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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Brett.

The movie starts with Beck (The Rock) waiting in his car listening to a recipe. He's not only a bounty hunter but also a cook. He gets called into the club where he sees a bunch of football players and their bios get flashed. The one he's looking for is the running back. The Rock tells him he's here to collect 50 grand, the RB gives him only 1K and says he'll have the rest Monday. The Rock tells him he needs his expensive ring as collateral, which gets water thrown in his face. The Rock goes to the bathroom, calls Billy (who is the rich guy who bosses him) and tells him "he has the whole offensive line with him." Billy does not care. So Rock gives the RB two options (this would be a running joke throughout the movie). Option A, give the ring, option B, The Rock will take the ring. Rock then beats up the offensive line, using some wrestling moves and then beats up the RB and takes the ring. He goes outside where he is shot by another bounty hunter with a bean bag and he takes the ring.

Back at Billy's, The Rock is mad he sent another hunter and because of this, The Rock doesn't get the money. Here we find out Rock owes Billy money and he wants to open a restaurant. Billy says if he goes to the Amazon to get Billy's son the debt is clear and Rock is free to open his restaurant. Billy's son has run into some trouble there and needs to be brought home against his own will. We never do find out why The Rock owes Billy money, as due to poor screenwriting much of Rock's background is unfortunately not mentioned.

In the Amazon we see Billy's son Travis (Seann William Scott), who is an adventure seeker looking to find an ancient artifact worth millions. He tells the local bartender Maryana (Rosario Dawson) that he named flowers after her, hitting on her. Maryana realizes Travis is up to no good and Travis says he needs a boat. Maryana wants to come with him and they will split the money 50/50.

The Rock gets to the Amazon and meets with the local kingpin Hatcher (Christopher Walken) who says Travis works for him and wants $10,000 for The Rock to take him. We also see that Hatcher has enslaved the locals to work in his mine fields. The Rock pays the money and goes to the bar and handcuffs Travis, giving him his two options.

Travis takes option C, tries to beat up The Rock (which Travis says is option C) and fails. Hatcher comes in and says he lied and wants Travis back. The Rock beats up the guards and escapes with Travis. The Rock tells Travis here that he doesn't like using guns. This is very important but never explained, there seems to be an emotional scar but we never find out why he doesn't use guns. They begin driving and Travis makes them jump the road and fall off a cliff. They fall many feet and seem like they should have died many times, but I'll point my plot holes out elsewhere. They land in water.

Hatcher now says he wants to catch them before they get the artifact which he claims is his because it's in "his" jungle. He gives a great speech in Walkeneque manners saying he feels like a boy who puts his tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairy but two men steal the tooth. This got the biggest laugh of the entire movie, as Walken was definitely on with his delivery in this movie, getting major laughs for lines like "oh".

So Hatcher's men search for the two as Travis tries to beat up The Rock, doing another running gag of thinking he's so tough and is going to beat up giants and then getting punched. They both fall into a trap that hangs them upside down

and when they try to get out a monkey comes over and starts humping The Rock, which really freaks him out. Finally they are shot down by some of the local rebels. The Rock tells him they come in peace but Travis, mad at the Rock, tells them in Portuguese The Rock works for Hatcher and he wants to kill them. So the rebels take turns to beat up The Rock before Maryana comes and breaks it up. It turns out Maryana is the rebel leader who tried to use Travis to get the artifact to get money and get rid of Hatcher.

The Rock and the rebels bond, with one giving him a charm bracelet but the rebels get shot by Hatcher's men. All of them die except for the main three characters who get on a boat and try and get away. They make a deal that if The Rock leads Maryana to the artifact, Maryana will lead The Rock to the airport to get Travis home. This upset Travis but The Rock threatens to kill him. They finally head to a waterfall where Travis goes to swim and tells them under the waterfall is the artifact.

Inside the cave, there are lots of traps and they get to the end where if you move, the roof will cave in. Travis figures it's a safe and somehow figures out the combination is to follow the jaguars on the floor, which he does. He gets to artifact before the roof crashes down and they somehow escape. While relaxing Maryana gives the two an exotic fruit which is supposed to be incredible but turns out to be a drug that makes them woozy, see weird shapes and get paralyzed for a few hours. Maryana explains he doesn't want them to be greedy and take the artifact for themselves, she is worried about Travis.

They wake up and the same monkey comes and is about to hump The Rock, which upsets him, but he's still paralyzed. He manages to break out of it and run away. He goes to the airport where he finds out that Maryana was captured by Hatcher. Since The Rock made a deal he says to Travis they must go back, even if it means that they will die.

They break in to the mining town which Hatcher owns which gets evacuated. Hatcher is trying to crush the rebels by pumping Maryana for information. The Rock beats up a guard and appears on the video camera and gives Hatcher his options. Hatcher says he will take option B and The Rock says fine and cuts off the camera. The guards are armed and waiting for them, but a bunch of bulls are signaled and they take out a lot of guards. This allows The Rock and Travis to attack many of the guards.

This action sequence takes a bit but then the guards get the upper hand and pin Travis down who screams for help. The Rock grabs a gun (remember he doesn't use them), and The Rock goes through an emotional sequence that really has no backing when you consider we don't know why he doesn't use guns. He finally begins shooting everybody, saves Travis and beats up the rest of the guards. Hatcher's head guard goes off with Maryana and the artifact but Travis rams them and saves Maryana. Hatcher pulls a gun on The Rock but The Rock stops him. A sniper is about to shoot the Rock when Travis shoots him, saving Rock's life. Travis then leaves with the artifact to get his money. Finally the rebels gather around Hatcher who says he tried to help them, give them shelter and then tries to shoot The Rock but gets shot himself. Hatcher then says he wants to take option A and he walks away saying "clear" in a funny way as they open a path and then he falls to the floor dying. The Rock then apologizes to Maryana saying that he didn't get her the artifact and she didn't get him Travis. Travis appears again with the artifact. Maryana thanks them and celebrates with the rebels and The Rock and Travis go back to LA.

Back in Billy's house, Rock brings Travis home and Billy begins to yell at Travis and slap him around saying Travis is a wise ass headache. He then yells at The Rock saying he got his restaurant now leave, but Rock says he has a way to celebrate him getting his rundown Travis. He takes out the same fruit Maryana gives them and says it's a Brazilian way to celebrate. Travis smiles and Billy and his guards eat the fruit and begin to get paralyzed as Travis laughs at them.

The Rock and Travis leave and the Rock says he's going to open his restaurant and Travis is coming with him. Travis pulls his tough guy thing again saying he's going to kick The Rock's ass and it really pisses Rock off and just as Travis is about to get into a fight with The Rock again he says "just kidding, I'll get in the car" and the movie ends.


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