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The One starts out with someone explaining to us that in the future there are somewhere around 125 universes. This is called the multiverse. There are versions of you in every other universe. We find out later that when one of "you" is killed in another universe, their energy is divided up among all of their counterparts in the other universes. Therefore, when the version of "you" is killed in an alternate universe, you grow stronger, faster, smarter, etc. The only problem with this is that if all the other versions of you are killed, you will become "The One," meaning you become a god. This would be cool if it wasn't for the fact that the entire multiverse would be destroyed.

Gabriel Yulaw(Jet Li) wants to be "The One." We see that he has already killed 123 versions of himself in other universes, leaving just him and Gabe Law(Jet Li), who lives in Los Angeles. Once Yulaw kills Gabe, he will be "The One." The Police want to send Yulaw to a prison facility on the Hades Universe, but he foils their plan and escapes to Los Angeles, with the help of some hot girl that we don't see again for the rest of the movie.

The next hour or so is basically a cat-and-mouse game with Yulaw trying to kill Gabe. Unfortunately for Yulaw, Gabe's strength and speed is near that of Yulaws, since he gets energy from the kills as well. Once Yulaw kills Gabe's wife, Gabe decides that Yulaw must die. According to a multiverse agent named Evan Funsch(Jason Statham), Gabe must die as well if Yulaw dies, otherwise the multiverse will be gone. Gabe doesn't care. Funsch wants to get Yulaw because Yulaw killed Roedecker(Delroy Lindo), Funsch' partner.

The two good guys track down Yulaw to a warehouse facility of some sort. Yulaw wants to kill Gabe there, then escape through a "wormhole" that will open up at some point to the other universes. After Yulaw injures Funsch, Gabe shows up and they fight in a pretty awesome scene.

Yulaw thinks that he has killed Gabe and waits for the power to come, but Gabe gets up. All 3 end up going through the wormhole and end up in the station where people are sent from universe to universe. The multiverse agents grab Gabe, thinking he's Yulaw, and set him up to be sent to the Hades Universe. Funsch notices that the guy waiting to be sent is actually Gabe. He knows this because Gabe had to take his wedding ring off for an MRI, leaving a ring of discolored skin around his finger. Funsch makes them put Yulaw on the chair with 1 second remaining. He can't escape this time. Yulaw goes to the jail in the Hades Universe where some inmates comment on his pretty mouth. He beats the hell out of all of them, stating "I am Yulaw. Yulaw is nobody's b*tch. I will be THE ONE!" Gabe goes back to Los Angeles where he finds his injured dog laying on the street. He takes the dog to a nearby animal clinic where he meets an alternate form of his dead wife.

The dog is fine.

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