"Sarah Huttinger's life is in a tailspin. She's finally agreed to marry her boyfriend Jeff, but isn't at all sure that marriage is what she really wants--in fact, she's not sure what she wants in general. As conflicted as she is about her love life, her professional life isn't much better--an aspiring journalist, Sarah's career has stalled at the New York Times obituary column. To top it all off, she's on her way home to attend her sister's wedding, which means spending a lot of time with her tennis-obsessed Pasadena family. Somewhat of a black sheep, Sarah's never quite felt a part of things when it comes to her relatives. But when she meets Internet millionaire Beau Burroughs, their encounter unexpectedly unlocks some well-kept secrets that may help Sarah uncover the truth about her family and finally discover who she truly is, once and for all. "

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The film starts out at a celebration where we see the back of a woman who has a cigarette in her hand. Then we see the back of a young man who comes and stands next to the smoking woman. He hands her a hearing aide, which she pops into her ear as Sarah Huttinger (Jennifer Aniston) voices over that the entire story started when "this man slept with this woman on New Year's Eve, 1962. He was 21 and she was 42." Huttinger then tells us that six months later, the young man slept with the woman's daughter. We see the young man and the daughter on a beach in Mexico. Three days later, the daughter gets married to someone else and nobody knew about the ordeal except for the mother. This tale, other than the ending, is the essential plot of the book and film The Graduate. We see smoking woman from the back at her daughter's wedding. She throws her cigarette on the ground and gives it a hearty stomp as Sarah tells us that this would have been the end of the story, except the next Spring a friend of the young man wrote and published a book about the affair that got everyone's tongue wagging. We see smoking lady, cigarette in hand, walk into a book store and finger a copy of the bestseller as a group of ladies near her gossip about which of their neighbors they think the book is based on. Sarah continues her voice over by saying that without any solid suspects, the speculation never amounted to anything and the story could have ended there, but then the movie came out. We see a scene from the 1967 film where Dustin Hoffman's character asks Anne Bancroft's character if she is trying to seduce him. Smoking woman is in the audience, and we see her from the back, as usual, smoking her cigarette in the theater. Huttinger tells us that "this is how the story of one Pasadena family came to be immortalized."

Sarah then begins to tell us what this all has to do with her. She confesses that in the Winter of 1997, she still didn't know who she was. We see Sarah staring thoughtfully out of the window of an airplane when suddenly, the plane gives a lurch. Sarah, freaked out by this, turns to her fiance Jeff Daly (Mark Ruffalo) who tries to comfort her by telling her that it's just turbulence. The plane gives another violent lurch and Sarah is not comforted. Jeff then notices that Sarah isn't wearing her engagement ring and asks her about it. Sarah stammers about how her fingers swell up on airplanes so she put the ring in her purse. Jeff isn't convinced, so Sarah comes up with a better story about how the weekend was for her sister and she didn't want to "steal her thunder." We find out that they're flying to Pasadena to attend the wedding of Sarah's sister. Sarah then mischievously asks Jeff if he wants to have sex in the bathroom. He is hesitant, but Sarah insists and tells him to come into the bathroom a few minutes after her. The bathroom is very cramped, and they shift around awkwardly, trying to find a comfortable position. Sarah then complains that Jeff isn't into it, and just when they finally start kissing, the plane gives another lurch and throws them onto the floor. Sarah is overwhelmed and starts to cry and the real reason for all her tension comes out. She complains that she doesn't fit in with her family since she isn't as blonde as them and doesn't like tennis. She also feels guilty because she has never even met her sister's fiance. We learn that her mother is dead and that Sarah feels like a bad sister for not being there to help with the wedding. All-in-all, Sarah is pretty anxious about going to Pasadena, and Jeff comforts her.

At the airport, Sarah gives Jeff tips about how to talk to her dad, saying that "the Rams leaving L.A. is always a safe bet." Jeff assures her that it will be fine because he's a lawyer and talks for a living. We then meet Sarah's dad Earl (Richard Jenkins) and Jeff immediately falls back on talking about the Rams.

On the way to the house, Earl and Jeff try to hold their breath through the tunnels along the freeway. Sarah complains for a bit about their juvenile antics but then plays along. Once they get into the neighborhood, Earl starts telling Jeff about Pasadena while Sarah is pointing out places such as the alley where a boy once told her she had a "face like a butt" and a hedge that she ran away to because she thought she was adopted. Jeff has his arms full keeping track of both conversations.

Finally, they arrive at the house where we meet Sarah's younger sister Annie (Mena Suvari). Annie comes bouncing and squealing down the stairs, meets Jeff, and then introduces them to her fiance Scott (Steve Sandvoss). They make small talk and Annie tells Sarah and Jeff that they should get married too. Sarah says that marriage is something they haven't talked about yet at all. Annie then bounces off to play tennis with Scott, and tells Sarah to join them. Sarah and Jeff go upstairs to get settled, and Jeff asks her if she's getting cold feet. Sarah tells him that she has very warm, no, hot feet about marrying him. Jeff is not reassured, and is further displeased when she tells him that they're sleeping in separate bedrooms.

Later on, at the pre-wedding dinner, Sarah is putting in face time as the sister of the bride, and we find out that she writes obituaries and wedding announcements for a living. She meets Annie's friends, one of whom actually screams in excitement for the wedding. Finally, Sarah ends up at the bar. The bartender asks a woman at the end of the bar to put out her cigarette. We see the smoking woman from the back as she tells the bartender, "screw you." Sarah edges up to the smoking woman and greets her as "Grandma" (Shirley MacLaine). Grandma Katharine turns around and scolds Sarah for calling her that. They hug and make small talk. When Sarah is asked about how things are with Jeff, she is a bit hesitant, and Grandma Katharine knows something is wrong. Sarah tells her that "Jeff proposed a week before and my mind's been in a haze ever since."  She gets ushered outside where she confesses that she's confused about her life and doesn't know what she wants and being in Pasadena just reminds her of how much she doesn't fit in. She then finds out that her Grandma didn't exactly love her Grandfather, but they had something. Katharine also lets it slip that a week before her wedding, Sarah's mother ran off to Cabo San Lucas without telling anyone. Sarah is surprised to learn this and wants to know more, but dinner is being served so they go back inside.

During dinner, Earl makes a speech about how proud he is that his daughter is getting married and how happy he was on his own wedding day. Jeff does some quick math and figures out that Sarah was conceived a week or so before her parents got married. Sarah is even more shocked to hear this, because it means that if her mother slept with someone else in Mexico, Sarah could be someone else's biological daughter. Sarah edges over to Katharine and confronts her with this, but Katharine diverts from the conversation by standing up to propose an impromptu toast: "life is short, but marriage is long, so... drink up and it'll make it go a hell of a lot faster."

Later that night, Sarah sneaks into Jeff's bedroom. They talk about what she found out about her mom running off before her wedding. Sarah wants to know more and gets the idea to ask her Aunt Mitzi, who knows everything. She is excited about this, and runs off leaving Jeff disappointed about not getting any sex.

The next day, Sarah visits Aunt Mitzi (Kathy Bates) who doesn't seem to know anything about Sarah's mother running off to Cabo before her wedding. However, she reassures Sarah that it's unlikely her mother had a fling with anyone because she only ever had eyes for her father... and Beau Burroughs. She shows Sarah Beau's picture in the high school yearbook and talks about how Beau had many girlfriends. Even Mitzi went out with him a bit after college, and brought him to Sarah's mother's wedding. Then they see a picture of Beau standing with his friend, Charlie Webb. Sarah says that the name sounds familiar, and Mitzi starts talking about how Charlie Webb was the big celebrity from that class because he wrote that one book. She then stops short because she's made the connection. She's shocked and hurt, and walks back into her house. Sarah ponders the name for a while before it finally hits her.

Sarah calls Jeff after leaving Aunt Mitzi's. He is headed to the church for the wedding, and tells Sarah that everyone's waiting for her. Sarah asks him to run to the video store to get a copy of the movie The Graduate.

At the church, Sarah is getting dressed when Jeff brings her a copy of the film. She looks at the back and confirms her suspicions when she reads "based on the book by Charles Webb." Katharine comes in at this point, and Sarah confronts her by asking her if she's Mrs. Robinson. Katharine shoos Jeff out, telling him to go play with his dick. Then she tells Sarah not to believe everything she reads, but the look in her eyes confirms it. Sarah is very disturbed throughout the entire wedding because she is convinced that she is the love child of her mother and Beau Burroughs.

The next day, Sarah and Jeff pack up to go back to New York. Sarah tries to find out if Beau Burroughs is still in Pasadena, but is unsuccessful. Annie comes up to say goodbye, and the two sisters share a moment talking about how beautiful their mother was. At the airport, Sarah tries one more time to find Beau Burroughs by calling her old prep school, which was also the one her mom, Beau, and Mitzi all went to. This time she succeeds and finds out that he is an Internet billionaire who was speaking in San Francisco that very night. Sarah books tickets to San Francisco. Jeff offers to go with her, but she declines. He tries to cheer her up by joking that his family was the inspiration for the film "Titanic" and is very supportive of her and wants her to find herself.

In San Francisco, Sarah poses as the press to get into the seminar. We see Beau (Kevin Costner) talking about the Internet Revolution. Afterwards, Beau is speaking with a bunch of reporters and catches Sarah's eye. She is able to get him alone and tells him that she is the daughter of Jocelyn Richelieu. Beau seems happy to hear this, although he is sorry that Jocelyn passed away (when Sarah was only nine, we learn). They go to a more private area, where Sarah tries to find a way to ask Beau about his relationship with her mother. Jeff calls at one point to ask how it's going. Sarah feels rushed, and decides to ask Beau point blank if he had sex with Jocelyn, and then whether or not he used a condom. Beau sees where she is going with this and tells her that there is no way he could be her father because he is sterile. Thirty-nine years ago, he was playing in a soccer game and went to make a save. Unfortunately, the other player "kicked the wrong ball." Sarah is crushed by this news, and leaves. Seeing how distraught she is, Beau goes after her. On the street, Sarah complains to Beau about how she has nothing in common with her family and that she's in a dead end career and that she's engaged to a guy that she theoretically wants to marry but is hesitating for some reason. She starts crying, and Beau decides to try and comfort her.

The two visit Chinatown, and then end up at a bar. They are having a great time, and Beau talks about how beautiful Sarah's mother was and how much he loved her. Then he tells Sarah that everything with Jocelyn happened basically the way it was told in The Graduate except that he never actually graduated. He drifted around, did a lot of drugs, until someone told him to "be present" and focus on living in the now. Sarah ponders those words as Beau puts coins in the jukebox. They dance for a while, and then Sarah goes to the bathroom to freshen up. As she comes out she runs into Beau and kisses him in the spur of the moment. She apologizes, but then pounces on him.

Cut to the next morning. Sarah wakes up in Beau's bed after sleeping with him. She seems to have mixed feelings, and doesn't answer when Jeff calls her. She has an awkward cup of coffee with Beau, and then leaves to go. Except she can't because they are on his estate an hour away from the city. Sarah asks him to take her home, and he agrees, but says they should get a bite to eat first. He ends up driving her to his private jet, which he wants to take up to his house in Napa. Along the way, he tells Sarah that he likes her a lot. Sarah doesn't know what to say to this, and Beau asks if she thinks he's too old for her. Sarah says yes, but also tells him that it's weird because he's slept with every girl in her family (except Annie).

They arrive at Beau's estate and Sarah spends the entire day with him, ignoring all calls from Jeff. Finally, Sarah decides it's time to get back to her real life. Beau doesn't want to see her go, and asks her to attend a ball with him; Casablanca Night, the biggest charity event of the year. He tells Sarah that he knows it's a little nuts, but that life should be a little nuts sometimes. Sarah agrees to accompany him.

At the ball, Sarah is dressed in a fairy tale gown and has a great time dancing and gambling with Beau and meeting rich people. During dinner, an uncomfortable moment is had when the other people at their table start talking about The Graduate. Later on, Beau is called away for a second about a business matter. A split second after, a young man comes and sits next to Sarah. He tells her that he's looking for his dad, Beau Burroughs. Sarah is flabbergasted at this news and tells Beau he is a sick man. Beau explains that he is, in fact, sterile and that his son was actually conceived using a sperm donor. Beau says that he doesn't want his son to know about this. Sarah accepts this, and they share a kiss. Unfortunately, Jeff had arrived at the ball just in time to witness this. Sarah cries and pleads with Jeff, who challenges her to marry him on the spot. She hesitates, so Jeff leaves. Sarah doesn't go after him. Instead, she takes one last glance at Beau and leaves the ball herself.

Sarah flies back to Pasadena and calls a cab to her Grandma Katharine's house. When she tells Katharine she slept with Beau Burroughs, Katharine ushers her in and says she'll put on a pot of Bourbon. Katharine raves and rants as Sarah showers and gets cleaned up. In the middle of all this, Earl calls. Apparently, Annie had an anxiety attack on the airplane. We see Annie on the bed in hysterics while a worried Scott stands next to her with a box of tissues. There is a lot of yelling and confusion when Earl finds out that Sarah is still in Pasadena and Sarah is trying to find out what happened with Annie. Finally, Annie screams that she only wants to speak to Sarah.

Back at the house, Sarah goes in to comfort Annie, who asks about their mother and whether or not she was happy in her marriage to their dad. Annie also tells Sarah that she broke down because she married someone she liked to play tennis with and that's all she'll ever do. At this point Sarah is under the impression that her mother left the love of her life, Beau Burroughs, to return to Pasadena and marry Earl, all because she was pregnant. Feeling guilty about ruining her mother's chance at happiness, Sarah asks Annie if she has fun with Scott and likes being with him. Annie says yes, so Sarah tells her to hang on to it. Annie complains that she is screwed up for spending her honeymoon crying in an airport, but Sarah tops this by saying that she slept with someone who also slept with their mom and Grandma Katharine. At first Annie is grossed out, thinking that she is talking about their dad, until Sarah explains about Beau.

Meanwhile, Katharine is on the phone trying to order some Xanax when she sees Beau Burroughs parked outside the house. She goes out to confront him, and shouts at him for a while before we find out that she's mainly pissed off because Beau dumped her for her daughter, a "younger model." Then Sarah comes out, followed by Earl, who says he knows who Beau is and has never forgiven him. In a weird twist, we find out that Earl was the soccer opponent who caused Beau's severe testicular trauma. Earl has never forgiven Beau for preventing him from scoring, although he does not know that the injury Beau to become sterile.

Beau speaks to Sarah alone and tries to appeal to her. Sarah, however, tells him that she never knew Jocelyn and always felt lost after she passed away. Sarah tells Beau that they're both chasing her mother's ghost, but it's time to put the past behind them. Beau understands that it's over and leaves.

Later on, Annie has recovered and heads off on her honeymoon with Scott. Sarah is left alone with Earl. She tries to carefully bring up the subject of how Jocelyn ran off the week before marrying him, but it turns out that he already knows about this. He explains that there was no need to confront Beau about it because in the end, Jocelyn came back to Earl and not Beau. Sarah wonders why, and Earl tells her that it was because Jocelyn loved him and not Beau. Running off to Mexico made her realize who she wanted to build a life with. He then tells Sarah that the night Jocelyn came back was the night they conceived her. Sarah finally feels like she knows who she is, and decides to go back to New York.

Once there, Sarah goes to Jeff's apartment. After a tense moment, he lets her in. She tells him that she will marry him right that instant, but he doesn't buy it. He tells her that the word "engagement" means something to him. Sarah tells him she loves him and that she can live without him, but doesn't want to. Jeff is speechless, but lets her go. Stunned, Sarah gets on the elevator to leave the building. At the bottom floor, however, the elevator doors open and we see Jeff standing there, panting. He gives her his one condition that if they have a daughter, Beau Burroughs doesn't come within fifty feet of her. They kiss as the elevator doors close, and Sarah's voice tells us that "this man and this woman had sex that night. And the next night. And the next night. And the next night. And the next..."


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Sarah Huttinger (Jennifer Aniston) stumbles onto a family secret that they are the family from Pasadena that inspired The Graduate. She questions her biological father and sets off in search of Beau (Kevin Costner), who is "Benjamin Braddock." After sleeping with him she goes back to her fiance Jeff (Mark Ruffalo). Sarah's dad knew that her mom was with Beau but didn't ask any questions because he got Sarah's mom in the end. Sarah's dad is really Sarah's dad, because Beau has blunt testicular trauma.

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