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Cut to the Chase

NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by DirtyOldHawg who says..."This comedy with Eva Longoria Parker, Lake Bell and Paul Rudd, is a funny movie has some great laughs in it. There were several Laugh out loud moments from the audience. Unfortunately some will compare it to and see similarities to "Ghost". but it is definitely a go see movie."

Kate (Eva Longoria) is planning the last details of her wedding, she wants everything to be perfect, and is a royal bitch to anyone involved in the service part of her wedding. The ice sculptor (Stephen Root) is delivering her Ice Angel- minus wings - when Kate throws a fit about angels must have wings (important) She tells the sculptor (who is obviously drunk) to take it away. As he is leaving he is about to back over her flowers, (from the trailer) and is crushed by the sculpture. Cue the all white room with the assistant angel (no wings) who is trying to instruct Kate on the mission necessary to get into heaven. Kate throws a diva fit, the angel gets fed up and dissolves without telling Kate what her mission is.

Meanwhile about a year has passed on Earth, Henry (Paul Rudd) is brought to Ashley's (Lake Bell) combination psychic seer and catering business by his sister Chloe (Lindsay Sloane). Paul is a veterinarian and is very skeptical about the whole Psychic thing but goes along to make Chloe stop pestering him. Chloe really wants her brother to move on and find happiness and love and get over his pining for Kate. Great sequence where Ashley is trying to get a reading on Kate for Henry, but Ashley's inept gay catering partner Dan (Jason Biggs) keeps interrupting by burning himself, cutting himself, and almost setting fire to the kitchen. Ashley and Henry give up on trying to get a reading, and Henry leaves.

Chloe returns with Kate's diary that she stole from Henry's apartment; She wants Ashley to use tidbits from the diary to make up a reading to encourage Henry to get on with life 'It's Kate's last wish that you move on and be happy'. Ashley is reluctant to do this.

Cut to a supermarket where Henry sees Ashley shopping and strikes up a conversation with her. Ashley reveals some tidbits from the diary as a 'reading she got from Kate' This leads to Henry asking Ashley for some time for another reading. Cue Kate returning from purgatory with the belief that her mission is to rescue Henry from this dishonest, scheming charlatan who has designs on her man. You see the scene from the trailer where Kate is walking through people, and meets up with the Sculptor, dressed in all white --no wings--who has also just been returned after having been killed in a drunken driving accident. He tells her that he is on his mission, and asks what she was told in the briefing her mission was; Kate tries to bluff him into revealing what all he was told, and he catches on that she missed out on the briefing and will not help her. He tells her he has his own mission to accomplish to gain entrance into heaven. Kate storms off.

Kate then reveals herself to Ashley and tells her to stop lying to people about the readings, and to stay away from Henry or she will haunt her until she leaves him alone. Great sequence where Ashley sees a photo of Kate and realizes that Kate is Henry's ex, and decides that she really likes Henry, and Henry really likes her, and that in spite of Kate's threats, Ashley is going to keep seeing Henry. Some great 'haunting sequences' where Kate keeps Ashley up all night talking about her pets, favorite colors and numbers, then lets her go to sleep just as her alarm goes off. Kate impersonates the PA system in a gym to make Ashley believe there is a fire while Ashley is in the shower, causing Ashley to run naked into the main gym area to great embarrassment. Ashley arguing with no one outside her apartment (Kate) telling her that thanks to her, she ran naked into the gym and showed a bunch of strange men her breasts. Just as one of her neighbors walks by. Also a funny sequence (from the trailer) where Ashley is at a wedding and is preparing Cherries Jubilee, because of Kate's interference loses count of how much brandy she puts in the cherries, goes to light it and it flames up in an explosion. Her partner Dan and the rest of the Wedding guests see Ashley in an argument with herself (actually arguing with Kate). Dan is really inept as a caterer, but is Ashley's best gay friend and someone she can talk to. Ashley even goes to her parish priest and asks him to exorcise Kate from her apartment. It sort of works, but Kate was playing with Ashley.

Henry asks Ashley to go away with him for a weekend, and Kate tags along. Ashley goes to slip into something more comfortable, and Kate makes it appear that Henry is farting really loudly and rudely. Kate appears in the medicine cabinet and tells Ashley to leave Henry alone and not try to sleep with him. While Henry and Ashley are in bed, Kate hovers over them, watching, making snide comments so Ashley turns up the radio, has Henry talk dirty to her Loudly enough that the housekeeper and the groundskeeper outside hear them.

Chloe finds out that Ashley and Henry are dating, gets upset and goes to confront Ashley. Henry arrives as Ashley is giving Chloe back the diary, Henry finds out that Ashley used the diary to tell him about Kate and leaves. Ashley is heartbroken and we see a series of quick vignettes of both Ashley and Henry out on dates that turn out horribly. Ashley is crying on Dan's shoulder about how much she cared about Henry, when Dan is talking to her and tries to kiss her. Ashley is shocked, and Dan reveals that he is not gay, hates cooking and has pretended to be gay and enjoying catering for 5 years for her, because he loves her. Ashley throws him out telling him he should not have waited 5 years to make a move, that when he did not make any move after their first week together, she believed he was gay.

Kate is following Henry around the supermarket realizing that he is not happy. The sculptor shows up (no wings) asking Kate if she accomplished her mission. Kate says she broke up Henry and Ashley but that Henry seems worse off than before. The sculptor looks at Kate and asks her "Kate, what do you want for Henry?" Kate replies that she just wants him to be happy. The Sculptor, smiles and says "Well my mission is complete, See you upstairs" when Kate realizes that his mission had been to make her see what the right thing to do was and her mission was to make certain Henry found happiness and she messed all that up and may not get into Heaven.

Kate than goes to Ashley's apartment trying to get her to call or go back to Henry. Ashley is having none of it, saying she has moved on and is going to Vegas for the weekend with another guy she is seeing, packs her bags and leaves for the Airport. Kate then goes to Henry's apartment and communicates through his parrot to find Ashley. Henry realizes that Kate is talking to him through the bird.

Henry rushes to the airport, sees Ashley and calls to her but she and her guy (Dan) are past security moving to the gates. Henry has to buy a ticket to get through security with his bird, and tells Ashley that Kate told him everything would be alright. Kate can see Ashley, and talks to her and Henry about the issues and Ashley and Henry end up together, with Dan proclaiming that he is not gay to anyone who will listen.

Cut to a small church where Ashley is being led to the altar by her father, when she stops to hold a conversation with Kate (empty pew) Dan puts a move on Chloe in the church saying to her, "I'm not gay, I want that out front right away, I am not gay" Henry and Ashley leave the church married, Chloe and Dam emerge together, everyone is happy and Kate merges up to Heaven. Where she is met once again by the Angel, (no wings) who asks her for the light sources she was supposed to gather.............. Where Kate asks if she is putting her on and the angel smiles and begins to fade away, leaving Kate to throw a fit about getting into Heaven.

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Kate ( Eva Longoria - Parker) is killed on her wedding day. Kate believes her mission to get into heaven is to keep Henry and Ashley apart. Kate comes back to haunt the psychic, Ashley (Lake Bell) who tells a little white lie or three to Kate's Ex Fiancée, Henry (Paul Rudd) and starts dating him. Henry and Ashley begin to have a serious romance, but Kate's 'haunting antics' ultimately lead to the discovery of the white lies and a break-up. Kate then realizes that her return to earth was to see that Henry became happy, and his happiness was tied to his romantic relationship with Ashley. Kate manages to get Henry and Ashley back together in a hilarious sequence involving her using a bird as her 'medium' to talk to Henry and helps him get back with Ashley. Kate is then able to make it back to heaven. Almost. (you have to SEE the ending to appreciate it.)

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