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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by ddmeyer who says - "...It's pretty long but the plot is huge and turns back on itself several times. This movie is enormously entertaining. It's got a much smarter script than most popcorn movies this fall. High recommendation."


Ocean’s 11 has a fairly elaborate plot and a fairly large cast for a popcorn movie. So here are the key players:

The good guys:
Danny Ocean (Clooney) as the idea man.
Dusty Ryan (Pitt) as the pro sidekick.
Virgil and Turk Malloy (Affleck and Caan) as jacks- of-all-trades assistants,
Bashir Tarr (Cheadle) as the British demolitions expert,
Linus Caldwell (Damon) as the pickpocket, Saul Bloom (Reiner) as an impersonater,
Frank (Mac) the man on the inside,
Yen (Qin) as the contortionist/gymnast
Ruben Tischkoff (Gould) as the man with the money, and a technical man whose name escapes me.

The bad guy:
Terry Benedict (Garcia)

The not-so-sure:
Tess Ocean (Roberts) the ex-wife of Clooney and the current girlfriend of Garcia. Conflicting interests.

We open with George Clooney making parole. He is asked whether he’s going to pull any more scams. We don’t see his answer.

He then goes about contacting Brad Pitt, who is teaching the WB network stars (Joshua Jackson, Topher Grace, etc.) how to play poker. It pays the bills but Pitt is sick of it. Clooney tells him about his plan to rob three casinos in one night. Apparently, all the money from the Bellagio, the Mirage, and the MGM Grand on any given night funnel into one supervault. Pitt says that it is likely the least accessible underground vault ever made but the promise of an eight-figure cut on the heist lures him on board.

Clooney then recruits nine more people with various skills and abilities and somewhere finds time to visit his ex-wife Tess (Julia Roberts).

Roberts says she's happy with Andy Garcia and while he doesn’t make her laugh, at least he doesn’t make her cry. At one point Garcia and Clooney have a pissing contest as Clooney slyly insults Garcia and Garcia starts smooching Roberts right in front of Clooney. The next day Clooney finds that Garcia “red-flagged” him meaning that whenever he enters the casino, every pit boss and every camera is watching him.

The eleven continue on plan. Clooney says that they need to build an exact replica of the vault. “For practice?” someone asks. “Yeah, something like that” Clooney replies. The brothers Malloy sneak the technician into a security room where he taps into all the video feeds, allowing the team to see whatever casino security does. Saul Bloom impersonates a high-rolling Russian dignitary. He tells Garcia he has a briefcase, the contents of which are very valuable. Garcia sees that it is four massive emeralds and allows him to store it in his underground vault. Meanwhile, Bashir gets his hand on an enormous device that has the capability of rendering an entire city (Las Vegas, perhaps?) powerless for about thirty seconds.

During all of this, the Mormon brothers have put their contortionist Yen into a tiny cash box. They wheel it to a door where they tell a guard it is Garcia’s money. The guard takes it down to the vault.

That’s the setup. Now the heist begins. The team needs the security codes to the vault that Garcia keeps on him. Linus Caldwell (Damon) is up to bat. He impersonates a member of the Nevada Gaming Commission. He says that Frank (Bernie Mac) is being employed although a convicted felon (which is true). Garcia, Damon, and Bernie Mac are in one room and Damon is interrogating his own team member. Bernie Mac calls Damon a “cracker,” intimidating Damon. When Damon accidentally slips and calls Bernie Mac a “colored person,” Bernie Mac charges. Damon acts scared and grabs onto Garcia trying to get away. When his hands pull away, Garcia’s pockets no longer have the codes. Damon makes his way to the elevator.

In the midst of this, Clooney has been told that Garcia wants to see him. He is taken to a small room inside the casino. While Clooney is waiting, a menacing biker walks in. Clooney has paid him off so while he sneaks up into the air ducts, the biker acts and makes sounds like he’s pummeling Ocean.

Damon and Clooney meet up in the elevator. They attach repelling lines to the walls of the elevator shaft. The shaft is guarded by security lasers. Bashir (Don Cheadle) turns his machine on, deactivating the power to the city. The lasers turn off and Clooney and Damon repel to the bottom.

They open the door enough to gas the guards. Inside the vault, Yen untwists himself and gets out of the cash box. He finds Saul Bloom’s briefcase and we see that the emeralds are actually explosives which the three of them detonate. They’re in.

Now, Pitt places a phone call to Garcia and says that Garcia’s casino is being robbed. Garcia looks at the monitors and says that they’re not. The team’s technician removes the fake video that Garcia was seeing and the monitors now show Clooney, Damon, and Yen loading money into bags marked with white X’s. Pitt says that they’re only going to take half. They’re placing a bomb with the other half, however, so if Garcia lets them go with 80 million he can keep the other 80 million. If not, all his money gets blown up. Garcia calls 911 and then agrees. The eighty million is taken to a white van. As that one pulls away, a SWAT team van pulls up. As the SWAT team descends, the power is cut to the vault. We hear over an intercom shots fired, a bomb detonated, and when the lights come on, Damon, Clooney, and Yen are nowhere to be seen. Furious, Garcia orders his men to take the white van. When they open the door, they see that it is being remotely controlled. The back of the van blows up and we see that what we thought was money was just nudie pictures.

Garcia goes to the room where Clooney was supposedly being roughed up. He is being roughed up. Garcia asks Clooney what he knows. Clooney asks Garcia what he’s talking about. Roberts, watching a security camera sees Clooney ask Garcia if he could get the money back would Garcia give him Roberts. Garcia agrees and Roberts walks off, furious. Clooney is taken by the police in violation of parole. When Roberts tearfully says that she made a mistake, he says he’ll be gone for 3-6 months and she will wait for him.

Now we see what actually happened: there were three video clips that the security monitors saw. One was of everything looking normal. This was played while Damon, Clooney, and Yen were robbing the place. The next one was also fake, filmed in their replica vault. This was played so that no one would suspect that the money was still in the vault when the bags with the white X’s were being taken outside. The 911 phone call that Garcia placed was answered by the team and the SWAT team that responded was composed of Pitt and six or seven other members. They put the three robbers in uniforms and took them back up, their duffel bags now filled with the money.

Three to six months later, Pitt and Roberts pick up Clooney. Roberts is wearing Clooney’s ring.


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