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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by linekeya who says... "This movie was so magical! I felt like a kid again. I thought it was the perfect little story, and the visuals were wonderful!"

The movie begins with Wendy Darling telling her brothers, Michael and John, a story. It's her version of Cinderella in which she's sword fighting with Captain James Hook. The story becomes a game as Wendy, as Cinderella, begins swashbuckling with John, as Captain Hook.

The game gets pretty serious as the siblings begin knocking things about throughout the nursery. Soon there's a sound coming from the window. All three Darling children go running to it. They look out. Nothing is there.
Tonight Aunt Millicent (Lynn Redgrave) is visiting. Everyone is assembled in the drawing room. Mrs. Darling is playing the piano and Wendy is staring at her. The narrator then says that she's looking at her mother's "kiss" ( the symbol of womanhood) and longs for one of her own. It is now Wendy's turn to entertain. Her brothers beg for her to tell one of her famous stories. Aunt Millicent doesn't think that's appropriate, but Wendy insists as she tells of her dreams of becoming an author. Aunt Millicent feels she should be preparing herself for marriage instead. She now wants Wendy to walk to her slowly and turn around so she can see her. Wendy does so giggling as her brothers tease her. Then Aunt Millicent discovers Wendy has a womans chin, this frightens Wendy, and a "kiss" as well. A kiss waiting to be given to the right young man. This horriffies Wendy!
Aunt Millicent speaks with Mr. and Mrs. Darling alone. She wants to take Wendy under her wing and make a lady of her. Wendy is sad.
Wendy's alseep in bed. A shadow hovers over her, she opens her eyes just in time to see a boy flying out her window. He almost escapes in time, but Nana (the dog) bites his foot. Now both are struggling and the boy finally flies away, however Nana has got his shadow. The shadow goes and hide in a drawer to get away from Nana. Wendy runs outside to find the boy, but he's already gone.
Wendy's at school, she's drawing a picture of last nights mystery boy hovering over her as she sleep. Suddenly her teacher slaps her stick on the drawing, Wendy's in trouble. Her teacher examines her drawing. She inquires who is the girl sleeping in the bed. Wendy says it is she. Then the teacher asks what is the object above her. Wendy hesitantly says it's a boy. The teacher informs her that she's writing a letter to her father, she then hands the letter over to a little red-headed messenger boy.
Wendy is walking home with her brothers knowing her life is over. She then spots the messenger boy and chases him down. He runs into Mr. Darling's job and Wendy's right behind him. The boy is almost there when Nana comes running into the building, he then slips and starts sliding taking Wendy and the messenger boy with him. Soon they all crash into Mr. Darling, his boss, and several businessmen.
Mr. Darling is furious. He ties Nana to her doghouse saying she isn't a real nanny, but just a dog. He also tells Wendy this is her last night in the nursery and for now on she'll be spending her time with Aunt Millicent. All the children are very upset. That night Mr and Mrs. Darling leave for a party while Aunt Millicent babysits. The children are fast asleep when a boy opens the window. It's Peter Pan. He's looking for his shadow and tells Tinkerbell to help him find it. She makes a lot of noise around the room and Wendy finally wakes up. Tinkerbell hides and Wendy falls back to sleep. Tinkerbell finds Peter's shadow. In the process of grabbing it, Peter accidently closes Tinkerbell in the drawer. Peter's having so much trouble getting his shadow that he's making a lot of noise throughout the hallway. Aunt Millicent comes upstairs to investigate, she soon goes back downstairs. Peter gets his shadow, but now he can't put it back on. This makes him cry. Wendy wakes! up and ask, "Boy, why are you crying?". Peter explains that he can't get his shadow back on and that he wasn't crying. Wendy offers to sew it back on and Peter reluctantly excepts. Tinkerbell sees everything from inside the drawer. She's very jealous. Peter's shadow is now back on and he introduces himself. He also does some flirting with Wendy so much that she wants to kiss him. Tinkerbell is furious and comes barreling out of the drawer. She attacks Wendy until Peter knocks Tink off of her. Peter tells Wendy how much he loves her stories and tells them to his Lost Boys. He wants her to come to Neverland with him. She says yes, if John and Michael can come. He says yes, but give them a nasty look when she's not looking. Soon they learn how to play and are off to Neverland.
Once in Neverland they spot Captain Hook who shoots cannons at them. Wendy gets knocked away from the group and Peter tells Tink to take her to their hideout. John and Michael both fall into some water and are left in a dark cave. Tink gets to the Lost Boys first and tell them Peter wants them to shoot down the "Wendy Bird". They do so with bow and arrows and Wendy comes barreling down. Peter comes and tell them about Wendy. The boys are sad and show him what they've done. Peter sees Wendy is wearing an acorn around her neck and that is where the arrow hit. All of their hands are dirty so they don't want to touch her, instead they built a little house around her. Wendy wakes up. She steps out of her house and finds the Lost Boys. They apologize and ask if she'd be their mother. She confusingly says yes. They then take her to "father". They have to blindfold her so she doesn't see where their hideout is (it's about 8 feet away). She sees that father is none other than Pet! er. He asks her how should they discipline the boys for shooting at her. She decides that they must take play medicine, she ask Michael and John to go first. Now she realizes her brothers are gone and Peter ask, "Who?" (hahaha).
Michael and John are still in the cave. They see a big ticking rock and start hitting it. It's no rock! It's an alligator! They run out of the cave only to get caught in a trap that suspends them into the air. It's Princess Tiger Lilly's trap and she laughs at the boys as they struggle to get free. Hook soon grabs Tiger Lilly and inquires for Peter Pan's hideout, she won't tell. John then demands Hook let her go, Hook looks up and sees the two boys then take all three to his castle.
Peter takes Wendy to the mermaids. The narrator says these mermaids aren't like any other. They are mysterious and know everything that's goes on in Neverland. Wendy thinks they are lovely and Peter warns her they'll drown her if she gets to close. One comes to Wendy and takes her hand. She slowly tries to draw Wendy into the water, but Peter saves her and says her brothers are at Hook's castle.
Back at the castle Tiger Lilly, Michael, and John are all tied up and put into water as the tide comes in. Wendy and Peter soon arrive. Peter draws Hook outside then goes in the castle. He pretends to be Hook and tells Smee, Hook's sidekick, to let the children go, he does and the kiddies swim to a hiding spot. Hook then knows what's going on and he starts sword fighting with Peter. Wendy is also fighting some ugly pirates and John, Michael, and Tiger Lilly jump in to help. John even saves Tiger Lilly and she plants a big old kiss on him. Soon the alligator comes and traps Hook, the kids get away.
They are now at Tiger Lilly's reservation. One of the Lost Boys explain to Wendy, Michael, and John that the Indians are doing a tribal ritual for healing a wounded warrior. During all this Tiger Lilly keeps glancing at John making him blush. Soon the warrior is healed and we see it's Michael teddy bear. Everyone celebrates.
Peter takes Wendy away to the fairy land. They peek into a fairy ball and see two fairies dancing, they then begin to dance themselves in the air. Hook is nearby and sees Peter finally has a girl. He also sees Tink is bitterly watching. It is here that Hook sees Peter's weakness, Wendy.
Peter and Wendy get into a fight about love. Peter wants to be a boy and not think of such things. Wendy runs to her little home and cries herself to sleep. She wakes up and is on Hook's ship. Hook offers her a position as storyteller on the ship. The men all love her stories just as much as the Lost Boys. She'd prefer to be a pirate. He then takes her back to her home and promises he won't follow her to Peter's hideout. He keeps his word, however he sends his pet parrot instead.
Wendy is having dinner with the boys. Peter informs everyone that Hook has a new pirate. They all agree to "play" with him. They don't know it's really Wendy until she tells them. This angers Peter. Wendy decides she won't go, but will however go home. She's forgetten her mother and father and wants to see them. Peter tells her to go, but he's very sad. Soon all the Lost Boys want to leave too, Peter tells them to all leave.
Wendy comes to say goodbye to a very stubborn Peter, she tells him to not forget to take his medicine. He ignores her.
Wendy leave's the treehouse only to find Hook has everyone tied up. Hook goes into the treehouse and tries to kill a sleeping Peter. But he can't reach him with his hook. So instead he drops poison into his "medicine" and leaves. Tink sees Hook come out and put the poison away, she realizes what he's done. She then tries to stop Peter, who is now about to take his "medicine, from drinking it. In the process Tink drinks it instead and Peter is angry until he sees Tink dying. She grows colder and colder until she is gone.
The children are all on Hook's ship. He makes Wendy tell one last story before she walks the plank. Soon everything grows dark and it's storming. Smee says this means Peter is dead. All the children are very upset while Hook rejoice.
Peter begins to cry over Tink and whisper, "I do believe in fairies, I do, I do." over and over again until he's screaming it to the heavens. Then Wendy begins to say it and John, Micahel, and the Lost Boys. Then back in London Mrs. Darling begins saying it in her sleep, and Mr. darling at a board meeting. Even Aunt Millicent and other children all over England. Suddenly Tink wakes up.
It's now time to walk the plank, Wendy goes first. Suddenly everyone hear the ticking clock in the alligator. They are frightened at first, but are horrified when they see the shadow of it in the air. Wendy falls backward into the water, but there's no splash. Hook figures the gator swallowed her alive. Michael is next, but Peter is there to save the day. Everyone beings fighting, Hook and Peter, and the other kiddies against the pirates. Hook grabs Tink and begins to fly. Him and Peter have an air battle until Hook starts degrading Peter about Wendy. He says she'll get married and forget all about him. Peter can't think of any happy thoughts right now and begins to fall. Hook starts gaining the upper hand on him. Soon Peter falls flat to the ground with Hook hovering over him. The Lost Boys can't believe their eyes. Wendy drops next to Peter to give him something Hook asks what does she think she's doing, she tells him she want to give him a thimble. Hook laughs and says isn! 't that like a woman at a time like this and lets her give it to him. She then uncuffs her hand to reveal nothings in it and places it on Peter cheek as she whispers, " This will forever and always be yours" (something like that) and kisses Peter. One of the Lost Boys says," Brace yourselves lads" and all the kids hit the deck as Peter turns bright red and yells knocking all the pirates in the water. The real alligator comes and Hook flys away from it. The kids  chant that he's "Old, and washed up, and down for", trying to give him unhappy thoughts. It's finally working and Hook says to himself that he is done for as the alligator swallows him whole.
Peter takes everyone home. Wendy, Michael, and John jump in their beds so when their mother wakes she'll see them. She does, however she thinks it only a dream. They call out to her and she then knows it's real. Mr. Darling comes and Aunt Millicent. Everyone is happy. Wendy then asks if she may keep the Lost Boys. Mr. Darling thinks it would be too expensive, Aunt Millicent wonders what the neighbors would think. Mr. Darling says forget about worrying and welcomes them to the family. Michael unloads a bag full of diamonds and gold and asks if that would help they family, Mr. Darling is delighted. Aunt Millicent finds one Lost Boy in the hallway, he says he couldn't find the house in time and now everyone has a mother but him. Tink shoots fairy dust at Aunt Millicent to give her a change of heart and she says she'll be his mother. Everyone is happy and Peter watches. Wendy runs to her window and asks will she see him again. He says yes, he'll be there to listen to her stories about him, The Great Peter Pan. She says goodbye and Peter flies away with Tink by his side.
The narrator then says that Wendy never did see Peter again, but kept his stories alive by telling her children and them telling their children and so on. For every child has to grow up.............. that is except for one.


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