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David Duchovny is a very successful building designer/contractor married to a beautiful wife who runs a gorilla habitat at the city zoo. She is awarded a grant to expand the habitat and Duchovny is to build it. Life is great for these two.

Minnie Driver is a waitress at her grandfather's Italian restaurant run by her grandfather and his buddies. Minnie hasn't worked in awhile due to a heart condition that is so bad, she needs a transplant and is on death's door.

On the way home from a banquet, Duchovny and his wife are in an auto accident killing his wife.

At the same time, Minnie driver finally gets the heart she has been waiting for. (Gee, I wonder whose it is?)

A year passes and Minnie finally has the courage to write to the heart donor program, sending them a letter to pass along to the family of the heart donor.

Duchovny is finally getting over the loss of his wife and with the encouragement of his friend, starts dating again. He goes to the italian restaurant and is served by Minnie Driver. They have an instant connection.

The two start dating and they seem like the perfect couple. Minnie's grandfather and his buddies love the guy and they all hang out together, bowling, playing poker, just having a great time.

One night at Duchovny's house, Minnie accidentally finds the letter she wrote to the heart donor's family. She finally realizes that her new heart is from Duchovny's deceased wife.

She tells Duchovny this and it devastates both of them. She flies to Italy to sort things out. He doesn't stop her from going because he has to figure things out as well.

Two days later, he follows her there and tells her that he loves her.

They come back to the states together and open the Gorilla Habitat that his deceased wife had dreamed about.


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His deceased wife's heart has been transplanted into her.