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It's the year 2025 and the Earth is overpopulated and polluted. It's so bad that scientists have decided to prepare Mars for human life. They have been launching space probes to Mars with oxygen-producing algae.

The experiment had been working but suddenly, the algae started dying off and the oxygen levels have dropped. They send a team of 6 scientists, 5 men and one woman, who are going to Mars to try to determine why the bioengineering of the planet appears to have failed.

The flight is long and uneventful. The head of the team is Carrie Anne Moss and Val Kilmer is one of the lower members of the team. There is some sexual tension between the two. They finally get to Mars and just before getting a secure orbit, an ion storm destroys the electrical and computer system of the ship. The 5 men get into an escape pod and rocket to the surface of Mars.

Carrie Ann Moss stays behind to try to stabilize the rocket, getting it back into orbit. The landing is extremely rough and one of the men is hurt so badly that his death is inevitable. The men know they have to get to their base camp before they run out of oxygen. The injured man is left behind to die.

They begin their trek across the desert to the base camp with about 24 hours of oxygen left in their suits. They are getting close but it looks like they are not going to make it.

One of the men goes off by himself to die but a second man follows him. The two argue and fight and the man who first walk off, falls off the edge of a cliff and is killed. The man who survives goes back with the other two and claims that he committed suicide.

They are near death now and Val Kilmer pulls off his helmet and discovers that there is oxygen on the planet. They can't figure out where it's coming from but they are of course grateful for it's existence.

They continue their march to the base camp but when they get there, they find it completely destroyed.

Also on the ship with them, was a dog-like droid. It has a search mode and a kill mode and it has been stalking them the whole time. The crash landing had put it into the "kill" mode. It attacks them at the base camp but they all survive.

Carrie Anne Moss now has the ship in working condition and tells them that they can make their escape because there is a Russian ship nearby used to collect soil samples. They start towards the ship with dog/droid still stalking them. One of the crew wanders off with the radio equipment leaving the others behind and the dog kills him.

Val kilmer and the other man continue their trek to the Russian ship. Val knows that the Russian ship has room for just one person. Val's partner has been hurt with his fight with the droid and is getting weaker. Val tells him he'll put him on the ship and stay behind.

They find out what's producing the oxygen. A little insect creature that eats algae and produces oxygen. This is why all the algae is disappearing. The hurt scientist thinks this may be the answer to earths' difficulties so he catches one and puts it into a sample container.

He notices that he's bleeding and so do the insect like creatures…
He is devoured by the insects.

Val takes the sample and continues to the Russian ship. When he gets there, he tries to reactivate it but the batteries are dead.

He's waiting to die when the droid/dog attacks him. After a prolonged fight, the dog is destroyed and Val uses the dog's batteries to power the ship and get off the planet.

Carrie-Anne Moss picks him up, they embrace and kiss and head back to earth……

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Carrie-Anne Moss in Warner Brothers' Red Planet - 2000
Val Kilmer in Warner Brothers' Red Planet - 2000
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