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The movie starts out in a rainy, garden-esque place. There are flowers everywhere, and we see someone being arrested with shots of Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightly) kneeling inserted in between. As the scene progresses, we see that it was Elizabeth's wedding day, and it is Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) being arrested. As Will is brought to Elizabeth, she turns and runs to him as soldiers surround them. Governor Swann demands to know why Will is being arrested, and a very pretentious Beckett (a general or something, I presume), shows him the papers. Gov. Swann reads the warrant, and looks incredulous as he turns to Beckett and says, "Why, this is an arrest warrant for Elizabeth Swann!" Beckett looks amused and after a little digging, pulls out another one for Will. Elizabeth and Will demand to know why they are being arrested only to learn that they, as well as Commodore Norrington (Jack Davenport) are under arrest for unlawfully releasing the condemned Jack Sparrow from his sentence. Elizabeth, at this point, quickly interrupts saying he’s “Captain” Jack Sparrow, which mildly amuses Beckett as he tells them that they are doomed to the gallows as well.

We now see a dark castle on a stormy night. There are waves crashing every which way, and the crew members from the first movie are being lead inside. A man is inside a cage made of bones, and birds are eating away at his flesh. The crew members scream in horror, and we see a bunch of minions throwing coffins into the ocean. The camera follows these coffins, and a bird lands on one. It pecks at the coffin, and suddenly a gunshot is seen, and the bird is exploded. Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) thrusts his arm out of the coffin, and uses a leg or an arm of the last occupant of the coffin to paddle himself back to the Black Pearl, on which the remainder of the crew is waiting. Jack gets on board, only to see that irritating little monkey from the first movie. He shoots at it, but it escapes. The crew eagerly asks Jack if he’d gotten what he’d wanted from the island, and he proudly says that he has. The crew expect something “shiny” (gold, of course), but Jack simply takes out a tattered piece of cloth on which is drawn a key. The crew is clearly disappointed, and Gibbs tells Jack that the crew is feeling like Jack isn’t satisfying them as a captain. This inspires Jack to start on a tirade about the importance of aforementioned key, and so on and so forth.

Meanwhile, Will is bargaining with Beckett for his & Elizabeth’s release. Basically, Beckett wants Jack’s compass, and in exchange, he’ll give Will the papers that formally free him, Elizabeth, and Norrington. Will goes to see Elizabeth, and it is clear that Gov. Swann is not so sure that Will can save Elizabeth. He goes off searching for “that dog with the keys” as Will and Elizabeth intimately speak. Will promises that he will come back for her, and then they will get married, but only if she’ll “still have him”. Elizabeth whispers rather seductively, “If it weren’t for these bars, I already would have.” Gov. Swann is back at this point, and obviously surprised by his daughter. Will pulls away and leaves hastily (he does this a lot in the movie, actually).

Now, Jack’s crew is sleeping, and he takes this opportunity to go into one of the lower decks. He’s searching around the rum and gunpowder, and finally spots what he is looking for. Just as he gets a hold on it, a deep voice says “Time is running out, Jack” Jack drops the object, and begins walking very cautiously around the deck, and sees a man sitting in a corner. Jack walks closer and discovers that it’s Bootstrap Bill (Will’s father). Bootstrap is partially decapitated, and looks like he’s mostly a combination of decomposing flesh and moss, urchins, etc. Bootstrap explains that when the members of the Black Pearl chained him to the cannonball and tossed him in the sea, he was being crushed by the weight of the ocean, unable to die, and unable to escape. At that moment, he was desperate for any way to escape, and when Davy Jones offered his services, Bootstrap gladly accepted. He tells Jack that Davy Jones sent him with a warning. Jack’s been captain of the Black Pearl for 13 years now, and it’s time for him to join the crew. Jack tries to talk his way out of it, but Bootstrap assures him that once you promise Davy your soul, you’re going to give it to him. As Bootstrap leaves, he takes Jack’s hand and presses deeply into it. When he removes his hand, there is a horrifying black growth on his hand. Bootstrap tells Jack that Davy is after the one with the black spot (the growth). Jack runs on deck, awaking all of the crew and urging them to move at full speed. Gibbs knows that Jack is hiding something, but Jack won’t tell (he’s covered up the growth with some cloth)

Will’s a capable young man, and has somehow found his way onto a boat. He asks around for the whereabouts of Jack, and is able to find a ship to take him out at Tortuga. The ship shows him an island where the Black Pearl is anchored, but they don’t dare to row all the way out, leaving Will to swim to the island instead. Once on the island, Jack sees the parrot from the first movie (you know, the one the mute pirate always has with him). The bird keeps saying “Don’t eat me! Don’t eat me!” and Will is a bit puzzled, saying amiably, “I’m not going to eat you!” he spots Gibb’s flask attached to a string, and traces the string to a small clearing. As Will looks around, the “tree” behind him comes to life, and a dozen warriors jump out. Will refuses to give in, and thrusts his sword about wildly. One of the tribal warriors shoots a tranquilizer dart at Will, and he instantly falls asleep. They tie him to a stick, and bring him into the village. Will awakens, and discovers that Jack has become the leader of the tribe. Jack shouts a bunch of gibberish to the tribesman, and they take Will away. As Will passes, Jack whisper/shouts “Save me!” Will is thrown into a cage with Gibbs and a couple other crewmen. Gibbs explains that the tribesmen believe Jack is a god, and they’re planning to release him into the heavens by cooking him and eating him. Will is shocked, and Gibbs tells him that the ceremony will start once the drums stop beating.

Back on the ocean, the two pirates from the Black Pearl in the first movie have escaped from the tower in one of the first scenes thanks to the doggie with the keys. The one with the glass eye, Ragetti, is reading the Bible with his one functional eye while Pintel is trying to row them to the island. Ragetti is a bit obsessed with salvation now that they’re no longer immortal, and when they spot the Black Pearl anchored on the shore, Ragetti is a bit hesitant to steal it. Nevertheless, they begin fixing it up.

Despite Jack’s treatment of him earlier, Will has devised a plan for them to rescue him. They swing their cages back and forth, and begin to climb. It’s like a race for the two caged groups, and the one without Will and Gibbs tries to swing too hard, and instead the rope snaps and they fall to their doom. Will’s group manages to climb up, but the tribesmen have them surrounded. Using the circular cage as a sort of hamster wheel, they roll around the island while Jack escapes from his roasting pit. After quite a bit of hilarity and insanity, Gibbs and the men arrive at the Black Pearl where Pintel and Ragetti are hard at work, and quickly start getting the boat out to sea. Will, being the caring friend that he is, asks about Jack. We see Jack running towards the boat at full speed … with the entire tribe chasing after him. Will changes his mind, but Jack gets on the boat, of course. As Jack starts on his speech to the tribesmen, “You will always remember this as the day where you almost …” a huge wave crashes into him and leaves him shocked. The doggie with the keys is still on the island, and he barks frantically as the ship leaves. The tribesmen begin chasing the doggie (this links into the clip @ the end of the movie, btw)

Jack & the crew then head off to Tia Dalma’s (aka the voodoo lady) house in the Bayou. Tia may have been a former lover of Jack, but it’s mostly implied. Upon seeing Jack, she coos, but also takes a particular interest in Will, whom she says has a great destiny. (As she’s speaking with Will, Jack is stealing little knick knacks from her, a ring there, a knick knack there.)Jack tells her of his promise with Davy Jones & shows her (and his crew) the black mark. Gibbs is shocked and does a funny little dance that’s supposed to ward off the mark, I suppose. Tia asks Jack what he’s going to give her for her help, and he presents the undead monkey in a cage. Tia releases it, much to Jack’s dismay, but she tells him it’ll do. Tia then tells Will and the crew the story of Davy Jones. He was a man of the sea, but one day, he fell in love. Tia claims that he fell in love with a woman, while Gibbs asserts that it was the sea. Tia quickly says “Same story, different version!” and goes on with the story. Basically, Davy couldn’t stand the pain of being away from his love, so he carved out his heart, placed it in a box, and set it down deep into the ocean. The key is supposed to open the box, and upon stabbing the heart, the power of the seas will be removed from Davy. She also tells Jack that Davy Jones can only step foot on land every 10 years, and she gives him some “land” (a jar of dirt) to carry around. Jack asks where they can find the key, and Tia asks why the compass she gave him isn’t helping. Jack claims that it’s broken, but Tia says the compass will point to what you desire most, and Jack doesn’t know what he wants. Jack is indignant, but Tia picks up some special dice and drops them. The formation the dice make is identical to that of a shipwreck, and we see the Black Pearl arriving at said shipwreck.

Jack is scared of seeing Davy, so he sends Will to do it. The too-trusting Will goes, and Jack tells him that if Davy asks, Will has been sent to settle the debt of Jack Sparrow. On the shipwreck, Will finds several soldiers near death. One is tugging at the mass needlessly, another, lying on the ground. While trying to help the one lying on the ground, Will finds that the sailor’s face has been sucked off by the Kraken, a sea monster who does Davy’s bidding that Gibbs warned him about. Suddenly, Will hears footsteps, and lo and behold, it is Davy Jones himself. Will and the sailors take their place on deck, kneeling in fear. Davy Jones offers one of the sailors a place on the crew while another objects passionately. They are immediately thrown into the sea by one of Davy’s minion things (they all look like Bootstrap, although most of them are even more sea creature-ish) When Davy comes to Will, Will says that he’s here to settle Jack’s debt, but Davy spots Jack on the Black Pearl and goes over. He tells Jack that his time is up, he’s been captain of the Black Pearl for 13 years, and now it’s time for him to surrender his soul. Jack asks if he could make a trade of some sort, but Davy says that he’ll free Jack if he can give him 100 souls in 3 days. Meanwhile, he’ll keep Will as part of his crew. Gibbs asks Jack where he’ll find the souls, and Jack smilingly says, “Tortuga”.

Back at the port, Elizabeth’s father devises a plan for her to escape. On their way, however, Beckett murders the captain who was supposed to save Elizabeth. When Beckett throws open the carriage to kill Elizabeth, she’s already gone. Before she leaves, she returns to Beckett’s office, where she threatens Beckett into giving her the papers of release. Leaving Beckett shocked and rather intimidated, Elizabeth leaves. From there, Elizabeth stowed away on a ship and threw on some sailor clothes, leaving her dress on the deck. The crew is frantic because they believe that boat is haunted now. Elizabeth uses this fact to her advantage, and tricks the crew into going to Tortuga (the first place to look for Jack)

Davy Jones is not a kind man to his crew, but by a coincidence, Will bumps into his father after they both answer to “Mr. Turner” In their shock, they drop a pole or something they were supposed to be raising, and Davy forces Bootstrap to whip his beloved son. Will is uncertain of what to make of his father, but Bootstrap helps Will learn a little more about the key. On deck, they watch the sailors playing a dice game, which Will quickly catches on to, and decides to challenge Davy Jones himself. Frightened for his son, Bootstrap joins the game, but misunderstands his son’s intentions and makes a foolish bet. After the game, Will reveals that all he wanted to know was where Davy hid the key. While Davy is playing the organ, he falls asleep and Will sneaks in and takes the key out, but not before setting off a music box (it plays a pretty sad little melody).

Jack’s efforts at getting a crew together for Davy Jones’ are not very successful. He manages to get together a grand total of 4 people, not counting the former Commodore Norrington, who blames his entire downfall on Jack. This results in a huge fistfight, and just as everyone’s about to attack Norrington, Elizabeth comes to his rescue, asking “What has life done to you, Commodore?” Elizabeth goes to Jack asking about Will, and Jack shows her the compass, knowing that Elizabeth’s determination to find Will is what the compass needs to function. During their journey, however, Elizabeth and Jack flirt mercilessly with one another (this could be due to Elizabeth’s frustration at having been deprived of her wedding night), with Elizabeth speaking to Jack provocatively. Jack is close to a kiss when he sees his hand. The growth that disappeared when Davy took Will is back on his hand. Elizabeth is surprised, and tells Jack she’s proud of him.

The group soon arrives on an island. Elizabeth holds the compass out, only to find that it points to Jack. Shocked and a bit puzzled, she plops to the ground. She tells Jack the compass is broken, but Jack knows better and has the Commodore start digging. Before long, they’ve discovered the chest, but alas, no key! Will Turner to the rescue! Will suddenly appears on the beach, and Commodore and Jack watch in disgust (and jealousy) as the Elizabeth and Will embrace. Jack asks Will how he found his way to the island, and Will tells him that he “strapped himself to the back of sea turtles” (a reference to the first movie), to which Jack calmly replies, “Not so easy, is it?” Actually, Will found a ride with those people who Elizabeth stowed away with earlier, and upon seeing her dress realized that she must be with Jack. Davy then sent the Kraken to kill Will, but Will escaped and got to the island on his own. The men begin fighting over the chest with Elizabeth watching rather hopelessly. Pintel and Ragetti take advantage of the situation and begin tiptoeing away with the chest. Elizabeth notices and chases them into the forest.

Since Davy Jones can’t set foot on land, he sends his minions to do his bidding, and they arrive on the island shortly. Mostly they fight with Elizabeth, as Pintel and Ragetti are inadequate swordsmen and Jack, Will, and the Commodore are far too busy fighting over first the key, then the chest, and even Elizabeth! There is great chaos, but while everyone is distracted, Jack sneaks away and opens the chest. He removes Davy’s heart and hides it in his jar of dirt. Commodore notices Jack’s newfound affection for his jar and takes out the heart, with no one knowing any better. He then “sacrifices” himself by running with the chest back into the forest (to distract the sea creature things)

Elizabeth is upset that Jack lied to her, and Davy is very suspicious. He sends the Kraken after the group, and Jack sneaks off in an extra boat. Elizabeth sees him running away while Will is risking his life for the crew, and is disgusted. Since Will knows the danger of the Kraken, he comes up with a plan to use gunpowder and rum to cause an explosion. He gives Elizabeth the duty of shooting at the rum/gunpowder, but when the time comes, she becomes nervous and unsure. The gun is thrown out of her hands by a tentacle, and Elizabeth scrambles for it only to see that someone is preventing her from reaching it. She looks up and sees Jack. He’d come back to the ship after looking at his compass. He picks up the gun while Elizabeth clings to his leg, and shoots at the rum/gunpowder, injuring the Kraken effectively. The kraken has been hurt for now, but it will definitely return. Jack tells the crew that the only thing they can do is abandon the ship. Gibbs looks at Jack and asks him why he’s doing this. Jack says coldly, “It’s only a ship”. Everyone is in the boat except Elizabeth. She comes to Jack and thanks him for coming back because she “always knew he was a good man”. She leans in and kisses Jack rather passionately. This is accidentally seen by Will, but he says nothing. Elizabeth is still on board and she and Jack are pretty much swapping saliva like mad. We hear two clicks, and the camera zooms to Jack’s hands. Elizabeth was just distracting Jack so she could chain him to the Black Pearl. She tells him that she isn’t sorry to have to do this, and as she’s about to lean in for another “Kiss of Death” [term borrowed from the msg boards at IMDB], she moves back in disgust and joins the rest of the crew on the boat. She tells them that Jack had decided to sacrifice himself so the rest of them could have a chance, because the Kraken is after Jack, not them. Everyone’s a little hesitant to go, but Elizabeth urges them to leave.

On the boat, Jack is frantic. Using the hot oil from a lamp, he manages to slip out of the shackles, but it’s too late. The Kraken has surrounded the Pearl already. Picking up a sword, Jack stands, ready to fight, as he and the Pearl are engulfed by the Kraken. Everyone is surprised, saying that Jack’s “honest streak” had finally run out.

The audience at this point is pretty much devastated, but the movie’s not over yet! Turns out Commodore Norrington was less of a good guy than we thought. Along with Davy’s heart, Commodore took the release papers. He managed to stay afloat at sea until a ship picked him up and brought him to port. He takes the papers to Beckett, who asks where the rest of the agreement is. Commodore throws a leather pouch onto the table. It’s Davy’s heart. Meanwhile, Will, Elizabeth and the rest of the crew have returned to Tia Dalma’s house. Everyone is rather melancholy, and the people living by Tia have all gathered in the water with candles (to honor Jack?) Tia supplies everyone with blankets and drinks, and noticing Elizabeth’s particularly mournful face, she tells her that it will ward off both the cold and sadness. The crew members make a toast to Jack, whom although a very deceitful man, was always a great captain. Each crew member adds his own bit, even Elizabeth, who says that “he was a good man.” Will is the only one who remains silent.

No one knows that Elizabeth’s guilt is playing a large role on her mood, as she has told no one (not even Will) about what she did. Will gets up, trying to comfort her, saying that “if there was anything they could do…” Tia interrupts, asking them, “Would you do it? How far would you be willing to go to bring him back? How many of you would risk it all to find Jack?” Everyone is silent, except Gibbs, who answers Tia with a confident “AYE!” He is followed by the rest of the crew, including Elizabeth. Tia smiles and tells them that they’re going to have to sail to “the ends of the world”, but in order to do so, they’re going to need someone who knows his way around in the waters.

Here’s the big finale. The crew hears footsteps, and voila, it’s… CAPTAIN BARBOSSA (Yeah, he died, but now he’s back. It’ll be explained in the 3rd one, I’m sure) As his ridiculous little monkey shrieks on his shoulder, Captain Barbossa bites into a juicy green apple and laughs rather creepily.

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Elizabeth Swan (Keira Knightley) turns on Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) at the end of the film by chaining him to the Black Pearl's mast as the rest of the crew (Orlando Bloom included) escape from the ship due to imminent attack and destruction of it by Davy Jones' Monster,The Kraken.

Swan tells everybody in the lifeboat they escape in that Jack has decided to remain aboard and go down with his ship (the crew had already climbed into the lifeboat before Swan turned on Sparrow) and they sail awy from the Black Pearl.

Sparrow Manages to slip out of his shackles just as the Kraken appears on all sides of the ship,trapping him.

Sparrow grabs a sword and the last we see of him is he attacking the Kraken and being Consumed by it. The Kraken destroys the Black Pearl and drags her underwater to her grave.

Davy Jones and his crew see this (as do the Black Pearls survivors) and proclaims Sparrows debt fulfilled.

At the end of the film, the Pearl's survivors drink a toast to Sparrow and then are told by the Witch doctor from earlier in the film that they can still bring Sparrow and the Black pearl back-they all agree (even Elizabeth,who nobody knows left Sparrow to his doom).

The witch doctor says if they are to manage this,they will need to go to the world's end (the rumoured title of the third movie) and will need a strong captain who knows where to go and be able to steer a ship like the devil himself. She says she knows such a man and we hear footsteps.

The man comes down the stairs and all the crew are astonished at who the man is.

The captain is Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush, who died at the end of the first film)

He smiles at them all and asks them where his ship (The Black Pearl) is and where is Jack Sparrow?

He starts laughing and bites into a shiny green apple as the film ends.