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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by M M who says...“It's a great family movie, my kids Loved it!”

The movie starts with the king’s brother attacking his ship and kidnapping the king’s son. Inside the captains quarters’, hiding, is the queens daughter. She quickly uses the “help seeker” her father (the king) made to go and find some heroes.

We move to a dinner theatre where three cabin boys (waiters) Elliot (Larry the Cucumber),  Sedgewick (Mr. Lunt) and George (Pa Grape). They are waiting on their girlfriends and family. We learn that Elliot has a “list” of fears, Sedgewick is lazy, and George has an inferiority complex. They dream of being part of the actors in the pirate show. They decide to try out, but do a miserable job, end up breaking the scene and get fired.

Outside the theatre they find the help seeker and Elliot pushes the blinking button. A rowboat appears, they all jump in and are transferred into the Ocean in the 17th century. They catch up with the Princess and decide to try and help her rescue her brother, even though they aren’t heroes.

They start out by going to a pirate bar (root beer, it is a kids movie!) to try to find out where the Evil pirates lair is. They find out a puzzle is hidden on an island in a cave and start searching for it. When they get there they find a mural on the wall with clues as to where they can find the secret island. (Something about stones that move and rocks that clap) On their way out Sedgewick finds a cavern full of his favorite snack (cheese curls) he decides to abandon his fellows and stay there forever with a lifetime supply. The others leave and he is left to start chowing away. Suddenly, the cheese curls turn out to be little cheesy monsters and start chasing Sedgewick through the caves (very funny!)

The others soon realize that their ship has been taken by the evil pirates, who followed them and they now have their ship and the princess. All that is left is a little dingy that the pirates left. As George starts to push it in the water the Help seeker starts flashing. Elliot takes this to mean that their quest is over and they can now return home. George does a speech and being a hero and helping the princess so Elliot starts helping him. (They passed the test)

They find an island that they think is the one from the clue; they soon find this to be true as the island is home to a family of moving rocks (again a VERY funny part). As Elliot and George try and figure out how to get to the next part of the clue, Sedgewick swims up, followed by a swarm of angry cheese curls. These entertain the rock family who helps them get through the “clapping rock” part of the clue.

Inside the clapping rock is an inlet with the home base of the evil pirate. They sneak in to rescue the prince and princess, get caught, and escape again. They end up back in the inlet in a small boat, about to be overcome by the evil pirate, when the King returns with his large ship and blows them out of the water. He rescues them all and Elliot, George, and Sedgewick return home as heroes. What they don’t know is that the Evil pirate grabs onto their ship as they are leaving and ends up back in the restaurant/theater. They defeat him again, in front of everyone, so now everyone knows they are heroes.

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