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The Blair Witch Project


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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by 0bvanhaun.

The movie opens with a shot of the ocean from a shore, "based on true events" sits on horizon. Daniel (Daniel Travis) is packing scuba equipment into his suv outside his house. He is also talking on his cellphone with a coworker. Afterwards he calls Susan (Blanchard Ryan). Susan is talking on the phone with a coworker, then talks to Daniel, and walks outside and gets into the car. Susan and Daniel chat a bit and then Susan gets a call. Cut to Susan and Daniel on a plane while the credits roll.

Susan and Daniel are lounging on the beach. Daniel goes for a swim in the ocean. Next, Daniel is doing work on his computer in their hotel room, Susan walks in, and they begin to chat. We see random scenes of Daniel and Susan in miscellaneous places and shots of random people partying on a boat. Next, we see Daniel and Susan back at their hotel brushing their teeth. Then we see Susan lying naked in bed, Daniel hops in.

They kiss and Susan makes fun of Daniel for having the same night cream on his face that she does. She then tells Daniel that she is stressed about work. They continue their conversation about random stuff and they go to sleep. Then, Daniel, with rolled up newspaper in hand, is on his knees on the bed looking for a fly or something that has come into their room. Daniel swats at the wall. Immediately afterwards, an alarm clock showing 5:30am is buzzing, Daniel turns it off. Rolls over to a sleeping Susan and rubs her back.

We see a shot of the ocean, then random shots of a dive shop on the shore. Shots of random people on a boat, then to Daniel and Susan on a boat talking to each other. The guide of the boat, Davis (Michael Williamson), addresses the divers and tells them some information on the dive sight they are going to, Magic Kingdom. He tells them of some fish they will see and a diver asks if they will see any sharks. Davis says that they probably will see a shark and that they won't have to worry about them because they never come to close to divers.

A crew member counts all of the divers on board and we can see "20" written on his clipboard. We then see Daniel and Susan pack their clothes into a bag as they put on their scuba gear. They stuff their bags under the seats they were sitting at. (Important later)

Davis tells the group that they need a dive buddy for their trip. He then instructs the divers on what they are to do when they are underwater. He is then interrupted by a man (Saul Stein) who has lost his scuba mask and is frantically looking for it. Susan and Daniel jump into the water and are followed by the rest of the divers. We see the man from before sitting on the boat alone.

The divers are underwater, when a diver (Estelle Lau) comes up for air saying she can't equalize her ears and that she can't go down. Her dive buddy comes up as well. The boat driver gives her some advice and tells her to swim to the platform. Davis then puts three marks on the clipboard (signifying how many people are not underwater, important later). The man from before talks to the diver and her partner about what went wrong. She tells him what happened and then the man asks if he can borrow her mask. She lets him and he begins to put back on his scuba gear. The boat's driver tells the man that she can't let him dive because he does not have a dive buddy. He doesn't care what she is saying and says that he has dived all his life and he's gonna dive without a buddy. The partner agrees to dive with him and they both go underwater. Davis does not know that 2 divers have gone back down and does not fix the marks on the clipboard.

We see Susan and Daniel underwater, playing around, taking pictures, and with a bunch of different types of fish. A diver comes up to the surface and he is followed by the rest of the divers. Davis marks down all the divers who come up until he marks down 20.

Daniel and Susan continue to explore the ocean floor when we see the boat leave. We see random shots of the rest of the divers chatting and then it cuts to two empty support loops where their bags are at. Susan and Daniel are underwater looking around for other divers. They come up for air and see two boats far off in the ocean. They argue if they are lost or not and Daniel says he knows they are where they should be because he marked a coral reef when he first went down, and can still see it.

Susan tells Daniel that they should swim to the boat that is closer, but Daniel says not to because it is still too far away. Susan tries to look at the reef while a plane flies overhead. She comes up and says she can't see it and asks Daniel to show her. He says she can't it because since they both came up for air, they have been drifting and are going wherever the current is going.
One of the boats starts moving and Daniel and Susan get excited. We then see random shots of a beach and the boat has arrived to mainland and is docked and unloading it's passengers.
Daniel and Susan are still drifting in the ocean. We see a shot from their point of view and see a shark's fin. They continue to drift and Susan says the she is cold. Then we see a shark rise up from the water about six feet in front of them. They then put on their masks and have a look-see underwater for the shark. The shark is directly below them and Daniel pulls out his marine knife.
Daniel and Susan play a word game and then talk about how hungry they are when all of a sudden something stings Susan in her ankle. Daniel tries to look for it when he is stung on the back of the neck. The camera goes underwater to show a big jellyfish and a few tiny ones swimming around them. They lay on their backs and paddle away.

Daniel and Susan come to a stop and Daniel asks if Susan is alright. She says she is not and starts to cry. Daniel encourages her that everything will be alright and not to worry. They then see another boat and try to get it's attention by deflecting the sun light with their goggles. The attempt fails and the boat speeds off in the opposite direction.

Susan starts to feel nauseous and dehydrated and tells Daniel that she has been drinking some of the salt water. He tells her it will cause diarrhea and make her even more dehydrated. She asks him how he knows that and he says from a program on the History Channel. He tells her to lay back and they continue to drift.

We then see Susan drifting alone as she sleeps. A few sharks pass within a foot beneath her. One of the sharks pulls at her and she wakes up to find Daniel nowhere. She then sees his stiff body floating not to far from her. The camera cuts to Daniel and we see he is asleep and he too is being surrounded by numerous sharks. Susan then frantically paddles her way to him and screams his name. Daniel hears her and paddles toward her. They meet up and Susan asks what happened and Daniel says that he dozed off. Susan complains of a pain on her leg and Daniel inspects it. We see a small fish peck at it and then Daniel is all of a sudden surrounded by a strange chunky liquid. When he comes up for air Susan tells him she just threw up. Daniel tells her that she has a cut on her leg and then she thinks that a shark nipped her. Daniel tells her that she might of just rubbed up against his knife or a small barracuda got to her. Then Daniel suggests that they swim out of her puke.

Susan says she can still feel something tapping at her leg and then Daniel gets a leg cramp. Then all of a sudden a shark jumps out of the water about ten feet in front of them. The water is still for a few moments and then Daniel looks underwater to see if it is gone. A large shark appears in front of him and they both get startled.

Daniel and Susan continue to drift when all of a sudden Daniel just screams out in a rage, this is one of the more funny parts of the movie. He then talks about the "incompetent f***ers" that left them out there. Susan is mad at Daniel and they argue about why they always have to separate from the group and do their own thing. Susan is mad at Daniel for refusing to swim to the boats that were around them and then Daniel argues about Susan's job. They continue to argue and Susan reminds Daniel that she wanted to go skiing instead of scuba diving.
We then see them fairly "close" to an ocean liner and as they swim to it, it turns in the opposite direction and goes away.
Daniel and Susan continue to drift in the ocean and they see seagulls fly above them. One of the birds goes to the ocean's surface and a shark jumps at it. We see Daniel holding his knife. Susan reaches into one of her pockets and pulls out some candies. She forgot she put them there and they eat them. Suddenly a shark brushes up against Daniel and we then see his knife fall to the ocean floor. The shark then circles the two then goes underwater. The shark bites Daniel and he is pulled underwater for a second. Daniel tells Susan that the shark bit him and the camera goes to an overhead shot where we can see the two surrounded by Daniel's blood. Susan then inspects his bite where we see a fist-sized chunk of his thigh is missing. Daniel says he has to wrap something around it and Susan uses her belt as a tourniquet for his wound.

It is now nightfall and we see random clips from the mainland including scenes of people partying in a bar. We go back to the ocean where there is thunder and lightning. We occasionally see Daniel and Susan, drifting, from the lightning. They are also surrounded by sharks, again, and they keep rubbing up against the couple and occasionally nip Daniel.

It is now morning and we see more random shots of the mainland followed by Davis clearing out the boat Daniel and Susan were on. Davis finds their stuff under a bench and looks inside the bags to find their i.d.'s. We then see flashbacks of Daniel and Susan talking on the boat and then Davis storms out of the boat. We next see the hotel manager go into Daniel and Susan's hotel room to find that they're not there.

Susan is holding on to Daniel's now lifeless body as they continue to drift alone. We then see numerous boats, planes and helicopters go out to sea to look for the missing divers. Cut back to Susan, she is crying and kissing Daniel on the face. She let's his body go and the two drift apart. Dramatic music begins to play and Susan is being surrounded by a shark.

We next see Daniel's body get pulled underwater by a shark. The camera goes underwater and we see about a dozen sharks circling her. Susan let's go of her air tank and goes underwater. The music stops.

During the credits we see footage of a fisherman gutting a dead shark. Inside he finds Susan's yellow waterproof camera. and says " I wonder if it still works" and the credits proceed.


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