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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by joey241 who says... "Hard to go wrong with Al Pacino, but this script doesn't do him justice."

The movie opens with MIT student Colin Farrell oversleeping a technology presentation for a Dell representative. He gets there in time to demonstrate his wireless webcasting software that can transmit video to any display device. The Dell rep is impressed, and Colin notices Al Pacino lurking around the corner watching.

Al catches up with Colin at a bar where Colin works, telling Colin nothing is what it seems. He tells Colin how Dell will make him a great job offer, but that the CIA has so much more to offer. Colin isn't really interested, but then Al drops a line about Colin's dad being in the oil business. Colin is suddenly interested if Al knows his dad; Al dodges the question but drops a variety of confidential information about Colin's past that makes him suitable for the CIA and mentions the dad's death in a 1990 plane accident. The next day Colin decides to pursue the CIA position.

At the CIA entrance, Colin stares pointedly at a display showing stars for CIA agents that lost their lives, including a single star in 1990. Colin takes a written test with stacks of other potential agents where he notes Bridget Moynahan as another test taker. Al, remotely proctoring the test with other staff, demonstrates his observation skills in nailing a cheater and telling Colin to focus on the test rather than Bridget. After the test, Bridget and Colin make introductions and Colin notices Bridget speaks Farsi.

After being bused to Langley, Al gives a speech to the new recruits at "The Farm," where "nothing is what it seems" during training.

The recruits go through various training exercises and simulations. In another speech, Al mentions that a select few individuals are picked to be "NOC"s, non-official cover operatives, the true spies that are out there alone, rather than the typical operatives that have diplomatic cover.

Al then takes five of the guys (including Colin) one night to a bar and gives them a mission-- each guy is to bring an "asset" back to the parking lot that's willing to have sex. Colin is making good progress with a girl when he spots Bridget drinking by herself. He goes over to speak with her, where she explains she's drinking because she got kicked out of the CIA.

She gets Colin to come back out with her while talking about "comfort sex," but when Colin comes outside, she says "op completed," revealing that her mission from Al was to stop Colin from hooking up with anyone. The next day Colin exacts revenge from Bridget when Bridget is hooked up to a lie detector by asking very personal questions in an interrogation demonstration. They eventually make up.

Bridget and Colin are paired together in an evasion exercise when they are suddenly accosted by hooded men in a van. Colin puts up a fight but they both get taken away. Colin is locked up in a warehouse and tortured, including (but not actually shown in the movie) electrical shock. Colin eventually gives up Al Pacino's name as a CIA instructor. At this point, the warehouse opens to reveal that it is a training exercise, and Al reiterates "Rule #1: Do not get caught" to the class while they stare at Colin's beaten-up figure lying on the warehouse floor. Colin is dismissed from the CIA. Colin drinks himself to sleep alone in a hotel room.

The next day Al comes to the hotel room and explains to Colin that Colin has been chosen as the NOC. Al explains that Bridget is an enemy agent, but they don't know whom she's working for-- Colin's first job is to find out. There's some secret software at stake. Colin will be set up as a low-level data entry guy in the CIA.

After some sneaking around and some sex with Bridget, Colin discovers that Bridget has been transfering this secret software from work to her home computer. Convinced of her guilt, he follows Bridget and sees her secretly pass a note to a hooded guy at a train station. Colin tracks down the hooded guy and kills him in a gunfight. He then discovers that the hooded guy was one of the CIA recruits in class with him. He also finds the note Bridget passed indicating that Colin was "taking too much interest."

After a cheesy car chase scene, Colin catches Bridget with a USB data thing that has the secret software. Bridget explains that she is working for the CIA to assess Langley's security, but Colin keeps accusing her of being a double agent. Colin takes the data thing from her but lets her go.

Colin confronts Al about what is going on, and Al explains this is just a test. After a scuffle, though, Al ends up with the only gun between the two of them. Colin runs into a warehouse and hides, trying to set up his laptop to broadcast what is going on. While searching for Colin and the laptop, Al gives a big speech describing a version of the recent events that would incriminate Colin. Al also mentions that Colin's dad wasn't ever CIA, but he wanted to recruit Colin to take the fall for stealing the software for which Al would make three million dollars. After Al's incriminating speech, Colin reveals the laptop which shows "webcast in progress" and then runs, right into an army of CIA agents waiting outside who train their guns on him. Al follows and runs into the same army. Al gives another incriminating speech, and all of the guns now point to Al instead of Colin. Al then realizes that the CIA was there originally to stop Colin, and Colin admits that the "webcast" was a fake. Some last words, and then Al commits suicide by pointing his gun at the CIA agents.

Colin and Bridget hug and make up, and the CIA agent in charge talks about maybe pairing them up next time, because Colin "was born to do this-- it's in [his] blood." Colin gives the agent a look, and the scene fades out to the CIA star next to the year 1990 Colin saw initially at the CIA building.


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