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THE OMEN (2006)


NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Michael.

The film starts off showing a priest at an observatory in Rome, Italy. Presumably, this guy is an extremely paranoid dude who thinks the world is coming to an end, therefore he has to be referred to as such. He peers into the telescope, and doesn't see anything at first. Then he peers again, and finds out that there are three comets flying in the sky. Naturally, he freaks out, and goes over to his desk. He starts writing some Italian stuff down, and the camera zooms into the writing, and the numbers: 666.....

We cut to a Catholic council with priests, and the Archbishop of Rome. The priest who saw the comets is recounting the signs that have been prophesied by the Bible regarding the events preceding the arrival of the Anti Christ, together with some flashes of those events, which include the Twin Towers collapsing, the Space Shuttle exploding, and several occurrences as such. They reflect gravely on what he said, and the screen cuts to black.

The next scene is of Robert Thorne (Damien AKA: Antichrist's soon to be "father") talking to the doctor about his wife regarding her pregnancy. The doctor tells him that she lost the baby, and Robert breaks down, and weeps. He thinks to himself how terrible the news will be to his wife, if he breaks it to her, since she has already lost a baby before, and is still contemplating how he will break said news when a priest comes up to him to express his condolences (PRIEST IS IMPORTANT LATER). Robert says how he can't bear to break the news to her, and the priest tells him how he may not have to. Robert asks what the hell he's talking about, and the priest leads him to a room, where none other than the Antichrist himself, Damien is currently sleeping in. The priest says that Damien's mother died giving birth to him, and that it'll probably be best if Robert takes the baby and ells his wife that it's her's. Without too much hesitation, Robert obliges, and takes the baby with him to see the wife. They're all happy, and the thing cuts over to the next scene.

The next few scenes show some montages of Damien growing up with, and Robert's wife (Julia Stiles) taking care of him, and basically doing mother-baby stuff. Finally, we move on to a scene where Robert tells his wife that he's being promoted to Assistant Ambassador of Great Britain, and that he's getting sent over to assist him.....except that the Ambassador doesn't live to get to GB. We cut to a scene soon after of the Ambassador in his limo. A hobo walks past with a cigarette in his hand. He throws the cig onto the pavement and in the path of the limo with the ambassador inside. Now, a chain reaction occurs: a nearby containment of fuel is tipped up into the ambassador's window. He gets doused with petrol; some of it hits the cigarette on the pavement, and just as his watch hits 6:6:6, the whole limo blows up in a plume of fire. The ambassador is dead. Robert Becomes ambassador, it's 5 years later........

Cut to 5 years later, and Damien is all grown up (now, it's worthy to note Damien's appearance: he's emo-looking, has a cute but VERY EVIL face, and an exceptionally EVIL smile when he causes something.....gruesome). He's playing with his mother at a lake, and she bends over to check something out. When she looks up, Damien is gone from the swing that they were playing on, and has disappeared. She looks across the lake, shouting for him, and sees bubbles; somewhat indicating that he has drowned. She runs for the lake, but he jumps out from behind a tree, scaring her senseless. His mother warns him not to do it again, and we cut to black.

Now the next scene is Damien's 5th birthday party. Everyone has been invited that the Ambassador knows, and it's all going pretty well, until Damien, who the nanny is with, sits down, while the nanny looks at a CREEPY black dog, and goes over to the top of their BIG house. She has a rope around her neck, and is shouting "IT'S ALL FOR YOU DAMIEN". She jumps off the ledge, and after a fall that takes FOREVER, finally gets jolted upwards with a sickening crunch. The nanny is dead. The camera zooms onto Damien's face, and he......smiles.

The next scene is of Robert trying to get into a building with photographers trying to question and take pics of him. He knocks over one of the photographers by mistake, and breaks his camera. He tells him he'll pay for it, and says sorry, and moves on leaving the photographer with a pissed off look on his face. We cut to the inside of the building where Robert is. A man comes up to tell Robert that a priest is here to see him. Robert goes down, and the priest begins to recount to him all the prophecies from the bible regarding the Antichrist, and the end of the world, and Damien being the Antichrist. He says that if they don't do something about it soon, it will be too late. Robert looks him up and down, and tells a security guard to escort him away. The priest shouts back at Robert to take Holy Communion, and pray that he will not end up in hell, and to accept Jesus.

We cut to the next scene where Robert's wife is telling him how she can't find a nanny. Just at that moment, an applicant comes in to tell them how she knows a lot about kids, and has been working with them for 40 years. They accept her as their new nanny, and that is basically that.

The next scene is of Damien with Robert and his wife going to Church. Now seeing as Damien is the Anti Christ, obviously, he will murder his parents first before he steps foot in a church. So he proceeds to tear his mother apart to keep them from taking him there. He injures her on the forehead, and is finally subdued by Robert.

We cut to the next scene where Robert and his wife are talking about Damien. She says that Damien is not normal, and that he has never been sick all his life. Robert says it's normal, and that she should get a grip. So she says she'll go take a shower. Now begin the shock scenes.......

Robert's wife is taking a shower. All seems normal until all of a sudden, she notices her wrist is bleeding, and that there is someone has cut the numbers 666 into her wrist. She looks up, and WHAM, there is Damien wearing a hideous mask covered in blood. She looks away, and looks back, and it's Damien again! Except that this time, he's holding a hang man's rope. She screams, and wakes was only a dream.

We cut now to the photographer who had his camera broken. Turns out, he has been investigating a lot, and has taken a lot of pics of the Priest that came to warn Robert about Damien. It's a pretty creepy scene with the red lights on, and you expect anything any moment. Nothing happens, but what we do see is a picture of the priest. But this isn't an ordinary picture, because there is a white light pointing at the priest's heart in the pic, as if signifying that he'll die by being impaled.....

The next scenes are pretty boring and insignificant. The next one I remember is of Damien's mom brushing her teeth. She looks back, and sees Damien smiling an evil smile at her. She looks forward at the mirror and opens it....and inside is a hideous monster thing with a red cloke on like the Devil. She screams, and wakes up from a dream.

Now we are reaching the end. The priest who warned Robert from before comes back to see him. This time, he tells Robert that his wife is going to die and that if he wants to know more, that he should come see him under a bridge at some place. Robert goes there, and the priest tells him all about Damien, his destiny regarding the end of the world, and how to prevent it: Kill Damien or else, Damien will kill your unborn child (turns out that his wife is expecting, and he didn't know!), your wife, and then you, after which he will inherit everything you possess, INCLUDING ruling over the UK as the Ambassador, and proceed to turn brother against brother, and destroy the world. Robert doesn't believe him, and he goes off. Now things get CREEPY.

The priest runs off as it begins to rain HEAVILY. He is trying to get to the church, but finds out that the gate is locked. Frantically, he scales the gates, and runs for the church doors. Unfortunately for him, another chain reaction is about to occur leading to his death. A window is directly above him. Above the window is a SHARP BEAM that looks like it will fall down any minute and impale him through the eye. The beam snaps, it crashes through the window below, and then sinks into the priest's chest, killing him, while the shards of glass stab him in the face, creating a disgusting visual.

The next real significant scene is the photographer from the beginning phoning Robert and identifying himself as the guy from before whose camera you broke. He tells Robert that he has some important news, and for him to come see him.

We cut to Robert's wife watering the flowers on a ledge far up. Damien is with the nanny, and the camera pans over to his scooter. Damien gets an evil look, and scoots off, only to hit his mom over the edge, where she meets the floor very violently. The first bit is fulfilled: The baby is killed.

While this is happening, Robert is talking to the photographer. The photographer shows him all the pics relating to the way both the nanny and the priest died. There is an imaginary rope strung on the nanny's neck, and an imaginary beam going through the priest's chest. Now here is the important bit regarding the priest: IT TURNS OUT THAT THE PRIEST IS AN OFFSPRING OF THE DEVIL HIMSELF. HE HAS THE NUMBERS 666 ON HIS THIGH, WHICH THEY DISCOVERED WHEN THEY DID THE AUTHOPSY OF THIS DEATH. The photographer says how all this is linked to Damien, and that he has more to show Robert. Robert goes with him to the priest's "house" whose walls are LINED with crosses, and pages from the bible. Presumably, the priest had found the numbers on his thigh at some point in his life, and did all he could to prevent his destiny of aiding the antichrist, and putting events in motion leading to the death of Robert, and the rise of Damien to power.

There are a couple of subsequent scenes of Robert and his sick wife in hospital. She tells him to not leave her, and that she knows that Damien will eventually cause her death...which he does.

The nanny and Damien come over to the hospital to see her. Turns out hat the nanny is also an offspring of the Devil, sent to aid Damien in fulfilling his Destiny. Her duty is to murder Robert's wife. Damien is left outside to distract the police officer who guards Rob's wife's bedroom. He distracts him using his Antichrist powers, while the nanny injects fresh air into the wife's blood stream, killing her.

Robert hears of his wife's death, and begins to believe. He and the photographer go to the grave of the ACTUAL mother of Damien to who she is. In the graveyard are all these inverted crosses (signs of the antichrist) where she is buried. The open the grave to reveal a ROTTEN beast, and then they open the next one to reveal Robert's dead child. At this very moment, the pair are attacked by killer wolves from hell. The two manage to get away before they are ripped to shreds, and go over to Robert's house to discuss the next step towards tackling the problem of the Antichrist.

Robert has his own dream, which is probably the biggest one for "shock scenes", as we see all sorts of mutilated priests, his dead baby being thrown down the balcony by one of them, and crucifixes. You know the drill. The pair go over to Jerusalem to see a priest, but not before they look through the bible, and unravel all the prophecies and mysteries until they realise what they have to do, with the help of a priest in Jerusalem, whom the eventually see: Kill Damien in a church, and perform a certain ritual to ruin the Antichrist's plans, using several knives given to them. The priest says that the numbers 666 appear on the bodies of the offspring of the devil, and that Damien has it. Robert says he knows every inch of his son's body, and that he hasn't seen any numbers (everyone said "pedo" at this stage. I wondered to myself the implications of anyone molesting the Antichrist, and felt sorry for him if it were true). The priest says for him to check his scalp, and that the numbers are concealed underneath his hair. Unfortunately though, Robert freaks, and says how this is crazy, and that he will never kill a living man, let alone a child. The photographer says how Robert won't do it, but he will. Robert throws the knives away. The photographer runs to get the knives, and here, we are treated to another death scene. While the photographer is frantically trying to gather the knives, above him are some construction workers working on a roof. There's a weak sign post that looks like it's about to fall at any moment and smash his head in. The construction workers cause a tile on the roof to fall off, which hits the sign, which swings like a pendulum, and decapitates the photographer, killing him in a bloody mess.

At this point, Robert knows what he has to do: Kill Damien NOW. He goes to his house, and gets a pair of scissors. He goes up to Damien's room, and cut's his hair, revealing the 666 on his scalp. At that VERY MOMENT, the nanny jumps on him out of nowhere, and attempts to murder him before he does Damien. There's a struggle, which ends when Robert gets to his car outside, with Damien, and smashes the front end into the nanny at high speed, killing her with a sickening crunch. He drives to the church with police officers on his tail, and eventually gets there. He goes over to the altar to do the deed, saying the "Our Father" as Damien begs him "Don't kill me, Daddy." Robert is just about to stab Damien, when a bunch of Swat officers break into the church. Lots of camera panning on the crucifixes here, and religious imagery, as one swat officer shoots Robert.....the Antichrist lives.

The final scene is of Damien at Robert's burial. A man is holding his hand. Damien looks at the camera, and gives us his evil smile....


The priest, Damien, and the nanny are the Devil's offspring. They all play their roles leading up to the death of Damien's "parents",  which allow him to grow up, and fulfill his destiny to bring about the end of the world as the bible states.

So, why did all those people die?:


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Liev Schreiber tries to stop Damien from taking over the world after David Thelwis gets beheaded and Damien's nanny (Mia Farrow) kills Liev's wife (Julia Stiles).

He is planning to kill him in a church, but at the last second he gets shot by the British Special Police Forces.

In the last scene, we see Damien with his new parent: The President of the United States of America (the President was Liev Schreibers godfather).

Damien just smiles into the camera... THE END

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