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Meg Ryan's husband David Morse, gets kidnapped while working on a Dam project in Latin America.

The insurance company hires Russell Crowe who is very confident in recovering him, he's done hundreds of these cases.

Turns out that Morse's company is about to go under and hasn't paid up it's insurance policy on kidnapping. Crowe's company sends him back to London but he feels real bad about abandoning Meg Ryan.

Meg and her sister in-law, with no resources, hire a local guy that is supposed to be pretty good. He's about to swindle them out of $50,000 when Crowe returns. He felt so bad that he has decided to take on the case for free. He along with a couple other buddies, force the swindlers out of her house

They make contact with the kidnappers and have radio conversations over the next few weeks. Crowe is trying to get them to drop their 5 million ransom to somewhere near $600,000

Meanwhile, Morse along with a french hostage, find a map of the area and try to escape.

The frenchman escapes but Morse is caught and all the frenchman heard was a gunshot.

Everyone now thinks Morse is now dead except Crowe. The radio conversations have stopped and things are looking pretty bad. The maid tells Crowe that she recognized the voice on the other end of the radio and that her mother works for him.

Crowe confronts the man at a social event and the man admits that Morse is still alive but there is no way he can be returned now because with the knowledge of the area and map, Morse knows too much.

Crowe decides the only way to rescue Morse is to go in and get him himself.

With the help of David Caruso, Crowe and a few militia men come up with a plan. Before leaving, Crowe and Ryan exchange a passionate kiss as he leaves for battle.

They force most of the men out of the camp by having the country's army start a skirmish nearby. The kidnappers go off to fight leaving only 2 prisoners and a handful of guards.

Crowe and his men fly in by helicopter nearby, hike to the camp and start killing people one by one with their knives to remain quiet. One of their men accidentally shoots his gun and this brings the remaining guards to action. An all out gunfight breaks out but Crowe is able to grab Morse and bring him to safety and Caruso gets the other prisoner, an italian man that he had been paid to rescue.

They all make it to the chopper in time and get away.

Morse is reunited with Ryan but after a few seconds, she says, I'll be right back. She goes up to Crowe to once again thanks him for everything he's done.

She returns to her husband as they get rushed off to the airport.

The movie ends with Crowe standing on a hilltop watching Meg Ryan and her husband drive away.

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Russell Crowe negotiating with the kidnappers.
He has taken on the case without any financial backing.
Realizing that negotiating will no longer work, Crowe decides to go in and get Meg Ryan's husband himself.
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