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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Heather

The movie takes place in San Diego from mid-September until early October 2006.

The movie opens with Micah trying out his new video camera. He films the house a bit and then goes outside to greet Katie as she pulls into the driveway. Micah and Katie live together in a newer, planned community in suburban San Diego. She is an English major and he is a day trader. They have been hearing strange noises at night and Micah has bought the camera in order to film their bedroom while they sleep. He believes it’s a neighbor playing a prank but Katie believes it is supernatural. They talk for a bit as he plays with his camera and films as they get ready for bed. They seem like a normal happy couple and although curious about the strange things that are happening around the house, are not too concerned about it. They even joke that the strange noise they are hearing is just the icemaker.

Micah has set up the camera on a tripod in the corner of the room with a firewire to his laptop so the camera runs all night. There is a clock in the bottom corner indicating the time.

Micah and Katie get into bed and go to sleep around 11:30. The clock fast-forwards through most of the night but stops around 2:30 a.m.  There is a distant banging noise and the sound of keys but nothing is visible and neither wake up. The clock fast-forwards through the rest of the night.

Katie and Micah wake up and head downstairs for breakfast. Katie notices her keys have been thrown on the floor of the kitchen and ask Micah if he did this. He says no and they don’t think anything else of it.

Katie has called a psychic to come and tour the house to see if he can tell them what is going on. He’s running late and Micah jokes that a psychic should know what traffic is going to be like. He clearly is not taking it seriously and Katie is a bit annoyed. The psychic arrives and asks them questions about the house and what they have been noticing. He is an older man and very courteous and professional. Katie explains that they’ve had lights flickering, faucets turning on and off, and the noises at night. She also explains that as a child she had experienced some paranormal activity where a shadow would hover at the foot of her bed. Both she and her sister saw it but when their house burned down unexplainably, they never saw the shadow again.   

The psychic explains that he only deals with ghosts and that these are the spirits of people that have passed on. What Katie and Micah are dealing with is not a ghost but probably a demon, likely the same demon that haunted Katie as a child. It is attached not to the house but Katie and so they cannot solve the problem by moving or running away. He says that the demon feeds off of negative energy and they should not make any attempts to contact or communicate with it because that will only make things worse. He tells them that he cannot help them but maybe his colleague can and gives them the name and number of a demonologist.

Katie wants to call the demonologist the next day but Micah talks her out of it. That night the camera captures the door close about a foot and then open again without any notable breeze. Neither wakes up. Micah reviews the footage the next day and sees the door. He is excited at the possibility of a real haunting and pushes Katie to buy a Ouija board. Katie does not want a Ouija board and makes him promise not to buy one. He says he won’t and pouts a bit.

That night they hear loud footsteps and they both wake up. As they are listening to the footsteps there is a sudden, very loud BANG and Micah races downstairs but nothing is there. The sound was captured on the camera but nothing was seen. Katie is concerned that things are getting worse and again pushes to call the demonologist. Micah talks her out of it and begins researching demons in books and online. That night, Katie gets out of bed in a trance and stands on her side of the bed looking over the bed at Micah for several hours. Then she turns and walks downstairs out of frame. Micah awakens and goes looking for her. He finds her in the backyard on the porch swing still dazed. She refuses to go inside so he goes back in to get her a blanket. While inside he hears static in the bedroom and goes upstairs to find the TV on with static playing. As he is slowly approaching the bedroom the door slams shut. He opens the door but finds nothing. Suddenly Katie is behind him asking what he is doing. She doesn’t remember leaving the house or even getting out of bed.

Katie is really freaked out now and says that she is calling the demonologist first thing in the morning. Micah convinces her to let him try one more test before she calls. She agrees.

The next night he lays baby powder on the floor in the hallway and the bedroom (they have hardwood). As they are sleeping there is the sound of footsteps in the hall. They wake up and see several 3-toed prints coming into their bedroom. Micah realizes that there are footprints in but no footprints out and they run out of the bedroom. In the hall there are more footprints near a hall closet. Micah looks inside and they see that the attic passageway is ajar. They know that neither has been in the attic and are seriously freaking out. Micah decides to see what is in the attic. He climbs up but the attic is empty. In the area over their bed he finds a picture of Katie when she was a child. The edges are burned. Katie says all of their pictures were destroyed in the fire and that this picture shouldn’t exist. She is extremely scared and refuses to sleep upstairs the rest of the night.

In the morning she calls the demonologist but he is out of the country for several days. She calls the psychic again to ask for help and he says he will come down soon. Micah decides to borrow a Ouija board (he promised not to buy one) and sets up the camera to record his experience. Katie comes in before he can begin and yells at him about how things are getting worse and the psychic warned him not to do this. He agrees to get rid of the board and they leave. The camera is still recording the board and the pointer begins to move around stopping at letters. Suddenly the board catches fire.

Katie and Micah return home and do not notice the board is burned. They go to bed but things are still very tense between them. That night a large shadow moves across the door. Something blows the covers away from Katie’s foot and moves it a bit.  

The next morning, Katie and Micah are still annoyed at each other and are eating lunch in silence. There is a cracking noise like glass breaking and they jump up to check the mirrors. They find a picture of the two of them has been broken and Micah’s face in the picture has been scratched. As they stand there looking at the picture Katie says she can feel it breathing on her and her hair moves. She runs back downstairs as Micah walks around calling for it to show itself but nothing else happens. Nothing has ever happened during the day and they are both rattled.

Micah notices the board has been burned in a pattern and tries to decode the message based on the tapes but does not have much luck. The psychic returns but can feel that something has gone very wrong in the house and only stays a moment. He says that the demon is very angry that he is in the house and that Katie and Micah cannot run away from it. He leaves but promises to contact his colleague who will return in a few days. Katie is crushed. Micah returns to the board to try and decode it and finds a story on the internet about a woman who was haunted by possibly the same demon haunting Katie. She attempted an exorcism but things only got worse and she eventually went mad.

That night there are footsteps in the hall and something comes into the bedroom. Invisible hands pull back the covers, grab Katie’s leg and drag her off the bed. She awakens and begins screaming as she is being dragged from the room down the hall, as the door slams shut. Micah wakes up and runs to help her. There is a scuffle off-camera and Katie and Micah both run back into the bedroom. He grabs the camera and they run downstairs. Katie curls up on the couch and refuses to go back upstairs. Micah asks to film her back and she lifts her shirt to show a large bite mark on her side. They agree to leave in the morning.

Morning arrives and Micah begins packing the car. Katie is sitting on the floor, catatonic. Micah checks on her and sees that she is clutching a crucifix so tightly her hand is bleeding. He tries to help her but she remains unresponsive. Frustrated, he burns both the old picture of Katie and the crucifix in the fireplace.

The car is packed and Micah is ready to leave so he goes to get Katie who is napping in the bedroom. He wakes her and tells her it’s time to go but she refuses. She says that she thinks everything will be fine now and that they should stay. He tries to argue but she insists that things are going to be ok and that they don’t need to leave anymore. Micah is confused and storms out of the room leaving the camera on the bed pointed at Katie. She whispers everything will be fine now and smiles wickedly at the camera.

That night, Katie rises from the bed again in a trance and walks over to Micah’s side and stands there staring at him for more than an hour. Then she slowly walks off camera downstairs. From downstairs she begins screaming hysterically and calling to Micah. He leaps out of bed and rushed downstairs. There is a violent commotion and then dead silence. The silence persists for more than a minute and then the sound of footsteps. Micah is hurled into the room and knocks over the camera. He lies still on the floor and it is not clear if he is dead or just unconscious. The footsteps continue and Katie comes into frame. She is the one making the noise. She is covered in blood. Katie crouches over Micah’s body and begins to sniff him as though she may take a bite. She looks up at the camera and smiles a bit. Suddenly she lunges at the camera with a growl and the screen goes black.

Text appears stating that Micah’s body was found the next day but Katie remains missing.


After hearing the sound of footsteps, Katie slowly enters back into the bedroom with blood on her shirt and is gripping a knife in her hand  She sits down on the floor, leans against the bed, and begins rocking back and forth as if she is mentally disturbed. The clock fast forwards as it has the rest of the movie, and Katie remains in this position on the floor the entire time as she continues rocking. At one point, around 2pm the next day, the phone rings and the answering machine picks up since Katie obviously doesn't move to answer the phone. It is her friend, who is concerned about not hearing from her and asks her to let her know that she's okay because she is clearly worried. The camera fast forwards again, Katie still rocking, and at 9pm the doorbell rings. Eventually the person enters, and we hear that it's Katie's friend. She calls out for Katie and we can hear her walking around downstairs, until she lets out a horrifying and piercing scream and leaves, which we assume is the result of her finding Michah's body. Fast foward to 30 minutes later and the cops enter the house, so we can assume the friend called them after she ran out. The cops call out to see if anyone's home, but Katie is still in the same exact spot and still rocking. Eventually they come upstairs and see her on the floor. All they say is, "There's one of them up'am?" and Katie jumps up and walks towards them saying "Micah?!". Reminder: she still has on the bloody shirt, and the knife is still in her hand. As she walks toward the police, both fire shots and she collapses on the floor, clearly dead. The screen goes black and a picture of Katie and Micah appear with the text "Dedicated to Katie and Micah".

(sent in by Brittany)

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