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The movie starts out with a brief history paragraph that explains that the Vikings were coming to North America in an attempt to settle the shores five hundred years before Columbus found the Caribbean. This movie is about the legend of Ghost. 

The next scene is of an Indian woman walking across a clearing with firewood on her back. She stops walking because she can hear something and has the sense that she is being watched. She looks around and sees a pure white horse. The horse runs around gesturing that it wants her to follow it. She starts following it, and then discovers that it is an illusion and ends up sliding down a small hill that dumps her onto the shore of the ocean where she sees the dragon front on the boat of a Viking ship. She explores the boat and is gets scared a couple of times by the sight of dead bodies both in the water and hanging from the ceiling on chains (implying that they had been captured slaves). A dead Viking and his chair fall over and she finds a child standing behind it with a sword to her chest. She gently pushes the sword aside and takes him in her arms. After that we see a counsel meeting of Indians discussing the fate of the child. Some of the Indians want to kill the child because he is cursed by his past and is a Viking. After some discussion it is decided that he shall remain alive and he is named Ghost (Karl Urban).

The movie then cuts to fifteen years later, and we see Indian people arriving at a shore carrying stuff. We learn from conversation that it is a trading meeting between tribes. We see that Ghost is well liked amongst people but not amongst the warrior Indians. There is a conversation between Shaman Pathfinder (Russell Means) and Warrior Black Wing (Jay Tavare) discussing the losses that were suffered by a tribe because of an early spring and a deadly avalanche. Pathfinder says that all of the men he would have chosen for his replacement as Shaman and Chief were killed and now he is not sure who he will choose. Meanwhile, we see that there is an attraction between Ghost and Pathfinder’s daughter Starfire (Moon Bloodgood). At the closing warrior circle Ghost tries to join the meeting but is denied because he is told that he has to earn his place at the circle. We see him leave and go into the woods were he is swinging his Viking sword around, splashing it in water but is interrupted by this adoptive father who tells him that Ghost still is haunted by this past and he has not yet found himself; after some intense glares pass the two walk off together in good spirits with the father carrying the sword. With the trade meeting over, we see the Indians heading back to their home spots and there is a moment between Starfire and Ghost were we see them eyeing each other before she drops a hair piece for him to pick up and have.

We now see the village that Ghost and his tribe live in and some of the tasks that are done daily. Ghost and a village child are headed out into the forest so that he can hunt and she can pick berries. You are given a sense of the protective nature that Ghost has for his tribe. The child and Ghost part ways and as the child is picking berries we see a Viking hand grab her; she fights the Vikings off and runs to the village. Now that she has lead the Vikings to the village the Vikings come in and kill everyone in a gruesome massacre showing how skilled they are. Ghost sees three Viking ships in the bay and heads back the village because he knows the Dragon boats mean an attack. When Ghost gets to the village we see that the bodies are coated in ash from fires and everyone is dead. Ghost finds his mother’s body and we last see him crying.

The Viking encampment is finally shown on the shore by showing a circle of Vikings standing around the Chief of Ghost’s tribe. He is trying to fight Viking Ulfar (Ralf Moeller) with Ghost’s sword but is losing. The head Viking Gunnar (Clancy Brown) buts and says that they should honor their guest with respect by giving him death with a sword and then thrust a sword into his chest. The whole time Ghost has been watching and after the Chief is stabbed Ghost rushes into the circle ready to fight Ulfar. Ghost is given a sword and starts fighting Ulfar and after a couple of knocks to the ground Ghost gets a good shot and manages to slice Ulfar’s left eye open (they showed the eyeball and retina landing on the sand). With this opening Ghost runs away and the Vikings give chase. There is a chase sequence that follows Ghost as he hides, attacks and then runs again from the Vikings with a cool scene of Ghost hiding in a pond and attacking and killing a Viking in the pond. Ghost and the Vikings end up in a downhill chase on the snow with Ghost sliding on a shield and the Vikings on sleds during the chase scene Ghost is hit by an arrow in the shoulder. Ghost ends up going over a cliff and landing in a river where the Vikings can’t see him and presume that he is dead.

Once Ghost regains consciousness he starts making his way to escape the Vikings. We see him attempt to cut through the mountains by walking over the lake but the lake’s icy surface starts to crack so he goes around it. (Remember this lake part). Starfire and the warriors are on a hunt and can sense Ghost and so they go looking for him. Ghost is trying to avoid them and hides in a cave but Starfire and her hunting party discover him and start to carry him out of the cave when a bear comes out and tries attacking some of the members. Pathfinder comes into the cave and lures the bear into attacking him but Pathfinder is ready and kills the bear. There is a great feast at Pathfinder’s tribe to celebrate the killing of the bear but we see that Pathfinder is busy nursing Ghost back to health but helping get the arrow head out of him and giving him something to make him sleep.

The next morning the tribe is packing up camp to escape the Vikings. The warriors want to stay and fight the Vikings but Ghost shows them that they will only be killed by showing that his sword can slice though poles. Pathfinder tells the warriors and Starfire to take the tribe away with strict instructions to head east at the fork to avoid an avalanche in the mountains. Ghost is going to lead in a different direction since he knows the Vikings are looking for him. Ghost heads off and is followed by a member of tribe known as the Quiet One (he never speaks but place the flute). Ghost keeps trying to send him away but he won’t leave and finally the two head out together to the burial ground since there are granite caves they can hide in. At the same time the tribe reaches the fork in the road and discovers that Starfire is no longer with them. The warriors decide that they will go after her to protect her from the Vikings.

The Vikings have been following Ghost’s scent and have found the old village of the Indians. They pick up Ghost scent with their dogs and head toward the burial ground. Meanwhile, Ghost wakes up from a nightmare and heads outside only to find Starfire coming towards him. They have a discussion about revenge and love and which one should win out. They are going to kiss when Ghost pulls away because of the sound of the Vikings coming. The Vikings arrive and there is another chase scene in the caves and some of the forest where Vikings are being killed left and right by traps and combat. Through a mistake Quiet One is killed. Ghost kills Ulfar and grabs his helmet. We then see Ghost standing on a hill with the helmet in front of a line of Vikings including Gunnar. Ghost throws the helmet in the middle of the hill for the Vikings to come retrieve. When the helmet lands we can see it landed on a trap. The Vikings are about to charge when the Indian Warriors appear lead by Black Wing and the Indians charge landing on the trap and being impaled while Ghost keeps yelling at them to stop. With the trap now spoiled the Vikings charge and start killing all the warriors. Ghost and Starfire head back into the caves where they are being chased again but manage to get away. They are peering from the forest at the Vikings and see that Black Wing is being held upside down with his head being dipped into a fire. Ghost wants to charge in but Starfire stops in and we see an arrow hit Black Wing killing him. The arrow was fired by Pathfinder. The arrow gave away their position and all three are captured.

In an attempt to get Ghost to give away the location of the rest of the tribe the Vikings tie Pathfinder at all limbs and start pulling on the ropes with horses while Ghost and Starfire must watch. Before the ropes are tightened we see Gunnar say a few things to Pathfinder before removing a necklace with a big white tooth on it. Pathfinder tells Ghost that he will trade destinies with him of Ghost will accept and with that we see blood splatter on Ghost’s face letting up know that Pathfinder was pulled apart. At the same time, the escaped Indian tribe sees a change in the weather and a storm coming in over the mountains. Ghost still won’t give up the tribe so the Vikings go to remove Starfire’s hand and a pile of hands is shown to tell the audience that this is a form of torture. Ghost stops it by talking to the Vikings in their native language and he says he will take them to the tribe. Starfire thinks Ghost is a traitor and spits in his face as the Vikings head out to the tribe.

As Ghost is leading the Vikings and Starfire through the woods, the Vikings stop to pick at Indian pottery that was dropped in the escape to determine how recent the food is. While they are stopped Ghost sees and picks up a doll that was also dropped but not noticed by the Vikings. As the pack makes way to the Indian tribe we see a dead moose lying on its side. Two Vikings throw Starfire over the moose and start ripping off her clothes but Ghost stops them by striking the Vikings and almost gets himself killed until Gunnar stops them. This disturbance finally gives Starfire a chance to understand that Ghost is playing the Vikings and isn’t going to really lead the Vikings to her people. When they finally make it to the crossroad, Ghost drifts a little bit ahead and drops the doll on the western path with the help of a distraction from Starfire; just as the Vikings are questions Ghost truthfulness about the Indians taking the Eastern path a random Viking finds the doll and this convinces the Vikings that the Indians went East. There is a moment here when Starfire looks at Ghost confused and Ghost tells her that he remembers being a child with the Vikings and the unending winters and though the Vikings may know snow they do not know “their” springs.

We now have followed the Vikings to the lake in the mountains that Ghost had previously visited. Ghost is telling them to go around the lake but one of the Viking generals isn’t convinced and insists on crossing the lake. Ghost is of course the first one out on the ice. We see that as more Vikings put their weight on the ice that the ice starts to crack and soon half of them have fallen in the water; with their armor we see them drowning because it weighs so much. There is some fighting to drown the man holding the rope around Starfire’s neck so that she will be free but with some effort the guy makes it. The scene then shows Ghost sinking into the water. Starfire is on the shore crying for Ghost when suddenly he starts banging on the ice just before her, she screams and the Vikings cut the ice and get him on the shore.

Ghost has now recovered from being in the lake and is leading the Vikings again along this narrow cliff through the mountains. Ghost tells Gunnar that the men should tie themselves together and Gunnar ignores him until a man falls over the edge and Gunnar gives the order to tie everyone together. Ghost tries to untie Starfire’s neck but Gunnar instead ties her rope to his waist. After some more walking or more like scaling Gunnar demands to know where Ghost is taking him when Ghost points to the valley on the other side of the mountains to the Indian camp. Now that the troupe is stopped Ghost tells Starfire to attack him which she reluctantly does until Gunnar stops her and Ghost attacks Gunnar. Some of the Vikings behind Gunnar start helping out in the fighting and Ghost manages to push one of them off the cliff which pulls down the rest of them except for Starfire because she was able to cut herself free during the skirmish. This is when we notice that Ghost had jumped the cliff at the same time that the Vikings were going over since he knew the weight would bring him back up rather than taking him down since by jumping he was able to get his rope wrapped around a tree.

The fight scene that takes place after this is a series of balancing acts between Gunnar and Ghost where Ghost has lost his sword and is trying to escape Gunnar. There is a scene where Gunnar kills one of his own men for a dagger and then Gunnar makes it the top of the cliff. During the fighting Ghost told Starfire to run; now that she was away and Gunnar was on the cliff yelling at Ghost about what a pathetic Viking he was and how disappointed his father would have been Ghost finally starts yelling in the mountains saying “I know who I am” and after about three good roars an avalanche starts. Unfortunately the avalanche wasn’t enough to take Gunnar down off the cliff. Ghost climbs up to the cliff and he and Gunnar have a small fist fight with result with Gunnar being on the edge of the cliff and Ghost only keeping him on the cliff by holding on to necklace that Gunnar took from Pathfinder. Ghost snaps the necklace free and this causes Gunnar to fall to his death but before Gunnar hits the bottom he is yelling now causing an even greater avalanche which wipes out Ghost.

The Indian tribe could hear and see the avalanches but not what caused them but we see their village and next to their village is some of the debris from the avalanche and walking away from the debris is Starfire. We see people greeting her and looking around for Ghost but you can tell by her face that she doesn’t think Ghost made it. But in the next scene we see Ghost walking into the village towards Starfire. When he reaches her he puts the necklace from her father around her neck and we see everyone bowing down before the two of them. We view the bay of the village with the Viking ships burning. The scene goes black and comes back into picture with the Indian tribe walking through the woods with Starfire holding a baby with a voice over from Starfire saying that Ghost changed hers and the villagers lives, that love won out and that Ghost continues to watch over the bay looking for Dragon ships.


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 A Viking boat crashes on the shore of North America and the only survivor is a child. An Indian woman finds him and raises him as her own. Fifteen years later the Vikings return, kill the entire tribe that raised Ghost and then spend the rest of the movie trying to kill Ghost and another tribe of Indians. Ghost saves the tribe with the help of the woman he loves, Starfire, by leading the Vikings though the mountains and killing them with a giant avalanche. Ghost is then finally accepted as a member of the Indians since he saved them all and has a child with Starfire.