Peter Pan
Special Edition
Cathy Rigby


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The movie begins many years since Wendy returned home to London from Never Land. She is now married and has two kids of her own, Jane and Danny.

Her husband has gone off to war leaving Wendy alone to care for the children. The two kids have grown up hearing their mom's many stories of adventure with Peter Pan. Danny loves the stories but Jane has grown tired of them and now that she is older, knows they are just fairy tales.

London has become very unsafe for the children with all the bombings from the WWII battles. To protect the children the government wants to send them to a safer place in the countryside. Jane is very upset and goes to her room crying and falling asleep by the window.

She is awoken by Captain Hook who has come to kidnap her (thinking it's Wendy). He takes her back to Never Land to use her as ransom to recapture the treasure that Peter Pan has stolen from him many years earlier.

Once there, a battle with Peter begins and Peter is delighted to learn that Wendy is in the bag that Hook is holding. Of course, Peter wins their little fight and grabs the bag and flies away to safety before opening it. He is shocked to discover that it's not Wendy but actually Wendy's daughter, Jane.

The next half hour or so shows Jane growing accustomed to Never Land, and eventually becomes a member of the Lost Boys.

She doesn't believe everything entirely so she can't fly which also causes Tinkerbell to grow weaker and weaker because of this lack of faith.

Jane just wants to get back home so she can help her mom. Because she can't fly home on her own she makes a deal with Hook that she will blow a whistle when she discovers the treasure in exchange for Hook bringing her home.

She slowly warms up to Peter and eventually believes everything. She discovers the treasure while playing a game with Peter Pan but doesn't blow the whistle. She instead throws it into the water but one of the Lost Boys finds it and blows it. Instantly, Hook and his men show up, capture Peter and take back his treasure.

"With "Faith, Trust and a little Pixie Dust" Jane can now fly and swoops down and rescues Peter from Hook.

Now that she can fly she is ready to fly home on her own, without Hook's help. Peter says he'll escort her home. The two of them fly back to London and the next thing you know, Jane is waking up from where she fell asleep earlier in the movie.

She calls for her mom Wendy, and starts to tell her and Danny all the stories of her adventure in Never Land. Peter and Tinkerbell fly away and Wendy looks out the window to say good-bye to them.

When she looks down there is a military van pulling up bringing her husband home.

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