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Julia Stiles
Save the Last Dance


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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by skyligrl5

The movie opens with Paige Morgan (Julia Stiles) working in some sort of lab with blood cells and it is apparently her last day because her colleagues give her a going away party.

Then we see Edvard "Eddie" (Luke Malby) in Denmark driving to see his friends at a café. Going back to Paige we see her rush home and quickly change into a nice dress and get back in her truck which says "Morgan Dairy" and speed off apparently late for something. Back to Eddie we see him agree to race his friend and they both get into their BMWs and speed off. The movie cuts back and forth between Paige racing and Eddie racing through Denmark. Page arrives at a church barely on time and nearly runs over the bride. Eddie and his friend are neck and neck until at the last second the friend takes his foot off the gas letting Eddie win the race. Eddie gets out of the car and there are two girls waiting to congratulate him and he kisses them while being photographed by paparazzi.

Paige is sitting at the wedding reception with one of her friends commenting that they are the only single ones left when her friend tells Paige that she is engaged. The friend then goes and catches the bouquet and Paige is left sitting alone at the table. Eddie's parents and sister are waiting for him and he is late but he shows up and meets them and they are announced as Queen, King, Crowned Prince and Princess. We then see Eddie bored at a meeting with his father and other important people. Eddie then goes back to his room and sees a show saying ?Wisconsin college girls gone wild?. Eddies parents are upset at him because he is constantly in the tabloids and he is making a bad name for his family. Eddie says that he wants to go to college in Wisconsin and he will go without his parent's money. His parents then send his butler person, Soren, with him.

Paige meets her friends in this bar on campus and the owner asks her if she will be returning to her position as waitress. She says yes. She proceeds to complain to her friends about getting into medical school and having to take a horrible Shakespeare class that she doesn't want to take. Later Paige is crossing the street and nearly gets run over by Eddie's limo. Eddie is happy to see all the girls at the college and cant wait for them to take off their shirts like in the video he saw.

Eddie goes into his room and he thinks it is alright while Soren is appalled at the stained mattresses and small living quarters. Eddie's roommate comes in and is a big slob who is allergic to many things and tells Eddie not to touch his Xbox. Later that night Paige waits on Eddie and Soren at the bar and she is somewhat rude to them. After a few beers, Eddie goes up to Paige, who is working behind the bar, and asks for drinks then asks her to take her top off. Paige then proceeds to spray Eddie with water and Eddie and Soren are the escorted out of the bar.

The next day, Paige is in Organic Chemistry when Eddie shows up late making a big entrance (because Soren has to leave but doesn't want to) and he ends up being Paige's lab partner and she is angry. She runs up with him after class and tells him that she needs that class for medical school and he better not screw up. Then Eddie quotes Shakespeare and Paige is appalled and thinks he is a phony.

Eddie then realizes that since he cut himself off from his parents he needs money so he gets a job at the bar where Paige works. When she sees him she asks him how he got a job there and he says that he used her as a reference. Eddie is working at the deli and doesn't know how to slice the meat so Paige has to show him. Eddie promises that if he is really bad he will quit. Later while cleaning up he watches Paige dancing to the music on the jute box. Paige sees him outside cleaning off floor mats and Eddie asks her to a dance in his dorm but she turns him down.

One day, Eddie is late to class and Paige blows up whatever she is to be making. She then goes to Eddies room and yells at him for not showing up. Eddie promises next time to be on time. Paige goes and finds out that she got a C- on her Shakespeare test and is upset. Later in class she asks Eddie to help her since he quoted Shakespeare when they first met. Eddie agrees to help only if she will help him do laundry. While doing laundry Paige makes some jokes about Hamlet being a Danish prince and Eddie just laughs along (being that he is a Danish prince). Eddie then helps Paige understand a sonnet. Meanwhile in Denmark, Eddie's sister, Arabella, discovers her father being examined by a doctor but her parents tell her that he is fine. The paparazzi wonder where Eddie is because they are bored with just the King and they vow to find him.

Later, Paige goes to thank Eddie because she received an A- and Paige's friend says she will ask Eddie home with her for Thanksgiving but Paige asks him instead. Paige takes Eddie home where he meets Paige's brothers and parents. Paige's parents own a dairy farm. Eddie sees Paige's room and in it a map of all the places she wants to go ? the places Doctors Without borders go. At dinner Eddie hears Mr. Morgan talk about how it's difficult for them because they run a family farm and it's hard to compete with the corporate ones, but they all have to work together. Eddie then says hewill help them with the farm chores but he has great difficulty with them.

At the end of the day he sees these lawn mowers that Paige's brothers race, because lawn mower racing is very popular there. Eddie says he can make them go faster. We then see this huge lawn mower racing festival and there is this guy that the brothers have competed with forever and they want to beat him. During the race the bad guy pushes the brothers off the track and tries to do so to Eddie too but Eddie wins the race. The guy who lost comes up to Eddie after the race and Eddie goes to shake his hand but the guy punches him instead and then they all get in a big fight.

Back at the Morgan farm, Eddie and Paige are in the barn while Paige is giving Eddie first aid. Eddie says that people are speculating about their relationship and Paige points out that they do not have a relationship but then they kiss.

Back at school Eddie and Paige and Paige's roommate are studying in the library for finals but they cannot focus. Paige and Eddie start holding hands and then Paige tells Eddie to follow her and they go up into the library stacks (previously mentioned by Paige's friend as a "popular" place for couples to go). The start kissing only to be found by the two paparazzi men from Denmark who are yelling "Prince Edvard" at them. Eddie and Paige escape them but Paige asks why they were calling him Prince Edvard and he says that's his name and that he really is the Prince of Denmark. Paige is upset that he lied to her; Eddie says that he loves Paige but Paige runs off very upset and angry with Eddie. The next day her face is in all the papers.

We then see Eddie coming into Chemistry class with Soren trying to escape photographers and he has a new lab partner. Paige is upset when she sees him. Eddie gets a call from his mother saying that he needs to come home immediately because his father is very ill.

During a speech she is giving for her Shakespeare class she comes to the revelation that love is best and she needs to be with Eddie. She goes to his room and his roommate says that he already left. Paige rushes back to her room to find the trophy that Eddie won at the lawn mower race and a note with a quote from one of the sonnets they talked about. Paige then tells her roommate that she has never felt that way before and she is going to Denmark to find Eddie because that's what the note means. Her confused but excited friends help her pay for a ticket to Denmark and Paige gets on a plane.

When in Denmark she is in a cab when they come to a roadblock. The cab driver says that they Royal family does this a lot. She jumps out of the cab and sees Eddie riding along with his family and calls out to him but he doesn't hear her. The crowd recognizes her and starts screaming her name. Eddie hears this turns around and sees her and he pulls her out of the crowd and up onto his horse and they ride off. They get off the horse, Eddie runs, dragging Paige along, into parliament and declares it open and then they get back on the horse and ride to the palace.

Eddie goes and confronts his parents. His mother is angry because she is a commoner. Eddie says he does not care and that he loves her and wants to marry her. His mother is very upset and angry and says that he will be the King in a matter of weeks and he shouldn't do this. Then his father says that it is alright if he wants to marry Paige because that is what Eddie wants. Eddie goes out and finds Paige who is being given a tour of the gardens by Soren. Eddie proposes to Paige and she accepts.

The next morning Paige is awoken by the servants who come and give her breakfast. Arabella comes in and is excited that Paige is going to be her sister. Then while Paige is eating a woman come in to fit Paige with a dress for Eddie's coronation. This woman calls Paige "the future queen" and Paige is shocked because until then she did not exactly realize that she will be the Queen of Denmark when she marries Eddie. Then we see Paige going around to all kinds of different public events with Eddie and his mother, who looks very unhappy. Paige then sits with the Queen as they oversee a meeting of Eddie with his advisor people. Eddie uses something he learned while on Paige's family farm and gets the people he was negotiation with to agree on something.

Later Paige is trying on a dress when Soren tells her that the Queen wants to see her. Paige is very nervous. The Queen tells Paige that she hates change and loves tradition but she sees that Paige may actually be the best thing for all of them. She then takes Paige down into this vault where all of the jewels are kept and Paige chooses a necklace to wear to the party.

At the party Paige and Eddie dance then go off to be alone in this room with a big pool table. Then Eddie is called away to meet with the King of Norway and Paige is left out. She then goes and looks at a globe and gets sad. Eddie comes back and shows her a meat slicing machine and makes her a sandwich. Paige says she cannot do this anymore. She cannot just be a Queen because she has to be herself and live her own dreams. Eddie who is visibly upset asks if there is nothing he can do to make her stay and she says there isn't. He asks if he will ever see her again and they embrace.

We see Eddie being crowned King of Denmark and he goes out onto a balcony and makes a speech about how change is bitter sweet and something about love of the past and it wont go away. Meanwhile we see Paige walk away and fly back home to her parents who hug her. Then we see Paige and her friends on Graduation Day and they are getting their picture taken. We then hear Eddie say something Shakespearean. Paige turns and Eddie says that he cannot live without Paige and he doesn't care if she needs to go to medical school or travel to foreign countries, he will wait for her. Paige then says that she is not sure if Denmark is ready for a Queen like her. Eddie says that they will have to be ready because he is. Then Paige and Eddie kiss - - The End.


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