and in return he will overlook the fact that Anzor has a meth lab in his backyard. Anzor thus takes Oleg out for some ice-cream.

Joey drives to the janitor’s place, and knocks on the door. He bursts into the apartment and holds the janitor’s wife at gunpoint while she holds her baby. He asks her where the janitor is, but he’s not there. She tells him that he’s out playing cards with his friends, and Joey makes her tell him exactly where (along with making her promise not to contact him). Joey takes off and ends up at the card game place. He passes by a man in the staircase, and asks him if he’s the janitor. He says no, and tells him that he’s still inside (but he warns him that if he owes him money, he already cleaned him out). Joey bursts into the room where the janitor is playing cards with his buddies. He finds out who he is, and asks him where the gun is. The man gives Joey the middle finger, who responds by breaking it. It turns out the janitor lost it in a card game to the man Joey just passed by in the staircase. Joey orders him to give the location of where the man is going. When Joey goes outside, he screams in frustration and anger over the gun.

Anzor is trying to get on Oleg’s good side by telling him that if he tells the cops where he got the gun, he’ll get him season tickets to his favorite hockey game. Oleg says “I’m sorry”, and Anzor tells him not to worry about it. But Oleg finishes by saying “I’m sorry I missed”, which causes Anzor to lose it and hit Oleg in the face. Oleg overturns the table and runs out of the ice-cream place, hiding in the parking lot. Anzor tries to find him, and Oleg sneaks into a van and hides there. Anzor leaves. The people who own the van come and open the back, where they are a bit surprised to find Oleg there. The woman says “it looks like we picked up a stray”, and Oleg notices that there are two other kids in the van with him. The man and woman give the kids ice-cream and drive off with them.

At a car garage, a mechanic (the man who Joey ran into in the stairway) talks with Lester (the pimp) about his car. He tells him that he can have his car’s headlights repaired in a couple of days. The mechanic shows Lester the pistol (which catches his attention, since he recognizes it from his incident with Oleg), and Lester pays a couple of hundred dollars for it. The mechanic gives him bullets for it, and Lester calls a cab. The cab pulls away from the garage while Joey pulls in (Joey sees Lester). Joey then asks the mechanic about the pistol. The mechanic freaks out and runs off inside, where he turns off the lights. Joey can’t see anything, and the mechanic grabs a blowtorch. He uses it to knock the gun out of Joey’s hands, and tries to burn him with it. Joey eventually gets the upper hand and sets the mechanic on fire. While the flames slowly work their way up his body (his lower half is on fire), Joey asks him where the gun went. He tells him about Lester and where he can find him.

Back to Oleg – he is at the couple’s apartment where everything is crystal clean and there is a big room full of toys. The couple show the kids the! ir video camera, and force the other kids to hug. Oleg uses his inhaler and asks where the bathroom is. The woman is a bit concerned, but tells him where it is. The man tells Oleg that he’s going to miss being in the “movie”. Oleg leaves the room and tries to open the front door, but it won’t open (there’s a lock on the inside that requires a password). He tries to open up any windows, but they are all locked. He grabs a cell phone from the woman’s purse right before she finds him in the hallway. Oleg says that he just couldn’t find the bathroom, and this time he actually goes inside it. He locks the door, and calls Teresa Gazelle. He doesn’t know where he is, and he is scared. She talks her through it, and helps him find out the location when Oleg finds a prescription bottle. Teresa is concerned since the adults there sound weird, and she promises to go there. She gets Nicky in the car and they drive off. The man and woman burst into the bathroom and see Oleg flush the toilet.

Teresa shows up at the location, which is an apartment complex, and leaves Nicky in the car. She goes to the right apartment and rings the doorbell, which catches the man and woman off-guard (in case it wasn’t clear before, they are pedophiles). They throw on some clothes and the woman tells the man to take care of the kids. The woman opens the door and asks Teresa why she’s there. She says that Oleg called her, but the woman lies and says that she must be mistaken. Teresa lets herself in and looks around. The apartment looks like it’s straight out of a magazine, and is disturbingly clean. Teresa sees that two kids are in their bedroom, sleeping, and still doesn’t find Oleg. She goes to leave when she realizes something – there are no pictures in the apartment, at al! l. If they were their kids, they would have had at least one picture. She walks into the room full of toys, and refuses to leave without Oleg. The man threatens to call the cops, but Teresa sees through his bluff and tells him to go right ahead. Teresa then pulls out a gun and orders them to tell where Oleg is. It turns out he’s in the closet; his hands are tied with tape and a plastic bag is taped around his head. Teresa performs CPR on him and he regains consciousness….all the while the man and woman are debating on how to get the gun. Teresa orders them to get away from the door and let Oleg leave. They do, and she tells Oleg to get the other kids and go downstairs to wait with Nicky. Teresa calls the police and tells them that she heard gunfire across the hallway (giving the location). She hangs up and shoots the pedophiles to death.

Teresa calls Joey, and he returns home to comfort his wife. She tells him that she never saw true evil before that night, and confesses to killing the pedophiles. Joey gets pissed, saying that she could have just taken Oleg and walked away. Anyways, he takes Oleg along with him to retrieve the pistol while Nicky and Teresa stay at home. In the car, Joey talks with the cab service and ask where they took Lester (saying it’s an emergency). On the way over there, Joey talks with Oleg about music (Oleg only listens to a Russian song his mother has). They listen to the radio and show up where Lester is. They wait outside for him, and Joey puts his gun on his lap. Joey talks about knowing a kid once, who was beaten and abused just like Oleg was, day in and day out. But then when he was 14, he went to his father’s room and beat him with a baseball bat. Now the father can’t do anything without shaking. It’s clear that Joey is talking about himself and his father. Lester walks outside, and Joey sees the gun. However, before he can get out of his car Tommy and Sal show up again and block Joey. Tommy says “Let me guess, you were just about to call us”, and sees Oleg. Tommy wants Joey to follow them, and he puts Oleg in their car.

They drive to someplace deserted, where they leave Oleg in the car while Tommy, Joey, and Sal walk a good distance away. Tommy gets a phone call from his father, and he assures him that he’s “taking care of the problem”. He pulls out a gun and holds it to Joey’s head. He doesn’t buy the story Joey told him about the gun, and Joey realizes that they are going to kill them. After all the time they’ve known each other, they are going to kill him. Joey keeps on knocking the gun away, so Tommy pistol whips him a couple of times while Oleg watches helplessly from the car. Joey accepts what’s about to happen, but just asks that it’s not done in front of the kid. Tommy refuses, and points the gun at Sal’s forehead and fires. Sal dies, and Tommy reveals that Sal got busted a while ago and has been a rat for the cops ever since. He then reveals what’s going to happen to Rydell, of whom is at the locker and sees the bag full of cash. Rydell opens the bag in a bathroom stall, and finds that it’s full of phone directories. Also inside is a cell phone, which Tommy calls him on. The cell phone was connected to explosives, and so Rydell explodes in the bathroom. Since he’s dead, that takes care of their problem. However, Tommy has one more place he wants to take them. They get in their cars and drive off.

Tommy leads Joey and Oleg to a hockey rink, which is owned by Ivan Yugorsky. Also at the rink are Ivan’s goons, a couple of hockey players, Frankie Perello, and some of his goons. Oleg is brought forth before Ivan, and Anzor is revealed to be there as well. Since Frankie brought back Oleg, this would guarantee that his business relationship with Ivan would not be in danger. Ivan shows Oleg his light system, and at the touch of a button the lights go off and everything becomes glow-in-the-dark (it’s like neon lights or something). Ivan hits Oleg in the head, and Joey gets pissed. Ivan doesn’t like Joey’s disregard for him, and so has his goons throw him on the ice rink. They hold him down, and a hockey player launches a puck at Joey’s eye. Then another at his forehead. Then another at his nose. And another at his mouth. By the time they are done, Joey is a bloody mess and is face-down in a pool of his ! own blood. Ivan throws down Oleg next to him and orders Anzor to kill him. Anzor grabs a gun but can’t bring himself to kill Oleg. Joey also tells him that he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he did. Anzor throws down his gun, takes off his shirt, and walks away. Ivan grows furious and orders him to kill Oleg, but he won’t listen. Ivan shoots Anzor three times in the back, and Anzor dies.

Ivan walks over to Oleg and is going to kill him when Joey talks. He tells him that Frankie ordered him to use Oleg to shoot Anzor. Frankie denies this, but Joey persists that Tommy gave him the gun himself and told him to use the kid. Tommy gets pissed as well, and things turn tense. Tommy pulls out a gun and is going to kill Joey when he is shot in the back by a shotgun, which blows a chunk of his body off. He’s not quite dead yet, and so he fires at Joey but he misses (Joey is sliding around on the ice). A shootout occurs, and Tommy dies. Frankie’s goons and Ivan’s goons kill each other. Frankie and Ivan hold guns to each other’s heads, but they are both empty so they scramble for a shotgun. Joey got his hands on a gun, but a hockey player knocks it away and hits him in the face with his stick. Ivan bites off a piece of Frankie’s ear, and they continue to struggle over the shotgun. Ivan is shot and killed by Frankie. Oleg slides a gun to Joey, who kills the hockey player coming at him. The last hockey player knocks it away and jumps on top of Joey. He shoves his stick on Joey’s throat while Frankie brings himself together and shoots the player point-blank with the shotgun.

He is angry at Joey for ruining everything and prepares to kill him. Joey rips open his shirt and we see that Joey is wearing a wire. He is undercover, and has been for 12 years. Frankie asks him why he would wait so long to bust him, but Joey says that they were waiting for the right time (Frankie doing business with Ivan was the right time). Joey’s so deep undercover that Teresa doesn’t even know the truth. Frankie tells him that she will never have to find out when he hears a gun cock. It’s Oleg, with a pistol pointed at Frankie. This distracts him enough so that Joey gets up and takes the shotgun from him. Joey blows Frankie’s head off with the shotgun. Joey then leaves with Oleg, and the FBI show up with helicopters and cars. An agent tells Joey that they lost contact with him, but they traced him to the hockey rink. Joey gets in his car and says that he is going to take Oleg home. The agent tells Joey that he needs medical attention, but he doesn’t care. This kid has been through hell this night, and he just wants to take him home.

On the way home, he tells Oleg that maybe he can find him a ticket to the game Joey and Nicky are going to later that week. For the first time, we see Oleg smile. Joey then says that they should eat first and clean up before going home. They stop at the diner and eat their meal. Joey seems to be really connecting with the boy. After they’re through, they get up to leave. As Joey pays for the food, Lester the pimp walks in with two hookers. He immediately recognizes Oleg, and starts threatening him. Joey intervenes and the two hookers fight with him. He headbutts one and throws her on top of the other who tried to pepper spray him. All Joey has is a knife, and Lester pul! ls out the snub-nosed pistol. Oleg stands in-between them. Joey wants Oleg to move behind him, but Oleg won’t move. Joey rushes to move Oleg, and we hear a gunshot.

We now are back at the opening scene, where Joey takes Oleg out of the diner with the gun. We see that Lester has had his throat slit, and is now dead. It turns out Oleg wasn’t shot, but Joey was (in the chest). Joey speeds off to get Oleg back home while Oleg tells him that they should go to a hospital. Joey is losing a lot of blood and is bleeding to death. They nearly hit the person on a bicycle, but Joey is determined to bring Oleg home. Back at home, Teresa and Nicky are sleeping on the couch. Next door, we see Mila looking regretful and we see a gas line is broken. She lights a match and her house explodes, killing herself and destroying the windows next door. Teresa and Nicky go outside and see the damage when they see Joey driving towards them. He passes out before he can stop, and so he crashes into garbage cans. Oleg gets out and sees his burning home while Teresa gets Joey out of the car. He says that he is really a good person and tells Nicky that he’s going to take him to the game. Joey dies right before the ambulance gets there.

Some time later we see Teresa, Nicky, and Oleg at Joey’s funeral. Teresa has been given a folded American flag. They are all very sad. Teresa drives the kids to their new home (Oleg has been adopted by them), which is a farm house. She walks over to the person fixing up Joey’s car. She tells George that the flag is for him. “George” is actually Joey, who didn’t die after all. Nicky asks Joey what was put in the coffin, and Joey says that it was probably a bunch of old uniforms. He wrestles around with Nicky and Oleg, who has finally found a loving family.

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Paul Walker's character kills all of the bad guys and returns the neighbor's kid home unharmed.

It appears that he is mortally wounded by a gunshot after you see his wife and kid at a funeral, but then you see them come home to a farm, making it appear that he either faked his own death or is in the witness protection program.

You also find out he was an undercover cop, pretending to be a mobster.