"The classic tale of love and values unfolds in the class-conscious England of the late 18th century. The five Bennet sisters--including strong-willed Elizabeth and young Lydia--have all been raised by their mother with one purpose in life: finding a husband. When a wealthy bachelor takes up residence in a nearby mansion, the Bennets are abuzz. Amongst the man's sophisticated circle of friends, surely there will be no shortage of suitors for the Bennet sisters. But when Elizabeth meets up with the handsome but snobbish Mr. Darcy, the battle of the sexes is joined. Based on the novel by Jane Austen."

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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by Stephanie G who says... "Sorry this is so long, but Pride and Prejudice isn't so easy to summarize! The movie was overall great (costumes, acting, pacing). It was rather faithful to the book except for the ending. Needless to say there are some parts missing since it was condensed to 2 hours."

The movie opens with a long shot of the beautiful countryside. We see Elizabeth Bennet, the second eldest, (Keira Knightley) reading the last page of a novel. She closes it, smiles and runs into the house. On the way we see that they have a farm-like place with pigs, a small pond, etc. In the house all four other sisters are crowded outside an almost closed door where Mr. Bennet and Mrs. Bennet are speaking. We can half hear Mrs. Bennet screeching to her husband that he must go speak with the new neighbors for their daughters. They continue their bickering outside where the youngest girls and giggling and everybody is smiling and happy. We learn that Mr. Bingley (Simon Woods) is coming to live in the countryside. He is rich, handsome and single. Mrs. Bennet insists that Mr. Bennet go introduce themselves because she wants one of her daughters to marry him. Mr. Bennet said that he already spoke to him and there is a ball that they are to attend. Everybody laughs and goes wild and the two younger sisters pester Jane (the eldest) for clothes to borrow.

Large doors are swung open and we see a majestic ball taking place. People are dancing happily. All of a sudden things come to a halt and everybody is staring at the doorway where we see two men and a woman. An elderly man says something like, "Mr. Bingley..." and a pathway clears for them to walk to the front of the room. Once they are there the dancing continues. Elizabeth is standing off the side with her best friend Charlotte and Jane. Elizabeth asks who the miserable young man is beside Mr. Bingley and she says that is his friend, Mr. Darcy (Matthew McFayden). "Miserable he is but poor he is not," she says. Soon Mrs. Bennet gathers all her girls except for the youngest two (Lydia and Mary) who are off dancing. They introduce themselves to Mr. Bingley and Mrs. Bennet makes Jane stand out to him. Mr. Bingley and Jane dance together almost the entire night. Elizabeth asks Mr. Darcy if he dances and he says, "Not if I can help it." Later on Elizabeth and Charlotte are hidden in the back when they hear Mr. Bingley say that there are so many pretty girls. Mr. Darcy says the only handsome woman is Jane. Mr. Bingley replies that Elizabeth is quite good but Mr. Darcy says not good enough for him. Elizabeth is offended but they laugh at how miserable he is.

The next morning everybody remarks how Mr. Bingley seemed to really have liked Jane. Jane also mentions how dreary Mr. Darcy was. A letter comes from Bingley's sister, Caroline (Kelly Reily) asking that Jane dines with them. It is stated that Mr. Bingley will be out, however. Jane asks for the carriage but Mrs. Bennet clearly says she will go on horseback. It starts to rain and Mrs. Bennet says her plan worked perfectly (now Jane will have to stay overnight with no carriage). A letter comes from Jane saying she is ill. Elizabeth is upset and walks to their estate to see Jane. We see Jane in bed and Mr. Bingley is taking good care of her. He is cute and a tad clumsy when he says he is glad that Jane is sick. But not that she is sick, that she is at his house. Mr. Darcy and Caroline are sitting there and see Elizabeth with her messy hair and muddy shoes. Caroline remarks on how dirty she is.

Everything seems to be in plan but we see Mr. Bingley smiling in love and Caroline says, "You can't be serious."

Meanwhile, Mr. Collins, cousin to the sisters, comes to town. He is an idiot and is egotistical, extremely unattractive, and everybody dislikes him. His intention is to marry Jane but Mrs. Bennet tells him that she is soon to be engaged (assuming Mr. Bingley). He then says that Elizabeth will do. Mrs. Bennet is eager to marry off a daughter to Mr. Collins because their estate will be given to him (closest male relative in the family) and Mr. Collins has agreed to let them keep the house.

Another ball takes place. Before that Elizabeth meets Mr. Wikham, a soldier in the army, and he is handsome and kind. When Mr. Darcy and Wikham seem each other they are extremely cold and Darcy quickly leaves. Elizabeth asks Wikham why he was so cold to him and he says that Darcy's father took care if him like his own son. When Darcy's father passed away he was supposed to leave money for Wikham to pursue his studies but Darcy refused to give anything and so, he is now a poor soldier. Elizabeth hopes that he will be at the ball but he does not show. Mr. Collins finds Elizabeth and they uncomfortably dance with each other. Mr. Darcy asks Elizabeth to dance with him and she agrees. They have a horrible conversation and she dislikes Mr. Darcy even more.

The next day Mr. Collins asks Elizabeth to marry him. He bumbles awkwardly and Elizabeth refuses. Mrs. Bennet is extremely upset and runs after her. She makes Mr. Bennet talk to her but he says, "If you do not marry Mr. Collins your mother will never speak to you again. If you do marry Mr. Collins, I will never speak to you again," and Elizabeth says thank you to her father.

Mr. Collins then proposes to Charlotte and she accepts. Elizabeth is mad that she would accept but Charlotte makes it clear that she is plain and she needs to marry off well. Elizabeth goes to visit Charlotte and Collins at their new home. All of a sudden Lady Catherine de Bourg (a rich elderly lady played by Judi Dench) calls for Collins (they are somehow connected, I don't remember). Collins, Charlotte and Elizabeth go to her house which is absolutely gorgeous and rich. They see Mr. Darcy there and it is made clear that Lady Catherine is his aunt. Along with Mr. Darcy is a friend of his.

Elizabeth later finds out from Darcy's friend that he convinced Bingley not to marry Jane. She is really upset and later on runs out in the rain. Darcy finds her and proposes. He says that she is of inferior birth (offending but he didn't mean it that way) and she says he is the most proud person in the world and would never marry him. He says, "then I am sorry to have wasted so much of your time" and leaves.

Meanwhile a letter comes saying that the three of them (Darcy, Bingley and Caroline) will be leaving to the city. Jane's heart is crushed. They pack her things and send her off to London where Bingley is, in hope that when he hears that she is there he will pursue her.

Before Darcy leaves he finds Elizabeth and gives her a letter. She reads it and it says that Wikham took his father's money and gambled it away. Then he asked for more and he refused to keep sending him money. He also tried to marry Darcy's younger sister to get money but when he refused to give him money Wikham left, leaving Darcy's sister's heart crushed. She was only 15. Darcy also does not deny trying to convince Bingley not to marry Jane but it was only as a friend because he wasn't sure that she loved him as much as he loved her. Elizabeth understands and is starting to realize he isn't what she thought he was.

Elizabeth goes off to her aunt and uncle's house, near Darcy's estate. One day they go for a tour of his estate but her aunt said that Darcy wasn't home. It's a magnificent place with statues, paintings, etc. Elizabeth is wandering and she hears a piano. She looks through the crack of a door and sees Darcy's younger sister and all of a sudden, Darcy comes and hugs his sister. Darcy looks and sees Elizabeth and she runs outside. He catches up with her and there is some awkward conversation. They say goodbye and she runs off.

Elizabeth's aunt and uncle say that Darcy invited them for dinner the next day. So, they are back at his estate and Elizabeth is formally introduced to Darcy's sister. She says she has heard so much about Elizabeth and Darcy smiles awkwardly to Elizabeth. At night we see Elizabeth crying with a letter. She tells everybody that Lydia has run off with Wikham and their entire family will be shamed. Mr. Bennet is already looking in London but their hope is small. The uncle says he will travel to help. Darcy says it is a sad affair and he leaves. The scene cuts to Mrs. Bennet who is hysterical and says that because of Lydia all the sister won't be able to get married. A letter comes for Mr. Bennet from the uncle. It says that Lydia is married to Wikham now. Mrs. Bennet is no longer upset, only happy that her daughter is married. It says that the uncle promised Wikham 100 pounds a year for the arrangement but Mr. Bennet is smarter and says that somebody else must have given him a lot more money otherwise he would not have agreed to marry Lydia.

Lydia and Wikham ride a carriage back to their home and everybody is excited except for Elizabeth and Jane. Wikham bows to Elizabeth but she does not bow back. Lydia at dinner accidentally slips that Darcy was at the wedding. Elizabeth asks, "Darcy?" and Lydia says that he found them and paid for everything but she is not supposed to tell anybody. Elizabeth now understands Darcy was the one who paid Wikham a large sum of money. Wikham and Lydia ride off.

The Bennets are in the marketplace when a random man says that Bingley is coming back. They pretend that they do not care but Mrs. Bennet is excited again. All the girls and Mrs. Bennet are sitting in their living room when Bingley and Darcy knock on the door. They clean everything and put on ribbons, etc. and Bingley and Darcy come in. There is awkward and short conversation and Bingley says he will leave. They are all confused why he came in and left. Jane is sad but trying not to show it and says that Darcy has nerve to show up. The scene cuts to Bingley rehearsing lines with Darcy. Cuts back to Elizabeth trying to explain that Darcy isn't annoying when another knock is heard. Bingley comes in, requests to speak to Jane alone, and proposes. She accepts. Everybody is ecstatic except for Elizabeth. We see her sitting under a tree with her arms folded. At night she can't sleep and she is obviously thinking about Darcy.

All of a sudden there is an urgent knock and the whole family opens the door. Lady Catherine de Bourg steps in very arrogantly and speaks to Elizabeth alone. She asks if Elizabeth is engaged to Darcy and she says no. She asks if she will promise not to accept any proposal by him and Elizabeth says no, she will not promise. Lady Catherine continues to insult Elizabeth and Elizabeth asks her to leave right away.

Elizabeth is upset and steps outside in the middle of the night. She is standing in a field and in the horizon she looks and sees Darcy walking. He says that he couldn't sleep and tells her that his feelings have not changed. He says things this time with more eloquence and clearly says that he loves her. Elizabeth holds his hand and says, "you're cold" and they lean in touching foreheads.

We see Darcy stepping out of Mr. Bennet's office. Elizabeth walks in and smiles sweetly at him. Mr. Bennet says, "have you lost your mind?!" to Elizabeth because he thinks that she hates him. Elizabeth explains everything that Darcy has done and how she misjudged him. Mr. Bennet says that he is sad to let her daughter go but he consents. The other sisters and Mrs. Bennet are rather confused and looking at Darcy through the window. They all thought that Elizabeth hated him but "I guess we were wrong!".

The end scene is Elizabeth and Darcy sitting outside at night. He says, "my dear" and Elizabeth says he can not call her that because that is what her father would call her mother when he was cross at her. Elizabeth says he can call her "Lizzie" normally, "my pearl" on Sundays, and "my divine goddess" when he is extremely happy. Darcy asks, "how about Mrs. Darcy?" and she laughs saying that he can only call her that when he is extremely extremely happy (more eloquently than that, of course). He continues to say "Mrs. Darcy" around 5 times and kisses her starting from the forehead, cheek, etc. until finally they kiss.

The end. Gold text for credits on black screen, simple fade transitions.

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