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NOTE: This brief spoiler written by Rock Solid Sharod 21.

The movie starts off with Bo Laramy and his wife and son sitting in a limousine arriving to the premiere of his new movie. In the limousine you realize that he's a new actor who recently became famous due to the way he was so in shock to see so many people at the premiere of his movie. When Bo gets out of the limo he signs autographs and saying hi to everyone and in the background you see a hundred flashes go off as he gets a little dizzy.

The movie then focuses to the shore of Malibu where Bo is doing his everyday jog; everywhere he goes people recognize him. Bo comes home to see his wife and son and decides to take his son out to the local bakery to get some donuts. A random girl comes up and asks Bo to sign the cover of a local tabloid she has in her hand. Bo looks at the tabloid and sees a censored picture of him and his wife in the nude. He gets a little frustrated and then takes his son to his soccer game.

While at the soccer game he sees a paparazzi taking pictures of his son. After politely asking the paparazzi to stop he walks back to his wife. Moments later he sees the same paparazzi taking pictures again of his son. He walks back over and punches the paparazzi down only to see more paparazzi's taking pictures and videos of the assault that he just did.

Things go downhill for Bo as he gets sued for a half a million dollars and is asked to announce a public apology for his actions. However, the paparazzis weren't finished there as they pull up to Bo and his family in the middle of the road and take pictures of them causing a huge car crash, hospitalizing his wife and son.

Bo then hires a detective and gets nothing which leaves him in the position that he has to get revenge by himself. Bo then sets off and gets 2 of the paparazzi's killed. One by falling off a cliff, and one getting shot deliberately by police. With two paparazzi's killed and two left. The remaining paparazzi's start to get worried knowing that Bo is coming after them next. Bo then kills another one of the paparazzi's via a baseball bat and ends up framing the last remaining paparazzi saying that he was responsible for the death of the rest of the paparazzi's. With that, 3 of the 4 paparazzi's die and the remaining one gets arrested, charged with all their deaths.

We then see Bo and his family back on the red carpet to present the sequel to the movie he was presenting earlier. The movie was very exciting with a lot of action and some funny cameos by some funny people such as Mel Gibson, Chris Rock and Matthew MacConaughey.


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