Bootleg Cut
Judas Priest


The film begins as we see Chris Cole (Mark Wahlberg), a copier repairman by day and "Steel Dragon" (Think Judas Priest) cover band singer by night. Actually, he doesn't like the term "cover" band. He prefers "Tribute Band."

He idolizes the band's lead singer Bobby Beers. In fact, he has copied his wardrobe, hairstyle, mannerisms and accent.

He girlfriend Emily (Jennifer Anniston) acts as his and the band's manager and they play small bars, warehouses and basically anywhere they can get a crowd together.

One night they go to a STEEL DRAGON concert and Wahlberg is right in front. In what later becomes a very important scene, Wahlberg is singing along very loudly and knows every word of the "chit chat" in between songs. He also notices that Bobby Beers has a nipple piercing so he has Anniston pierce his nipple so he can match.

His fanaticism about STEEL DRAGON and his insistence that his own band play EXACTLY like they do ultimately forces is own band members to kick him out of the band.

By a strange coincidence, STEEL DRAGON is in the process of kicking out their own singer due to a number of reasons but probably most importantly because he is gay. (Just like Judas Priest did to their singer Rob Halford).

The leader of the band comes across a video of Wahlberg and invites him to LA for an audition. Wahlberg is shaky at first but ends up blowing him away with his vocal abilities. He "gets the gig."

He brings along Anniston to be with him but she is relegated to be with the other wives, girlfriends and groupies.

At his first concert he is singing the opening to the first song and really wowing the crowd when he trips down a long metal staircase but gets up, bloodied and bruised and finishes his song to the delight and amazement of the crowd.

The after concert party is a typical scene (at least in the movies it is) where there are drugs and girls everywhere. Wahlberg just wants to be with Anniston but ends up being drugged and wakes up in a living room, naked and surrounded by other passed out groupies and band members (all naked).

Anniston wakes up the same way and she meets Wahlberg in the hallway as they go back to his room wondering what the heck just happened to them.

The head of the band explains to Wahlberg that they have to have this image and live this lifestyle so every male would want to be like them and buy their records.

The tour last for a few months but during the middle of the tour Anniston leaves because she just can't take that life anymore. She is moving to Seattle to start her own business (a coffee shop).

A month or so later she meets up with the band after a Seattle concert. Wahlberg is pretty drugged up by now and barely recognizes her and doesn't even knows what town he's in.

The concert tour ends and they take a 6 month break. After the break Wahlberg heads back to the recording studio and has a bunch of new songs that he wrote. The band won't even look at them and pretty much puts him in his place by telling him that they write the songs and he is paid to sing them... that's it.

The road manager tells him a story about how he left his wife because he didn't like the way his life was going. He saw her many years later and was happy to see that she was married again with a couple wonderful kids. This just gets Wahlberg thinking about his life and Anniston who he left a few months earlier.

At a concert during their next tour, Wahlberg is out front singing and in the front row is another fan, just like Wahlberg was a few years earlier, singing away knowing every lyric and in between banter.

Wahlberg hands him the mic and lets him finish the concert and Wahlberg walks away from it all.

The final scene has Walberg up in Seattle playing in a small bar/coffee shop. Anniston sees a flyer and goes to see him. He is singing his own songs and is much more "unplugged" now and sounding better than ever.

The movie ends with the two of them embracing.


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