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A ship with 40 passengers crashes on a deserted planet killing all but 10 of them. Among the survivors are Riddick, the ruthless prisoner, Fry, the pilot turned commander since the old commander died in the crash and Johns, the policeman that is actually a bounty hunter bringing back Riddick.

This planet has 3 suns so is never in darkness. They discover that underground there lives these brutal creatures that are kind of like the monsters in "alien" but they can fly and can't survive in the light.

After finding an old camp sight with an emergency rescue vehicle they decide to go back to their ship to get a couple of battery like items to make this rescue ship work.

Should they be scared of the aliens? Not with 3 suns, right? Uh oh, every 22 years or so there is a total eclipse of these suns and that moment is tonight...

After getting the supplies they need the eclipse sets in and they must now race back to the rescue vehicle through the "valley of death". They fight the aliens along the way carrying torches and any light substances they can find. A few of them get killed along the way. Unfortunately, now the aliens have tasted human blood and can track them down easier. The cool little guy who tries to imitate Riddick during the movie turns out to be a young girl in the middle of her "period". Don't really want to get into it so we'll move on...

In the end, Riddick makes it back to the ship and decides to leave without the rest of them. Fry, has everyone wait in a sealed off cave and races back to the ship to convince Riddick to help them all. Riddick finally decides to help and gets the remaining passengers back but must fight off one last alien. Fry hears him screaming and goes back out and helps him back to the ship, only to be snatched up by another alien and eaten just as Riddick gets on board.

Riddick shuts the door, waits for a bunch of aliens to get behind the ship, and turns on the afterburners, killing a bunch more of them, as the ship leaves the planet...

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Riddick: The prisoner that in the end, goes back to save the survivors. (He's got special eyes that let him see in the dark.)
Fry: Almost makes it out alive but comes to a grisly death when trying to help Riddick back on ship.