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Renee Zellweger stars as Betty, a waitress at a small town coffee shop in Kansas. Her husband runs a used car dealership and is having an affair with his secretary. Zellweger is totally involved in a soap opera starring Greg Kinnear. Everything in her world stops when the soap is on. On her birthday, her coworkers even give her a life size cutout of Kinnear's soap character.

Zellweger calls her husband to borrow "The Buick" for a birthday night out with her friend. Her husband, in the middle of an encounter with the secretary, tells her she can have the "Corsica", she doesn't need the Buick.

When she goes to pick up the car she notices the keys to the Buick hanging on the rack. She takes them instead. Her evening out falls through so she spends the night alone in the kitchen watching a tape of her soap .

Her husband comes home with Morgan Freeman and his son, Chris Rock. Seems he's trying to sell them some drugs. The husband complains about the stupid people and the Indians in the small town he's living in. Morgan tells him that he's the stupid one since he's trying to sell stolen drugs back to the people he stole them from. Also, if it were 100 years earlier, the stupid Indians would scalp him for making a comment like that. At that, Chris Rock takes out a knife and scalps him. Yes, he cuts off his scalp as Zellweger watches, hidden in the kitchen (It's a pretty gruesome scene). To put him out of his misery, Morgan shoots and kills the husband.

The police arrive and Zellweger acts as though nothing has happened. She's blacked out everything and to her the only tragedy is the one taking place on her soap opera. She takes the Buick and decides to drive to LA to meet the doctor, played by Kinnear.

Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock realize that she must have seen everything and spend the rest of the movie trying to track her down.

On her way there, she stops at a coffee shop in Arizona and tells the waitress about her trip. The waitress encourages her telling her about her own trip once to Italy. It was the best thing she had ever done.

Now full of encouragement, Zellweger arrives in LA. She gets a job helping out at a hospital after saving a man's life in the parking lot. The man's girlfriend offers Zellweger the use of her apartment to share. The two of them become close friends and they spend their weekends looking for this Doctor friend of Zellweger. Finally the roomate figures out that it is the fictional character they have been looking for and is at first pissed but then realizes that Zellweger needs mental help. She arranges a meeting between Zellweger and Kinnear at a fundraiser that he is appearing at.

When Zellweger approaches him, she tells a story of their long ago engagement and how she had to marry another man instead. Kinnear thinks it's just a fan acting out a scene and thinks it's pretty cute. So cute in fact, that he arranges a part for her in the show.

When her scene arrives, she just doesn't understand what's going on. She thinks everything is real and is totally confused. Kinnear really lays into her, snapping her back into reality. She goes back home to her apartment to pack and head back to Kansas.

Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock arrive at her apartment. They check her "Buick" and find the drugs they were after in the beginning of the film.

The two of them knock on her door and her roomate answers. They pull their guns on her as Zellweger walks in. Suddenly there is another knock on the door. This time, it's the local policeman and the newspaper reporter from her home town. They had been tracking her down also. Morgan takes Zellweger into the bedroom as Chris Rock and the three hostages wait in the living room.

In the bedroom, Morgan explains to Zellweger how he's been thinking about her ever since they left Kansas. He has decided that she is the perfect girl for him and describes himself to her as is he were writing a personal ad. (likes long walks, discussions etc.)

Meanwhile, back in the living room, the cop manages to get out his gun and during a scuffle, shoots and kills Chris Rock. Morgan looks out the bedroom window and is shot at. He closes it quickly and decides that he needs to get away since he can hear the police sirens geting closer. Zellweger won't give him the gun so he just walks out the bedroom door and is shot and killed.

The press arrive and Zellweger is a hero. The Producer of the show convinces Kinnear to offer her another part on the show because the rating would be great now that she's a hero.

Zellweger joins the cast is is a big hit. We see many clips of different people from her past watching the show .

Just as the credits are about to come up, they tell us that she starred on the show for about three months and with the money she made, went to medical school to learn to become a nurse and also took a trip to Europe..

The final scene shows her throwing coins into a fountain in Italy.

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Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock
After tracking Zellweger down to LA, they are both shot and killed.
Renee Zellweger
Goes to LA searching for Kinnear' soap character only to become part of the show.
Greg Kinnear
Convinces Zellweger to join the cast of the soap opera.