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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by EricaJoy.

The movie begins with Donna Keppel (Brittany Snow) getting dropped off at home after a movie by her friend Lisa and Lisa’s mom.  When Donna walks into her house she takes off her coat and hangs it in the coat closet.  She calls around for her family.  Seeing the TV on with sports on she calls for her dad but no answer.  As she walks away the shot moves back and you see her dad lying dead on the couch.  She makes her way up stairs and into her room.  When she hears her little brothers TV on very loudly she walks into his room calling him names to turn down his TV, but sees he is asleep.  She pokes him then turns him over to see he is dead.  She freaks out and then hears her mothers voice as a door opens and she hides under her brother’s bed.  Her mom runs into the room and is tackled to the floor by a man asking repeatedly for Donna.  Her mom cries over and over she is not home and that she doesn’t know where she is.  He holds her head tightly to the floor while continuing to ask on Donna’s whereabouts.  Then Mrs. Keppel sees Donna hiding terrified under the bed and says to the man that she is sleeping over at a friend's house and she will not be coming home.  Then, with Donna watching the man takes out a knife and stabs Mrs. Keppel over and over again.  All of a sudden there are Police sirens, the man gets up and runs out.  Donna wait’s a few seconds and books it out of her house yelling and screaming.  The police car drives by not noticing Donna.  Then behind her, she hears: “I did it for us.”

Then the movies cuts to a couple of years later.  Donna is sitting with a therapist talking about the ordeal.  At the end of the conversation they begin to talk about Prom and how tomorrow night is a night she is going to remember for the rest of her life. 

Donna is at the beauty parlor with her friend Lisa and Claire getting their hair done for Prom that night.  They are gossiping and also talking about the night ahead.  Donna’s hair is done and the lady gives Donna a mirror to get a better look at her whole head when she thinks she sees the man outside the parlor for a split second.  She then goes back to talking to her friends and thanking the woman for doing her hair.

We see Donna’s Aunt Karen taking out a box from her closet.  She sits down on the couch while Donna’s Uncle Jack walks into the room.  She looks up and smiles at him.  Then we see Donna in the bathroom putting her earrings on and then opening the medicine chest.  She looks at a prescription bottle and pauses opening it.  She puts it back and closes the chest and sees her Aunt Karen, which startles her.  Aunt Karen gives her what's in the box which is a pretty lacy shawl that matches her Prom dress and tells her: “She would have wanted you to wear it.”  Donna smiles and hugs her Aunt.  The door bell rings and her Aunt says that must be Bobby (Donna’s Boyfriend/ Prom date) and says she will tell him she will be down in a minute.  Donna comes down and her Aunt and Uncle take a bunch of pictures and then Donna and Bobby leave and get into the Limo where Lisa, Ronnie, Claire, and Michael are already buzzing about. 

On the way to the prom they are taking pictures and laughing sticking themselves out the roof window.

The movie then cuts to a Police station where we see Detective Nash bringing over some faxes of a picture and report of a criminal to Detective Winn.  On seeing the picture of the escaped criminal who we know as the man who killed Donna’s family, he gets up and makes a phone call yelling at whoever sent the fax because it states he escaped 3 days ago and he could be in town by now.  After hanging up the phone he frantically puts on his coat and tells Nash they need to move now and go to the Turner’s (Karen and Jack) home. 

On the way there Winn explains that a couple of years ago a High School teacher became obsessed with a female student of his.  One night while the girl (Donna) was out at a movie with her friend, Mr. (Richard) Fenton the teacher went to Donna’s house and when she wasn’t home killed her entire family.  And when Donna got home and saw her brother dead hid under the bed and then witnessed Fenton murder her mother.  After he escaped and they found him at his apartment where he had dozens of journals and pictures and anything imaginable about Donna. 

We flashback to see Donna at the Police station with Karen and Jack to identify Fenton.  She sees him talking to a detective behind a one-way mirror saying how Donna now has no one and that he is all she has and that they are in love.  Donna is very disturbed and horrified and begins to cry and ask to leave.

The movie cuts back to Winn and Nash driving.  Winn explains that Donna was doing well in the beginning and then she began to receive letters from him, which were quickly cut off and that she has been recovering. 

They arrive at Donna’s house and Jack answers the door.  He steps outside with Winn.  Karen is in the kitchen washing dishes when she sees Jack outside with Winn she hears Winn say Fenton escaped three days ago and is probably headed here to find Donna…Karen drops the dish and it shatters all over the kitchen floor.  Winn explains he is sending Patrol units to surround their house and sending even more over to the hotel where the Prom is being held and he personally is going there to keep an eye on Donna. 

Back at the Prom they arrive in the lobby. We see Fenton watching Donna arrive with her friends while standing next to the main desk. They are all about to head up the stairs to the prom when Lisa’s boyfriend Ronnie says to wait one second he is going to get all three pairs of keys to their suite. He runs over to the main desk right next to Fenton and he asks for three keys to their reserved Suite 312.  After Ronnie gets the keys and leaves the counter Fenton hands the clerk a credit card.  The clerk then asks him:” Any specific floor preference Mr. Ramsey?”  Fenton replies with Third floor.

They enter the prom and start to dance and have a good time.  Later the three girls say they need to freshen up and Ronnie hands them all separate keys. 

When they get on the third floor they exit the very crowded elevator, while Fenton also exits from the back behind all the people.  He watches from the front of his door as all threes girls enter the room.  He sees a maid coming by.  He takes out his knife and scratches the bar code on his key and calls for the maid to come over.  She shows him the scratched bar code and takes out her master key to open the door for him.  She tells him to call the front desk, and then he asks her if he can bring more towels.  When she comes and puts the towels in his bathroom he stabs her and kills her taking her master key. 

The girls go back down to the prom.  All of a sudden Claire walks by Donna crying.  Donna asks what’s wrong and Claire hints to her that she has just got her period on Prom night and her boyfriend Michael was mad, and that she has really bad cramps.  Donna assures her it is all going to be okay and tells her she has some Midol in her purse up in the room.  Donna leaves to go and get the Midol and is followed by Fenton who sneaks into the room while Donna is in the bathroom.  Claire comes in and scares Donna on accident.  Donna gives Claire the Midol and heads back down while Claire stay behind to cool down and fix her makeup since she was crying.  After Donna leaves Claire hears noises and thinks it is Michael.  Then Fenton jumps out and stabs Claire, killing her.

We see the clerk trying to get Maria (the maid) on her Walkie Talkie.  A bellboy says he saw her on the third floor earlier and he is headed up there and he will check on her.  When he gets up there he sees Fenton walk from his room to Donnas room.  Suspicious a bit he asks Fenton if he’s seen the maid Maria.  Fenton says yes that she is in his room turning down his bed right this moment.  The bellboy walks in to room.  Fenton closes the door and strangles the bellboy.

Back down at Prom Michael is looking for Claire. Donna tells him to not be mean to her and that she is upstairs in the room.  Michael heads up to the room.  Before he goes in, we see Fenton in the bathroom with a dead Claire and her camera looking at pictures of Donna.  He deletes a picture of Donna and Bobby kissing and then hears Michael come in.  Michael goes to the locked bathroom door and pleads with Claire to come out.  He then says that he is going to sit on the couch and wait till she comes out.  After the bathroom door opens Michael goes back in but no one is in there.  He then sees the closet door close and heads over and opens it.  He doesn’t see anything but then Fenton comes out and kills Michael.

Winn and Nash arrive at the hotel and speak to the clerk showing him a picture of Fenton, but in the picture Fenton has long hair and a beard so he does not recognize his photo.  Winn asks for a layout of the hotel and gets a map of all the exits etc. and orders a team at each one. 

Lisa and Ronnie decide to go up to the room for some alone time before they announce King and Queen.  On the way up by the elevator Lisa runs into Fenton.  She notices something about him and says she knows him from somewhere to Ronnie but cannot figure out from where she knows him.  Up in the room Lisa and Ronnie are fooling around when all of a sudden Lisa realizes it is Mr. Fenton and runs out to go warn Donna, leaving Ronnie alone.  Ronnie then pulls an engagement ring from his pocket and curses for not asking her.  At the elevator Lisa is getting impatient so she runs to the stairs and is tripped down them by Fenton.  She screams and runs.  She runs into a part where there is construction being done in the hotel.  Fenton chases her.  She then hides seeing the elevator in sight.  It opens and Ronnie is there calling for Lisa.  The elevator shuts and Ronnie heads on back to Prom.  After Lisa comes out and makes noise tripping over some buckets and is grabbed by Fenton and he slits her throat.

Ronnie runs up to Donna and Bobby asking where Lisa is, but she tells him she has not come down.  She assures him she is probably just in the bathroom.  And Donna heads to find her.  Right then Winn orders the hotel be completely evacuated and Donna be taken into protective custody.  While the Prom is being evacuated Nash gets the Mic and calls out for Donna Keppel.  Bobby and Ronnie go up to him saying she is his girlfriend and she has gone to look for Ronnie’s girlfriend Lisa.  Donna comes out of the bathroom to see everyone leaving the hotel.  She sees one of Bobby’s football buddies and tell him to tell Bobby she will meet him outside, she just needs to go get her mothers shawl up in their room.

While she is in the room getting the shawl and her purse she hears noises again and heads for the door when Fenton in standing right in her way.  She freaks drop her stuff and runs into the joining room closing and locking all the doors.  She goes to the door to the hallway and out of the peek hole sees Fenton.  He grabs a fire extinguisher and begins to bash the door in.  Donna cries and screams for him to just leave her alone.  She opens the joining door and then hides under one of the two beds.

Back outside Nash escorts Ronnie and Bobby outside.  Winn comes over asking where Donna is.  Bobby says she went to go look for Lisa.  And then bobby’s friend comes over and says Donna said she was heading back to the room to get something.  Right then Winn and Nash run back into the hotel with a team of officers to go get Donna. 

Fenton breaks into the room and looks for Donna.  She watches him from under the bed.  He walks into the next room and when he is out of Donna’s sight she begins to move over to get out from the bed when she can’t move anymore and then sees dead Claire next to her.  She holds her hand over her mouth to not make noise but Fenton hears something and comes back into the room.  He kneels down and looks under the bed just in time to see Donna push Claire’s body aside and escape from the room.  She runs into Winn and Nash and the team right by the elevator, telling them he’s in the room.  They go in and sweep the room but do not find Fenton, but do find Michaels body.  Outside Donna is put into a Police car with Bobby and is driven home with Nash and police. 

Back in the hotel, the swat team raids the entire hotel, but find nothing.  In the room Winn is with other police when he sees blood dripping from the ceiling vent.  He opens it and the bellboy’s body falls out with his uniform missing. 

At the main entrance we then see the staff being evacuated and Fenton dressed in a bellboy uniform walking out freely.

Winn realizes this and rushes to the Turner house.  He tries calling the Turner’s house but it says the line is not working.  On the way there he calls Nash who is in front of the house.  Telling him to check on them because their phones are not working.  Nash gets out and checks the house finding the phone wires have been cut. 

In the house Donna  goes into the bathroom and takes her pills and then heads back to her bedroom and lies next to Bobby. 

Winn pulls up to see Nash sitting in his car. He walks over and the window is down.  He calls Nash but no response.  Winn then sees that Nash’s throat was cut.

Donna whispers to Bobby thank you for staying with her tonight.  When there is no response she shakes him and his head falls back to reveal his throat was also slashed.  Donna jumps out of bed crying and sees a shadow coming slowly.  She slowly backs up into her closet and shuts the door.  She peeks out through the shades on the door and sees it’s Winn.  She goes to get out and Fenton grabs her from behind in the closet and covers her mouth.  He whispers some things to her then kisses her lightly.  Winn heads for Karen and Jacks room and as he walks in Karen screams looking out the window to see a dead police officer.  At the moment Karen screams Donna bites Fenton’s hand and bashes out of the closet.  She falls to the ground and Fenton is about to get her when Winn shoots him dead.  Donna moves out of the way and goes to Bobby.  Winn pulls her away and hold her, Karen and Jack come in and the movie ends.

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Richard Fenton (Johnathon Schaech) gets obsessed with then freshman Donna (Brittany Snow) becoming detached to the point that he kills her father, brother, and mother. He is sent away to an mental institution as Donna attempts to pick up the pieces.

Three years later, Fenton kills his cellmate and escapes to find Donna at her senior prom. He kills another man and takes his identity. In the hotel, where Donna's prom is being held, he kills a maid for her master key card, and strangles another employee when they become suspicious about her disappearance.

In his attempts to get to Donna, he basically kills everyone that gets in the way or recognizes him. He kills Donna's friends Claire (Jessica Stroup), her boyfriend Michael (Kelly Blatz). Lisa (Dana Davis) is killed by him because she recognizes him as Donna's stalker. Fenton confronts Donna in the hotel room but she is able to escape into police custody with her boyfriend Bobby (Scott Porter). Ronnie (Collins Pennie) identifies Lisa's body and breaks down as he was about to propose to her before she ran off to warn Donna.

Back at her aunt and uncles house, Donna is protected by two cops. Detective Winn (Idris Elba) who sent the police to protect Donna when he found out Fenton escaped, realizes that Fenton walked right by him to go for Donna. Fenton kills the two cops and murders Bobby who had decided to stay and comfort Donna. Donna is almost taken by Fenton but Winn shows up and unloads his gun into Fenton, killing him.  

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