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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Chalowan who says... "The movie switches back and forth a lot between April and the scenes with the rest of her family so everything may not be in complete order but it's close."
The movie starts out early Thanksgiving morning and Bobby (April's boyfriend) is trying to wake her up saying they have a lot to prepare before her family comes.  He ends up carrying her to the bathroom and throwing her in the shower with her clothes on.  Then they go to the kitchen where April preps the turkey and as she's handing the turkey to Bobby, it slips out of her hand and onto the floor.  They clean it up and stuff the turkey and it looks sloppy but April mutters that it doesn't matter because her family probably won't show up anyway.
The scene switches to Jim (the dad) waking up and noticing that his wife (Joy) isn't in bed.  He searches all around the house and his two other kids (Beth and Timmy) join in and he goes to the garage and finds the mom sitting in the car all dressed and ready to go. 
Meanwhile April and Bobby are unwrapping and cleaning the plates they are planning on using for the dinner.  April unwraps a salt and pepper shaker shaped like turkeys and says that she used to have one of these when she was young and that her mom said to not break them because they were worth more than April's life.  She asks Bobby how much he got the salt and pepper shaker for and he tells her 50 cents.  She tells him that he got a bargain and goes to her room to cry where he later apologizes to her.  April kisses him and they have sex while she's blurting out things that she has to do to the turkey to prepare it, which was weird but funny.
The scene switches to the garage and Timmy climbs into the back seat of the car saying good morning brightly to his mom and asking her how she's feeling.  She asks Timmy if he brought his camera (he's good with photography) and he says he brought it and she says to check, but he insists that he brought it meanwhile he's frantically searching through his bag for it.  At the same time the dad is talking to Beth (who comes off as the annoying-i'm perfect-daughter) who complains that it's selfish of April to ask them to go all the way to New York for Thanksgiving when April can't cook and that she (Beth) was the one that got an A in home-ec.
April is getting the stove ready to put the turkey in and she has a piece of paper and she writes under THINGS TO DO, "Pre-heat the oven" and then she pre-heats the oven, turns back to the paper and crosses it off.
Beth slides into the back seat of the car and also says brightly to Joy good morning and how is she feeling and at the same time Timmy says he can't find the camera and runs back out.  Beth continues to ask if the mom slept well and if she's feeling nauseaous or sick or if the mom's hands are clammy or too cold or too hot and basically the mom tells her to shut up.  Right after that the dad knocks on the window and says brightly, "Hi honey.  Good morning and how are you feeling?"  You get the idea that Joy is sick.
Bobby comes back to April and tells her that he's heading out and she tells him to go; it'll be better for her that way.  April is about to stick the turkey into the stove but realizes that it's not hot and so it's not working.  She tries calling the super but he won't get to her until the next day and she calls to have the stove fixed but the wait time until someone picks up is 45 minutes and she throws the phone down. 

You see April banging on doors asking people to help her but either no one is home or no one answers.
The family goes to pick up Joy's mom at the nursing home and they stop at a Krispy Kreme where they order a lot because Joy thinks it will hold the family over incase April's cooking is bad.  You see them sitting in the parking lot enjoying their donuts.
April gets through to a black couple who after listening to her story about her family agrees to let her use their stove for two hours before they start cooking their own dinner which gives her some time to go look for more people in the complex to help her. She asks a woman name Trish who at first agrees to help April but then turns her down by saying that she's a vegan and doesn't eat or cook or wants to smell anything that has a face.
** These coming scenes jump back and forth a lot now so I will just focus on one scene at a time for each character(s) until the end of the movie**
Back to the family driving: You can see that April doesn't get along with her family much.  She's the "first pancake" - the first pancake you make, you always throw out.  There's a scene where they pull over to take a picture by a place that sells Christmas stuff and after the picture is taken, the mom says, 'Well there's our Christmas card", and the dad asks well what about April?  Next, Joy says something about at least this Thanksgiving they will go to April's and smile through the meal and leave than have April come home with new tattoos or piercings and "God forbid, stay a night".  They pull over a lot because Joy needs to throw up or get air because of the treatment she's getting for her sickness (and even to smoke some pot*).  The treatment makes Joy a bit curt and sarcastic.  There's a scene where Beth is singing opera for the family and every seems to enjoy it and she asks for any requests and Joy requests her to stop.  Beth keeps smiling but you can tell she's going to cry.  Joy says some other mean things enough that the grandmother looks at her and asks who she is because her daughter is kind and nice and soft spoken and Joy says that's not the way she is anymore and the grandmother replies then Joy isn't her daughter and looks away.  There's another scene where Joy is fretting about seeing April and she says that she has great memories of both Timmy and Beth but only ONE good memory of April and she describes the memory and Beth pipes up that it was Beth in the memory, not April. Jim mentions a memory of a picture of a turkey that April drew that Joy kept on the fridge for months but Beth pipes up that it was Beth who drew the picture.  At this time Joy is freaking out and tells Jim to pull over where she runs out of the car and cries that she has no good memories of April.  She has memories of April with drugs and alcohol and lighting things up on fire and throwing lighters at Beth's face and trying to trim Timmy's bangs with fire.  What if this trip is another bad memory?  She may only live through one more Thanksgiving and she doesn't want it to be a bad one and Jim has to comfort her and promise that everything will go well.  You also see later through a scrap book that Timmy took of his mom that she has breast cancer.  There's a before and after picture.
Meanwhile, Bobbys going around town picking up flowers and a new suit and at the same time people are telling him that some guy name Tyron (or Tyrell) is looking for him but Bobby doesn't know any Tyrons.  Later he finds out that Tyron is actually April's ex-boyfriend (who changed his name because everyone changes - something with April changing her mind and dumping him for Bobby) who's still smarting over being dumped and he and his gangs on bicycles come and beat Bobby up.
Back at the apartment April finds out that Wayne (played by Sean Hayes from Will & Grace) has a new stove.  She asks to borrow it and he allows her.  As she's back in her apartment preparing more food Wayne kinda bothers April and when she thinks he's gone, she imitates him but Wayne is actually still behind her and he leaves in a huff.  She runs to his apartment to apologize and to grab her turkey but he says he has to walk his dog (a pug) and that his good feeling for being kind is gone.  April goes back and you see her making place cards for the table and decorating the apartment and the outside.  Later she manages to grab the turkey back from Wayne but he's already torn a piece of leg from the turkey to give to his dog.  Then she finds help from a nice Chinese family who can't really understand her but they cook her turkey and repaired the torn part where the leg was and the turkey looks great and yummy.
The family pulls up in front of the apartment and Jim says this can't be it because the apartment looks run down and graffitti-ed over.  He's exasperated at April because she promised she has changed and from the looks of the apartment, he doesn't think she did.  It doesn't get any better when Bobby comes stumbling to the car all beaten up and bloodied.  He says hello to the family and to come on up and that April is waiting.  He runs upstairs to tell April that her family is here and she's excited and runs downstairs but when she gets outside the car is gone.  She heads upstairs to patch up Bobby and cry and wonder what to do with all the food.
Meanwhile the family is at a restaurant and the dad is looking a little sad and guilty for leaving while Beth says that it was a good thing they left for mom's sake.  Joy asks Timmy to go to the bathroom with her and as she's at the sink, she hears a commotion behind her and a mom is yelling at her daughter and she leaves while the daughter is still in the stall.  There's a moment where Joy is looking at the little girl and something triggers and she and Timmy ask for a ride from a couple of guys with motorcycles where they take her back to April who is serving up Thanksgiving Dinner to the Chinese family. 
At the end everyone (including the rest of the family) is enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner and lots of pictures are taken and it ends when they take a family picture with Bobby included. 


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