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NOTE: This great spoiler was sent in by Kevin.

Our story starts with a little history of Auguste Gusteau the greatest chef in Paris; we see how his restaurant in Paris is honored with five stars. He has published a cooking book while living the motto of “Anyone can cook”.  Guseau’s is visited one day by notorious culinary critic Anton Ego(the grim eater) who deems the food merely passable causing Gusteau’s to lose one of its five stars. Gusteau himself is so distraught with the lose he passes away, thus by tradition causing his restaurant to loose another star.

We next meet our hero Remy, Remy is a rat living on a farm with his clan led by his father Django. Remy quickly learns that he has a talent for identifying smells; he saves his father and the rest of the clan from certain death at the hands of rat poison. Thus he is given the honor of test-smelling all of the food the clan will eat. In his spare time he visits the farmhouse and finds the elderly woman asleep with the TV on a cooking show of none other than Auguste Gusteau. Remy watches the show and learns as much as he can from this and the woman’s copy of Gusteau’s cookbook as he can. Remy learns the differences between flavors and how to determine what is best.

One day as he is walking he finds a mushroom, he shows this to his brother Emile who is eating some cheese and proceeds find various herbs growing out into a field. He takes Emile to the roof and roasts the mushroom, cheese and spices on a spit over the kitchen chimney as a thunderstorm approaches. The spit gets struck by lightning and proceeds to cook the ingredients. After tasting the creation, Remy determines he needs a spice from the kitchen. Emile tries to talk him out of it but follows his brother inside. After rummaging through the spices the elderly woman awakes in a panic after seeing Remy and Emile, she grabs a shotgun to attempt to kill them. After Emile runs around the room and ceiling dodging stray shots we look to the ceiling to see a number of holes and cracks forming and the ceiling caves in to reveal the entire rat colony. Django calls out to get everyone to the boats. All of the rats run to the river to uncover escape boats except Remy, who doesn’t want to leave without Gusteau’s cookbook. All of the boats have launched by the time that Remy arrives with the book, with the woman hot on his tail. Remy jumps into the river using the cookbook as a life raft.

As Remy is floating down the river trying to catch up, he takes a wrong turn down a pipe full of waterfalls and crosscuts until he finally lands with his book by a ladder and light. At this point Remy start flipping through the pages of the cookbook when one of the pictures of Gusteau starts talking to him. Gusteau’s Ghost convinces Remy to climb up the ladder to have a look around. After looking in on a variety of homes Remy reaches the roof to look out upon Paris below. As he turns he finds himself in front of Gusteau’s Restaurant.

We enter the kitchen to find the new head chef Skinner stalking around the kitchen only to be met by the Sous Chef Horst and Alfredo Linguini. Linguini presents a letter from his mother Renata who was a close friend of Gusteau’s to Skinner. Linguini has been hired as a garbage boy. We then cut to above the kitchen where Remy looks in and is greeted by Gusteau’s Ghost again. Gusteau’s Ghost then starts to quiz Remy on the various kitchen members and their jobs, from the Head Chef, and the Sous Chef down to Linguini as the garbage boy. We then see Linguini knock the soup of the stove spilling some. To prevent anyone from noticing he proceeds to add water and various vegetables to the soup to Remy’s horror. Remy then falls into the kitchen by leaning to hard on the window pane he is resting on. Remy races through the kitchen trying to escape and avoid such dangers as the cheese card and the ovens. As Remy reaches the exit Gusteau’s Ghost encourages Remy to go down and fix the soup as Gusteau’s Ghost knows Remy can do it. Remy proceeds to add spices, vegetables, crèmes and stocks to fix the soup. Just as Remy is adding the final touches the soup, Linguini shows up, Skinner accuses Linguini of trying to cook. As Skinner berates Linquini, a waiter arrives and begins to dish up the soup to serve. As Skinner notices this, he attempts to stop the waiter from delivering the unknown soup. To his dismay the customer gets the soup and loves it. At this point Skinner starts to question Linguini about what he added to the soup and informs him he will make the soup again tomorrow night. Skinnner then sees Remy, a chase ensues to get Remy out, and it is Linguini who catches Remy in a lidded jar. Skinner orders him to take the rat far away and kill him.

Linguini cycles far off to the banks of the River Seine, and as he vents his problems over how Remy was the one who made the soup, and how Skinner wants him to recreate it, he notices Remy nodding along. Linguini then proceeds to attempt to barter a deal with Remy over how if he lets him out, Remy will help him. Linguini opens the jar only to have Remy run full speed away. Remy finally looks back to see a distraught Linguini. Remy then comes back and agrees to help.

Linguini takes Remy to his apartment where he makes him a bed to sleep in out of an oven mitt. Linguini returns to the restaurant the next day with Remy and attempts to keep him under his shirt. In an attempt to tell him which ingredients to use, he runs across his chest and bits him whenever he starts to use the wrong spice. Remy rushes to the bathroom and rips open his shirt to show many bite marks. Remy crawls atop Linguini’s head and starts to pull at his hair only to find that this controls him marionette style. Using this method, Remy controls Linguini to recreate the soup. After successfully recreating the soup, Skinner charges one of the cooks, Collette, with Linguini’s training.

Linguini returns home with Remy to practice using joint control over Linguini’s body. The next morning Collette begins to explain how the entire kitchen is one big family and some of the tips of the chef’s trade such as bribing the produce man so they will get the best vegetables. This night a culinary critic comes to review the restaurant and asks for something special, something off menu, but from Linguini. When Skinner hears of this request he orders the sous chef to give Linguini one of Gusteau’s failed attempts at a new dish.  As Linguini and Collette are preparing the dish, Remy adds various spices much to Collette’s dismay as she wants to follow the recipe explicitly. Just as the dish is about to be taken to the critic Linguini (with Remy’s help) forces a different sauce to complete the dish just as it leaves the kitchen. The critic loves the dish and order for the special start coming in from everyone.

As the critic’s review is published, business starts to pick up and Skinner starts getting both jealous and suspicious. We learn that Gusteau’s will states that if an heir does not appear within 2 years of Gusteau’s death, ownership of the entire restaurant will then transfer to Skinner. Skinner has plans to market a variety of frozen dinners using the Gusteau name and likeness. Skinner finally finds the letter from Renata, Linguini’s mother, indicating that Linguini is Gusteau’s son and heir to the restaurant. Skinner plans with his lawyer to get a DNA sample from Linguini to compare against a hair left in Gusteau’s hat in the office.

After the next night of a packed house, Linguini takes Remy outside for a snack and a break, all this time Skinner has been getting glimpses of Remy hanging around not only Linguini, but the restaurant as well. Everytime Skinner gives a double take, Remy is gone. While Remy is taking a break, Skinner proceeds to bring Linguini into his office to get him drunk on wine to try to get his secrets out of him, about Remy and about how he knows how to cook so well. Collette views this with jealousy, and begins thinking that Remy was only using her to get ahead.

While Remy is outside he notices a pair of eyes watching him from the shadows only to find out it is none other than his brother Emile. Emile takes Remy back to the rest of the colony where he rejoins Django. Django is thrilled by this news over the hope of having Remy back to protect the colony from poison again. As soon as Remy finds this out he announces he is leaving to go back to the restaurant. Django proceeds to show Remy a window of a store selling nothing but rat traps and poison to deter him from helping the humans as he doesn’t think they can be trusted.

As Skinner gets frustrated with Linguini’s unwillingness to give any answers, he orders him to stay late and clean the entire kitchen, before the morning. Remy arrives back at the restaurant to find Linguini asleep on the floor. Remy sees Collette arriving and proceeds to puppet Linguini to an upright position and find a pair of sunglasses so Collette will not find out about him being asleep. Collette starts questioning Linguini about his conversation with Skinner the previous night, she starts getting mad when he won’t respond and finally slaps him awake and starts to storm out. Linguini catches up as she starts to ride off on her motorcycle. He starts to tell her the truth about Remy, but can’t bring himself to do it and confesses his love for her. He continues to attempt to explain about his little chef(his name for Remy) and eventually as she starts to recoil out of disgust and reaches for her pepper spray, Remy forces Linguini to make a move and kiss her, she eventually softens to the kiss.

Remy has been approached multiple times by Emile and his friends about stealing food for them from the restaurant. He has done this but has felt awful about doing this. He keeps doing this to protect himself and his brother.

We see Linguini/Collette experiencing the joys of romance, and Remy makes his way into Skinner’s office and finds Gusteau’s will noting the inheritance clause, and Renata’s letter. Skinner finally catches Remy and recognizes him as the original rat from the beginning. Remy then grabs the will and the letter and races off in search of Linguini. Skinner chases after Remy through the streets and over the boats of Paris. Eventually Skinner misses a jump between boats and lands in the river as Remy runs off with the will and letter.

Linguini and Collette take control of the restaurant and throw out Skinner. Skinner now knowing that Remy is in the restaurant makes an anonymous call to the health inspector proclaiming there are rats at Gusteau’s. During the middle of a press conference one the reporters ask for Linguini’s inspiration, and he responds that Collette, not Remy. Anton Ego, the grim eater, decides that now is the time to re-review restaurant, and announces this in front of the press. That night, Remy frustrated due to the inspiration question, he shows Django how to get into the restaurant. Linguini enters the kitchen to apologize to Remy about the press conference, but then sees all of the rats of the colony and furiously gets them all out.

After proudly defying Django, Remy leaves the colony to return to the restaurant and Emile sneaks out to check on him, Remy then proceeds to save him from a trap set by Skinner, who succeeds in catching Remy. Skinner then puts the trap into his trunk and plans on blackmailing Remy to create a Skinner line of frozen foods.

The next night Anton Ego, challenges Linguini to serve his best dish, we see that Skinner is in the restaurant and orders the same thing as Ego. The kitchen staff starts begging Linguini for instruction and he runs out into the alley and finds Remy, who has been rescued by Emile and Django with a handy gargoyle statue, and Linguini apologizes to Remy and promises to tell the truth. Linguini proceeds to tell the true story about Remy to the entire staff, who all walk out in disgust and non-belief. Remy calls upon the entire rat colony to work the kitchen and prepare the food. Just as all of the rats arrive, the health inspector shows up, Django takes a team to chase after him, and return with him tied up and throw him into the cooler. Collette finally returns and agrees to help with out asking questions, other than what does Remy plan on serving? Remy pulls out a recipe for ratatouille. Collette remarks, but that is a peasant dish. Linguini strap on a pair of roller-skates and acts as waiter for the customers.  Skinner jumps into the kitchen and finds all of the rats, and for his trouble lands tied up next to the health inspector.

As Remy and Collette finish the ratatouille, Linguini serves it to Ego, who in the first bite instantly flashes back to his childhood where his dear mother served him the same dish. Ego promptly congratulates Linguini, whom he believes to be the chef. Linguini dutifully informs him he is only the waiter tonight. Ego wants to meet with the chef directly. After debating, Linguini and Collette inform Ego, that if he wants to meet with the chef he will need to wait until all of the customers are gone. At the end of the night, Linguini and Collette bring out Remy, and give the entire story to Ego. Ego thanks Remy for a wonderful meal.

The next day, Ego publishes a glowing review for Gusteau’s, Skinner and the health inspector are released. Gusteau’s is closed due to the rat infestation, and Ego is fired due to the scandal. Ego is not concerned with this as he is now spending his time and money investing in the most popular bistro in Paris, for humans and rats, in a separate dining area, ran by Remy and Collette in the kitchen and Linguini as the waiter, a little restaurant called La Ratatouille.

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Alfredo Linguini is the unknown and untalented son of Auguste Gusteau, and rightful owner of the restaurant. Through the help of Remy and his colony of rats, they win over the Grim Eater, Anton Ego into giving them a glowing review, and helping start a new bistro.


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