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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Jon who says... "It's a fun movie that teaches the value of learning about other people.
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The movie starts out with Poo, Piglet, Tigger and Roo all waking up to the sound of a Huffalump, which sounds and looks like an elephant, except it's purple. Poo is startled and falls into his pot of hunny, Piglet is extremely terrified, runs out of his house and directly into a sheet hanging on the line outside his house. Tigger is so startled that he bounces across his room and lands right under his Tigger family portrait, which falls off the wall and onto his head. Roo wakes up excited because it's something new and he wants to find out what it is.

The three friends meet up and rush off extremely excitedly to Rabbit's house, because Rabbit will know what to do. They all pound on Rabbit's door and hurredly try to explain what they saw when Rabbit comes to the door with curlers in his ears. Rabbit calms them down and gets explanations from them for what happening. Rabbit assures them that it's really nothing, but as Tigger hops off, he comes across a large foot print, as Pooh points out, it really is, um. quite... large. Rabbit identifies the footprint as being that of the dreaded Huffalump which lives in the forest beyond the hundred acre woods. He breaks into a song about how scary and mean the Huffalumps are and scares the others into thinking that Huffalumps are bad.

They are all scared of Huffalumps at this point, but Roo convinces them that they should capture the Huffalump. Rabbit tells them to go get stuff they can use to catch the Huffalump. Moments later we see Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eyore, arriving with all sorts of oddities including a large grandfather clock, none of which are useful for capturing Huffalumps. Roo shows up with rope (the only useful instrument brought back). They practice with the rope and try to rope a barrel in a funny (but predictable) scene where everyone except Roo throws their rope and not-so-successfully captures Rabbit. Roo then ropes the barrel.

Plans are made to go searching for Huffalumps in the morning, but Roo is told he can't go because he's much too young. Dejectedly he heads home and talks to his mom, Kanga, about the groups plan's to go catch a Huffalump the next day. Kanga doesn't want him to go but sings a song to him about growing up and how he is getting bigger every day.

When Roo wakes up the next morning, he decides that he's going to go searching for the Huffalump the next day by himself because he knows that he can do it. He sneaks out and goes to the forest in search of the Huffalump. After searching for a little bit, he hears something and follows it through the tall grass, up through a large door and into a dark room. In the dark, he meets up with the Huffalump which is playing tag or hide and seek. Outside, Roo decides to "capture" the Huffalump by throwing a rope around his neck. Roo finds out that the Huffalump likes to be called Lumpy, and that Lumpy is a young elephant, only Lumpy hasn't found his call (like an elephant trumpet) yet (this is important later on).

Roo very quickly finds out that he can't take Lumpy anywhere he doesn't want to go. Roo also finds out that Huffalumps are as frightened of the Hundred Acre Woods family as they are of the Huffalumps. Even so, Roo convinces Lumpy to go back to the hundred acre woods with him to meet his friends.

Meanwhile, the other search party sets off to try and find the Huffalumps. They get in to the forest and eventually get separated, Tigger and Rabbit together, and Pooh and Piglet together with Eeyore following behind (with all the stuff). Back at the hundred acre woods, Roo shows Lumpy around to his friends house, where he finds out that Lumpy likes hunny and watermelon just like Roo.

In the process of playing around, they mess up Pooh's house, and ruin Rabbit's garden, and they make a large mess. They decide to go get cleaned up at the pond and have more fun swimming.

Meanwhile, Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet and Pooh have scared themselves silly and have run back to the hundred acre wood where they find that their houses have been messed up. They are all extremely scared, so Rabbit tells them they need to put up defenses and traps to trap the Huffalumps. During this time, Roo learns that he really likes his friend Lumpy and decides that Lumpy won't be "captured" anymore, so he lets him go and takes the rope off.

Lumpy needs to find his mother, so they go searching for her but they get lost and can't find or hear Lumpy's mother. Lumpy gets really sad because he thinks he's completely lost now, but Roo convinces him to go find Kanga because she can help them find Lumpy's mom.

On the way back, they run into Rabbit, Tigger, Piglet and Pooh who are so frightened at seeing a Huffalump that they cause quite a ruckus and scare Lumpy who runs away, setting off all of the traps and getting scared even more. Roo chases after him, and finds him trapped in a trap set by the others. Roo tries really hard to get him out, but he's not strong enough to break the sticks. He sees that the sticks are all tied at the top with rope, so he climbs to the top of the trap and lets Lumpy out. Something happens and Roo falls into a pit of logs and sticks and nobody can help to get him out... (he's in too far). Roo is in real trouble here, so Lumpy decides he can call his mother, so he tries to trumpet for her. After a few tries, Lumpy figures out how to do it, and trumpet's very loudly. Lumpy's mother comes to the rescue and gets Roo out of the predicament that he's in.

Meanwhile, Rabbit is feeling very badly for thinking that Huffalumps are scary and apologizes to Mrs. Huffalump for trying to catch Lumpy.

Everything ends well and everyone is friends. The Hundred Acre Woods characters have figured out that Huffalumps aren't mean and scary, and the Huffalumps have learned that the Hundred Acre Woods characters are nice as well.

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