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NOTE: This spoiler was written and submitted by Sandee.

Ramona Quimby (Joey King) introduces herself as a 9 year old with, as her dad suggests, “an active imagination”.  She is swinging on the monkey bars at recess while her friend Howie (Jason Spevack) encourages to make is all the way across. As she progresses, she imagines she is dangling over a huge canyon, and begins to slip. She thrusts her foot into the ring, and the recess bell rings.  She falls, hanging upside down by her foot, and unable to get out.  Howie tells Ms. Meacham (Sandra Oh), the teacher, and she goes out to help Ramona, and is not happy about the situation. Ramona falls into the mud below.

On the way home, neighbor girl Willa Jean crashes into Ramona while riding on her big wheel.  Ramona gets the mail out of the mailbox, and sees that the reports cards have arrived, and looks apprehensive.

Inside, Ramona and her 15-year-old sister Beezus (Selena Gomez) help Mom (Bridget Moynahan) prepare dinner and baby sister Roberta sits her high chair. Dad (John Corbett) comes home from “crunching the numbers” at work. He looks through the mail and reads Beezus’ straight-A report card…but doesn’t see Ramona’s, and asks her where it is. She reluctantly gets it out from the freezer, and they read that Ramona is argumentative, daydreams and can’t focus at school.  Ramona explains that the teacher won’t let her make up words, like “terriffical” and thinks that it is boring to do the same thing as everyone else.  She is angry when the family laughs, and announces that she is going to say a bad word. They all wait…..and she yells “GUTS!”  They laugh again, and she says it over and over.

Ramona goes outside and sits in a tree. Her Aunt Bea (Ginnifer Goodwin) climbs up and talks to her about being different, and having an older sister.  She gives Ramona a special gift: a locket, with a picture of her when she was Ramona’s age, and tells her there is room on the other side for a picture of Ramona.  She also says that this is something special that is just hers, and she can always keep it with her.  Aunt Bea promised she’ll always be around for Ramona. 

Ramona and Beezus share a bedroom, and awake to the sounds of trucks and workmen; the bank loan was approved and they are beginning the addition of another bedroom for one of the girls.  When they take a break, Ramona and Howie spend the morning jumping through the hole in the house, pretending they are birds, astronauts, or parachuting down from the sky.  Ramona pronounces it the “Best Day Ever”. At school on Monday, each student needs to give a report about something that they did over the weekend, using a vocabulary word.  Ramona wears a hardhat and goggles, and tells about the men that tore a giant hole in her house. Ms. Meacham thinks she is making it up. Ramona mentions that Howie was there, but he refuses to say anything, so Ramona must sit down.  At home, Mom hopes that Dad will take them out to dinner as the kitchen is covered in dust.  When he arrives and Ramona asks him if he crunched the numbers again and he replies, “Well, they kind of crunched me back today”.  His firm downsized and laid off a lot of employees, including Mr. Quimby.  Mrs. Quimby gets her old job at the doctor’s office back, and in the meantime, Mr. Quimby will stay home and care for Roberta and look for a job. 

At breakfast, Mom gives him all the instructions on caring for the girls and the house, and the schedule, and leaves for her job.  He asks Ramona if she’s ever seen the proper way to crack a hard-boiled egg:  he cracks it on the top of his head, and then pops it out of the shell.  She is thrilled by the demonstration, and takes her lunch and goes to school.

Howie’s Uncle Hobart (Josh Duhamel) is under his old jeep, and rolls out to say hi to Ramona. He realizes she is Bea’s niece, and asks her to tell Bea he wants to talk and catch up.  Bea arrives later to watch the girls, and see Hobart. He is back, after being a world traveler, as a wildlife photographer.  Later, Ramona asks her Dad about Hobart, and he explains that he and Bea were high school sweethearts 15 years ago.  She also asks her dad how his job interview went, but he says he didn’t get the job. She tells him she knows he can do anything, and gives him a hug.

Ramona overhears her parents talking about the possibility of defaulting on the bank loan, and then the bank could take the house.  She imagines the bank coming with a big crane and lifting the house off the foundation, putting it on a truck, and driving it away, leaving a sad Quimby family on the front porch. 

Aunt Bea comes over, and she and Ramona spy on Hobart. She tells Ramona that he’s crazy if he thinks he can reel her back in, like a sea bass. She tells Ramona that her heart has a protective callus on it from an old injury from Hobart, just like Ramona has calluses on her hand from the monkey bars. 

Ramona decides to try to help save the house, so she sets up a lemonade stand.  Beezus comes out in her pajamas, just in time for Henry, the boy she has a crush on, to see her.  She offers him free lemonade, and when she drinks hers, a bee is in it, and she swallows it, and then spits the whole thing out in Henry’s face. She blames Ramona for ruining her life and cries in her bed.

Next, Ramona tries a car wash to make money, but no one will take her up on the offer, except Hobart. He offers Ramona $100 to wash his jeep, if Bea will sit in the car like they are at a real car wash, and they can talk.  They agree, and Howie helps Ramona.  Bea and Hobart talk, and he plays a mix tape she made him years ago, and he sings along to “Eternal Flame” to her, and tells her he leaves soon for a 2-year commitment to Alaska.  They talk about high school, and how he gave her a gumball ring for her 16th birthday.  Ramona pulls the hose across the driveway, knocking the block out behind the wheels, and the jeep rolls into the garage, crashing, spilling paint all over the jeep. Mr. Quimby calls for an estimate to get it repainted, and when Hobart hears it will be $1000’s of dollars, he says he likes it, kind of camouflaged, and leaves it that way…looking like an Easter egg.  Bea whispers “thank you” to him, and they smile. 

Soon it is “picture day” at school, and Beezus fixes Ramona’s hair curly and beautiful—she loves it. At lunch, Ramona tries to show the kids the proper way to crack a hard-boiled egg, like her dad taught her…but he goofed and put a raw egg in her lunch.  It cracks, and goes gooey all over her hair.  Ms. Meacham tries to comb it out, but it is a sticky mess for pictures, and Ramona pulls a surprised face, and gets a terrible photo.  When the photos arrive in the mail, her dad and Beezus laugh, and he likes it anyway—he says she always makes him smile, and puts one in his wallet.

Ramona tries to be more helpful at home—she feeds the baby, makes food for the family, and works harder at following instructions at school. Her parents decide that for her efforts she should get the new room. She is thrilled, and jumps on the bed, imagining she is in outer space.  Beezus redecorates their old room, and declares Ramona forbidden, as it is a “No Pest Zone”.

In the morning, Ramona tells her dad she feels really sick, but when she sees him in a suit for an interview, she says she is better and goes to school.  She throws up in music class, and her dad comes to get her and take her home, missing the interview.  He says not to worry, as there are other interviews.  They decide to make the world’s longest picture. They roll out paper and draw all day.  Ramona is happy and feels better.  Her dad explains while they draw, that a long time ago, he studied art, but then when she was born, he got a job, then they had baby Roberta, and then he stayed.  He later tells his wife that maybe he isn’t VP material anymore, and might try something creative. 

In school, Ms. Meacham lets Ramona have a “do-over” on the presentation, so she shows the longest picture that they made. Ms. Meacham is impressed, and Ramona is happy. She tells the class that her dad studied art, and is teaching he must be very patient.

Ramona makes a t-shirt to wear to an audition for a peanut butter commercial in town; they are looking for a new peanut butter princess. She wants to do it, since they make “millions of dollars” and then she could help the family.  Once there, she realizes after seeing all the other girls all dressed up like princesses, that she needs a tiara.  She makes one out of twigs and burrs and peanuts from outside.  She twirls for the director, and falls into a giant prop peanut butter sandwich.  Her tiara is stuck in her hair, and her dad has to cut the burrs out.

When Mr. Quimby leaves for an interview, he puts Beezus in charge, until mom gets home from work.  He reminds them not to make trouble for mom, as she is really stressed.  Ramona tries to make dinner, but starts a fire in the kitchen; Beezus puts it our. She yells at Ramona that she is a pest, and to go feed Picky-Picky, the family cat.  Ramona does, and thinks Picky-Picky is asleep, but soon realizes he has died.  She cries to Beezus, and they bury him in the backyard, so they won’t bother their mom.  They hug and cry, and have a funeral for the cat. When their dad returns, he announces he has a job, but they have to move.  Ramona goes to sleep with Beezus that night, and they talk as neither wants to move to a new school.

The family works in the backyard, planting flowers and spiffing it up for an Open House.  Hobart is in his yard, and angry at Bea for not going with him to Alaska.  Ramona sprays Hobart by mistake, and he thinks Bea did it. He starts a water fight with them, and both families get in on it.  Ramona and Bea go turn on Hobart’s sprinklers, and win the fight.  When they spray all over, Hobart unearths a box he has been digging for: he buried it 15 years ago. He is excited to have found it, and opens it.  It is full of all the things from Bea that he saved, including the gumball ring.  He takes it out, and drops to one knee, and proposed to Bea.  She accepts, and they all cheer.  Hobart leaves for Alaska in 3 days, so they quickly plan the wedding.  Ramona isn’t happy, as it means Bea will be leaving.  She runs home and hides in the attic, during the Open House.  The floor gives way, and her legs fall through the living room ceiling.  Her dad rescues her, and then yells at her for messing things up.  He tells her she needs to stop, and to grow up. Ramona knows she’s not wanted, so she packs to run away.  Mom offers a larger suitcase, and Ramona heads out.  The suitcase is really heavy, and she struggles to pull it down the street.  She gets to the bus stop, and opens it.  Mom has filled it with heavy things, to slow her down, and then Ramona hears her mom’s voice:  Mom has put the baby monitor in it. They are in the car, looking for Ramona.  They all hug after finding Ramona, and she comes home.

The wedding is in the church, and Beezus and Ramona are bridesmaids. Willa Jean is the flower girl, and rides her big wheel down the aisle, scattering petals as she goes. Howie is the ring bearer, and when he drops the ring, Ramona finds it and saves the day.  At the reception, Beezus and Henry kiss—since she is moving, and he finally has the courage to tell her he cares about her. Hobart has the band play “Eternal Flame” for Bea, and they dance together. Ms. Meacham talks to Mr. Quimby.  Ramona is worried that she must be in trouble, but actually, she offers him a job as the school’s art teacher.  She showed his drawings from the longest picture to the principal and the school board, and they want to hire him. He tells Ramona he is accepting, and now they don’t have to move.  She grins, and hugs her dad. He tells her it was her idea: she told him he could do anything, and that really saved the family. 

They all dance at the reception, even Ms. Meacham. Ramona gives Bea the locket, which now has the terrible picture school photo of Ramona, right next to Bea’s, and tells her aunt that now she can have her with her.  Bea tells Ramona the she is extraordinary.

Hobart and Bea drive off to Alaska and then the Quimbys happily go home.

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